Pedagogy Institute Amritsar - learn french , spanish, japanese, italian, german classes

Educational institution Pedagogy Institute Amritsar - learn french , spanish, japanese, italian, german classes, SCO 32, Pal Plaza, District Shopping Complex, B - Block, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar, Punjab 143001, India: 220 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Pedagogy Institute Amritsar - learn french , spanish, japanese, italian, german classes
Rate: 4.7
Address: SCO 32, Pal Plaza, District Shopping Complex, B - Block, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar, Punjab 143001, India
Phone number: +91 98882 53004

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Latitude: 31.6514296
Longitude: 74.8647022

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Mario Herron
I highly recommend Pedagogy Foreign Language Institute for learning German in Amritsar. I had a great learning experience. The small batch size is an added advantage as each student gets extra attention. The instructors are really good with their knowledge and efforts.
4 months ago
Shane DaCosta
Learning German became so easy with Pedagogy Foreign Language Institute. The staff is very well behaved and the teacher is so professional in her work which helped me in grasping the language so fast. The material provided was very beneficial and helped in scoring good marks in German A1 exam.
2 months ago
Madeline Root
keep some teachers to teach french through English also. there are students like me who are from icse board and we are not very comfortable about your staff teaching of french through Hindi and Punjabi. no doubt punjabi is my mother tongue.
3 weeks ago
Brian F
My experience with Pedagogy Foreign Language Institute is amazing. I had a great and best time in the coaching classes. Faculty is highly qualified and experienced. I really like the way they deal with their students. It is the best language Centre to learn French and German.
4 months ago
Paul Sethi
Best foreign language Centre. Staff is so kind and great. Excellent services provided by the Pedagogy Institute. I am really happy that learnt French language from here. Great Experience..
3 months ago
Kayla Kapaun
Best institute for Foreign Languages in Punjab. I learned French language from here. Faculty is very helpful and supportive. They help to solve all the queries of student. I want to recommend to all my friends who want to learn foreign languages they can join here. Amazing experience..
3 months ago
Kevin Schick
It is one of the best institute to learn Foreign languages. I had joined Pedagogy Institute to learn French language. The method of their teaching is very effective and easy for students. I really liked the services which they provide to their students.
10 months ago
Kris Lexus
I am Kiratpal Singh . I am from Amritsar. I want to share my experience with Pedagogy Institute. This institute is best Foreign languages Centre in Punjab. I have learnt German Language here. The teachers are highly qualified and professional. They solve all queries of the students and always motivate them. I want to recommend this institute to all my friends.
8 months ago
Ricky Tompkins
I am Pallavi Sharma from Amritsar. I had a great experience with Pedagogy Foreign Language Institute. Their services are excellent . I really like the way they teach their students. Teachers are very supportive and kind. I would like to recommend this institute to everyone.
2 months ago
Debbie Neveux
I had an amazing experience while learning German language with fun and enthusiasm. I was provided with beneficial material that helped me in scoring good marks in German A1. I am really thankful to the teacher for her hard work and professionalism.
3 months ago
Crystal Emily
I had best experience in this institute. I love the classes I have taken through Pedagogy Foreign language institute. I am really impressed by the services. They are very experienced and professional. I highly recommend to all.
4 months ago
Madison Davis
One of the best Foreign Language Centre in Punjab. Faculty is highly experienced and knowledgeable. I learned French language and I have a great experience here.
4 months ago
Pedagogy Foreign language institute is one of the best learning centre in Amritsar. They have a great faculty members i learned French language a2 level from here. It was my best experience here.
6 months ago
William Coleman
Pedagogy institute is an amazing place to learn Foreign languages. The whole staff is so kind and friendly. I learned German language. I had a great time with Pedagogy Institute.
4 months ago
Meghan Black
I would like to recommend Pedagogy Institute to everyone. I have received a excellent service from here. Faculty members are very supportive and helpful.
4 months ago
Anuoluwapo Okusanya
Total inexperienced teacher of German course. No fluent. Memorised lessons only. Wasted my brother's money. high fees also of A1. Not recommended
1 month ago
Karin Eckerson
I had a great experience with Pedagogy Institute. I did French from here and I really liked their teaching methods, staff is very helpful and kind.
4 months ago
James Cassady
It is the best institute for foreign languages.The faculty is very cooperative and helpful. I recommend to all my friends .Great experience..
6 months ago
April Belcher
Great dealing with clients specially inderpreet mam the way she is hardling the client that is really appreciable
3 months ago
It is one of the best Institute in Amritsar. Staff is very brilliant and supportive nature......
6 months ago
Marcus Williams
I had a great experience with pedagogy foreign language institute. They have great experienced faculty members.
4 months ago
yoel gold
I had an amazing experience with Pedagogy institute. Great staff ...Excellent service.
3 months ago
Finesse Moore
I had a great experience at pedagogy doing my german A1 level.Thanx to hard working faculty and exhaustive material provided by them.
7 months ago
Austin Rouse
Great place for French language. Staff is highly qualified and helpful.
3 months ago
Amy Perez
Best institute for foreign languages. Staff is very supportive......
2 months ago
paul limpert
The staff here is very encouraging and helpful.I learnt french with fun and hardwork.
10 months ago
Tatiana Stark
Best institute for foreign languages. Great service ....
3 months ago
Lenda Alkafaf
Only for good A1 after that no quality
1 week ago
Brett Henderson
Qualified faculty , calm environment at pedagogy institute.Had a great experience learing german????
5 months ago
Tumpa Chowdhury
It is one of the best foreign language institute in Punjab.
2 months ago
Maurice Guarin
The administration is pathetic. The owner Roypal is sitting there to mint money out of the pockets of the students and their parents. 20k to mug up the German A1 course and that too with local teachers who themselves have not got the fundamentals right! (Just because even they mugged up to teach the students ????) Even if you do A1 there, you would end up with blunder basics and anyways have to do it again from authentic trainer somewhere else. So, it's a waste of money and time. At the time of admission you are told that they have German teacher. But that teacher is only for A2 level. And she is only there for couple of months. So, doing German A1 at Pedagogy Institute doesn't make sense. The problem is lack of good institute in the Amritsar region (therefore no option). It is better to learn A1 yourself from YouTube or the Apps or other online options.
10 months ago
Wanda Knows
Not at all good for an overall improvement in French language. Focusing only on cramming basic grammar. They don't focus on communicative approach. Trainer's accent is totally Punjabi style... Lol
10 months ago
Nancy Prime
Best institute for foreign languages in Punjab
3 months ago
Michiyo Young
Great service, excellent faculty members.
4 months ago
Jomarie Kilian
An Institute where leaning is easy and fun , where the teachers are devoted and hard working and where the Management is always ready to help the students in every way possible. The teachers have excellent knowledge of the German grammar and a very good accent. All aspects regarding the learning of a new language are thoroughly practised.
8 months ago
Mohammed AMIN
It was amazing learning French at Pedagogy Amritsar, well experienced and supportive staff. I and my wife was able to learn and clear French examination. Our French teacher cleared all our doubts related to language in a very easy and interesting way. We enjoyed a lot while learning French due to small class size and one to one interaction.
3 weeks ago
Tina Dunham
Have to say one of the best place to start learning a new language. Fun filled and enthusiastic faculty along with good exercises in class. Sometimes felt like exam oriented. To keep it simple, practice makes perfection!
4 months ago
Brandon Ledbetter
I had a pretty great experience with this institute . I learned French from this Institute and did three levels. Staff is tremendous and supported me through all my whole course. I am really Thankful to whole Pedagogy Staff Members for my Success.
3 weeks ago
dale leddy
Very good staff
4 months ago
i had a great experience at pedagogy . i have done first level of french language. at initial i was really not confident that i could learn a foreign language. but staff members made it very easy . i am now confidant and can converse in french language. i am looking forward to join second level .
8 months ago
Jessica Flores
I did French and teachers were very good and cooperative. Did my A1 level and cleared it. They had immense knowledge of french and good techniques to make learning a Foreign language easier. Thanks for giving me the knowledge. It comes at a cost but is worth it.
4 months ago
I had a great experience learning German here. I cleared my A1 exam with 78% marks. Thanks to efforts of the faculty and exhaustive material provided by the institute it only took me 40 days to ace the exam with comfort. I will highly recommend anyone who wants to learn German.One of the best institute in Amritsar!!!
8 months ago
Donna Bowden
before starting language Course I enquired many institutes but i haven't find any promised one. I was really surprised about the teacher's Patience and there commitment about there students. Really I felt this is the best institute. 100% I will recommend pedagogy Amritsar institute for learning languages.
2 months ago
Marc L
One of the best German language learning centre. Prepare you fully for the exam .. The faculty is highly trained and hard working. Provides you notes that help u to score 80 to 90 percent.... Great experience...
4 months ago
Jose Antonio
Hi everyone, I would like to share my experience among those students who want to study in German and Europe country .This is the best institute in the Amritsar for learn foreign languages like Spanish, German, French, Japanese ....Recently I did German course (A1) from pedagogy institute. And got approximately 80% marks within two months. . Staff are well qualified. So I Recommend all students join this institute. WMK # ✌✌✌????????????????????!
2 months ago
Martin Andrade
I completed A1 and A2 with pedagogy institut and was really impressed. The teaching quality is very high with the lessons consistently delivered with passion and a genuine interest in student progression. And the small class sizes allow for very helpful conversational exercises. I've to travel for the next few months but would otherwise certainly be re-enrolling.
3 months ago
Fiifi Nunekpeku
i thank the wonderful people. i feel that it is the top institute for foreign languages. i learnt french here. i did four levels here. and the experience was really good. instructor are truly professional and cooperative. Thanks pedagogy !
2 months ago
Theresa Marko
We love the A Petit Pas French classes at pedagogy institut. My daughter adores her teachers and is fiercely proud of the work she does each week. The new director is doing great things and starting new programs that are creative and are engaging my daughter in new ways. She made her first crepe this afternoon and couldn't wait to share it with the family. Her French is really improving and she's excited to use it.
3 months ago
Helen Bolstad
I would like to say that I was very happy with this institute. I especially appreciated all the session notes, session videos and extra links provided by the tutors best best best
5 months ago
I had a greatfull experience from there.That is the best place to get knowledge regard various languages cos of good environment of that institute and nice and familiar staff and at the last i just wanna say that every single student should go there to get some knowledge thanks pedalogy
2 weeks ago

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