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Rehabilitation center Seal Beach Health and Rehabilitation Center, 3000 N Gate Rd, Seal Beach, CA 90740, United States: 18 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 3000 N Gate Rd, Seal Beach, CA 90740, United States
Phone number: +1 562-598-2477

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Татьяна Белова
I don't think this place is good for people who want to get better. During the day most of the people are in wheelchairs just sitting in the Halls. The rest seem to be mostly in bed, and they look unable to move at all. Most of these people look like long-term residents. God help them. Here is a photo of the way most of the residents look in the hallways.
4 months ago
Александра Комкова
There now. Just dropped by ambulance. Not greeted by anyone. Sent to an unprepared room and left. Charge nurse says no pain meds on premises. Have to find a way out of here. Unbelievable!
8 months ago
Александр Дёмин
Very convenient location right off the 405 in Seal Beach, close to Leisure World. The temperature inside was unnaturally high. However, my relative does not seem to mind and so far is happy with the treatment. The employees we met seem really great, the PT in particular. Hope they are all like him.
11 months ago
Катя Уварова
This place is horrible I would not leave my dog there they don’t answer the phones none of them understand what you’re saying they don’t pay attention to the residence their attitudes are not good they never know what’s going on medications are always screwed up doctors don’t physically see the patients only go by what they read in the charts or what the nurses tell them physical therapy they don’t really do the therapy if the patient refuses they don’t really encourage them. The receptionist at the front desk is no help at all I don’t know why they have her answering the phones it’s like the whole place is a oblivious to what’s going on they never ever listen to the residence.I would give this place a zero on a scale from 1 to 10.
8 months ago
Анна Терновская
My Dad is here. He has been here off and on for the last few months. He loves this place. The nurses and staff are extremely caring and detailed. I like the fact that they call me when things of concern have changed for my Dad. I absolutely recommend this place. Even the Rehab people seem as content waking or driving or pushing their wheelchairs.
7 months ago
Дашенька Голованева
I had to stay at the facility for 13 days for treatment. During the time that I was at the facility, I saw roaches in the food cart and a huge roach in my room. I wasn’t the only person at the facility that saw the roaches, but also my roommates family. I mentioned it to the employees and they advised me that the kitchen was infested with roaches and mice. When I went to speak with Darren, the administrator at the facility, of course, he denied it and was not at all nice to me about the situation. I also told Darren that the kitchen room for the employees to eat was extremely filthy. In the kitchen for the employees there are 2 microwaves, which I could tell they had not been cleaned for years. According to all the employees I spoke with, none of them eat in that room for the reasons I have stated above. The nutrition at the facility is very bad because it mainly consists of starchy foods. The food was horrific. While at the facility, I lost 9 pounds, due to the fact that their kitchen was infested with roaches and mice. The City Food Inspectors came in to inspect the kitchen and the kitchen was “closed down” due to the roaches. Apparently this facility did not have a contract with a company that sprays the kitchen once a month to keep the roach and any other rodents out of the kitchen. At night, all the employees were extremely noisy to the point that me and my roommate could not sleep at night. I complained to the Nurse Administrator and she advised me that she would talk to them. Well, that only lasted 2 days before they started to get noisy again. While, at the facility I didn’t get much sleep at all, due to the nose. My room and bathroom was not cleaned nor mopped for 4 days. Also, I experienced that some nurses’ assistance would rinse the bed pans in the sink and toss it in the sink. That is so unsanitary yo say the least!!! Also, while I was staying there, the maintenance department had to cut down and shave the bathroom door adjacent to my room. Well, the maintenance department, instead of taking the door outside to cut down and sand the bathroom door, they decided to remove the door and cut and shave the door in the bathroom. My roommate and I, we were able to smell all the sawdust coming out of the bathroom. After the maintenance guys finished with the door and hung it up, they left without cleaning the bathroom. The bathroom, sink, toilet and floor was full of sawdust. I went to report it to the Social Services Department and she came down to look at the bathroom. She then tried reaching maintenance to come back to clean the bathroom, which they were unavailable. Finally, she contacted housekeeping to clean the bathroom. For the reasons set forth above, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE. AND IF YOU HAVE YOUR LOVE ONES IN THIS FACILITY, I RECOMMEND THAT YOU TRANSFER THEM TO A DIFFERENT FACILITY.
2 weeks ago
Яна Валерьевна
Please explore other options before choosing this facility. My mom was brought here to recover from hip surgery. She developed dementia while here and lost 25 pounds in less than 6 weeks. I came everyday. She was clean and dressed. They are so short staffed. They don't have the man power to monitor fluid intake or food eaten. I said she wasn't eating and was told she is eating 75% of her food. They finally put her on iv fluids. She ripped out her iv several times. The kind man that did supplies finally saw what was going on and brought her an inflatable cast to prevent her from pulling out her much needed iv. They finally paid attention when my mother's condition worsened and she began acting out. It was in their best interest to get her out. It's good that she is no longer there. Since she's let, she is finally getting the care she needs. She has health issues that need to be addressed. They make sure she is hydrated. Seal Beach Rehab is just far too under staffed for a place with the amount of beds they have. In the best interest of the patients they need more staff and perhaps reduce patient intake until more staff is on board.
11 months ago
Юлия Маркова
My mom has been here once 2 years ago for 2 weeks, recovering from hip fracture, and now for 5 weeks for short term rehab from a infection/ fall. She is in long term care now, and my experience with the people here is generally great. They seem to really care about the welfare of the patients.
3 weeks ago
Екатерина Каманина
I was there in Feb 2018. They were very understaffed, and took the nurses way too long to respond to a nurse call. One time it took them 70 long minutes to give me a Breathing Treatment, after my request. I don't know if their nurse call …
9 months ago
Игорь Новиков
My wife has been in the facility now for almost a year. Her care has been good with some cnas to not so good with others. My biggest problem has been with the front office. She is under hospice care and the facility continues to add …
1 month ago
Татьяна Заботкина
Seal Beach Health and Rehabilitation is owned by Cambridge Healthcare Services, a for profit company. That means making a profit is a big motive in making decisions for Cambridge and not the patient. Certified Nursing assistants …
3 days ago
Евгений Алексеевич
They did not take care of my Grandma while she was here. She was in a lot of pain and they ignored her for hours. DO NOT take your loved ones here.
9 months ago
Гриша Казбан
They kidnapped my wife. We lost our H.U.D. Housing.
11 months ago
Татьяна Дроменко
Very nice, caring people,
2 months ago
Юлия Шаповалова
Great Rehabilitation Physical Therapy prog...
2 weeks ago
Alesia Smirnova
1 month ago
Роман Курачик
11 months ago
Оксана Пантюхина
7 months ago

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