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Address: 1526 Lombard St, Philadelphia, PA 19146, United States
Phone number: +1 215-546-5960

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Мария Михайлова
Had a good experience. Everyone was very good and kind. Satta went above and beyond and I don't know how to thank her and hope she sees this. Housekeeping was perfect. My rehab went great and I actually feel 100% better! I felt safe and everyone really helped get my spirits back up. would recommend anyone to come here. Thank you!
7 months ago
Роман Гумников
Today I am checking out of PowerBack Center City location. The staff, nurses and physical therapists were wonderful to me. The therapists do not push you beyond what you can truly physically do, but they did use positive words to encourage me to meet my potential. Mike and Chuck were especially kind to me. I have nothing bad to say about my experience, and I say that if I have to spend time away from home, I feel blessed by God that I spent it here. I would like to give five stars.
6 months ago
Виктор Лоскутов
Our mother has been a permanent resident at PowerBack Rehab (Philly) since December 2019. Its been a long 10 months along with trying deal with this Pandemic and not not being able to see her, it's been the toughest times of our lives, but through it all we were able to count on Management and the Staff at PowerBack to keep us informed, respond to ALL our inquires, fix anything that needed attention, and most importantly they made sure our Mother was in good hands and well taken care of. I have branched out to the Directors in all areas of the Rehab including Dietary and developed a good rapport and communication with everyone to where I know whats going on with our Mom, I know what is for breakfast, lunch and dinner, her well being, and we get to talk to her whenever we want to, along with Zoom and FaceTime as often as possible. PowerBack has been able to put our minds at ease knowing they care about their patients/residence , they keep them busy, keep them clean, treat them like they are their own family, and they show them lots of love. I will also say they have been doing a good job in keeping the premises clean and disinfectant as well. Thanks PowerBack for taking care of our Mom and showing her LOVE!!!!
6 months ago
Николай Никитенко
Everyone was very cordial and nice to me and they took the time to talk to me throughout the day. The nurses were very responsive and came quickly when I called. Both the second floor nurses and my therapists were really good and supportive. the physical therapists did not push me too much. even the house keepers were funny and not rude at all to me.
6 months ago
Ваня Леунте
Powerback is a fine place, very clean. I have been here twice and both times it was a great great great place. The therapists were good to me and the food was tasty. Nothing bad to say
6 months ago
Перт Иванов
I was on the 5th floor at the rehab after a knee replacement. I really cannot recommend powerback enough. I had a private room and a private bath, and at night I sat beside the large window and watched the Philly skyline lights. The food was good even though I was on a special diet, and the nurses and therapists were very kind and friendly. I was especially impressed by the cleaning staff, they never let a trashcan get full and came by throughout the day to clean, change the bedding, and make sure everything was good. Because of covid we weren't allowed to do many group activities but the guest services were very creative in making sure I never got bored. I don't have any real complaints. They exceeded my expectations
6 months ago
Иван Татауров
This review refers to Wendy who works at PowerBack Rehabilitation in Center City, Philadelphia. She is the most caring and responsive person that I dealt with at PowerBack. She went out of her way to purchase some items I needed while I was an inpatient at that facility and was not able to go outdoors. Even on the day I was discharged from the facility, she went out of her way to the store early that morning to make the purchase for the item I could have purchased by myself that day. She also made sure my discharge process proceeded without undue complications. My heartfelt thanks to her for making my stay at Powerback less stressful.
4 months ago
Алексей Калинин
My Family Member just completed a stay at Power back center city and she wanted me to say that she is so Thankful for the staff and nurses and therapists there who treated her well. She was checked in on throughout the day and people were there to help her with even little things like her television remote or big things like medication. She said it was clean and the staff were very careful with their special covid clothing and changing gloves to keep her safe. Thank you power back.
9 months ago
Татьяна Синявская
Everyone on the fifth floor is wonderful. They’re just amazing. Everyone is so polite to me, including the housekeeping staff. People check in on me all day without me even needing to read the bell. My rooms have all been clean and homey and I have been very comfortable. Naeimah the CNA is most beautiful soul, she remembers every little thing, even how I like my pillows to be. The nurses, technicians, therapists, and aides are all professional. I have had nothing but good experiences here. They really go the extra mile.
6 months ago
Serejka-Serejka Rentiev
The nurses were really kind and attentive. I would highly recommend it here. The staff were all professional and cautious with covid stuff . This place is a wonderful place and I felt very safe here.
7 months ago
Наталья Михайлова
When i finally was out of the observation unit and into my private room, it was a fantastic rehab experience. I am going home recovered, rehabbed and ready to move onto my new home. Staff were excellent, rehab was great and I would recommed this place.
8 months ago
Петьковичайте Бузаникешкис
The customer service at Powerback is not acceptable. Visitation is not allowed due to COVID-19. As result when you attempt to call throughout the day, receive no answer or the telephone does keeps ringing. When you do contact with a person, the updates of care a minimal. Which makes you question the quality of care being provided to your love one. He has only been there a few days and at this point a request is going to made to transition to another facility immediately that would at least provide updates on care and give a sense of security that person is being properly cared and someone is concerned about your well.
6 months ago
Юлия Сергеева
My friend spent about a month at Powerback, and just left last week. Since her stay was during Covid, I was unable to meet any of the wonderful caregivers who helped her during her stay. All my communications were through phone calls and an initial zoom introductory meeting. I found the staff to be very communicative and caring, knowing it was difficult to manage care for my friend from afar. My friend made progress during her stay and I feel she was well taken care of. Thank you to Brittany/Admissions, Wendy/Guest Services, Nicole/Social Services and Lenitia/Nurse Manager for all your help and expertise!
4 months ago
Елена Ковшова
The staff was courteous and the facility well kept and clean. The PT & OT were super and Laura was great. Wendy was another lady that treated me great when I ran into a couple of problems so my hats off to her for her kindness. My discharge was terrible I made arrangements to go to my treatment at 1230pm & pack up when I returned. They came in my room in the morning & told me I would not be allowed back in the building & they would pack my belongings while I was at treatment. Well I packed most of my stuff b4 I left & my belongings were in the lobby. When I returned I had left my cell phone in the Lyft driver's car & he agreed to return it to me. I told Matilda why not let him give me a ride home & she agreed. On the way home I called & asked how he was getting paid she said he was only to return your phone & Uber was taking me home. This was a blatant lie & the Lyft driver heard her say it was fine for him to take me home. I don't know if this guy got paid or not it was $16. My point is she lied to my face & I despise liers. Well I'm home now but after a descent stay it only takes one bad apple to screw things up & Matilda did that, because of this I wouldn't go back getting discharged is supposed to be a happy time & not a nightmare. As I said my stay was just fine but leaving on a sour note really sucks.
4 months ago
Екатерина Машинистова
I picked this place for my mom to go in three years ago and they wanted to take her insurance money and charge over $100 for rides to Dialysis i which i thought was crazy so i talk to the administrator and she work something out which was great. I come back to check up on my mom and the administrator told my business to the the heavy weight to much makeup wearing receptionist and there sharing jokes and laughing which i thought was very unprofessional but the last laugh was on them because i didn't pay a dime for rides to Dialysis. And let's not even start on the aids and nurses lying about their job titles. I wouldn't recommend this place to a dog.
7 months ago
Аня Чорняк
My mother was transported to PowerBack Rehabilitation from the hospital. The very next morning I received a call from their Guest Services/Recreation Director, Wendy. She asked me questions about my mom and what they could do to make her more comfortable during her stay. A sense of relief came over me and I knew we "landed" in the right place. My mother suffered an acute stroke in Lewes DE and was airlifted to lots of moving parts here. My entire family and I were worried about how our mom would do given that family members can not come in the facility due to COVID, (which we appreciated and understood). The short of the long, my mother is thriving and we owe it to their attention to detail and to their compassion and understanding at an unprecedented time in our world...they helped all the way...every day. They facilitated phone calls, zoom calls, FT calls, they just helped every step of the way, we did not feel alone. I want to give my heartfelt Thank You to Wendy, Requitta, Jessica, Chanae, Miriam, Erin and the entire Team at PowerBack. They were sensitive to our needs and accommodated our requests. It's a trying time in our world, the team at PowerBack helped us get through this...Thank You from our family. Sincerely, Kamal
5 months ago
Машуля Левникова
My stay at Power back, was more than I could of asked for, very, very professional, the staff kind and considerate, it's always about the patient, they take the Covid 19, very serious, always cleaning and cleaning, always have there mask and gloves, and there I don't know what's it's called that uniform, to protect them selves as well as the patient, Power back is the place to come for rehabilitation,,,there slogan is, Power back is the place to come to get your power back, What would this be with out WENDY and her Angeles, that Guest relations, WENDY and her Angeles are remarkable, always on the job, checking in on eech and everyone of the patients, everyday to make sure they are alright and if they need anything,if it's bringing them something to read,or going to the store for them,or just coming to there room to say hi how are you doing today, Wendy and her Angeles are the best,and power back should be very grateful to have them. Nursing is great, care nurses care and dietary does their best to give you quality food. Housekeeping keeps the facility clean, for everything I mention, that's what helped me get my power back. Would not hesitate to come back.
7 months ago
Дашка Давыдова
Most of the staff were very helpful, especially the guest services manager, the social worker, and the therapists. I was lucky to find a spot anywhere in the Philly area, because I was coming out of the hospital with Covid
4 months ago
Елена Саркисова
Coming to a rehabilitation facility I had no idea it would be like how PowerBack Rehabilitation was. I was expecting it to be like a nursing home and I would be left in the corner with nobody paying attention to me. This experience was the exact opposite. My stay started off great by the paramedics who picked me up as they treated me and my niece so nicely. Then coming into the facility the receptionist was nice and I was surprised by how nice the interior was and how clean everything looked... this was no nursing home feel I was expecting. They brought me up to my room and it was also nice and clean. The staff treated me very well during my stay here as everyone was so friendly. I even enjoyed the food here as lunch and supper were delicious. I thought breakfast could have been better, but other than that the food was great here. PowerBack was the perfect location for my family and friends to visit me. I was so happy when they told me that they had no specific visiting hours as their visiting hours are all days all hours which was amazing for me. I really enjoyed my stay here and had an incredible experience.
4 months ago
Кирилл Стыценко
My mom has dementia and doesn’t answer the phone or call me. Since covid -19 hit and no visitors are allowed in, I can’t ever get anyone on the phone. No one calls me with updates on her condition, the one social worker left and there's no replacement yet. I am in the dark. Can’t wait till she’s out of there.
8 months ago
Владимир Попов
I felt like a movie star. everyone I saw told me “hello Albert” and “good morning mr brown.” I felt like somebody real special
6 months ago
Светлана Колосова
The overall care was good. They did well with the nursing and taking care of me and making sure my needs were met to every area that needed to be. People were very understanding when I needed extra help. The occupational and physical therapy were very very good. I also want to thank the wonderful ladies in Guest Services for everything they have done to help make my stay here as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Wendy, you have the greatest staff I have ever met. I am forever appreciative and grateful.
5 months ago
Ваня Кровяков
My brother, Alan, thrived under the extraordinary care he received at PowerBack Rehab. He had asymptomatic Covid-19, a scary diagnosis. Yet after 6 weeks of excellent care at every level, he is returning home with restored physical health, regained strength and balance, and an optimistic strategy for moving forward with his life. I live in California, so Alan has no family close by. Yet Wendy, PowerBack's Guest Services professional, filled the gap, stepping in like family to both of us Thank you Wendy! Thank you Lauren, Erin, Olivia, and Dianne! Your devoted care for Alan has made a world of difference to our small family!
9 months ago
Илья Шапиро
It's like a (pro) football team. You have three phases: defense, offense, special teams. All has to do well in order to win. That's Power Back, everybody dose there job and do it well, especially Wendy and her Angels. They are the best. They believe in team work. Just keep doing what Power Back is doing. I recommend Power Back to everybody. Thanks Power Back. Nothing but love, Wm Neal.
3 months ago
Иван Петров
My grandma is staying their and she not happy with the people and their services. The food comes late, they barely have the a/c on and she suffocating. She had to call me to call the office to tell them to turn on the A/C and the lights on. She sounds like she was going to die if I never call in the office. They need to do better.
11 months ago
Дмитрий Редискин
My experience was not like how it used to be, but it still was a great positive experience. The aids were awesome here and the nurses were beautiful. Therapy was also good I have no complaints with them they helped me a lot. Everyone was just awesome here. Guest Services team, especially Kelly, was incredible. She brought me coloring supplies and bracelet making supplies and always made me laugh. Lauren Z. the social worker was also awesome and helped me get home before Christmas. Maintenance helped fixed things in my room when they were not working right and housekeeping always kept my room clean and made my bed nicely. The food was also good, but I wish I got bigger portions while I was here. Other than that I had an awesome experience.
4 months ago
Аня Горбунова
Everybody here has been great. The staff here do a wonderful job caring for everyone. They are very nice to talk to. Therapy is fabulous, especially Tran and Kiran. I had a nurse at night, Tom, who was also great, especially with his timing of my medications. There were a few times when the bistro ran out of sugar and salt, and that's why I did not give complete 5 stars. But overall, everyone has been unbelievable. Very nice facility.
3 months ago
Timur Odd
I like physical therapy. They have done a great job helping me. Also the staff have treated me well from top to bottom, I am truly greatful!! I have been really happy with my stay, even went to some of the activities and really enjoyed them! Keep up the good work PowerBack!
4 months ago
Евгения Власова
During my stay at PowerBack Rehabilitation, I regained a new sense of hope and strength. They not only empowered my body, but my mind, spirit, and soul. I consider them a full service recovery center. I would recommend them to anyone experiencing a physical or mental crisis. This is my testimony.
1 month ago
Сергей Малкин
The PowerBack staff between nurses, aids, guest services and therapy have been very attentive to me brings me the things I asked for, needed, and helping me reach my goals. They are all very kind to me. Even maintenance when they fixed something of mine.. they fixed it almost immediately. Having staff be so kind and get you everything... what more could you ask for. The food was pretty good... I think they could improve with their meals, but even when I did not like something the aids would bring me something else! I have overall enjoyed my experience here.
4 months ago
Виктория Роса
I survived post-op infection and three surgeries after spinal fusion, thus giving me a long way back to my normal. Therapists here gave me smooth sailing due to their expertise, patience, and kindness. A great place to get your power back!
5 months ago
Root Extern
I recommended this place to my aunt. I told her this place looks like it's brand new. It's very clean and the aides are perfect! The nursing care couldn't be more perfect and the therapists do a great job working with you. I have no downfalls about this place. I have been to other rehab facilities and they are filthy, I will never go to them again. I've been here 3 times, and when the doctors gave me a list of where I could go, I didn't even need to look at the list, I told them I wanted to go to PowerBack. I've developed relationships with the staff and they are all nice to me. I would recommend this place to anyone who needs to go to a rehab facility! My family was here to visit me a few times and they loved how the place looked and they said they would even want to come here if they needed to. If you need physical therapy, definitely try to come here. I even grabbed some business cards and passed them out people on my block just in case they would need these services. I have no complaints!
5 months ago
Сергей Андреев
They say home is where the heart is… Well, I guess I left my heart, my Wife, at PowerBack Rehabilitation Center City. In a sense this Skilled Nursing Facility was a second home for 7 weeks. I found the organizational culture to be noteworthy enough to take the time to write this review. On day one I went floor to floor to examine and observe the people, processes, protocols and other particulars. I was put at ease by the passion, empathy, compassion, teamwork and strong sense of service demonstrated during my wife's tenure. The leadership, healthcare team and staff were genuine and professional. They made my wife and my life a seamless transition. Their professionalism and expertise was real and tangible.
6 months ago
I am happy to give PowerBack a review. It has been fantastic to be here, and it lived up to my expectations. This is a 5-star facility!
8 months ago
Assassin Notproblem
The service was great. Staff were very kind. All of the ladies in Guest Services and my social worker were extremely supportive of me the whole time.
2 months ago
Яночка Жураховская
I had a family member stay here twice & we were pleased with each stay. Our family member loved the physical therapy and the food. During our family member's last stay I had to pick up some of his belongings without notice and Wendy F. in guest services bent over backwards to ensure that I was able to do so as quickly as possible. Her team worked quickly & their efforts are greatly appreciated.
5 months ago
Денис Фадеев
I chose this rehab over other ones because the staff is nice here. I also think the food is good! The therapy is good therapy and the therapists are nice and explain everything well. PowerBack is like being at home... it is like having family here. It is like my second home!
7 months ago
Владимир Чепеленко
I have a family member at powerback and I always try and visit as often as possible. Talking to my aunt about her stay so far and she absolutely loves it. She is treated with respect by the staff and well taken care of. During a couple of my visits when ever Nurse Madalyn Rios attends to her she always smiles I asked why and she says its her professionalism and the care she provides to her shes a great nurse.
7 months ago
Андрей Бутаков
PowerBack therapy is awesome. It provides motivation, strength, and encouragement for an individual who wants to get back 100% doing the things they love. The food could be a little better. The nursing staff is pretty good and take care of me when I ring the button. Guest services was awesome because of kelly and her good sense of humor. I also had a brother that was here for physical therapy and mother who both of them enjoyed there stay here.
5 months ago
Кирилл Буров
Your doing a wonderful job. You make me feel very welcome here. Your doing an outstanding job and at this time i would just like to thank the whole staff.
6 months ago
Сергей Лыков
The best thing about PowerBack Rehabilitation is that the staff are very friendly. The staff always come in smiling and I honestly want whatever they had for breakfast to make them happy. It makes me smile just seeing them so happy and talking with them. All the staff dress nicely and wear bright clothes. This feel to it makes it seem less sad. Now, this place is not perfect, but nothing is perfect when you are sick but having staff around to cheer me up is the best thing. Therapy also works with me even though it is upsetting that I am not where I want to be right now, but I am getting better/ getting where I want to be. PowerBack was a good experience for me, even in this hard time. The staff made this experience a positive one.
3 months ago
Андрей Шелестов
The people working during the day are for the majority very nice. The physical therapists are very helpful the ones I met all get five stars. However the facility is poorly run, it is more like an old folks home than a physical therapy facility, the night staff is impatient and unorganized for the most part, and the food is poorly managed. The souse chef is good but the dietary staff doesn’t follow through with diet restrictions. You have to ask about four times to anyone that actually shows up for help. Lots of very old people without their wits.
3 months ago
Макс Софронов
ALL smiles. You guys are doing a great job here with nursing, CNA, and housekeeping. Everybody are so friendly and sweet, and very great hospitality. I will recommend anyone here, keep up the good work. When asked what the facility can improve upon, I say nothing. This is the best place in Philadelphia, I am so happy.
5 months ago
Мария Полозова
Therapy has been great helping me walk. Staff treats me well and is friendly. Hospitality here is wonderful. Guest services, Kelly has checked in with me and even connected me to a pastor. My only critique would be the food could be better.
3 months ago
Владислав Сомихин
Powerback Rehabilitation is an excellent rehabilitation center. I am currently a patient here and I am enjoying my stay. They are very attentive to my needs. The therapists are excellent and gentle with you... they do not push you if you cannot do it yet but encourage you to do your best. When you leave therapy you feel good, well at least I feel that way. In addition, The nurses are also excellent and they too are attentive. If you have an emergency and hit the call button they will come within minutes which is excellent because they have many patients and they have to meet all their needs. Also, my room is huge and nice to give me way more than enough space. Everyone here has been so nice and I have a great option of this place and would recommend it to anyone.
9 months ago
Эльвира Валеева
I like the therapy at PowerBack. The nurses are also very nice as well as the rest of the staff. PowerBack is also very clean. There is nothing this facility needs to improve on, they do a great job.
5 months ago
Ренат Ренатов
PowerBack is a very clean place with a peaceful atmosphere. The food is excellent and the staff and facility helps with all your needs. They have state of the art mechanics for therapy and excellent physical therapy. Guest Services was such a nice team that helped my stay and gave me the opportunity to use their iPads and reach out to my family. Guest Services was so kind and helped me a lot during my stay. The only problem I had a few times was on the portions of the food since they are smaller, but I talked to the dietician and she gave me double portions. PowerBack was a great facility with nice staff and therapy.
8 months ago
Наталья Оленёва
My Mom was at PowerBack Center City for two weeks after hip replacement surgery and received fabulous care. The staff couldn't have been nicer and the facility was excellent, especially the Penthouse rooftop terrace with great skyline views. I can't speak about the food, but it looked and smelled good.
6 months ago
Татьяна Гультайчук
My son has been a resident at PowerBack, for over 2 weeks, (Lombard St., Phila. PA), and has received excellent care. The physical therapy he received has been excellent, I really can't enough about the entire PT team; for the most part his nurses and nurses aides have been professional and attentive; Wendy, and her team from Guest Services have been accommodating and just really nice ; Lauren, the social worker at PB has been extremely helpful and last but not least, Nicole, a nurses aide at PB was there when John first arrived and was attentive, friendly, and make us all feel at ease at a very difficult time.
3 months ago
Татьяна Меньшикова
A house of horrors, zero stars. My mother was signed up and transported to Powerback for rehab. She wasn't even off the stretcher when we decided we were absolutely not going to leave her there. The halls and rooms were pitch black. There were unattended patients wandering and lurking around, talking to themselves. The only staff we saw were two eerily quiet nurses. There was no welcome. No joy. It looks like a sanitarium from the 1970s. Everyone seemed drugged, including the few staff we saw. Very scary. The room we did see had two rolling cots in it. Mismatched furniture just set up any which way and no bathroom. The bathroom looked to be in the hallway where any of the creeps and lurkers could access. We decided that my disabled mother would be safer and better off in her own home than in this freak show. If you want to see the "real" Powerback, ask to see a double patient room and the creepy second floor. Do not put your loved ones here.
5 months ago

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