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Address: 20 Pidgeon Hill Dr #102, Sterling, VA 20165, United States
Phone number: +1 703-444-4141

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Dale Drennen
I have had almost nothing but good experiences and results since I have been going to Active Lifestyle Medical. Dr. Dave and Tyler know what they are doing and have helped me start to get back to a life I have been missing for a few years. I can move around with much less pain and have been able to start getting back to exercising. Stefanie and her Shock Wave machine are a miracle! My tailbone area was so painful it hurt to sit or lay down, but NO MORE! Londi is wonderful also and has been helping me with my diet. Dr. Arndt has put together a great group of people and a great program to help people get back on their feet and moving with less pain. I am so happy I found them!
4 months ago
Parker Hurlburt
I LOVE the results that I got with the laser lipo sessions. Londi was amazing and helped me lose 4.5 inches off my waist in less than a month! I am extremely happy with her services and so happy that she helped me make the changes needed to keep the weight off and eat healthier!
3 months ago
franesm rice
My right foot is almost completely healed of Neuropathy. Hoping soon my left foot will follow. I enjoy going there and I have fun talking to Landy Arnt. Changing my eating habits is a whole lifestyle healthy change and I have not needed an insulin shot since I changed. Everyone there is so friendly and I feel like a part of their family. Thank you Dr. Arnt, Landy, Stephanie, Tyler, and Dr. Dave I found out so many call him
3 months ago
April Crowley
After two and a half months of treatments, I can honestly say I feel 100% better. I am gaining my flexibility back, sleeping better, walking straighter with a lot less pain. I have a one-year-old rescue puppy that I can get down on the floor and play with and get back up with no pain! The team at Active Lifestyle is so cohesive and each of them takes an interest in the betterment of my health and ME! Hats off to Active Lifestyle Medical.
11 months ago
home brewer
I have not given many reviews over my 30+ years in the IT field. But Active Lifestyle Medical deserves one. In a short period of time Dr. 'Dave' and Tyler have helped relieve my neck pain which grew increasing worse being hunched over a keyboard for all that time. Only wish I had stumbled upon the place years ago. A very good but not easy program to help correct spine related issues.
10 months ago
Erin Rice
The staff here is very great and take the time to prioritize your needs and how you can get better. After years of having constant bad headaches I can say I feel much better after a couple of visits.
9 months ago
Whitney Cross
Awesome staff with positive attitudes! Dr Ardnt is humble, thorough, empathetic and effective. I am fortunate to be a part of this practice ????
3 days ago
Erika Lambert
Thank you so much dr. Arndt and Lonnie for your awesome service and help with my neck and back pain. I Highly recommend Active lifestyle medical.
8 months ago
Mirian Quintanilla
Staff is friendly and very good at what they do. I came in to fix an ulnar nerve entrapment and I’m elated with the results. Concurrently, we found sensitivities to food that were impacting my body very badly. Adjusting my diet and taking recommended supplements has helped me feel better and have more energy throughout the day. Thx Team.
4 months ago
Tyler and Dr.Dave have been nothing but helpful during my visits at Active Lifestyle. It's a great establishment and everyone here is very kind. Every visit Dr. Dave and Tyler ask about my week and how everything is going and are very welcoming. This is a great place to come for physical therapy and chiropractic needs.
3 months ago
Rebecca Hatt
I can't say enough about the thoroughness of the staff here. They take into consideration all of the issues you are experiencing before taking action. Given what I personally have experienced this approach is very important to your success with wellness care. I also enjoy how personable everyone here is. That in itself will make you feel better!
3 months ago
Liz Odu
Active Lifestyle Medical is fantastic! They have great customer service, explain everything well and do a through investigation to figure out the root of your problems.
1 week ago
Marina Grinchenko
I strongly recommend this chiropractic doctors. I’m so happy my friend referred to me too. I had horrible pain on my right hip and leg plus neck, with the treatment thar I follow at least three times per week is working wonderful.
5 months ago
Alis Cabral
I’ve been coming to Active Lifestyle Medical for over a year now and it has helped me tremendously. When I first arrived, I had major issues with my right hamstring and my neck and back were out of whack. But no more. With the care of Dr Arndt, Dr Dave and Tyler, my leg has totally recovered and I’m no longer in pain. I love the staff here- they treat you as old friends- and the atmosphere is great. I highly recommend these guys!
4 months ago
Troy Woodruff
Active Lifestyle Medical is a wonderful place with great client service, a friendly/family atmosphere and caring staff who work with you to better your lifestyle in as many aspects as possible. I have been a client there for years and appreciate all of their dedication, time and education. They are absolutely wonderful!
4 months ago
The one stop solution to any medical problem, came for spine adjustment and gained so much more, their alternative medicine is a truth miracle and their nutrition program really works, I lost two sizes without diet, gym or exercise. I'm on my best shape ever by simply applying their recommend changes to my routine, their programs are results driven and you can feel the progress from day one.
2 months ago
terah clottey
I have been coming the Active Lifestyle for about a month and half and I got to say that they are awesome! The entire staff is friendly and professional. I feel like a new person and I have not completed my program yet. I am a big believer of everything they suggest. Highly recommended! Do theirs assessment and find out what could be a big problem later. Thank you to the entire team!
3 months ago
Braden Hayes
I have been a patient for several years. These folks and office staff become your friends. Top notch. Don't delay. If you have back or nutritional needs, or are interested in the latest stem cell therapies, or just have a notion that you want to feel better in life, call for an appointment today!
2 months ago
Carla Calvert
I love this group! Everyone is wonderful and like family now, after a few years of going there! They cured my neck pain and back pain in one year, and now on maintenance, I am able to live a complete lifestyle with no limitations. I can lift my grand kids as well as I did as a young mom again! I recovered my normal curve in my spine after a whiplash from a fall on a staircase and also improved my out-of-whack spine in the lower back area! I walk with no pain, work out daily and play with my active grand kids, at a young 58 years old :) I highly recommend their cutting edge treatments and equipment. I even tried the weight loss, light melting treatments at the same time as starting the Keto diet and lost 20 lbs. ultimately. It helped me lose 5 lbs the first day!!!! I only had 4 treatments and it really worked!
5 months ago
Jim Caldwell
Active lifestyle is a great practice here in Loudoun county. After having worked sitting at a computer for about 30 years, I had a lot of neck and shoulder pain. I also exercise A LOT. That left me with low back and knee pain. After working with Dr. Dave and Tyler, I have noticed significant improvements. Dr. Dave and Tyler are awesome. After an extensive initial evaluation, they developed a specialized treatment plan designed to address my specific issues. Working with them, I have been able to improve my flexibility. My knee pain and back pain are gone. My neck and shoulders continue to improve. Once those issues have been resolved, I am sure that I will find something else that they can help me with. Front desk staff are always cheerful and helpful. If you are having any issues, I can highly recommend Active Lifestyle. Check it out for yourself. You will feel better, I am sure.
4 months ago
I have been going to this chiropractor for years. I have always enjoyed my visits and noticed a HUGE difference in my overall health. I enjoy the fact that I can go to one clinic for multiple health issues that I have going on. I read a review that says they are very "salesy" and yes, that is true. But that is their job. If it weren't for them selling their services to me in a gym a couple of years ago I would've never gotten treated. I LOVE that they are now becoming an integrative health practice. I thought I could get a lot done before but now I feel as though I can get even more. The staff is very helpful and always greets me with a smile. I appreciate the care they provide me and will continue my services for many years to come.
5 months ago
Joe Ch
I have me problems with my neck and my back and I was told that I needed to have surgery on my neck by the way the therapy at active life medical they we're able to repair some of the damage and I didn't have to get surgery done I highly recommend them
2 months ago
Jake Popoff
I was referred to Active Lifestyle back in April of 2019. I came in only a couple weeks after finishing my last treatment of chemotherapy. I had basically no muscle mass, was underweight, and my posture had become so bad that I couldn't sit normally without feeling pain and discomfort. Within just a month and a half of physical therapy (3x a week) my posture had improved immensely, as well as my strength and weight. I give much of that credit to the team at Active Lifestyle, particularly Dr. Dave (chiro) and Tyler (rehab specialist). On top of the work they put into my rehabilitation, the entire staff is very welcoming! I enjoy each visit. If you are in need of a chiropractor, rehab specialist, or nutritionist, I would highly recommend this team!
5 months ago
Javier B
The staff at Active Lifestyle Medical have been instrumental in helping resolve a long-term back and neck injury so I can loose weight and return to running and weight training.
2 months ago
Chevy Rogers
Highly recommend this office. I have been coming here for about two years now for their chiropractic services. The staff is incredibly friendly, genuine and knowledgeable. I have pretty bad scoliosis and have gone from having pretty severe back and neck pain all the time to having little to no pain at all. I’m able to do almost all of the activities that I used to be unable to do. I still come once a month for adjustments and will continue to do so. Go check them out!
6 months ago
Timm Huffman
The staff at Active Lifestyle Medical are so caring and warm. I feel at home when I come here and always get excellent service. Over the years I’ve had headaches, back pain, knee pain, etc and I’ve been able to handle them all here!
2 months ago
Joe Hebert
This place has the most friendly staff I ever encounter, since the first day you feel welcome and they actually remember YOU, not just the patient but the person. They are very good at what they do; this is not the normal chiropractic where you go and crack your bones but if you follow instructions, you'll see results and they also have other services as well. The only reason I didn't give a 5 stars rating is because I think is a little pricy and they get you to pay in advance for your treatment but I almost forget about that since I have a very good time on my sessions and as I said becore the staff is great, as soon as you step in you see Nita in the reception who is super nice, and Dr. Dave and Tyler make a very good team helping you with your treatment.
6 months ago
Jack Bradley
I highly recommend them! Not only has my back pain been taken care of, but I haven't had a migraine since I started seeing Dr. Dave. Without a doubt, the best chiropractic care I've received.
5 months ago
RL Mize
I have been going to Dr Arndt’s practice off and on since 1994. He and his staff have helped me overcome a low back slipped disc without medication, cervical issues addressed and kept at bay, causes of digestive problems identified and alleviated and weight loss with success. Dr Dave and his assistant Tyler are attentive, caring and professional in their care. Londi gives much needed support in the weight loss program. The front staff are friendly and professional as well. Though Dr Arndt is no longer providing chiropractic adjustments, he is still very much involved in the care of patients. I am grateful to Dr Arndt and everyone at Active Lifestyle Medical for their dedicated care. Thank you, Sherry
5 months ago
Fedor Ponomarev
I strongly recommend ActiveLifestyle they have been great in tailoring an exact regimen to treat my condition I have been seeing good results over the course of my treatments. The staff has been great in following up and making sure I have been getting what I need to continue to get good results
3 months ago
Kim Young
I joined the Active Lifestyle Medical because I was in pain. I thought the pain was from muscle soreness after my Workouts at the gym, but I was wrong. It seems I was doing damage to my discs in my lower back and neck. After seeing my X-rays from my free consultation, I knew I had to act. I started with a small program of once per week visits, but soon realized that I was slowly getting better I.e., More energy, workout pain-free, and perform exercises I usually Stayed away from. I doubled my visits and attended a few seminars, and now I feel 100% better. My motivational slogan was ”Chasing the Dream”, but now it is ”Turn your dreams to reality.” Thank you to the staff at Active Lifestyle Medical, they knew what was wrong before I even said anything.
4 months ago
H Spencer
I highly recommend this place. Dr. Dave Borthakur and Tyler are very profesional and caring. They help me to heal from my injuries and get back to a normal life after been in so much pain. Thank you so much.
6 months ago
Oscar Urrutia
I started going here because my wife purchased a groupon for me for my birthday and I ended up purchasing a wellness plan from them. It has really helped with my back and leg pain! The staff is great--they are super friendly and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is suffering from physical pain (back, neck, leg, etc).
4 months ago
John Connor
Thoughtful, knowledgeable, compassionate and kind. This best describes my experience with this office. Thank you!
4 months ago
Steve Crouse
Caring, knowledgeable, professional, friendly Doctors and staff with excellent service for both nutritional, dietary and chiropractic needs. Highly recommend as they have made a great difference in improving my health and relieving my pain.
5 months ago
Ashley Bell
I originally attended a seminar on stem cell, thinking this would be a solution to my 'frozen hip' which is expressed by lack of movement range and pain when walking. Through the holistic methods of chiropractic care, stretching and use of several of machines, movement has greatly increased as pain has diminished. I thought I had almost reached the point that surgery might be necessary and I am glad I chose the multiple methods provided here. Just wanted to update. As covid squashed my exercise program a bit, I experienced more pain. Yeah, not that dedicated on my own...I started working more actively with Active Lifestyle to alleviate pain in different ways. Hip replacement seemed like it was in my future but I really didn't want to do that and felt there were other actions I could take. I finally got the stem cell and shock wave treatments. I have to say it made much more of a difference than I thought possible, about 90 percent of pain is gone. Now working on more movement anf a bit of pain. They have gone above and beyond to help me, also researching other methods to try. I like the total approach including diet.
8 months ago
Kern Hesseltine
LOVE it here. I hurt my shoulder working out a while back and it got to a point that I could barely lift my arm. I was skeptical of going to a chiropractor, but a friend convinced me. I IMMEDIATELY felt relief after my first visit. I’ve been going to ALM for about a year and it’s helped me heal not just my shoulder but my entire body. I’m officially a believer and wouldn’t recommend anyone other than ALM. On top of the amazing care in healing, the staff is fantastic. They make me look forward to my visits and I feel like part of their family. They’re welcoming, caring, friendly, loving, and comforting. I truly can’t say enough positive things about ALM. GO NOW!!
3 months ago
Group of very professional and charismatic people. They have a lot of patience explaining every stage of your treatment. I strongly recommend their service. 1000 points for them! You are the best!
4 months ago
Bill Nelson
It has been a great journey. Since childhood I suffered from scoliosis, now In my 50’s I started feeling hip pain, headache and neck stiffness. With the help of Active Lifestyle Medical I regain my body wellbeing. A blessing.
6 months ago
Jennifer Fusco
The staff are very welcoming and friendly! My back feels so much better, glad I found them!
5 months ago
madison ratliff
Great, knowledgeable staff, very flexible. Some services are pricy & uncomfortable but great, long term, corrective health benefits! Highly recommend.
3 months ago
David Ross
Pleasant and friendly staff. Very knowledgeable, and flexible time to meet your schedule.
3 months ago
Ines Lazarte
I've always had back pains and just figured it was part of life. I went to Active Lifestyle a few years ago just on a whim, and their XRays clearly showed I had some scoliosis. After just a few weeks of treatment, I was standing up taller and straighter, with no pain! I've been a happy patient ever since as they continue to fix all my other pain and posture issues. Now I have flexibility and range of motion I haven't had since I was a teenager. The staff is very friendly and they obviously care not just about treating you, but also educating you in how the treatment works, how your body works, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I've recommended them to several friends who have had back, neck, or leg pain, and will continue to recommend them. The treatments aren't always the most comfortable (although not really uncomfortable either), but afterwards I always feel better then when I went in.
3 months ago
Sophia Sutton
I first went to visit establishment because I was in need of some help with my weight. At the time, like many of us, I came to terms with my weight. But after hurting my back, pain getting out of bed and off the couch, I decided to try something new (with the help of my wife, of course ;). To be honest, I also wanted to go faster on my electric longboard, but that’s another story. :) While in my weight loss program, I started treatment On most of my body but mostly focused on my back. Now, I’ve been religious with this denneroll, every morning. I tell you, my back is in a much better place then before I started. Fast forward, I’m down 60lbs, running two days a week, CrossFit three times a week, yoga, the sky’s the limit with Active Lifestyle Medical. I’m accomplishing things I didn’t think I would ever do again. Oh, and if you are wondering, yes...I’m going much faster on my electric longboard. :) Highly recommend, and if you stick with it, I’m sure your results will be better then mine. Mike
5 months ago
David Ward
I’m much better sims I visited them and the r very nice and bolite
3 months ago
Thomas Barker
I have been with pain in my back and right foot , for more then ten years also, I have beem misdiagnosed and take several drugs for pain until I decided to try with ALM Chiropractic Health , they found that i have a leg 1/4 inch shorter , after very good over all testing, just for $20 appointment , that is amazing !and after few treatments now I am pain free , I full recommended this clinic and the staff is very friendly .
4 months ago
ron brock
I went in there for back pain and in just a few visits I felt much better thanks to Dr Dev....and Tyler the PT is awesome...They also have a nutritional program and Dr. Arndt has helped me solve lots of issues ..loss weight...i feel awesome...
4 months ago
Renee Mauck
Excellent experience so far :)
6 days ago
clara aikins
My osteopath recommended that I see a chiropractor for my neck because I had difficulty turning my head. I found Dr. Snyder through some marketing his office had done and, after reading some reviews, decided to set up an appointment. Starting at the beginning, the staff is excellent, from the receptionist on through. I had a thorough exam, which showed more than just a problem with my neck. I actually also had a herniated disc, and poor curvature in my neck and lower back. A program was set up for me and I am very thankful that I followed through with Dr Snyder's recommendations. I have shown immense improvement under his care. He is patient, extremely knowledgeable and thorough. He has even worked on my thumbs, which were very painful and are now pain free. If you are considering chiropractic treatment, you will not find a better doctor, I assure you.
8 months ago
Aleksandra Karpova
Shoulder pain got fixed with neck curvature adjustments which caused shoulder pain. When shoulder pain occurs from text neck curvature, this place is a fix! They work to give decent rates!
3 months ago

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