Bridge Chesapeake Bay Bridge

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Address: Chesapeake Bay Bridge, Annapolis, MD 21409, United States
Phone number: +1 410-537-6600

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Lisa Elizondo
This bridge has got a phenomenal architecture. We took this bridge on our way back from Cape Charles to DC and enjoyed our drive a lot. Lanes are little bit narrow and people drive fast but if you are being extra careful then this bridge is not scary at all. Traffic was passing smoothly without any issues. It is the tallest bridge in Maryland and it gives you a thrilling experience to drive across.
4 months ago
Mohammed Kanpurwala
I love bridges & this one has stolen a piece of my heart & it's being left in THE BAY!!! All the water and the bridge are symbolic to me of going places, crossing over & the like. I love it. The traffic seemed to back up a little bit, but it worked itself out and the we were moving again. Crossed over during July 2020 during COVID 19 & they've seemed to suspend the tolls, this is a great thing. I'm sure the State will survive as will we.
3 months ago
Lakisha Brinsen
Beautiful place. Visiting from Alabama. Thank you
3 months ago
Teri Galvan
Beautiful bridge! Lanes are quite small but overall a very nicely designed bridge.
3 months ago
Patricia Alabi
Always a beautiful place to visit.... fast pace always busy
3 months ago
Francis Chandler
One word to describe this bridge SCARY! I would have to take this bridge from Frederick MD to Ocean city MD every weekend in the Summer to visit Beautiful Ocean City! Lanes are narrow, people drive fast, tailgate I would pray before entering and while driving across.... lol. Guard rails not high and it is a long fall....Definitely not for the faint of heart....just keep looking
5 months ago
Ahmed Faishal
Ongoing construction makes passing through the bridge a bit slower. It will probably be a bit of a nightmare during the summer vacation season because construction will not be finished before the busy season starts
2 months ago
Suzanne Dobranski
Beautiful views of the attention to the can get a great view from Hemingway's restaurant
6 months ago
Karthik K
West bound span needs to remove the metal plates to increase traffic low. Each side of the bridge needs a cross over so that 3 lanes of traffic can be utilized anytime without the suicide lane.
2 months ago
“You must stop by while going Norfolk/Delaware” - Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, Virginia Reviewed June 3, 2016 it is considered as one of the 7 engineering wonders of the world when it was built. and no wonder after experiencing this, it showed it is. A Marvelous piece of engineering. Stop by while passing it. Experience the beauty of the bay. There is a restaurant called virginal originals, gift shop and fishing pier. though I was not there at sunset, i am sure it would be beautiful from the pier. There is a toll to the bridge. One way its $13. There are 2 tunnels across the bridge names Chesapeake Channel Tunnel and Thimble Shoal Tunnel. Both are i guess a mile long. Enjoy...!!
7 months ago
Sonya Bay
Bridge-a-phobics beware. I won’t say anything more than the dozens of other reviews already said about how long it is and the tolls and traffic and all that stuff. Nice bridge, if you’re going to Delmarva from VA or Maryland this is pretty much the only quick route (though if you lived near Norfolk I suppose you’d have to drive over the bridge-tunnel, which is way longer). Yes, some lady went over this bridge which is the fear a LOT of us have, but she survived and the chances that you’d even go off a bridge are very slim. Ok, have fun! It’s a nice bridge, but don’t be too intimidated by it.
5 months ago
Michelle Ray
It is truly an amazing experience. The views are breathtaking. The engineering efforts that must have been made in I bet less than ideal weather at times. Seem there is maintainance work ongoing with a big barge under one section. West to East is $4.00 and I believe free to come East to West. I didn’t see any sort of visitors center on either end but might have missed it.
8 months ago
Teashea Lloyd
I drove over this bridge many’s great to see it from a different perspective. Topped off by the fishing and cool breezes, it made for a very relaxing day.
7 months ago
Mark Wickstrom
Vast bridge connecting eastern shore to inland mid Atlantic. Know for it’s horrible traffic and terrifying heights. Overdue for new bridge
11 months ago
Manjit Thind
Great bridge, I barely got wet
3 months ago
Jeanne Pushis
Whenever the fog hits this area where the bridge/tunnel stands, its very dangerous crossing this bridge. Can't see the rails on the sides of the bridge. Who is the genius behind building a bridge so low to the water that the water can literally splash onto the bridge. Bad idea!
7 months ago
Gordon Bass
Phenomenal structure! But please don't stop on top to take a picture! There are so many beautiful pictures online!
11 months ago
Timothy Grokowski
Really cool bridge, gives you a kind of indescribable feeling when going over it.
6 months ago
Kendall Farkas
this bridge is a little less big but still long
2 months ago
Raymond Hamel
Well sat in traffic for 5 hours behind some young Weed smokers smelt almost #5 different strains while sitting there,mother's playing out on the highway with there Little ones all to find out later they took up two lanes, for a man wanting to jump off the bridge. Hats off too fire and rescue,there was a young lady coaching and telling the man that he was loved and he was important,great way on how to train the up and coming Chesapeake Fire and rescue.
3 weeks ago
Matthew Rathbone
Early mornings the best time
2 months ago
kenneth jarrell
I really enjoy coming over this bridge, unfortunately, there's a long wait for the tolls.
3 months ago
Donna Shim
This bridge is so tall that our stomachs started to feel jumpy. Im not sure if I loved it or hated it, but it's the tallest Bridge in Maryland and a thrill to drive across.
2 months ago
Araly Ochoa
Always roadwork, always a back-up. If you need medical attention on the eastern shore you should hope they have a halo available. A new bridge should have been made years ago. It all has to do with $$ and is OC bringing in enough $$ to be worth another bay bridge. I bet they find the money once they start making casinos over on the eastern shore.
1 day ago
Kris Lawson
West bound side of bridge has 3 steel plates half way over on both left lanes it is very rough driving over as well I try to use the right lane when going over the west bound side
2 months ago
I went fishing under the bridge caught 3 pretty big fish in like 5 hours
3 months ago
baylee burnette
Beautiful. Traffic was flowing smoothly. And I'm scared sick of being on that bridge. Just kept my eyes on all that beauty . ????????????????
4 months ago
Rickie Richey
Big bridge, amazing park near the bridge.
6 months ago
Kelly Twohig
This was really cool. It was after midnight the first time we went over this and it seemed so cool at night. It was nice during the day too. Very cool.
1 month ago
Steve Whatnall
So beautiful ????????
2 months ago
Dahlia Adair
Well if you are not scared of heights and open views like me. This bridge is treat to visit eastern shores. It’s a 2 way bridge with minimum of 2 lanes on each side. What’s make it grand is it’s open views on north/south side depending on which way you are going, this is also because there is only an almost 4 ft concrete barrier on the side of the bridge and hence not blocking your view. I will recommend to be super careful and attentive to the road. If you are going to just drive and experience the bridge Perhaps plan it like that to come back during sunset time, maybe visiting Queenstown premium outlets for some shopping in the afternoon and then coming back. I witnessed grand breathtaking display of sky colors and clouds in September after a passing weather system. Drive Safe
8 months ago
Anna Almond
Drove my first time over the bridge all though I was mid panic attack it really wasn't that bad. Beautiful views
2 months ago
Mary Rozier
These are from my my first time going over the toll bridge. The view of the Chesapeake Bay was amazing. I watched all different shaped boats sail across the bay. I watched seagulls glide in place and even saw a fishermen catch a fish. The bridge looks to be in good condition. Down side is the wind was intense while crossing that day. Only negative part is if you get a late start in while traveling you will spend at least an hour or more getting on the bridge and crossing it. The toll is a higher priced then most places. It was most direct route to Ocean City MD from Pittsburgh PA. You can use The Pennsylvania EZPASS on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.
6 months ago
Lisa Gormley
It's a pretty cool bridge, I would suggest coming here and trying to find a tour around it or something.
4 months ago
Janet Lewis
Eastbound: $4 cash for a car. As of this review, no construction. Westbound: Toll-free. Bridge deck is pretty bumpy based on where the road seam lies in relation to the striping (this is due to construction so hopefully temporary). Double yellow line is confusing when leftmost lane is open for same-direction traffic.
3 months ago
cyruslei Espinosa
always a beautiful sight seeing these two beautiful Bridge
2 months ago
Yuliana Garza
Just beautiful! Amazing views!
4 months ago
Baby Newhouse
It's a little too bridgey for my tastes.
3 months ago
Bridget Marsh
Incredible bridge! You can see different kind of bridges in the same structure. Arch bridge, pile bridge and suspension bridge.
1 week ago
Allorah Mason
Good views of the bridge
3 months ago
Anybody Xu
Amazing place I love to visit again and again
4 months ago
Melissa Vaughn
Traffic on Fridays are rubbish. If we collectively agree that we like to go to the eastern shore, then we should collectively agree to build another bridge. Maybe even two more. Or, maybe congestion pricing for non-residents. One star is given due to the age of the bridge, and the slow service on rush periods.
1 month ago
ellen dubay
I received a Citation Toll Violation for $56.00 dollars. Video Toll amount $6.00 and penalty amount for $50.00... But that's just it. This is the first time I have received this bill and its from 9/28/2019. First notice includes a 50.00 fine. I called and spoke to customer service and the woman was very rude and kept talking over top of me, stating I did receive another notice. But in all honesty I have not and was not willing to help and make things right. I am a single parent and can not afford a 50.00 fine for a $6.00 toll.
6 months ago
Jen Toewe
Love driving this bridge, the closest to flying that I've experienced.
5 months ago
Knights Tale
It was an awesome experience because as a teenager in August of 1973 on a trip from Baltimore to Atlantic City my father was so terrified he made a U-turn on the ramp and after 47 years I made the trip across in August 2020.
5 months ago
nousheen hussain
Not sure how to rate the bridge. Much better since toll booths were removed.
11 months ago
Dakota Lopez
Great ride on a bike!
6 months ago
William Hill
My dad worked on this bridge so it's in my heart. But it needs some TLC and honest politicians in charge of the money. My poor bridge.
6 months ago
ali aabed
Nerve wracking. Grip the wheel tight. Pray. Make sure if you have kids they don't distract. The first thing that crossed my mind was I paid 4 dollars to die. After. Sense of accomplishment and find another way back.
6 months ago
Jerry Richmond
Cross the bridge by driving its awesome amazing view
9 months ago

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