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Address: 131 N 4th St, Philadelphia, PA 19106, United States
Phone number: +1 855-420-3627

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Randy Lominick
Fast, welcoming, and professional! I had been hesitant because the process seemed daunting to me, but Nature's Way made it easy and stress free! I will be recommending them to everyone I know! Helping my brother through the process now! Thank you so much for helping to destigmatize medical cannabis!
1 week ago
Junab Ali
Had my video conference with the Dr larrieu he was very knowledgeable and very very helpful i appreciate everything they have done to help me with this process I highly recommend thank you Dr Roman and his staff
10 months ago
Island Legacy
Dr. Roman & staff are great, caring & really listened to me. Provided great advice & guided me in my mmj venture as I am new to all this. I would recommend Nature’s way medicine to anyone who has ailments & are tired of seeing docs time after time & not getting any kind of relief.
2 months ago
Mick Swagger
I was in here a few weeks ago for a medical marijuana card to help with my anxiety issues. The doctor was great, the staff was extremely helpful, and there was no wait! I highly recommend this place if you’re in need of obtaining a medical marijuana card
5 months ago
Shari Benshabat
To begin with the website is so user friendly and easy to navigate. Booking an appointment was easy and it was for just a few days later. Dr. Roman called me to remind me of my appointment that was over Skype because of Covid and for the paperwork needed. The Dr that actually did my appointment was very nice and was concerned about my issues and questions. He was very understanding and very professional. I got a call back 5 minutes later to pay and get my email confirmation to pay for my actual card. The whole process was so easy and understanding! I would recommend this office to anyone trying to get a MMJ card.
3 days ago
My experience at Nature's Way exceeded all expectations. Dr. Roman was helpful from the moment I walked in the door and very knowledgeable in his profession. He's got a pretty good sense of humor too so expect some laughs.
10 months ago
Charanjeet Singh
Great experience. The appointment was quick and got exactly what I needed for help. Thank you!
2 months ago
Enoch Mbatiah
I will definitely be recommending Nature's Way Medicine to friends and anyone else who is looking for a good place to see a doctor about possibly getting a medical marijuana card. The whole process was very pleasant! Dr. Roman and the employees are all really nice and very helpful. Before I decided to schedule an appointment, I had a few questions, so I emailed them. Each of the times that I emailed them with questions, I got a reply VERY quickly (it never took longer than 24 hours to hear back) and they answered all of the questions I had! If you have a legitimate qualifying condition, I would DEFINITELY recommend going to Nature's Way Medicine in Philadelphia! They make the whole process very straight-forward and simple! Thank you Dr. Roman, and thank you Nature's Way Medicine! You guys are the best!
2 months ago
Daisy Goh
Dr. Roman is great! He really tries to find the cause of your ailment and finds the best way to treat you naturally.
8 months ago
Erik Getman
Was one of the best experiences . A BIG thanks to Dr.Roman and staff for making the process smooth and fast. Thanks for the info on Jordan's, yours were Fresh☆
2 months ago
Elyorbek Khudaybergenov
It was a quick and pleasant experience, everybody in the office was nice and accommodating. Great place to be.
5 months ago
Rodney Spurlock
Seeing Dr Roman was a great experience. He generously provides his personal parking space for patients which was a help due to my limited walking. There was no wait time for the walk-in when I arrived and was seen promptly. Other patients in the waiting room were talking about how helpful he's been. He was a bit busy finishing up a paper when I came in but as soon as he wrapped that up he gave me his full attention. It's cool to see a doctor on the leading edge of his field of specialty. I have a pretty long case history which some doctors rush me through but he gave as much time as I needed even with other patients in queue. He also gave time to ask questions without any pressure. Great experience overall and looking forward to coming back.
2 months ago
Ashley Ryan
I was so nervous walking in the door but Dr was so kind and welcoming. Even while sitting and waiting he helped ease my anxiety by having small talk. Then when I went back to the other Dr, my anxiety kicked up again and instantly he calmed me with his great personality and understanding. Thank you for easing my fears and helping me finally get some relief from the things that have held me back for so many years. I will definitely recommend this place to others ????
4 months ago
Teri Shelley
My experience with Nature's Way was excellent which exceeded my expectations. Getting a convenient appointment was quick and simple. The office was easy to locate, well marked, clean and professional. The process was efficient, thorough and parking was a breeze. Dr. Roman answered my questions & showed genuine concern for me. He carefully listened to what I had to say and answered all my questions with a valid answer. I highly recommend him.
7 months ago
Terilyn Poulin
Dr. Roman was on point with his diagnosis and walked me through the procedure. All of the staff member are very friendly and helpful. Helped me fill my paperwork out and followed up with me to make sure everything was good. Just like he said I am stress free and now pain free keep up the good work guys!! Nature's Way Medicine is the way to go. Thank you for helping me.
2 months ago
Joeyena love
Amazing how these doctors know their stuff. Dr. Larrieu is very knowledgeable and is by far the best and fastest doctor/practitioner. Excellent service and lovely receptionist truly cares for each patient! ????❤️
2 months ago
Joey Bracco
The appointment was simple to setup and was in a great location. Dr. Roman was so helpful with reviewing my condition and giving me the help I truly needed. He was so nice as well, the office was nice and clean, just had a relaxing atmosphere. I definitely recommend Dr. Roman to anyone who is having second doubts about going to get their card. He is a great Dr. and makes the process less difficult than you'd think. He helps a lot. Thank you Dr. Roman!!! Nature's Way Medicine is the best hands down 10/10 stars.
4 months ago
Tonk Sullivan
Office was easy to find, well marked, and very clean. Dr. Roman came highly recommended by several people I know and we are all very pleased with our experience. It will be a huge relief to be able to manage my pain issues in a comfortable and legal way. I am very grateful to the extra help Dr Roman provided to me when I had not completed all the steps thoroughly. I would definitely recommend a visit to Nature's Way Medicine. .
10 months ago
Ernie Johnson
Very pleasant experience with Dr. Roman, he has very gentle hands. Much appreciate the extra care he took as it was my first time. Followed their directions to the T from their website and got registered. Just waiting for my approval. Thanks Doc! Update: Thanks to Dr Romans guidance I was able to obtain my card within 4 days of my visit and have had my life drastically changed for the better.
7 months ago
John Read
Dr. Roman and his staff are incredibly friendly and kind. The whole process was very easy and straightforward. Just make sure you have your doctor's forms with you before you go in. Dr. Goldenberg was the one who treated me and he couldn't have been any nicer. As someone who suffers from extreme anxiety, I felt much more at ease once we started talking. I would recommend this place 100%.
3 months ago
Richard Roach
Reception was Great! Waiting Area was clean and Informational Dr. Larrieu and Roman were very informative and also Professional. They have a discount program!!! When you go get evaluated clue???if you read the information on the walls you will see it--- 1st visit at a DISCOUNT rate if you participate(Go find out how)!!! Don't go to another DR. and get Ripped OFF they care about your health here and Finances. Do your self a favor and stop by that office, (No Street Parking)parking in a lot cost me $10 for the amount of time I spent in their office with a patient already ahead of me.
4 months ago
Andrew Evans
My experience with Nature's Way was excellent. Getting a convenient appointment was quick and simple, the office was easy to get to, parking was a breeze, and I especially appreciated my interactions with Brandon, the office person. Brandon and Dr. Roman have the office running like a well oiled machine. Both were thorough and knowledgeable and provided a professional and informative experience. Dr. Roman clearly knows his stuff. I was literally blown away with the efficiency of the process.
2 months ago
Patricia Woodward
They were able to take me as walk in, and the consultation was simple and easy. The office was clean and very inviting, the music selection was also great. Dr. Roman answered all my questions and put me at easy in regards to handling my condition. Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to get medical marijuana to treat their condition!
4 months ago
Jennifer Mixell
I didn’t know what to expect and was very pleasantly surprised at how smooth the process was. The office was very comfortable and welcoming. The office manager was great to work with. Dr Roman was kind and got right to the point. I didn’t wait longer than maybe 5 minutes to see him. I was in and out so quickly and within the week I had received my card. So thankful for this service and am very happy that I chose this place.
5 months ago
Appointment was simple to set up. Great location and staff. Dr. Roman was beyond helpful and informative with attending to my needs to make sure everything was best suited to assist my conditions. Thanks again Doc! Continue doing great things.
2 months ago
Nancy Hammill
Dr Roman is one of a kind. Brandon made me feel immediately comfortable. The office and customer service is very professional (and has a spa scent!). I appreciated the Dr's recommendations and will refer Nature's Way Medicine. Overall... easy parking, nice atmosphere, non judgmental, good hair. Thanks again!
4 months ago
Emad Zia
Appointment was easy to set up. Easy to get to location as long as you don't get on the bridge. Clean office and friendly environment. Dr. Roman did a review of my diagnosis and within no time at all, I was on my way! Had no idea what I was in for and he made quick and simple visit. Dr. Roman welcomed us as we walked in, his bedside manner and professionalism was very down to earth and humble. Highly recommended
5 months ago
Nazanin Noz
My appointment with Dr. Roman office this afternoon met my expectations. Prior to my visit i checked out his website which was very straight forward and to the point. Per the website: Get there on time, park in spot #5, fill out the paperwork, pay your office visit and get assessed. YES PEOPLE JUST LIKE THAT! He gets 5 stars because the whole experience was professional, a stress free environment, and Dr. Roman was patient but direct, and very knowledgeable which I appreciated. This whole process was very simple. Surprisingly he has Sunday office hours which is very convenient for busy professionals like myself.
8 months ago
Bert Melendez
Very helpful and welcoming. Dr. Singhal and Dr. Roman were great and even provided some additional tips and suggestions for dealing with my anxiety. Highly recommend.
3 months ago
Lisa Mims
Dr. Roman at Nature's Way Medicine was great. He carefully listened to what I had to say and answered all my questions with a valid answer. Everything was quick and easy. When I first stepped into the office I was welcomed right away and all paperwork was again quick and easy. At the end of it all I was very happy I chose to go to Dr. Roman and his Philly office, and will be referring many friends. Thank You :)
4 months ago
Christopher Schmidt
Dr. Roman was very helpful! The whole process was very fast and he helped the whole way. He really takes your needs into consideration and really wants to get you the help you need. Highly recommend !
2 months ago
Alex gomez
Dr. Roman was amazing! Just got out of my appointment about a half hour ago. He is friendly, welcoming, and is very caring and understanding. I have suffered with chronic pain for the past 5 years in my hands, feet, shoulders and hips. I am glad I can finally get relief. Thank you Dr. Roman! Would recommend to anybody with a qualifying condition!! Thank you thank you thank you!
4 months ago
Dr. Roman was very pleasant - plus he's got a great personality and makes you feel comfortable! You can tell he genuinely cares about your conditions/ailments and asks all the right questions. I will DEFINITELY be recommending him to friends or anyone else I think that would benefit from getting a card. Can't wait to get some relief!
5 months ago
Lou Lozada
The office exceeded my expectations. I found it easy to schedule my appointment. The employee who was working at the desk was very personable and provided me with all the paperwork that was required to fill out. Dr. Roman saw me at my scheduled time and did not keep me waiting. He was straight forward and willing to answer any questions that I had. Dr. Roman is very knowledgeable and I believe he really wants to help his patients.
5 months ago
Chris Mudd
Dr. Roman is extremely nice and friendly. I didn't catch the name of the guy at the front desk, but he was able to answer all of the questions I had regarding the paperwork. Most doctors I've seen have been very quick to prescribe me some type of pill without much of an explanation and they also seem to question what I say when asking questions or talking about symptoms. It felt like Dr. Roman believed what I was saying without questioning my symptoms and actually went as far as explaining how cannabis will directly relate to helping my condition. Overall I had a great experience and have no complaints.
10 months ago
Dave Revelle
Amazing Dr. with a great understanding of how this medication works can work and will work. The staff is extremely friendly and were able to get me in right on time! Nothing but great things to say!!!! I Love Dr. Eziefe!! I left with no questions unanswered!!! Thank you Natures Way Medicine!
3 months ago
Mike Day
So helpful and efficient. They answer all of your questions and help you so much. Dr. Singhal is the best and so nice! They make you feel so comfortable. Def worth the appointment!
2 months ago
Juan Luis
Dr Roman was great. Easy to talk to and genuinely care about people needing this medicine. If you use this medicine for pain, please visit Dr Roman as he can help you out. And make sure you use his packing space #5 that he provides for patients. That’s helped out a lot. Watch the video on his website to see exactly where it is. He should be 5 start nothing less, don’t let any body fool you. Highly recommended! You will not be disappointed. Thank you Dr Roman!!
7 months ago
Lauren Anne
Dr. Roman is the MAN!!. As soon as I walked into the office I felt very comfortable and relaxed happily greeted me asked me a couple of questions got me to fill out my paperwork. You can tell he’s very passionate and helping people in need. Was well worth the hour trip into the city. I highly recommend this doctor. Best one in the whole city
7 months ago
Greer Marns
My experience with Dr. Roman was nothing less than spectacular. He was super nice and really paid attention to my needs. The guy at the front with the awesome hair was really nice and helpful too. Overall it was a wonderful experience!
6 months ago
TA Scholl
Nature's Way was efficient and professional throughout. It was easy to make the appointment, the location is easy to get to and there is reasonably priced parking on the street less than a block from the building. Dr. Roman was very helpful and addressed my medical concerns. I highly recommend.
8 months ago
Joei H
Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Quick but thorough consultation. Will definitely return.
4 months ago
The office and staff were wonderful. I had done a bit of research on Dr. Roman after a family member recommended his office. Scheduling the appointment was easy as can be. Parking and paperwork were a breeze. Dr. Roman was very professional, compassionate and direct. I left feeling like I was really listened to. Overall, it was a great experience and I would highly recommend!
5 months ago
Typically i never write a review. I go with no news is good news, but for Dr. Roman i have to show him some love. Easy to find, very nice office, super easy appointment and parked in space #5 (thanks doc). Had some good conversation with Dr. Roman and was very satisfied. And his sneaker game is on point. If your thinking about moving forward trying to get your med card, go here, period. Thanks Dr. Roman and natures way medicine
2 months ago
Aijalon Wallace
Dr. Larrieu was kind and made the atmosphere comfortable for me. I am, unfortunately, someone who starts to get emotional when it comes to being in a new setting I'm not familiar with or if doctors ask questions related to your health. I prefer to keep it short and simple, and Dr. Larrieu did that, he was understanding and professional. Highly recommend this place.
3 months ago
Brooke Beatty
My experience with Nature's Way was excellent. I was able to walk in and be taken care of immediately after filling out paperwork. The office was easy to get to and parking wasn't bad. They have a parking garage, street parking metered and unmetered. Dr. Roman clearly knows his stuff. I was surprised how simple the process was. just make sure you have the proper documents and you'll have no issues.
5 months ago
Emma Kruse
If I could give more than 5 stars I certainly would. The process to book the appointment was very easy. I was greeted by a friendly receptionist who helped me out and answered all of my questions. Dr. Larrieu was fantastic. He thoroughly evaluated me, gave me some recommendations and approved me for MMJ on the spot. By the time I got to my car I received the confirmation from the state. I would HIGHLY recommend this practice to anyone who is legitimately looking for a natural way to deal with their approved condition. Thanks Natures Way!
4 months ago
Mohammed Razzaq
My experience with Dr. Roman was fantastic. I set up an appointment online the day before. I arrived at his office 10 minutes early and filled out paperwork. Upon completing the paperwork Dr. Roman took me right back for my appointment. He was courteous and gave me clear instructions on what I needed to do following the appointment. The entire process was fast and efficient. I highly recommend Dr. Roman and Natures Way Medicine.
4 months ago
Andy Wijaya
Dr. roman is definitely one of the best and most laid back doctors i have ever had the great pleasure of meeting. He ask questions, is genuinely caring, and makes you feel very comfortable. Definitely has very bright and positive energy. Quite frankly, you would be a fool to not choose Dr. Roman :]
2 months ago
Alan Grossberg
Thank you Dr. Roman for making this such a stress-free process! He lays out all of the details for you on his website and even has videos on youtube to walk you through the process from start to finish. There is even a video that shows you where to use his parking spot for free! When I arrived for my appointment the young man at the front desk greeted me right away and was warm and friendly. He immediately made me feel welcome and was very reassuring. They play great music in the waiting room which really puts you at ease. Dr. Roman comes out to meet you personally and is very down to earth and easy to talk to. He has a great sense of humor and makes you feel comfortable right away. He is one of the few doctors I have met who is not ego driven but is very clearly patient driven. I would highly recommend him. I am so lucky to have found Dr. Roman to guide me on this journey.
4 months ago

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