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Italian restaurant Olive Garden Italian Restaurant, 9017 Ocean Gateway, Easton, MD 21601, United States: 220 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 9017 Ocean Gateway, Easton, MD 21601, United States
Phone number: +1 410-763-9018

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Cultural Buds
Had a wonderful patient waitress who was taking care of a group of 8. She was helpful and very accommodating. Food was delicious. Only thing missed was the chicken stuffed with cheese marsala. Love Olive Gardens salad.
2 months ago
Love it. An amazing display of team work! Our server upon arrival was busy so the manager came over and greeted us and took our drink order, this is the way its done. We came here because we did not have this experience next door at Applebee's. Thank you Olive Garden service and food was great!!
5 months ago
Xavier Barba
Olive Garden has great bread sticks and salad. My kids got what they wanted and really liked it. We don't go often, but sometimes order take out from there and they always make sure everything is included, unlike some other places that always seem to forget to give me something I ordered and paid for.
6 months ago
Rachel Lazarski
Very good experience are server was a delite thanks Arianna great service good food
2 months ago
Ganre Morgan
Fast and friendly service, reasonable prices, and consistent food.
2 months ago
Rodger Bird
Great service. 1st time at the Easton location. I always order chicken and shrimp carbonara. It was prepared and looked different than other locations. Chicken texture was weird, no flavor at all. The sane with seafood Alfredo that my …
3 months ago
Art Moreno
Great ???? place to eat!! Yum ???? So flexible for a child's taste buds & allowed us to reorder his menu choice. Thanks ????????????
3 months ago
Mary Dixon
This is the first time we have eaten here since Covid started. Same good food, but was a little disappointed that there were no pine nuts in our salad like they used to give you which always made the salad extra good. It might have been a slip up.....I forgot to ask
3 months ago
Ada Landry
Depending on the time and day of the week, service can be a bit hit or miss, but the food is always really amazing! The lunch specials are definitely the best deal, and I almost always have great service during lunch hours!
4 months ago
Damon Pickens
Nice and clean with good social distancing. They have a limited menu, however, they will work with you to make sure they have something you will love.
3 months ago
Lenora Cook
Service was good. Salad was mushy and chicken marsela tasted like pressed processed portion controlled MRE. You better be really hungry.
2 months ago
Ben Yee
Service was fantastic, no wait for dinner food was totally amazing.Our Server was so nice and very pleasant
3 months ago
Tony Fardella
Delicious food, excellent service! The only downside was the gross ladies room.
2 months ago
Linda Gillis
Friendly waitress and nice staff. Always had a drink when I needed.
4 months ago
Richard Joltes
Our server, Xavier, was exceptional!!! The restaurant industry needs to clone him!
2 months ago
Burkhard Streit
Poor service. Waiting 20 mins for any one to come over and greet us at the table..server never came to check on us. Took an addition 25 mins to get check. We also order the $5 to go meal and never received that. At that point we were ready to go and left without it.
6 months ago
George Duke
Food and service were good. We were in a booth in the bar area, which was great, except the floor was sticky; when you walked or moved your feet, your shoes made that sound ...
6 months ago
Muz Zle
Food was improved over last visit to an Olive garden.
2 months ago
Dave Bansal
Good place good food but slow service my group had to wait 40 minutes for a wine bag and we ended up not even getting it we had to leave despite asking for one several times
10 months ago
Pat Kraemer
celebrated with family, had pasta Primavera with salad, pasta was delicious. tasty and relatively inexpensive.
8 months ago
Great service, good food, mostly pasta offerings,
6 months ago
Carolyn Williams
Ziti was delicious. Service excellent. Associates cheery & helpful.
7 months ago
Liv Liv
Food was fresh and delicious. Server and staff were friendly. Will visit again. All customers were safely social distanced.
8 months ago
Patti Miller
Always a pleasure, all around great.
3 months ago
Brooke Hawkins
Waiter was super nice. But they didn't have my the noodles I wanted for my meal.
5 months ago
Noelle E
Everything is good even the cafe menu is much better than Starbucks
6 months ago
Food was very good and service was great. I brought the family here on our way to the ocean and everyone enjoyed their their food and experience.
8 months ago
Shawn Davlin
The food is great and customer service is amazing!!!
2 months ago
Kevin Morgan
Friendly and polite staff. Food was amazing.
5 months ago
Kinneyn Lindar
Food was great service was even better
3 months ago
usha sharma
I love this restaurant! They prepare delicious dishes, their menu is rich, The cook in that spot is a real pro, I enjoy a lot tasting all their food. The food is consistently good, the service towards the clients is efficient. I visit often this place and I was never unsatisfied. Highly recommended.
4 months ago
Richard Tenney
Our waiter was the best. The food was great.
6 months ago
Truth Bringer
Quiet, good wine and the server was very friendly
6 months ago
Zach Brown
Excellent service, really good food, awesome time
4 months ago
mavis joseph
Food was delicious and service was perfect.
3 months ago
Renata Durham
Great atmosphere, service and cuisine. I got an old friend out of the house for part of the holiday weekend and he sorely needed this to have a sense of normalcy. Rob got him out of my car, onto the wheelchair and back in the car later. …
1 month ago
Inelis Rivas
Good not great
3 months ago
Erika Koch
We were stuck in the back only people back there... Our waitress was always mia. And seemed to not want to be there. I wish i got her name..i wanted to be moved so bas but we stuck it out.. I will never allow her to wait on us again...
9 months ago
MorningStar Mason
Always consistent and friendly service. Food nice average, and consistent.
8 months ago
Haewon Park
Our server, Alexandria was very friendly and efficient. The food was very good. I had the shrimp scampi and salad. It was delicious and I couldn't finish it because I was so full. Definitely returning again soon.
2 months ago
Diane Jones
The food was great. Sharlene, our waitress, was exceptional. The music , as always, sucked. I know some like that type. But, not me. To each his own.
1 month ago
Marco Redhouse
Lasagna Roll with meat sauce and meatballs was good. Waitress was attentive and friendly
3 months ago
Christ Boggs
Very friendly service. They have a gluten free pasta for those with gluten allergies.
10 months ago
Emanuela Ferrari
Decent Olive Garden. Usually there isn't a wait for a table and the people who work there are pleasant and it's clean. Food comes at the right pace and is always hot. Could use a little more consistency with the to-go orders, often it seems like they don't start making them until you arrive for pickup.
5 months ago
Kathy Quigley
Always a nice meal..
3 months ago
Pierre Canville
My sister and I stopped at this restaurant since we both like Olive Garden. Very disappointing. We arrived and had to wait 15 minutes before being served after we were already seated. No water was offered. Finally, waitress arrives, …
4 months ago
Jody Boss
The food was delicious as always. We went expecting the lunch special, but being a holiday, it was regular dinner prices all day. Our waiter, Xavier, was excellent. I have a "game" I now play...we have NEVER been there when the dividers …
3 months ago
Brian Phillips
I went to the Olive Garden in Easton on a Thursday evening with friends(6 of us). Alex was our server. She was great. Very pleasant and there when we needed her. The food was very good. We'll definitely go back.
2 months ago
Nancy Bogdanovich
Waiter not pleasant. I wish they would pick up dirty dishes before they give you your dinner. We were finished our salad and my husband had soup. They wait for you to move your own plate. So in our booth we had 2 used glasses 2 bread …
5 months ago
kenneth Brown
Meal itself wasn’t too bad, other than the Zuppa was so salty my boyfriend could hardly eat it. Our steak we asked to be medium was absolutely well done. Server started out great, but as time passed he started ignoring our table even as we …
2 weeks ago

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