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Address: 900 Stanhope Gardens #101, Chesapeake, VA 23320, United States
Phone number: +1 757-842-6562

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Lily Chong
Restorative Physical Therapy is a fantastic group of therapists! I've been to a lot of physical therapy over the years for my back, but I've never made such great progress before! The therapists are phenomenal and really take the time to listen to you and your body.
1 week ago
Jeremy Farr
I've been using Restorative Physical Therapy for several years since I needed extra help with some chronic back issues that flare up at times... low back (lumbar) and mid-back (thoracic) issues due to a herniated disk, arthritis, spine/hip misalignments, shearing, myofascial pain/tightness/dysfunction, etc...) I try to stay active and healthy but can sometimes overuse my body, whether that's from big lawn/garden/house projects, surfing, working out, playing too hard with the kids, etc... Ashley, Shannon and others on their team have been awesome at helping me these challenges. They take a holistic approach to determine the cause and how best to treat you. They're open minded and able to leverage several different techniques. They listen to you and approach each appointment according to your progress, pain or other symptoms that could be from recent or prior injuries, physical stress, mental/emotional duress, Gastro-Intestinal problems, or many other potential illnesses, deficiencies, challenges... They can help you reactively or you can see them proactively/preventatively for periodic wellness visits to help you stay healthy and head-off a potential flare-up... I would highly recommend the team at Restorative Physical Therapy to anyone!
3 months ago
Tom Pantoni
I recommend all the therapists here. It is an extremely friendly and calming environment. The therapists listen to your needs and issues. When you are under their care, you feel like you have a customized care plan rather than feeling like another co-pay for another big box office. I love going to Restorative Physical Therapy for wellness appointments as well. They do a great job at making you feel like you are at your best physical state when you leave.
8 months ago
Bindhu Joseph
I attended two therapy sessions at Restorative Physical Therapy in September 2020. Navneet Bhangra was an excellent therapist. I did not continue receiving therapy at Restorative Care because government guidelines for COVID-19 were not being followed. It is comforting to see as of October 2020 government mandates are being followed for the safety and health for patients and therapists.
8 months ago
Jeremy Donnelly
Everyone at Restorative is so friendly and helpful! If you’re looking for a PT office that truly cares about your health, I highly recommend RPT!
9 months ago
Jennie Stinebaugh
I’m a runner and their K tape techniques really helped with my run recovery! The staff was friendly and knowledgeable too.
10 months ago
Mark Miller
Great company and even better staff!! Highly recommend!
3 months ago
Reem Marji
I was a patient at Restorative Phy. Therapy for the past 8 months. I very much appreciate the treatment I received while there. The Restorative team from reception to the therapist were very professional yet personable. I was referred by the VA for lower back pain. They took holistic approach to treating my issue(s) of which the presenting pain was only a symptom. They were patient, consistent, and determined to help relieve my pain. I feel great today and thank the team for all that they were able to do to help relieve the pain and help improve my quality of life. I strongly recommend this group of physical therapy professionals. Thank you ladies. God bless you all.
4 months ago
din dep
I have received therapy here for several different injuries and also a total knee replacement over the past 5 years. The therapists have extensive knowledge and know how to put it to the best use whatever your problem. I have told Doctors how much help I have received here and referred many friends who have also been happy with the results. Everyone is so caring and willing to help! I never felt better than when I was a patient at Restorative Physical Therapy.
9 months ago
Tammie Dean
I was referred to this place by my insurance. I could not get up of bed without help, get dressed in my own, sleep or even get into mycar without horrible back pain. I had been dealing with that pain for 8 months. The first appointment day was an assessment and they did therapy. It’s a holistic approach so I had my doubts. The second day I went, it was relaxing and peaceful experience. The very next day I didn’t have pain. I got up of bed like I had nothing. I couldn’t believe it. I did 3 more months of therapy and I learned so much how to take care if myself because they give you so much information on how to take care of your entire body. I have been doing great since then. ( two years!)They are very professional and welcoming.
4 months ago
Dylan Lazure
I just can't rave about these professionals enough. I went for low back pain and they have truly transformed my life. I'm thrilled to be back doing activities such as gardening again. The entire office is friendly and caring, a family approach, not your typical medical office. It's definitely my "happy" place to be. You won't be disappointed.
8 months ago
Xander Innsbruck
Amazing customer service, the staff will listen to you and your problems and help you understand your body signals and learn to treat it the best that you can. The therapy is a little different from traditional physical therapy, but it has incredible results. This is my "happy place" and I look forward to every visit. You won't go wrong visiting!
6 months ago
Murtaja Almulallem
I have been a patient at Restorative Physical Therapy for about 6 months now and absolutely love the service they provide! I came in with neck and low back pain, and it was hard to look in one direction for a set amount of time. I was also getting headaches and migraines very frequently but have not had one in months! The staff is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. They take the time at the beginning of each appointment to listen to how you are feeling so they are able to help you in the best way possible. I would highly recommend Restorative Physical Therapy as I think everyone could benefit from a wellness session!
8 months ago
Galaxie Story
Restorative physical therapy has been able to help over come my pain! I thought I was going to have surgery but they were able to take care of my pain. They're more on the holistic approach. They look at my entire body not just a piece of me. They've taught me self care so that I can be successful in health. The team of people they have working there reflects the dedication they have to there patients. The care is best. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to be there for my healing. Thank you for always putting the paient's care first! Tracy
11 months ago
Jon Adams
A friend refer me to restorative therapy had some aches and pain, never thought to myself it that it works once Ashly treated me. The results are static can't believe it . It really works I appreciate all the work they done.! Loving this therapy!
7 months ago
Patrick Morris
I just began receiving treatment here and I am beyond thrilled with the results. I had tried several other therapies and nothing was making a difference in managing my pain. After my second appointment with Ashley I was already noticing a huge difference. The team here is extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommended.
4 months ago
Raymundo Khan
This is my second time coming here and both times have been very informative. Ashley and the other girls are very knowledgeable and helpful. My fibromyalgia is not as painful when I am coming regularly.
10 months ago
Judy Avery
I have been a patient at Restorative Physical Therapy throughout my twins pregnancy. I started off with debilitating back pain (could hardly walk at some points) and imagined the pain was destined to get worse as I grew bigger and bigger. I am now at the tail end of my pregnancy and am happy to say my back pain has done a 180! I have been seen by all 3 therapists and always leave feeling better than when I came. I would definitely recommend RPT to people with back pain of any kind.
1 month ago
Amazing therapist and staff.caring friendly and talented. Highly recommended. I feel so much better since I have been going
1 month ago
Allison Krivachek
I have been receiving treatment here for a few months now and no words can describe how amazing this place is. I have been dealing with Crohn's disease for 17 years and have been trying to find a way to help relieve the pain. I have been going 2 days a week and I can say that I am in full remission! Ashley, Shannon and Raichelle helped ease the pain and helped with getting me into remission. I was so impressed that I started to take my son who has bad seasonal allergies and we can already see an improvement on him. My other son will be going soon, so they can treat his EE. The whole staff is professional and truly cares about your well- being.
2 months ago
Alex McLean
11 hours ago

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