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Auto parts store Advance Auto Parts, 3031 Mechanicsville Turnpike, Richmond, VA 23223, United States: 127 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 3031 Mechanicsville Turnpike, Richmond, VA 23223, United States
Phone number: +1 804-648-1147

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Екатерина Туныгина
Good place to get batteries for cars, trucks lawn mowers. Customer service is amazing.
7 months ago
Екатерина Абаканович
Nice and clean, majority of what you may be looking for is in this store. Employees are nice, respectful, and willing to help with the things you need.
10 months ago
Марина Белова
The clerk was very good at his job
8 months ago
Delt Delt
They were ok, nothing special
6 months ago
Владик Трошин
Just got a new car that needs work. I feel like that staff should be more on their job. I go in to get a new key FOB but end up getting just the casing... The cashier didn't even bother to make sure that's what I needed
10 months ago
Татьяна Алимова
Simple sale in and out
8 months ago
Кристина Бокова
good prices but sometimes don't have your part
4 months ago
Алексей Чепурных
Always helpful staff and good prices.
6 months ago
Павел Кулешов
Service was great. Staff was very knowledgeable and professional. Thank u Mr King!
10 months ago
Юлия Милорадова
Nice but definitely not knowledgeable about products.Only 2 employees in the entire store and he's trying to help everyone while the young lady stands there looking at her nails.
5 months ago
Toma Gavrish
Thanks for letting Henrico PALs Dance have their car wash fundraiser there.
7 months ago
Сергей Ранфиусов
My favorite auto parts store and I have shopped in several. The staff is helpful & friendly.
8 months ago
Ольга Мирт
The service at this location is terrible. Workers are lazy, and reluctant to help when in need of assistance. I can here a few weeks ago about 5 minutes BEFORE closing hours and they turned me around saying "they're done for the day." Today I stood in line waiting to be service for 4 minutes while one of the workers sat on her phone. Do NOT come to this location
6 months ago
Лена Квиннедаль
Very helpful found what I needed for me quickly
8 months ago
Лена Макаренко
The old man was rude but i went back later and ms jackie got me together she was great and a1 customer service thanks ms jackie
10 months ago
Маша Кутузова
Thank you for all your help with our battery! They tested and charged it for us! Very helpful! ☺
10 months ago
Анна Першина
I really enjoy going to this AutoZone. The staff is always friendly there's never been a time that I've gone there and haven't been able to find the part that I was looking for. They're always laughing and joking with you and more than happy to help you come out to your car to try to put in things like light bulbs or batteries. Haven't really had that many problems with my car but Advance Auto is definitely a place I go to to get help with my car. I would rate these guys at 5 start every single time
1 week ago
Алёна Ташута
Small store with very few selection. Still good to shop at.
9 months ago
Yulia Piatek
Very helpful people here.
8 months ago
Андрей Пашкевич
great service awesome people
7 months ago
Анастасия Бачурина
Quick Service and Curtis people working behind the counter. very knowledgeable staff
6 months ago
Наташа Червякова
I starting coming to Dunn's in 1977 when I dated my 1st boyfriend. Now we are dating again 40 years later and we still love it!! Thank you for your great food and service!
9 months ago
Кирюха Иванов
Great it was very helpful people help me they got this job done and I do the job well
9 months ago
Даша Мочалова
Great place for spare parts. Have been here for three times and always got the part I needed.
2 months ago
Mancho Xaxaxa
Staff were a delight. Area well stocked and convenient.
9 months ago
Тоша Бугор
It was good very friendly Service and they were so Patient
1 week ago
Катя Малинина
When I visited this establishment I was treated with professionalism and courtesy.
11 months ago
Анна Рэй
Very helpful staff and friendly. Vast part selection.
1 week ago
Маша Украинская
Great store nice people they have things other's don't
11 months ago
Валентина Кутьина
Excellent customer service the staff is always very professional and extremely friendly
3 months ago
Алексей Дубок
Took some one there
8 months ago
Yana Lisitskaya
Very helpful
7 months ago
Zhenya Korotkaya
The staff was extremely helpful and professional.
1 week ago
Никита Горчаков
Convenient locations, very helpful .
10 months ago
Ольга Телешева
Very help full staff I'll go there every time I've got an issue with my car
10 months ago
Вера Распутина
Good parts, friendly customer service.
10 months ago
Игорь Громов
Needs good help
11 months ago
Леонид Норкин
Staff very helpful and friendly.
6 months ago
Олег Потемкин
Casha is the absolute best!!!
8 months ago
Сергей Мыльников
Salesman ignored me for quite awhile. Overlooked me for male customers until I spoke up and got help. Prices were higher than other places I tried
3 months ago
Ленчик Тимофеева
Quick and effective great staff
8 months ago
Лёха Алекс
Ghetto store. Played very inappropriate music
6 months ago
Игорь Шугаев
Cashier are very knowledgeable and helpful
10 months ago
Ленура Рахматуллина
My go to
9 months ago
Максим Волков
Rudeness lives here .. When I ask for a free engine check diagnostic they said it was lost and walk away and sever someone else .. I was not even finish with my questions
9 months ago
Павел Павлов
Friendly staff
8 months ago
Катенька Селиверстова
Prices fair
9 months ago
Александр Бобров
1 week ago
Наталья Дуб
Good service
9 months ago
Андрей Озуров
11 months ago

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