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Doctor Premier Orthopaedics in Brinton Lake, 300 Evergreen Dr # 200, Glen Mills, PA 19342, United States: 220 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 300 Evergreen Dr # 200, Glen Mills, PA 19342, United States
Phone number: +1 610-876-0347

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Stephen Kam
First day of therapy, everyone here is so nice. The supervised stretching and heat already has me feeling better, thanks Nick! Oh, and they gave me a cool tee shirt! ????????????????????????
2 months ago
Jerald Hicks
Dr. Bash is easy to talk to and extremely informative in answering my questions. Overall, very positive experience with everyone in this office.
4 months ago
Alexis Roggero
Best and most efficient care and attention that I ever received and at 64 that says alot.
5 months ago
Ray Brickey
Dr Kriza is very thorough and is easy to talk with
4 months ago
Luis Garcia
Dr.Evan Bash was very courteous & friendly. Took the time to answer my questions & did not hurry off.???? I would definitely refer this Doctor.
2 weeks ago
Nabin Bhandari
This medical office keeps calling and texting me, even though I have never been a patient. I have told them that they have the wrong number, but they continue to call and text me, and provide me with unsolicited information on a patient, named John Lawson. Their failure to properly handle something as simple as a wrong number, leaves me seriously doubting in the overall competence of this office.
1 month ago
Cleston Williams
Premier Orthopaedics is such a smooth running efficient organization. I was immediately sent to X-ray with very little wait time. I then went to see Dr. Wolfe, where prior to his arrival, I was examined and questioned by two other medical professionals. Dr. Wolfe immediately was able to diagnose my issue and provided me with solid next steps that I need to follow-up on. Overall, a very excellent experience!
7 months ago
Pis Test
Dr Wolfe was excellent. Clear, concise and did a very nice job explaining my injury. We reviewed symptoms, how they lined up with what he found on the MRI and how his recommended procedure will fix the injury. We also discussed recovery timeline, projected activities during recovery and expectations for physical activity after recovery. He spoke in layman’s terms and I felt comfortable the entire visit. Support staff was professional, helpful and courteous.
2 months ago
greg ratliff
There have a fantastic environment for patients. Dr. Bash and other nurses are really nice and genial to me. It’s a great experience. And glad I didn’t need a surgery for my ankle
10 months ago
Julian Streete
My daughter recently had an appointment with Dr. Bash. My daughter was given a prescription for an X-ray just prior to the examination. We walked across the hall and got the X-rays done. We were done in time for the appointment. The wait was minimal. The doctor had a great bedside manner. His examination was thorough and we didn’t feel rushed. He is a caring professional.
4 months ago
Angela Brown
My experience using Premier Orthopaedics at Brinton Lake was outstanding. I was treated by James Costanzo, M.D. whose medical expertise and compassionate care were evident in the office visit. He took the time to listen to my concerns and provide comprehensive, easy to understand, answers to my questions. It was also a pleasure interacting with other office professionals (Kate, Pam, Ann). The customer service and teamwork were awesome. I highly recommend Premier.
2 months ago
Paul Heads
What a great experience I had with Premier. Dr. Wolfe handled my shoulder injury so well, with recommendations for PT and follow up, this was my first ever need for care with injury so I was nervous about not knowing what to expect. I was taken care of from beginning to end with ease. The nurses, therapists and medical assistants were amazing. I didn't have to worry about a thing. I saw the therapists at the Aston location where I got the best care. Highly recommended Joe, Kelvin and Walt. And Shirley at the front desk was wonderful in handling all of my billing/insurance concerns. Job well done Premier.
6 months ago
Ryan Swinson
Dr. Costanzo did Hip replacement on me. Perfect job. Just have to wait for healing process.
5 months ago
Oussama Khalil
This was my first visit. The staff are friendly and courteous. I like the idea that they send you to do an x-ray so that the Dr. has something to compare. The Dr. is very professional and friendly. I would recommend this.
10 months ago
Michael Lapham
Dr. Yucha is amazing!! He had helped me from the first time I walked into his office to even now, which he did surgery on me almost a year ago. I popped my knee over a weekend and I called the office and he had me in the office first thing on Monday. He is just the BEST! I highly recommend Premier Orthopedics
2 months ago
Melissa Cahall
Fast, friendly and caring. The front desk staff is very friendly. All support staff are very helpful. Dr Zurbach is friendly and explains your condition thoroughly as well as a straight forward plan of care.
4 months ago
Maria Knyazev
Always a great experience with Dr Wolfe and his associates. He did a total hip revision on me last year and to be honest I keep forgetting I have a artificial hip. I highly recommend him and Premier
2 months ago
Mary Peterson
Excellent service from check in to check out. Everything was handled professionally and in a very timely manner. Dr Bash was very helpful and my knees feel so much better. The exercises he recommended should help keep them that way.
2 months ago
Chandu Mudhiraj
I have been a patient of Dr. Wolfe for many years. My interaction with Dr.Wolfe has always been positive. Dr. Wolfe makes you feel at ease, especially if I need to get a needle. I would definitely recommend Dr. Wolfe for any orthopedic needs.
6 months ago
Martina Kugler
Office staff was very pleasant greeted me when I walked in with a smile. They took my ID's, gave me medical forms to complete and got me right over for xrays. All support staff and Dr. Wolfe were see extremely polite and listened to all my concerns. I would highly recommend there office and Dr. Wolfe to others.
4 months ago
I love Dr. Wolfe! He is the most caring, wonderful man. His skill is unsurpassed and I had an excellent outcome to some very serious surgery! Even though I have moved to Lancaster County, I would still seek his help if needed and highly recommend him to friends!!
2 months ago
Clifton McReaken
Dr. BASH is a kind, friendly person. He answered all my questions and assured me that my injury would heal with time. The whole staff there is so professional and makes you feel they really care. I recommend this Doctor to any one needing foot or ankle care post injury God bless Dr. Bash and staff.
8 months ago
Alison Cunningham
My issues were minor, and I will not need to go back. However, I was treated in a timely manner with courteous staff. Dr. Lutz has a kind and gentle manner and was clear with my prognosis. Update: interesting, the doctor said the injury was very minor it would heal on its own. Almost two years later and has not healed!
11 months ago
Rocio Gallardo
Good Doctors and helpful, friendly staff. Also great about keeping appointment times which is a huge plus. The only small downfall is all the handwritten paperwork that you must complete in the office. It should all be done electronically prior to visit.
4 months ago
Ben Lytle
I was extremely satisfied with my visit to doctor McGlynn's office. The receptionist was very personable and helpful. The doctors took time to listen to my concerns before proceeding with treatment. Overall I was extremely pleased and would recommend Dr McGlynn.
10 months ago
Paul Fullenkamp
Friendly, helpful and thorough. Addressed my needs presented- only 2 issues per visits. Treatment given was effective- cortisone shot and therapy. Always avaiable for emergency appointments.
5 months ago
Ashley Hardy
Dr. Hummer is an amazing Surgeon. He is honest and provides his patients with the best care specific to their needs. I’m truly grateful & humbled that my PCP referred me to him. His entire staff is amazing as well.
2 months ago
Daneel Ferreira
Dr. McGlynn is of the highest caliber. He takes the time to listen and explain. I have and will continue to recommend him to my friends and family.
10 months ago
Jesper Vlaar
Excellent Doctor and excellent care provided to their patients. Check in was easy, staff extremely helpful and friendly. Doctor was extremely knowledgeable and professional. Would highly recommend this team of doctors!
5 months ago
Tash Sundovski
Dr Bash is a very personable, knowledgeable and skilled orthopedic surgeon. I suffered a traumatic fracture of my lower leg; having some longtime health issues which were both pre/post surgery concerns. Dr Bash was able to structure a plan which resulted in a successful surgery and recovery. I also want to mention the staff at Premier Orthopedics who were always accommodating and friendly throughout this difficult time.
7 months ago
Flossy Johnson
The office staff at Premier is professional , friendly and efficient. It was truly a pleasure to be a patient here. Dr. Zurbach is absolutely the best Orthopaedic surgeon available. I highly recommend him.
4 months ago
Viktor Ageev
Very professional. Very personable. I travel almost 2 hrs to see Dr. Yucha. He and his staff are caring and amazing! Well worth the trip. Highly recommended!
4 months ago
Sara Mohamed
Being a mother of four, this was the very first time I've had to deal with an injury on any of my children. The staff was cheerful and reassuring. The doctor, Mr. Evab Bash along with all of his colleagues were very informative, and clear on how they explained the diagnosis and the plan on how to proceed. If I ever find myself having to deal with this, I will seek Dr. Evan Bash along with his colleagues for treatment..
5 months ago
Vilmarie Bermudez
I have had both hips replaced by Dr. James Zurbach. He is an excellent surgeon who I have the utmost confidence in. The entire experience at Premier was seamless. Everyone who dealt with me in the hospital and in their offices was friendly and professional in their approach. The people at Premier have basically put my life back together!
10 months ago
James Baker
My wife has been to Rothman,Jefferson,& Penn and still suffers from a spinal injury. I’ve been treated at Premier for 3 separate injuries and could not be more satisfied with the outcome and service. Everyone is so nice and professional I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t go here.
4 months ago
Robert Thomas
I have been to him and my son has been to him. He is a great doctor. He takes the time to explain everything to you and answer any questions you have. Is very pleasant and easy to talk to. Very knowledgeable as well.
4 months ago
Kawani Hudson
In and out in record speed. I'm 64 years old and this is the first time with a cortisone shot. The pain was 80% gone in 24 hours. The rest subsided in the next 24 hours. I hope that all that come here can experience the minimum healing time experience that I have. Good luck
10 months ago
Kristy Haley
No problems getting an appointment without a long wait time. Very friendly staff and very professional. Did not have to wait very long to be taken back for the doctor. Excellent.....
10 months ago
Kristina Warth
Everyone was pleasant and helpful. Doctor was extremely thorough. He took his time to listen and explain everything to me. Great guy.
5 months ago
Dr Raymond Wolfe is my Ortho who got my left knee back to great shape. Highly recommend him. His staff is wonderful.
10 months ago
Alema Fazlic
I have by a patient of Dr. Wolfe for many years. And throughout the years he has never rushed me thru. He always let me speak and listened to all my comments.
4 months ago
Zeynep Ece
Great division between patient and doctor. You will see the front office staff, be walked back by an assistant, be seen by a nurse, and then an athletic trainer... all before you get to speak with the doctor. This entire process takes 45 minutes but often you spend 5 minutes or less with your actual physician. I have had treatment by two physicians in this practice and a surgery; the doctors are good at what they know, but they are not the most up-to-date regarding novel procedures. The corporate nature of the practice is such that you will spend more time with scheduling staff and insurance than you will ever spend with health professionals. I suppose that is not their fault as they move to offload liability and the weight of insurance burdens, but that falls on the patient.
11 months ago
Lillian Childress
Dr. Raymond Wolfe is absolutely the best ortho doctor I have ever seen. The staff is great and he is so compassionate with his patients.
5 months ago
Shannan Duncan
Very attentive, caring staff at Brinton Lakes office. Doctor Giamotti is very thorough, caring and kind. He came in over a holiday weekend to do emergency surgery on my swollen and painful knee (Riddle). I do recommend Premier Orthopedics to family and friends.
4 months ago
Noah Milstein
Best surgeon! I had a hip replacement in January by Dr G And it feels great to be able to live life again pain free! Wonderful office staff!
2 months ago
mary doss
I can’t say enough good things about Dr Zurbach and this practice! I had left hip replacement in February 2018. I am a garden designer who digs holes, hauls plants, spreads mulch, etc. The pain I was experiencing was making me rethink my work choice, as well as shrinking my own home garden. What a difference surgery made! Dr Zurbach said he could improve things. He was not kidding. No regrets or second thoughts. I’m able to work the way I want to work. Just came back from exploring Chicago Gardens over the weekend. Walked 7+ miles both days—no joint pain. And, I was keeping up with a 24-year old son. Thank you Dr. Z!
6 months ago
Mike Hubble
Can't say it was the best experience as different doctors gave me different answers. I'm on doc number 3 and still in pain after 6 months post surgery. Dr Wolfe is the best so far and I'm hopeful he can h help me understand what the issues are.
2 months ago
Dakota Blu
Premier Orthopedics in Brinton Lake is a top notch facility. My doctor James M. Zurbach and his staff are very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Dr.Zurbach for any of your orthopedic needs.
4 months ago
Annette Reynolds
We are an active family and have had our share of injuries. My kids and I have been coming to Premier Orthopedics for years. Always professional sound medical advice with a plan to get is back on track for all our endeavors. The staff is friendly and eager to help you navigate your way through the Health Insurance Red Tape.
4 months ago
Nychelle Shanck
Dr. Wolfe was very good at coming up with a plan re: my frozen shoulder.
4 months ago

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