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Vaporizer store Vapor Plus, 2115 Forest Hills Rd W, Wilson, NC 27893, United States: 87 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 2115 Forest Hills Rd W, Wilson, NC 27893, United States
Phone number: +1 252-234-2800

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Marcella Crawford
this vape store!! let me tell you they are the nicest people! they helped me set up my new vape and showed me how it works (i upgraded to a new one) and when i explained what juice i wanted they really nailed the perfect flavor! i wanted a fruity flavor, like a true fruit flavor, and they told me pacha mama was the way to go and they were not lying!!!! thank you so much! the owner was just as nice as he could be!! i will definitely be back again real soon!!!!
3 months ago
Mike Winemiller
Jennifer and Kira helped me out with juices and coils! Such a wonderful environment and happy people! I love this place and I’ll be back soon!!!
3 months ago
Woody Degan
Best store in Wilson! Great staff and all the options! I love it here
3 months ago
Vicenzo Eustachio
best selection of vape juice and vape kits...amazing customer in town!!
3 months ago
Jennifer is the best ever, ill 100% be coming back great customer service!!!
3 months ago
Darko Micic
Had a wonderful experience there, like the place. Will most definitely visit again
5 months ago
B Lanier
best shop & best customer Service
3 months ago
Jacob DeJean
Had exactly what I was looking for and for an awesome price
3 months ago
Keani Huijs
Kira is great at what she does. Great customer service, doesn't push things on you and carries convos instead of just trying to push you out. Even if I don't come in as often still remembers my preferences. Never really had a bad experience at all with this place.
2 months ago
Jenny Greene
Great products with variety but just know they overcharge for items and he tells you it’s a discount for you to get home and see you’ve really paid almost double msrp. Wholesalers don’t pay even pay msrp But final price is still more than that after discount
4 months ago
Brian Holmlund
Very nice and ppl are great
5 months ago
Sylvia Whitford
AWESOME STORE! Helpful staff and they have so many options for anything and everything!
6 days ago
Mariya Kuyan
theyve got it all! i got 3 puff bars for $20. They are the greatest!
2 weeks ago
Edgar Z
Best selection of nic-salts in Wilson, wide variety of vaping devices, kratom and CBS products. There is No better spot in Wilson than Vapor Plus!
2 days ago
igor igogo
best shop in town
3 months ago
bill wilkey
best prices out there. kills ny prices
8 hours ago
Bob Barzyk
Very nice selection I will Start shop from here & Cheapest price on the town +A
4 months ago
Springfield Marines
Great clean shop very helpful staff. Better prices than all the other stores around. My go to spot for juice and coils.
5 months ago
Annaliese G
Awesome store! Great selection. Great staff.
3 months ago
Laura Buchko
The girls up here are super nice and know what they're talking about. Always more than happy to help you figure out what you're looking for and won't break the bank either! Plus they have a huge selection of juices as well!
5 months ago
Jason Campbell
Best selection E-juice cheapest price in town
2 months ago
Heidi Henry
Great customer service. They always have my juices. Great selection of delta 8 :)
2 months ago
Stephanie Morris
Awesome customer service, so many flavors to choose from. Will come again.
2 months ago
Tyler Dirden
Dede is fabulous. I come in with novice questions and she takes the time to make sure I understand the product and not just sell me a product to make money.
5 months ago
Hillary Bolter
Decent selection of juices and mods. Will return.
8 months ago
Shimon Carroll
Excellent store with lots of inventory!
4 months ago
Rick Benoit
love you guys!
1 week ago
richard granger
Great prices. I got my smoke procolor vape from there. I love it. Works great. The price was nice and the staff was cool. Coming back to get some more juice
5 months ago
Sara Lau
Pretty good selection of e juices. 60mls were 20 bucks even and 100mls were 25 bucks. I still like kick ash better but the prices at Vapor Plus were definitely better. The girl who was working was super nice!
5 months ago
Christopher Kohrt
Awesome guy sonny who owns the store! The girls who work there are helpful too
6 months ago
Marielle Donlon
This store sells knockoffs from China and makes a fortune up charging you for merchandise. The juice is also bad juice rejected by the maker.
3 months ago
Jose Ramirez
Out of 300 flavors still didn't have mine !! Moonshine is the best
2 months ago
Jeanette DiBenedetti
Called about a price on Jan 19 th 2019 was told they had a pen for 24.00. Go to buy it in 15 minutes the pen is 29.00 . The lady said she would give me her discount . I understand mistakes happen. So I was pleased with her trying to make a men's. Bought some juice while I was there. She set my pen up for me to. Let it set a while and when I use it it burns my mouth everytime and leaves a burn taste in my throat. So I called on Jan 20 2019 get told there is no exchanges and nothing they can do. Hmmmmmm just spent 40.00 on a new product that's burning my mouth. Looks like the comonay just burnt my pocket. Will never shop there again . Oo was suggested for the second lady that they could sell me another coil for it for 6.00. Shady business. Even gonna share this on Facebook. All I wanted was what I paid for a working vape pen.
6 months ago
Horrible service, sold me a device that wouldn’t work and wouldn’t take it back, expired e-juice
4 months ago
Peggy Kilker
Great store with amazing staff who are always willing to help and make suggestions for and vape flavor that you just might be looking for. ❤❤
8 months ago
Christina Lara
They don't mind how many different vials you try or how much. Reasonable prices too
4 months ago
leslie entwistle
Best vape shop I ever bin to they are CBd 2 percent thc freindly they are on top great products best shop in NC I bin to so far
10 months ago
Br Cr
Knowledgeable staff and great prices. I was in a rush, but will be back again.
4 months ago
jenni Bee
yall rock!
1 week ago
eduardo ramirez
Best selection in town
3 months ago
Joseph Goodwin
Best price
3 months ago
Jesus Figueroa
E-juice all selections
3 months ago
Alexander Ayala
Best customer service ????????????
8 months ago
Cameron Saari
Good prices on coils
8 months ago
Moe Sam
Best selection in Wilson Great shop
4 months ago
Alisia Sanford
A1. Friendly, courteous and helpful.
2 months ago
Sheila Kidd
Great price!!!
3 months ago
Braden Chick
+Great service +Cheap juice -expensive mods/tanks
2 months ago
Dmitry Bokhan
7 months ago
Valerie Phipps
3 months ago

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