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Address: 333 5th Ave 6th fl, New York, NY 10016, United States
Phone number: +1 212-279-1622

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Евгений Святенко
with the pandemic and all, its been rough for me as a rising senior at the beginning of this year to prepare for college because I work slow & need guidance and pointers on my portfolio art works... So far the virtual classes I've attended here have been very helpful for me because they told me which parts I could improve on (sketches, etc) and what more works will make it strong, etc etc.. I am applying for fine art to multiple schools in nyc and some on the east coast. We will see how it goes but i am grateful for the help from the instructors at NY Art studio!
9 months ago
Дмитрий Северюхин
The instructors are awesome! As an international student, I wasn't sure how to make portfolio to go to art college. I also signed up for Admission Management service, and NY Art studio helped me with my essays, portfolio photos (looked so good!!!!!), and all my application process, and of course portfolio too. I chose to attend SVA, which was my top choice school. I liked that i could create projects that were really thoughtful and creative and conceptual. I recommend New York Art Studio from the bottom of my heart for helping me go to my dream school !
2 months ago
Вадик Жиравов
New York Art Studio is a gem. Lovely environment. Friendly staff. I would recommend a class here anytime. Fair prices and plenty of options .
1 week ago
Иван Иванов
I came to the New York Art Studio to make art portfolio for my college admission supplements last summer. While I was at the studio, I learned a lot about art foundation skills of drawing, painting, mixed media, sculpture and computer graphic design as well as idea developing process. It was quite intensive class hours for the majority of my summer vacation time but I'm glad I did it :) I got received great acceptance results from university and art schools where I wanted to go! Thank you, New York Art Studio!
4 months ago
Антон Нащинцов
I love all instructors, admission staffs and students from NY ART Studio. If you want to make your art portfolio when you have no idea how to start(I was like that), this art school is way to go!! The portfolio preparation program is quite demanding and intense in the beginning but the instructors are really patient and teaching you step by step. I was feeling much more confident after I finished 2~3 artworks here. Also, all classmates are very serious about 'art' and actually that made me work more hard and motivated. I made 18 artworks with NY ART and got accepted to illustration program at Pratt, FIT, Art Center, MICA, SAIC, and CCA. Moreover, Pratt, MICA and SAIC offered me the merit scholarships!! I haven't decided which school I would be attending but I'm just so excited!! Thank you so much, everybody at New York Art Studio!!
10 months ago
Del Del
If you have extra money without learning anything, come and enjoy your precious time. I think most of studio in NYC doesn’t teach well especially running by Korean , but they really good at how to scam your money with their GRACIOUS smile. Most students are pretty young so they really don’t know what is going on. They might realize it was really bad teaching after 10 or 15 yrs later. So they might ask you good review comment right after you got admission from your school. But not everything is bad if you have lots of money and really don’t want to study truly, you can buy some convenient service such as writing applications and some other important stuff. But you need to think about what is really good for your life!
7 months ago
Ольга Леонова
Preparing a portfolio is very difficult. When I was preparing my portfolio by myself, I wandered over what and how to draw. However, as I went to this studio, I learned how to draw the topic I wanted to draw. In consultation with the teachers, I learned how to show the subject clearly and draw beautifully. In addition, the studio specializes in not only painting, but also how to deal with 3D and digital works, providing students with a curriculum that is very effective in preparing a portfolio that requires a variety of media. I learned a lot here and got my scholarship for good results and passed the art school. I hope you have made a good connection and results here too.
3 months ago
Андрей Корнилов
I was preparing my portfolio at here last year and got into Parsons two months ago. I love NY Art Studio,Awesome teachers,friendly atmosphere,talented people. Every session I see how significantly my skills are improving. All the teachers are super talented, besides teaching skills they also inspired me a lot. The principal Soo and teachers always can give you the best suggestions, Arckii helped me a lot with the application,if you wanna get into your dream school, here is your best choice.
10 months ago
Алексей Валеев
I've just finished my first art portfolio development class here! the office staff was very efficient and friendly, so far i had only one instructor but she was super knowledgeable in art. I have been really looking into doing some conceptual work so I couldn't be more excited for the remaining classes. Also a lot of students there were all a similar age and working for similar goals so it's easy to talk to and befriend with.
9 months ago
Катерина Быстрова
New York Art Studio has been a real game changer for me. I was a student with a math background but, also have a passion for design. They have given me the opportunity to accomplish things I could've ever imagine. A good friend of mine recommended this school to me and honestly, it's an investment. However, with hard work and dedication, I believe it's an investment worthwhile. The instructors and staffs that work there are experts at what they do. And with their assistance, I was able to go to the school of my dream. So, if you have an art school you're interested in and need a portfolio or simply need to improve on your skills, look into New York Art Studio. Like I mentioned before, they provide the best assistance and with your own efforts, you'll get the best results.
9 months ago
Артемий Сергеевич
I took a graduate portfolio prep course for 6 months to apply interaction design(UI,UX design) major graduate schools. Previously, I graduated FIT, Accessories Design, and worked as a handbag designer for about 2 years. Since I don't have any experience related to interaction design, I was pretty anxious about working on my portfolio. Eunsun, Kyeom, and Eugina were so passionate and talented in terms of leading me to develop my portfolio with keeping my own perspective. They carefully listened my idea and then, gave advice and detail instruction to develop my idea to visual result. I made 9 artworks (using coding HTML, CSS, 3D mapping, soldering to make lighting, After Effect, Adobe Animate CC, Photoshop, Illustrator) and got accepted to RISD, Parsons, Pratt, Art Center, MICA, SAIC and got offered scholarship from RISD, Parsons, Art Center, MICA. Because I chose NY art studio, I could get accepted to those schools with scholarship. I really appreciate their help and passion..!
7 months ago
Анжела Βладимирова
Lovely studio! Came here to consult on my nephew's college prep and the consultants couldn't be more helpful. She's thrilled to start their portfolio development course from next week!
11 months ago
Светлана Ягубова
They were very nice and thoroughly explained the set up of the classes during the consultation. I really enjoy painting as a hobby and was looking to expand my skills. The teachers are very knowledgeable, and it's reflected in the quality of my paintings.
9 months ago
Татьяна Гришанова
I like NY ART STUDIO runs a small intimate class and all my classmates are focused and serious what they are doing. It’s quite inspiring. I’m taking a graduate portfolio prep. course. They offer self-study studio access during the business hours but I wish they open late at night.
9 months ago
Виталик Боголепов
Great location (you can get there by almost every train in NYC) and flexible schedule! I wanted to do something creative after work at least once a week and I found out you could learn and make your own artwork at your level. I made two paintings for my parents and they were really excited!
9 months ago
Алексей Толкачев
I have never seen such a shameless art studio. While they were falsely propagating themselves on the Internet, they ignored those students recruited. In low-quality education in batches, several of their employees have created accounts for some students to create false reviews for themselves. Students can only comment anonymously because they will bully you. Don't be fooled by them.
11 months ago
Алина Косолапова
I made great friends with not just my classmates but the teachers and staff there! They are so fun and inspiring to be around with!! You are the besttt????????????????
9 months ago
Андрей Коненков
inspiring place to make art. I have been in their adult art class to work on painting projects with the teachers there. They guide me along very well with foundations that I need in painting. Wish they were open on sundays too!
1 month ago
Артём Васьковский
This is definitely the best studio if you really want to apply to the art school. The teachers here are really nice and professional as well. While you are preparing your portfolio, you are actually improving your art skill. I really recommend this institution to those who wants to get in art school.
10 months ago
Анна Смагина
They offer teen classes that are just regular art classes and specific course also for art high school admissions like la Guardia. I had fun in both classes????
9 months ago
Юлия Анисимова
Thank you for guiding my son with fun art classes and the acceptance to LaGuardia High School! My son created whole portfolio and prepared art auditions. Highly recommended for creative art making experiences for teens who also want fundamental visual art techniques and skills.
1 month ago
Алена Казакова
New York Art Studio has been a great experience for me. The teachers are hands on and really help you to further your skills and portfolio! Will definitely be recommending to my friends interested in taking their skills to the next level!!
7 months ago
Кирилл Пузиков
I went to NY art studio for 5 months from India. I prepared my portfolio for fashion design. All the faculty was very helpful and talented. I never felt away from home. Everyone was very caring. fortunately, because of their mentorship I got into all of my dream schools. I feel that if you want the best portfolio with Scholarships then this is the place for you. Thank you.
10 months ago
Филипп Коряковцев
New York Art Studio has a phenomenal staff, as well as incredibly helpful teachers. The degree of kindness, efficiency, and professionalism was absolutely lovely. I have New York Art Studio to thank for helping me to put together my portfolio. Would definitely recommend.
11 months ago
Алла Волошко
This art studio is extremely unhelpful and the positive reviews are NOT ACCURATE. None of the staff are helpful and they are extremely rude. All of my college applications were under-prepared and my portfolio was incomplete and I got rejected from almost all of the colleges I applied to. The other reviews are all bot generated and family accounts to help hide the sheer lack of attention and quality service of this studio. I have personally overheard the manager talk about faking reviews with others. If you are looking for good college art preparation, I strongly advise you do not come to this studio unless you wish to pay large sums for poor services. The management also has an extremely strong korean accent that makes her almost incomprehensible.
9 months ago
Владимир Быструшкин
I worked on my parsons portfolio here the past couple years. I started at the beginning of my junior year but didn't have enough time during school year so I only attended class on saturdays and did an intensive program this summer. I just finished my portfolio for my parsons application and I'm extremely satisfied with what I've done here!! Without them I know that my portfolio would have looked so different, probably not as good as it is haha thank you to kyeom, soo, eunsun, and eugina who helped me all along!! I feel really good about my portfolio and hope to hear back good news from them
9 months ago
Мария Ферсман
was there to look around and for a consultation! cozy vibes and the consultant was savvy and quick to assist me through! my only pet peeve would be that they don't really offer one-off group classes but on another note they are willing to customize a class schedule for you especially if you work
9 months ago
Дмитрий Благин
WARNING: don’t come here!! very bad teaching???? 4hours a class,and the instructor only spend less than 30minutes on you. bad portfolio preparation. i doubt the acceptance rate on their website is fake because they don’t tell you students that don’t get accepted. This is basically you paying them $1500 for a place to surf the internet. Management gets rude at you when you ask a refund and won’t give you a refund. They only want money from you and teaching is not their number 1 purpose. Overall extremely bad experience.
9 months ago
Александр Сенько
They are great in helping artistically talented kids develop more skills and techniques so that they can have a nice body of works to show.
9 months ago
Федор Петров
New York Art Studio is an amazing place to learn from professional instructors. The instructors help the students build up on their experience and skills in Art. They’ve helped me get better in art, and helped me pass the art audition in Laguardia High School. I’m very grateful for their lessons and the amazing art they teach the students to create. Thank you so much!
1 month ago
Слава Ложкин
I've taken portfolio developemtn classes before here and there and i feel like the works i made here are really my faves :) the teachers really taught me how to think like an artist. learned a lot thank you
9 months ago
Егор Валяев
The teachers here are not professional, and all kinds of design courses are taught by one teacher. This teacher also teaches costume design, interior design, product design and more. This teacher are not proficient in the course and has a heavy Korean accent. (anonymity prevents retaliation)
9 months ago
Сергей Силич
So I was a complete beginner in art and I know people say that you don't need to learn art and just do it but for me I felt I lacked skills or knowledge to get rid of that fear to start my art cause I wanted my work to be good but my skills weren't enough to do what I really wanted.. I decided to take private art lessons at NYAS and they helped me with my art and even my confidence so much. It was a short time but I improved so much thank you!!! I got positive feedback on the work I made in the private lessons on the national portfolio day last year and definitely used them in my portfolio to apply to art schools..
10 months ago
Евгений Турченков
Be aware. Once they lure you into their program that teaches you absolutely nothing, they will treat you like trash. Besides the poor portfolio preparation, the instructors and the management are extremely rude and speak with an obnoxious Korean accent that is almost too hard to understand. Stay away at all costs.
9 months ago
Виктория Жеребятьева
New York Art Studio is an amazing space to learn from talented instructors despite race, gender, sexual orientation, age, or level of talent. They push their students conceptually with hopes of not only creating beautiful and sophisticated works of art but also to prepare students such as myself for the challenges to come once beginning art and design related programs at universities. Through their guidance and my hard work I will be attending Parsons at The New School this coming September as a student in the Masters of Architecture and Masters of Fine Arts In Lighting Design dual degree program. I learned a lot through the portfolio prep program and am very grateful to all of the faculty members here!
10 months ago
Lerka` Мяф
Really help me prep for college portfolio, and I feel that the simple ambiance was helpful. Not a bustling school but more so quiet and you get what you need to get done there.
9 months ago
Наташа Борисова
great fashion illustration class! Learn how to design a collection for my own.
9 months ago
Анатолий Чен
Amazing staff who truly care about their clients. Perfect quality of work and great professionalism. NYart studio surpassed all of my expectations.
9 months ago
Екатерина Дрига
I had such a positive experience with NY Studio. The fantastic teachers helped me to build a portfolio that led to my acceptance into top-rated universities such as Carnegie Mellon and Cornell University. Through the one-on-one private instruction, I was able to achieve the school of my dreams while also enjoying myself in a comfortable setting surrounded by other passionate students. I will never forget my time at the studio. Thank you NY Art! I definitely recommend this studio to anyone who is considering a future in art, no matter your background!
7 months ago
Миха Лисанов
Last summer I enrolled in New York Art Studio’s portfolio intensive track, and I have positive things to say about my experience. My instructors were all incredibly knowledgeable, and they all knew exactly how to push my skills in order to create a portfolio that truly reflected the best of my abilities. I ended up receiving acceptances and scholarship offers from my top schools, which included RCAD, CCAD, SVA, MASSART and SCAD. Additionally, as an international student in a new city, the studio was incredibly helpful when it came to making sure I settled in and was comfortable.
9 months ago
Марина Ансимова
I made my portfolio for illustration major at NY ART! Since I was a transfer applicant to art schools, there were different portfolio requirements depending on each school. The instructors and admission office team really guided me from building a great portfolio to submitting applications. I accepted 6 art schools (4 schools offered me a scholarship!) and will start my art education at Pratt Institute this Fall!! Changing a major from engineering to illustration was a huge and challengeable decision for me and I wouldn't have made this great result without all NY ART instructors and staff! Thank you!!
10 months ago
Забыл Савсем
They helped my daughter with her art portfolio and art audition to get into Frank Sinatra & La Guardia Art High School! Great art class and professional & caring teachers! And great location!! We might definitely come back if my daughter or even myself needs to just make creative art with them.
11 months ago
Ольга Андреева
I wanted to learn more about drawing and painting. I learned how to use acrylic here and also how to draw better. thank you!! I will come back in a few months to work more on mixed media. The staff there is all so nice and kind ;)
7 months ago
Катя Леонтьева
I took the private lesson here to get some art experience in NYC. The teacher is very nice and helpful.
10 months ago
Елена Свистунова
I had limited experience in art before attending NY Art Studio, but through the Portfolio Preparation Class, I was able to improve my technical skills as well as build my portfolio. I really enjoyed working in the studio with teachers who really put in effort to help students develop as artists. Though it was hard work, it definitely paid off, as I was accepted to many prestigious schools, such as Carnegie Mellon University, Washington University in St. Louis, and Rhode Island School of Design. I also received scholarships from Parsons New School, Pratt Institute, and Virginia Commonwealth University. I would definitely recommend this studio to any high school students who are considering majoring in art in college:)
7 months ago
Ирина Вус
Thank you NY Art Studio! Due to your passionate teachers and amazing program, you helped me get into my dream school as well as all other schools I applied to with amazing scholarships! This studio helped me create my dream portfolio from scratch that was both unique to my personality and chosen major.
10 months ago
Роман Ковалев
i didn't know there was a portfolio prep school or a sort before I came here. I prepared architecture portfolio at nyas and it was very helpful. I got to include some really strong projects in my portfolio that I wouldn't have been able to do on my own. Kyeom was so helpful in polishing my works and I am very thankful for that!
9 months ago
Дмитрий Шпорхун
I am an international student, and I thought I wasn't good enough to go to art colleges in America. But I made my portfolio at new york art, they help me get into my dream school, which was Parsons. I also got scholarships. Whenever I was not feeling up to it the teachers inspired and encouraged me a lot ;]
11 months ago
Анна Кессель
I recently attended the 2 hour beginner painting class that provides all art supplies. If you are new to drawing classes like me, it was everything you could want from an art class. The teacher was very kind, calm and thoughtful with his instruction. Everyone gets an own project(portrait/still life/ landscape) and the teacher lead you how/what to start. You can really do whatever you want to your canvas - creativity is encouraged :D During the class, the teacher would basically go around and see if people needed help and would make suggestions and listen to your ideas. The studio was a very inspiring environment and the people are a full of passion with a commonality of quiet and respectful. It was such a great experience….and definitely going back to NY Art Studio to finish my portrait :)
2 months ago
Олька Суздальцева
cool teachers and great community.. i started coming to this school because i was just interested in art but I felt my school didn't have many good art classes that i wanted but ever since I started my class here i improved so much and i decided and ended up applying to laguardia and got accepted!! they helped me with my audition cause they have a class for that kindof stuff too.. thank you!! the teachers are so creative and amazing artists!!
10 months ago

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