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Business networking company Small Business Expo, 110 E Broward Blvd Suite 1700, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, United States: 18 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Small Business Expo
Rate: 4.6
Address: 110 E Broward Blvd Suite 1700, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, United States
Phone number: +1 212-404-2345

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Latitude: 26.1216888
Longitude: -80.1416547

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Gerald R
We have been working with the Small Business Expo since they pivoted to the virtual tour. In these challenging times, the Small Business Expo still provides a valuable opportunity to network and learn about new opportunities. We've had a virtual booth at a number of the shows and see it as a valuable lead generation opportunity. It is not a traditional type of experience of engaging visitors as they "walk by". There are a number of features which allows us to have information and links available to the visitors, in addition to a Chat feature. The post show metrics, allows us to see what visitors clicked on and downloaded information. We are able to see if they watched or viewed a couple of videos, we have part of our booth. We contact the visitors with an Email within 48 of the show and also a phone call. We are very satisfied with our alliance with the Small Business Expo! We will continue to work with them into 2021.
2 months ago
Alan Silverman
What an incredible experience! The show was packed from the moment the floor opened and it was very busy all day. We spoke to hundreds of small business owners all interested in our services, which has turned into a steady stream of new clients. The event was very well organized and the Small Business Expo team was welcoming and helpful. I highly recommend this event to anyone looking to grow their business!
11 months ago
abdallah benolp
The Small Business Expo events are amazing. I’ve met so many people I can do business with, heard gems of wisdom from their Small Business University and the team is totally awesome. These people really care about helping you succeed in your business and life. I highly recommend exhibiting and speaking at the Small Business Expo and Small Business University to anyone who wants to get more leads and skyrocket their business. They are the BEST!
2 months ago
douglas becker
We have toured with the Small Business Expo for 5 years and it’s truly had an impact on our business. I would recommend to anyone looking to find business to business customer’s to add the Expo to their marketing plan. We would like to send a special shout-out to Steven and Jonathan two of the most professional, well organized, and friendliest managers of the tour. American Business TV is happy to be apart of Team Expo!
2 months ago
Steve Krause
Zach and his team are as top notch as it gets. We first connected over doing a Shark Tank open call at one of his events and that first event went so well we continued the partnership for several seasons. They are professional, organized and experienced. I highly recommend the Small Business Expo and will work with them again in the future.
2 months ago
Marisa Baggett
Unfortunately our experience was terrible. We were promised one thing, and given another. There was no option for a refund. They allowed us to pick out the virtual shows of our choosing in exchange for the remaining balance that we had left over from all of the in person cancelled shows. We were clear that we wanted to do our conferences in person, when things were back up and running and that was not an option. It was all vendors and not one paying attendee meaning that people were signing up for it at random, pretty much to have something to do. Attendees were repeats. We gained literally ZERO leads that were of quality or weren't other vendors trying to sell us their product/services. We would not recommend the expo.
2 months ago
Michael Garrett
The Small Business Expo has been great to work with. Every members of the staff has been professional, personable, and great to work with. Thank you to your staff and team for your support! I definitely recommend this organization.
2 months ago
Shimmy Weiss
It is difficult to describe how unique and exciting this event is. I randomly stumbled upon the event online and was intrigued by the more I read and the more videos I watched. If you have never attended a Small Business Expo, you need to experience it for your first hand. I have only been to the ones in the NYC area, but after last year I am considering hitting up as many on the east coast as possible. The event is surprisingly free considering the size and scale and perfect for any sized business looking to improve or hone their skills. Highly recommended and will definitely be returning.
9 months ago
Aaron Hammes
The Small Business Expo has been fantastic for us as a B2B company looking to market to other businesses. Purchasing a booth at their expo is a great idea if you are looking to market your B2B product or service. Having a long-standing relationship with The Small Business Expo, we have only great things to say about how passionate they are about connecting businesses and really helping exhibitors and attendees achieve success.
9 months ago
Tyler C
Stellar events. So worthwhile. I have attended Small Business Expo events and they are well organized, well attended and really help me grow my business. The business workshops on marketing and growing my business are so valuable and the speakers so relevant and informative. Great connections made. The exhibitor hall offers much value and really make the event. I highly recommend to my friends and colleagues and look forward to attending again. Many Thanks. Rachel T.
1 week ago
Gace Mendoza
I exhibited at the NYC Small Business Expo several years ago and met a lot of great people, both leads and other vendors. I'm back again this year in both Manhattan and Brooklyn and am super excited that Show Producers is growing faster than I am so I have a whole list of cities to dream about presenting in. The team is organized, responsive, and efficient and the program attracts a lot of attendees. Well worth it.
10 months ago
Skoop Up
I highly recommend The Small Business Expo. I have been working with Zach, Theo, and several others from this organization for the past 3 years and always find that they are responsive and easy to work with. The Small Business Expo trade shows and networking events are truly exceptional. They are an excellent way to promote your business and build new relationships.
10 months ago
Andrey Minyaev
AMAZING Expo ! I have been exhibiting at this wonderful HIGHLY interactive business expo and conference in NYC for many years. It is professionally executed and brings in quality people from all over the North East . I have made great contacts in the non profit world and corporate world as wel . Will be continuing to exhibit for many more years !
1 week ago
Antoine Glenn
Zach and the entire team at Small Business Expo is amazing to work with. They are highly professional and really take great care of you. Highly recommend. A++
1 month ago
Elissa Peragine
Will be my 5th year with a booth at their expo. Enriching experience well worth the money.
10 months ago
Andrew Holub
Sir I have a intrested this expo I have joint this fare wer is prosijer
2 months ago
baylee burnette
Incredible event!! So much impact in the work shops with speakers!!
1 month ago
Jasmine Tipton
Didn't even go to the event.. These guys sold my email and PHONE NUMBER to third parties, and I dealt with deceptive, harassing sales calls the whole 2 weeks up to the event. I'm still getting spam from marketing companies. Make it stop!
4 months ago

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