Embassy Embassy of Ukraine

Embassy Embassy of Ukraine, 3350 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007, United States: 78 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 3350 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007, United States
Website: usa.mfa.gov.ua
Phone number: +1 202-349-2963

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Петр Васильев
My email were answered promptly and kindly and they called me back to confirm my appointments. Respectful and nice people . Thanks for being very flexible and patient with me .
7 months ago
Светлана Иванова
I had a consular request and I’m happy that I finally made it. Yes, I agree with the reviews above that sometimes it’s hard to reach them. BUT they have a lot of people who need something to do like renew passport, consular and they are very busy there. When I was there today it was like five people more people who had appointments. It was a little hard for me to reach them but I found three different email addresses on the web site and I send email for each of them and I got the answer. And Kostyantun Vorona was very helpful, polite, nice and profession and answered all my questions!! Thank you so much ! I am satisfied with the result!
11 months ago
Сафия Чердакова
Phone number is a waste of time! Why bother putting it on the page of no one EVER answers? That says a lot! What are you guys going there all day that no one answers the phone?? Too busy? Or maybe you need to take the phone OFF THE SILENT MODE...
7 months ago
Оксана Сергеева
Practically impossible to reach them. They dont pick up the phone!!!!! Does anyone know how to reach them?
4 months ago
Ваня Ли
I was impressed, to be honest. My husband received a very polite and friendly service.
6 months ago
Анна Куликова
Very helpful and professional employees .Two year ago i had to make a temporary passport for my handicap mother (in extremely fast time ). They were very understanding and accommodating, proposed to stay extra 10 minutes late ,to make sure i get it done . Well, i was thinking it was just pure luck . Today i had to go get some paper naturalized and man there was very helpful as well . It is so nice to see that employees of Ukraine embassy are very professional and helpful . Thank you so much . Lena .
8 months ago
Алексей Степанов
Not answering a phone neither in Washington, nor in Chicago after hundreds of tries sends a strong message to Ukrainians who live abroad and to foreigners. This a perfect example of how a country should not take care about its own people. Why to have a phone number at all? Unbelievable...
7 months ago
Алексей Липаев
Excellent consular service. Very attentive and responsive staff for both standard and non-standard situations. I had to renew my passport and get one for my daughter. The website was up to date with all the requirements on it, consular staff answered all my questions over the phone. The wait at the embassy itself was short, staff was super pleasant and professional, and the new consular office itself is excellent (spacious, comfortable, with nice pictures from Maidan and the front lines, and above all not pompous). Very well done! Thank you for using our taxes effectively!
10 months ago
Сергей Клименков
My experience with Ukraine Consulate in Washington D.C. was very pleasant. The diplomatic employees helped me out with all the questions I had and advised how to obtain long-term visa promptly. Overall, they were helpful and friendly.
9 months ago
Алёна Лободина
No wonder why everyone is ditching the Ukraine. They are not answering the phone lazy drunks.
7 months ago
Наталья Диденко
1 week ago
Soslan Dzliev
Fantastic! Can not be possibly better. So helpful and accommodating. Proud to be ukrainian and thank you all for the great work. P.S. no lines, very efficient, smooth process...
1 week ago
Андрей Титов
This place is a joke! I will have to disagree with other commenters on "fast service". So, here is my story: I needed to get a replacement of my birth certificate. So, I went in to apply for it and was told that it will take up to three month, simple right? It was back in November, 2016. Today is end of April, 2017 and guess what, still waiting. Tried to call the number from their website and got a voice mailbox prompt, and then you can't leave a voicemail due to the mailbox being full. Tried reach an operator and got disconnected. Emailed without any response. Sent a message on Facebook. I don't really want to drive there again because I live in Maryland and it's an hour commute for me to just to hear that they still waiting on it. So, if you ever need to get any replacement documents it would be faster just to fly to Ukraine and get it in person. Stay away from this location!!!
3 months ago
Ольга Ларчикова
Took me more then 4 hours to renew my passport. The process of collecting the documents it is really slow. The stuff is very polite though.
1 week ago
Александра :0)
The embassy and the consulate department made a great progress over the years. The consulate department is now specious and is easy to access. The staff is friendly and very efficient! I couldn't be happier with the service. No lines, no waiting time. A++, Ukraine!
6 months ago
Анна Аникичева
Phone number doesn’t work , simply dropped call after 2 nd ring ! Sure that means a lot !
6 months ago
Данила Ястребенецкий
We were at the Embassy a week ago - needed to apply for a passport renewal and to notarize POA. Great service and very friendly stuff!! Also, the Embassy works by appointment now, which helps and saves your time a lot!
8 months ago
Евгения Иванова
You get quickly reminded that this is Ukraine. I got yelled at the first minute I visited this place for the first time ever. I mean literally YELLED at because I thought the door was locked but I had to apparently pull it harder!
6 months ago
Алёна Миронычева
Most helpful Embassy I've visited. Nice and fast service.
1 week ago
Анастасия Александровна
Extremely satisfied with the service provided today at this embassy. We flew in from Florida to renew our passports and there happened to be a massive line. They advised us that it will be difficult to complete everyone’s papers today. I explained to them that we had tickets to fly home the next day. If they could possibly find a way to complete our documents today. Head Consular Yurii L Tokar and First Secretary Antonina M Perekladora stayed open past business hours to complete our paperwork. They provided outstanding service and were super friendly in the process. Big thank you. We greatly appreciate your assistance today.
10 months ago
Илья Уланов
I called the consulate, and I spoke to a couple of very polite individuals. The problem, was that I was being rushed, and constantly being referred to their website. I was not happy or appreciate the feeling of being rushed when addressing my concerns.
11 months ago
Evgenia Safonova
Great service, staff is willing to do everything it takes to help, a wonderful experience!
6 months ago
Маргарита Сафина
This is 2018 and they still didnt changed there service. Unbelieveable! They take 1 hour for each person and we were getting a past port. We wasted our whole time!!! If i was the boss of this company ill fire them they work like sloths! ????
6 months ago
Мария Кустова
Great people. Fast service. Thanks for your professional help.
11 months ago
Леонид Гусев
Great service! Special appreciation to Nadiya Kostenko.
6 months ago
Вячеслав Корольков
My son just visited embassy to file application for his new passport! (Son speaks very little russian) Lady at the reception was very helpful and polite. She helped him out with documents and explained everything. All process took about 20 minutes including wait in line. We rate service as EXCELLENT! Thank you!!!!! To compare: Last month we visited Ukrainian Consulate in N.Y. and service there was very poor. No help whatsoever and no explanations...vice consul (Viktoria) looked like she hates her job and was pretty rude to everyone. We was not able to to anything there. It reminded me in first place why we moved away from Ukraine...
3 months ago
Стас Самойлов
Good morning , may i know , i hold the USA passport do i need to apply visa when i travel to Ukraine ?
6 months ago
Армен Айвазов
If u can, go online and schedule appointment there.Don't waste your time.
2 months ago
Vadim Galitsyn
Had a great experience with them. Everyone was very helpful and polite.
1 week ago
Елена Миннигулова
So hard to get someone to pick up the phone, and the place itself is so old just like in Ukraine.
8 months ago
Нина Семушина-Лейн
The best Ukrainian Consulate in the entire USA.
11 months ago
Ольга Дёмина
Nobody's return my phone calls .Terrible customer service!
9 months ago
Антон Лисовенко
Terrible Service...as always. Hard to reach anyone by phone, lack of professionalism, slow. Wish I could give a zero star. What a Shame, Ukraine!
10 months ago
Юлия Сулейманова
Movie T-34 :(
6 months ago
Антон Евтюхов
Phone Ringing, ringing, ringing ! There isn't even answering machine ! Unbelievable ! Hello it's 2018 almost over there ! You need to change !
9 months ago
Эf Γусева
Never answering the phone! I called like 20 times, and only one of my calls was picked up. After which they asked for my call back number and promised to return my call. It is already a week since no one returned it.
10 months ago
Вениамин Иванов
They should hire someone to answer the phone !!!! Terrible
8 months ago
Светлана Гидзенко
no answer
6 months ago
Стас Баранов
They never answer phone or email.
11 months ago
Дмитрий Коваленко
Be prepared for long lines.
11 months ago
Вавян Кулаков
Кто знает как сделать апойнтмент чтоб забрать паспорт? или можно просто приехать и забрать? на звонки не отвечают не очень хочется покупать билет и лететь надо бум Что делать друзья?
2 months ago
Екатерина Мельникова
Оперативно і відповідально вирішили нашу проблему з загубленим паспортом!
9 months ago
Никита Скоблов
На удивление, работают профессионально и быстро . Элементы советского общения до конца не искоренены, но мириться можно . Впечатление, что в сельсовете побывал.)))
5 months ago
Татьяна Михеева
Додзвонитися нереально .Як до вас можна додзвонитися ???
7 months ago
Алексей Верба
Ввічливий і привітний персонал, трохи затримки в черзі але стараються максимально швидко приймати відвідувачів.
8 months ago
Виктория Матусеева
Отлично работают. Островок разумного отношения к гражданам Украины. Сотрудники консульства быстро и профессионально оформили паспорта для выезда зарубеж. Мы записались за две недели на сайте консульства. Приняли нас с задержкой в пять минут. Очень довольны.
1 week ago
Кристина Ничипорук
Отношение к заявителям потрясающее: все сделали четко, быстро, за копейки!!!! После общения с властями на Украине - ошеломляющий контраст. Как на другую планету попал. В Украине чиновники относятся к людям намного хуже чем к скоту, а тут даже с улыбкой на лице и воды предложили. Отлично работаете! Спасибо! Обратились за оформлением паспорта для выезда за рубеж. Пришли к 9.00. Ожидали увидеть жуткую очередь, угрюмых людей и плачущих детей. Нас приняли в порядке живой очереди. Быстро, четко, профессионально. Очаровательная сотрудница с красивыми глазами и ясной речью подготовила документы, сделала фото, все подробно пояснила. В посольстве очень уютно и комфортно. Спасибо дипломатам Украины за эффективную работу!
9 months ago
Vitaly Breusenko
Був сьогодні(9 Лютого 2017) в посольстві (нотаріальне питання). Ооо))) - Я був приємно здивований: моє питання вирішили швидко та якісно. І зовсім не тріпали нерви - А це ж так не схоже на українських чиновників! Респект для: Чалий Валерій та Юрій Токар. Така "хунта" такі краще аніж банда "легітімного"))). Дуже дякую.
3 months ago
Карина Слесарева
Помогал мне Руслан Фалков У меня украли загран паспорт. Очень быстро дал инструкции какие документы собрать чтобы получить выездной документ. Индивидуальный подход! Большое спасибо!
3 months ago
Рома Буторин
Хочу выразить особую благодарность Костенко Надежде Васильевне. У всей нашей семьи заканчивался срок действия наших паспортов. И мы очень переживали, что это займет длительное время, а нашему сыну инвалиду необходимо было продлевать гумманитарный пароль. Но Надежда Васильевна сдела все очень быстро. Всегда отвечала на наши звонки , советовала , как нужно все сделать. Побольше бы таких людей и мы сберегли бы свои нервы и время при оформлении документов.
1 month ago

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