Hottinger Greenhouses

Hottinger Greenhouses, 18131 Louisa Rd, Louisa, VA 23093, United States: 18 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 18131 Louisa Rd, Louisa, VA 23093, United States
Phone number: +1 540-967-0929

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Виталий Подколзин
Very happy with all plants and seeds. Amazing prices and variety of of plants. Beautiful selection
11 months ago
Алиса Потеряйко
We love it! Real people who know about the plants they sell. It's a nice change from the big box stores.
2 months ago
Елена Перова
Good prices very knowledgeable if you talk to Mr Hottinger.
8 months ago
Инна Бюж
Such sweet people and great flowers for an amazing price!
9 months ago
Татьяна Давыдова
I have always had good luck with their plants. Have dealt with them for over 10 years. Great people!
9 months ago
Серж Курохтин
For many years My Husband and I have purchased flower and tomato plants-This has been my traditional Mothers Day requested gift from my Hubby for a long time.HIGHLY recommend this greenhouse best one around.Great prices and awesome plants
5 months ago
Татьяна Игнатьева
Great variety of plants and landscaping products. Staff knowledgeable and eager to help.
5 months ago
Юлия Корнеева
Very nice place
8 months ago
Руслан Исфандияров
Great selection of plants. very helpful staff. reasonable prices.
7 months ago
Андрей Москоглов
Great people, great plants and accessories!
4 months ago
Вероника Никитина
My go to spot for plants and information in Louisa ...
7 months ago
Анастасия Смыкалова
7 months ago
Никита Пивунов
7 months ago
Витя Сигарёв
3 months ago
Наталья Смарыго
5 months ago
Павел Ленец
3 months ago
Антон Шмагельский
6 months ago
Anastasiya Mokhova
7 months ago

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