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Address: 667 Eagle Rock Ave #2a, West Orange, NJ 07052, United States
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Ali Asgarzade
After visiting with Dr. Rand and David wolf wellness Director, I truly felt comfortable and new I was in good hands. The experience was truly life changing. My energy level is way up, my sleep improved, I lost 15lbs of fat in two months and never felt better. I Also found out that I have a sensitivity to wheat which no other doctor in the past ever recognized and was seriously effecting my health. My only regret is that I didn’t find them sooner.
2 months ago
Jean Carr
After doing a lot of research to find the Best Men's Health Doctor, I came across Dr Rand in West Orange New Jersey. Although his office is quite far from where I live , I decide he would be the best Doctor for me. From the minute I walked into his office, I knew I had made the right decision. I was greeted with a warm and sincere welcome from the front office manager Dawn who is Amazing. I met with Dr Rand for my original consultation and felt very comfortable with him. Along with having tremendous credentials, he was very down to earth. Then i was introduced to Dave the Medical Director who performs the Gainswave procedures.. He made me feel very comfortable in a very awkward situation. I knew i was in good hand ,literally. He took ample time explaining to me the procedure and expected results. He made me feel so comfortable,although he is very professional, I feel like we have formed a friendship. Next was a sit down with doctor Rand to go over my extensive blood work results. He spent a lot of time with me ,was ver thorough and I did not feel rushed. we worked out a game plan to get me back to optimal health. I feel so Blessed to have found him and his team and will be a patient for life. I would Highly recommend him and have already referred a few friend to him. Gar Lai
4 months ago
nick nord
Just returned from my 1st 3 month checkup. The results were unbelievable. Added 10 lbs. of muscle and body fat went down 25%. Cholesterol is below 200 for the 1st time in my adult life. Triglycerides went from 276 down to 128. Testosterone level is way up and my sex life has improved 100%. I would recommend Dr. Rand and Healthy Aging Medical Center to anyone looking to improve their health, energy level and sex life. Thank You Dr. Rand.
7 months ago
Ashley Hall
I couldn’t be more satisfied with the service. Dr. Rand and his team are more than what I expected. They examine and evaluate in depth your actual health scenario and make and creates a tailored approach to your specific needs. I guess that the best example that I can provide is my brother in law. His initial blood work showed some parameters that were off and after more test the root cause was determined and a program was developed to his specific needs. Those findings if unaddressed could have had a very negative impact in his life. He was happy and glad with my referral At the end, If you stick to the program the result will start showing sooner than expected. Stay healthy
4 months ago
Bethany MQ
Doc (Jonathan Rand) has changed my life in just 3 short months. I came in with terrible test results from a annual physical from my primary doctor. I was put on various medications which frankly made me feel like sh*t. After my meeting with doc and taking his therapeutic suggestions and working closely with David Wolf on my diet my, results have just been astonishing. I’ve seen almost 2 point drop on my a1c, major drop in my cholesterol (just to name a few). Not to mention I’m down to 1 Out of three prescribe drug from my general dr. I would recommend anyone thinking about visiting his practice to make the jump. Doc will not pressure you into anything you don’t feel comfortable doing, the staff is amazing and the cost of doing business is 100 percent within reason, that said there’s no price on my health. Lastly doc is no magian, there’s no magic pill. It will take discipline and dedication to see the results. If your mind NOT in it, you will not see results. Hope everyone that reads this finds it helpful. I wouldn’t put my name on something publicly if I didn’t believe in it. Cheers and all the best in your journey.
10 months ago
Harsimar Singh
I started going to Healthy Aging Medical Center to see Dr. Rand this past January. Dr. Rand thoroughly explained his background what he does and how he can help, he and his staff were very welcoming. I completed my blood work, and its not your typical quest diagnostic blood work, its a full breakdown. The sluggish feeling, and being constantly tired and unable to sleep, all became much better after 6 months being on his program, as well as following his diet and nutrition plan. I just came back from a visit and had to mention and leave a review after seeing my blood work. I feel much better and energetic. I highly Recommend Dr. Rand. Thanks again.
2 months ago
nada sibai
The results I have experienced since starting treatment with Dr. Rand and Dave have been outstanding. They made a plan tailored to my needs, explained it in detail, and laid out the timelines and hurdles, and adjusted as needed. They are available whenever needed for questions (including responding at 630 am to texts, what doctor does that?!). Their knowledge along with their true investment in their client's health and well-being is evident in every interaction I have with them.
3 months ago
Loree Galimore
All I can say is wow. I was a skeptic at first. But numbers don’t lie. Dropped almost 10% body fat gaining 10lbs of solid muscle. My cholesterol dropped significantly and overall health has drastically improved with in 6 months. I am completely shocked that more people are not doing this program. Your health is your greatest asset. Dr Rand and Dave are fantastic and I can wholeheartedly support and recommend them to everyone who will listen.
2 months ago
Matthew Olsen
I had a blood test done and all the numbers were in red(diabetes, bad cholesterol, low testosterone, triglycerides the only positive numbers was my thyroid), and in two an half months of treatment the difference is awesome, lost 11 lbs of body fat, I'm very please with the results, I recommend Healthy Aging Medical
8 months ago
Stuart Hills
After a month of nutritional counseling and other support I feel like I’m 25 again (I’m 40). Personalized supplements and vitamins based on countless pages of blood tests that general/family physicians don’t order. Dave identified some major digestive problems for me that we’re undiagnosed for years. Dr. Rand is helping me boost my levels and after a short time I’ve lost weight and feel great. Highly recommend.
2 months ago
Stephanie Brown
On Friday, November 13, 2020 I visited Healthy Aging Medical Center. Dr. Rand, David, Robyn and Debbie were very professional, I had a great experience and I would highly recommend!
9 months ago
Robert Bonner
Dr. Rand, Dave and all of the staff are really great. They are so informative and helpful, I’m glad I found them and highly recommend them to anyone who is willing to listen!
9 months ago
Dr. Rand and staff have gone above and beyond anything I expected. Dr. Rand is always available to talk to, to help with anything you need. He has not only helped with hormone therapy but also helped with an underlying blood pressure issue. Not only does he deal with me as a patient but has also taken time to speak with my wife on a conference call to answer any questions and concerns that she had with regards to my treatment. If you are looking to make a life change for the better, Dr. Rand and his crew are the best. Thanks Doc
3 months ago
Tami Valencia
I have been going to Healthy Aging for many years. I have done many procedures and have been happy with staff as well as most importantly RESULTS , Dr Rand is an excellent Dr and will fine tune a regiment that works best for you. I would recommend Healthy Aging over any other Wellness Center
2 months ago
Shannon Jansma
I've been under the care of Dr. Rand for the past year with a regimen of supplements and hormone replacement. Since then I've felt a great improvement in my physical and mental health, and my blood test numbers do back that up. I'm making amazing gains at the gym which I'm very happy about. I also feel like I'm getting personal attention here that I've never gotten from other doctors. If you're looking for an alternative to conventional medicine and pharmaceuticals, then definitely check out healthy aging
3 months ago
Rocio Camacho
Through experience, I have learned that our healthcare system fails us in so many ways. However, doctors like J Rand are bucking the trend by thinking outside the box, providing unparalleled care, utilizing evidence based practices and being driven by results. And the results speak for themselves! There are very few doctors with the passion to learn and grow like Dr. Rand and I cannot thank the entire team enough. It’s a pleasure from start to finish, booking to billing. Thank you to Robyn, Dave and Dr R. - What a treat to have found you.
9 months ago
I am very happy with Dr. Rand and his office. His blood work analysis is extremely thorough. I have been coming here for about 6 months and my blood work results have improved greatly, thanks to following his program. He spent much more time than I expected with me to explain my options and put a plan in detail together. He was able to answer all of my questions. I look forward to working with him and improving myself further.
5 months ago
Pearl Woo
Hands down the best doctor I’ve ever dealt with. Dr Rand and Dave are always there for you when you need. Unlike the other “in network” doctors. They’ve taught me how important diet and nutrition really is, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend Healthy Aging Medical Centers, I’ve learned so much about my body ever since I started there. Zero complaints.
1 month ago
Michael Nelson
Dr. Rand was amazing. Very responsive to my calls and emails. Gave me undivided time and attention during my visit. Followed up with me about results and treatment options. I couldn't ask for a better experience.
1 month ago
Thom Wheeler
Dr Rand and his practice is a true game changer. His professionalism and understanding of overall health and well being is the best in class. If your serious about your health and want the best in the buisness...this is the place to go too. My wife and I couldn’t live without his help. Dr. Rand and his colleagues are extremely thorough, and identified steps to making us feel, look, and be the best we can be. My wife and I have never felt more alive, filled with energy and an overall well being.
5 months ago
Jun Wang
incredible, before I meet the dr, I use to do treatment with a psychologist, I thought I was in depreciation, until I met everyone in the clinic I’ve been taking the hormonal treatment for 3 months now, I’m a complete different person, I’ve completely changed my social life, I have more energy, lol I feel like 21 years again I’m totally recommend 100%
1 week ago
Richard Dodge
I am a 63 old man who was recommended to Dr Rand by my chiropractor. I'm grateful for the recomendation. Dr Rand has been very thorough and attentive to me. His recommendations to me have helped me out greatly. I've lost 7 pounds and my lean muscle mass has increased by 12 percent. My energy level is high and the overall inflammation in my body is down. I really appreciate his knowledge base and his passionate approach towards helping people...especially me ;)
4 months ago
Carl Liu
I’m a 70 year old widower and lost my wife after a 7 year fight with Alzheimer’s. My life and time was devoted to her care and my basic health to sustain her in her final years. I had been inactive in all social activity and other aspects of my life including intimacy. The rebuilding of my life became a priority and I was confronted with the unexpected reality that I could no longer perform in the bedroom. Like most men my age I saw all the advertisements for help in that area by chemical support wrapped up in a small pill. I’m sure it may work for some people and I started my research for alternatives. I discovered the Gains Wave treatment available through Healthy Aging Medical Centers. I contacted the West Orange New Jersey location convenient to me and wanted to know more about the process. Debby is the welcoming director and my first contact with the facility. She is empathetic, compassionate and made me feel comfortable enough on the phone to take my next step closer to available treatments designed for my needs. After a short information exchange, I made an appointment to consult with Dr. Rand. During my first visit, I received a comprehensive explanation of the Gains Wave process along with the “Priapus” shot. I decided to proceed with the program and am totally pleased with the results. Dr. Rand and Dave Wolf are amazing to work with and gave me back my ability to move forward in confidence to establish a new relationship and begin the next chapter in my “book of life”. It was the right decision for me and I am forever grateful. Carl C
3 months ago
Skyler Zumwalt
The best possible user experience that I could have hoped for. Professionals from top-to-bottom with convenience and immediate quality of life benefits.
2 months ago
Lanise Blair
Dr Rand has been treating me for a few years now and I recommend him highly. I have Hashimottos and Dr Rand prescribes my thryroid medication that works well with me (natural) . I love that the woman that takes my blood comes to my house dont have to go to a lab or even his office for that part. Dr Rand is very knowledgeable and believes in a more natural approach but has the perfect balance in my opinion on modern day health issues. If you need to speak to him or ask him anything he is always available for you which you can't say with many other doctors.
1 month ago
Mike Russo
Dr. Rand and his staff are fanatics. They got to the root cause of my issues started me on a treatment program and I have never felt better. Thank You Healthy Aging for all you’ve done.
1 month ago
Eunice Ang
Healthy aging is a place that has changed my total body and mind set. Dr. Rand is very knowledgeable in his industry. I have been dealing with Dr. Rand now for at least 5 years. I highly recommend Dr. Rand And his staff.
6 months ago
Kimberly Starkman
I am very pleased with the results and professional approach to living a better life. I am almost 70 and can keep up with everyone. I am stronger leaner and healthier. When I do go to a doctor they cannot believe the fact I take no medication at all and I am in great shape. Thanks Dr. Rand and team you are the best!
3 months ago
Leagh Janell
I am thrilled with the improvement in my bloodwork , energy levels and overall optimization of my health and well being. Very Very inspired to continue improving. Very happy with Dr. Rand and all the staff. Debbie and Robyn are so kind and patient. Dr. Rand is very supportive and open to all questions. I really feel like I hit the lottery coming here.
3 months ago
Dwayne Adams
Dr. Rand, Dave, and the staff are such great people! After months of being misdiagnosed with anxiety from multiple doctors, I was introduced to Healthy Aging and I am so fortunate I did! One consultation with blood work, they were able to get down to the root cause of my issues, not just telling me it was anxiety (a symptom of my root issue) and giving me pills to make me go away. I finally felt like Dr. Rand and Dave wanted to hear my troubles and really help me to get better. I would recommend family, friends, colleagues to their office because it’s a warm, friendly atmosphere and these guys really know their stuff and educate you! Thank you everyone at Healthy Aging, I am so grateful for all of you!!
4 months ago
Bradley Shulda
Healthy Aging helps clients in the most appropriate way that suites each particular patient. Their thorough blood work goes beyond the traditional basic ones of your normal doctor’s visits. This information is helpful and along with their knowledge and experience, Dr Rand and staff especially, Dave the office manager, has helped put together a useful regimen for me to improve my health on all levels. I definitely recommend this office. Thanks!
3 months ago
Nuutti Luotonen
I just like to say Dr. Rand and his staff are awesome. If you would like to rejuvenate your life again I would definitely recommend you choosing Dr. Rand for his knowledge and experience in this field. I have been with him for the last two years and my numbers are probably The best they have been in the last 20 years.
4 months ago
Alma Torres
I started coming to Dr. Rand 5 years ago with low testosterone. It has literally changed my life. He also takes the time to answer any questions I have each time. They practice evidence based medicine and actually listen to their patients. I cannot recommend this practice enough!
3 months ago
Brady Chan
I highly recommend Dr. Rand and staff to anyone who values their health and wants to get to the root cause of why their health is declining, and more importantly, how to treat it. I spent nearly 2 years searching for a doctor to treat a rare thyroid disorder and complicated hormonal imbalance. As time went on, and as my health steadily declined, I began to lose all hope that I would ever be “normal” again. Well, Dr. Rand not only reinstilled my faith, he treated me with compassion, understanding, and respect. And, I would be remiss to say that not one of the countless doctors I saw could ever measure up to Dr. Rand’s expert knowledge of complicated health issues. After comprehensive testing, Dr. Rand immediately gave me a diagnosis and began treating my conditions. And because of that, I owe him a great deal of credit and gratitude for not only helping me regain my health, but in continually maintaining it.
4 months ago
Felicity Arain
From the moment of making your first appointment till the day you walk through the door, Debbie makes you feel at home and completely comfortable. Dr Rand has an amazing way of applying his vast medical expertise to pinpoint and treat your exact medical issue. He takes his time with you and actually listens to what you are saying. He treats you as if YOU are his only priority. Adding the in depth knowledge of Dave, the nutritionist, to get your body to full optimal performance, this is the medical staff your body needs. For over 20 years Dr Rand has been my healer.
5 months ago
Jennifer Gelster
Stop overthinking this like I did . Healthy Aging Medical Center is the place to go. No more aches and pains or injuries. I’m stronger , smarter, and have a more positive sense of wellbeing overall. No more depression meds . Nothing like thinking clearly again . I’m 50 and felt like a 60 year old . It is great to feel 30 again . This place was my second stop , I went to a well known national company for the same exam and evaluation and the lack of attention to detail was astonishing. That was the impetus for seeking another opinion. Dr. Rand and the crew demonstrated total attention to detail , they listened and delivered all around by pointing out specific deficiencies based on my bloodwork and exam . My only regret is that I didn’t find these guys 15 years ago . I got my mojo back and got rid of my belly fat at the same time . HOME RUN. I am loving it .
2 months ago
Derek Parlee
The Team @ Healthy Aging is Fantastic! Can't believe the results I have seen in just a few months here. Everyone is very accessible, Dr.Rand is always available to you ,so is Dave his right hand man. These guys know what they are doing!! They have gotten me in better shape and feeling better than I have in years! I can't wait to see the progress over the next fewmonths:)
3 months ago
Marysol Robinson
I came to Healthy Aging Medical Center in hopes to start getting my health where it needs to be. I knew I made the right decision in choosing them from the first conversation with receptionist Debbie. She was very Informative and got me right in for an appointment. This is when I met Dr. Rand, he was so knowledgeable and patient. Explained everything and really took his time ensuring I understood and answered all my questions. I then met with nutritionist David Wolf, he put me on a simple and healthy path that would help me loose weight and get to my optimal health. As son as I left there I called my wife and told her she needed to Make an appointment for herself! Little did I know how quickly I’d start looking and feeling better! I feel like I’ve finally found a place who cares about the patient. Pleasure meeting them all and I look forward to building a relationship with this practice and all of its wonderful doctors and staff. Thanks guys!
2 months ago
Kevin Li
Guys if you are over 40 years old you need to visit Dr Rand. I have been coming to Healthy Aging Medical Centers for several years and these treatments have have turned back the hands of time for me more than 3 decades. I literally feel like I am 20 years old again. When all men age our bodies naturally slow down our normal testosterone production along with other hormones that are necessary to optimize health, performance, endurance, drive, mood, and stamina. Dr Rand has perfected hormone replacement therapy for men. Replacing those hormones I have lost, to feel the same as I did when I was young. Each program is customized for the individual patient based on where he is at in his life cycle. This is truly the fountain of youth in West Orange New Jersey!
2 months ago
Daniel I
Its been only 3 months and I feel amazing im 43 years old and feel like in 25. I've been to other hormone therapy places and did not get half the success that I have had with this place. My wife goes too. And reasonable prices compared to the other offices.
4 months ago
Payten Curry
Where do I begin... I was referred to Dr. Rand approximately three and a half years ago. I was suffering with no relief from menopause symptoms. I was amazed by how friendly the office is and how informative they are!! The doctor did a full blood work up on me and I have been on bioidentical hormones for the last 3 years and feel 20 years younger! Anytime I have any question Debbie at the front desk or Dr Rand always make themselves available . The office has branched out into so many other cosmetics Alternatives it's a great One Stop Shop!! I truly recommend this office not only because they are super friendly but most importantly Dr Rand is constantly educating himself , going to seminars and keeps himself up to date on the new latest alternative treatments!! Highly recommend !!!!
5 months ago
naiara romero
Excellent results. Dropped 25+ pounds and went from 30% body fat to 16% in 18 months. Feeling like I’m in my early 30’s (instead of 50’s). It’s not magic but if you follow the doctor’s direction and put in the work you can see huge benefits. I could not have gotten here without addressing the underlying medical issues. Thank you Dr. Rand!
4 months ago
Albert Miles
Dr. Rand and his staff have changed my life. I highly recommend Healthy Aging Medical Center. Perimenopause/Menopause can be a difficult transition in a womans life. Between mood swings, weight gain, thinning hair and so much more, I thought there was no hope. No other doctors were able to help me, until I found Dr. Rand. His comprehensive program and personalized attention addressed every concern with scientifically backed and highly effective treatments. My weight has reduced, my hair and skin have improved, and my energy, mental clarity and well-being have returned. I am no longer dreading the aging process. I am "healthy" aging. Thank you Dr. Rand!
5 months ago
Summer Outlaw
As someone In their late 30’s, feeling the effects of living the daily grind, I decided it was time to set goals and live a better life. I started eating better, exercising regularly, and do more with the day than just going to work. Months flew by and I wasn’t seeing the results I expected or that I was used to when I was younger. I reached out to Dr. Rand and his team and they helped me to understand where I needed to focus my efforts and give me the tools to get on track to achieve my goals. I am still not there, but now I know that everyday I wake up, I am progressing to where to want to be. In my case Dr. Rand and his team use real science, test results, and state of the art tools to help me make decisions on how to optimize my life.
7 months ago
James Lithgow
Dr. Rand is the most caring and professional doctor I’ve had the pleasure working with. Two weeks and I felt the change and must say, I’ve never felt so good. Dropped 12 lbs in two weeks and stabilized my BP. Wish I had more friends to recommend him to. Thanks, Doc!!!
3 months ago
Susie Leonard
The staff is extremely friendly and easy to make appointments. Dr Rand listened to my concerns and addressed them completely without harmful pharmaceuticals! I highly recommend to everyone!
6 months ago
Joseph K
I just want to say thank you to everyone at Healthy Aging. Within a few weeks they got me back to normal blood levels and feeling great. Will highly recommend to my friends and family.
4 months ago
Jay Baccala
Dr. Rand and David Wolf were amazing. Its no bs and science based. Everything is determined by what your blood work tells them. I threw out about 12 bottles of supplements and replaced with 6 supplements recommended by David bc my blood work indicated i needed. I have been on their program for 6 weeks and I'm 45 years old. Everyday I feel shot out of a cannon! I feel stronger, more energy, aches and pains are gone and increased libido! I highly recommend you stop what your doing and go see them. You will not regret it and it will be the best decision of your life.
3 months ago
Franco Verdino
Dr. Rand has helped me for the last two years get in the best shape of my life. I lost 25 pds and packed on muscle. I feel 20 years younger and I’ll never go back to the overweight, tired all the time, mentally exhausted person I was before! Thank you Dr. for everything!!
3 months ago
sushank deshmukh
A life-changing experience. Don't hesitate. If you want to improve the quality of your life set up your appointment today. I was skeptical when I first came here; Dr. Rand and David made what would normally be a very uncomfortable experience feel perfectly normal. Extremely understanding thorough and competent. One of the best decisions I've ever made.
2 months ago

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