Agee's Pet Crematorium

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Agee's Pet Crematorium
Rate: 4,4
Address: 2317 Washington Ave, Harvey, LA 70058, United States
Phone number: +1 504-362-3311

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 29.8752231
Longitude: -90.0602068

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Ivy S
I must say, I am EXTREMELY impressed with the service from Agee’s Pet Crematorium. Very professionally done. Clarisse was very special to us and we were very emotional and confused over making one of the hardest decisions along with our 16 year old daughter, whom Clarisse was EXTREMELY attached to and vice versa. She wanted the cremation for her beloved Clarisse. Thanks again for taking care of Clarisse.
3 months ago
Lee Stanley
On top of the heartache of losing my 17 year-old lab, I had to deal with the fact that I will never be able to get the memory I requested. Below is one of two emails I sent to Agee, to which they didn’t even respond. Do yourself a favor and use a company that will care in your time of grief. Update: now that I posted the review, the company is pretending to care and wants to « make things right ». Yet, no reply to my emails (it has been a month). Please. You had a month to address this. To add insult to injury. You deserve zero stars Whom It May Concern: Upon Zywiec's passing, my only request as a keepsake was a paw print with his name, similar to the one I had made for Rodenbach. Although I understand that since the company changed it may not be possible to get the exact same thing, I made the request for something similar in shape and size, with his name. I even had a picture of the model to avoid any confusion. What I received is not even remotely close to what I requested. There was NO ATTEMPT made to even try to resemble the model. My already broken heart was torn when I received the "paw print". You cannot even see his name, and it's almost inside the paw. It is pitiful. tasteless, careless and not professional looking at all. My third graders would have done a better job. It is even worse in reality than in the picture I sent, without even exaggerating. I cannot fathom why one would sell anything like this. I cannot even bear looking at it. This is the ONLY item I will have to remember my dog by, and I have been robbed of that right. As of now, no resolution has been made or found. Agee didn't even keep the paw on file so it cannot even be redone by someone else. They didn't even bother responding after I emailed them last night, nor contact me to apologize. Yet, their website states "Giving families the best in pet aftercare". At the very minimum, Agee could have made contact last week if unable to fulfill the request in order to find a solution before cremation. I could have looked for another company. Before his paw print was gone forever. Should have I been notified in time, I would have picked someone else than Agee to handle everything. This is totally unacceptable. I am utterly sickened by this careless handling of my ONLY remembrance request. Please get this resolved. Thank you
7 months ago
Vernon Rainey
I am so impressed with their service!! We had Charlie 15 years and it was very difficult to say goodbye to him. I’m still struggling with him being gone. Thank you for caring so much!! No more pain now for my sweet sweet Charlie (Cha Cha) I love and miss you so so much!! ❤️Mom
4 months ago
We lost our dear boy last week and used Agee’s today. They were kind, considerate and gave top notch service. It was so refreshing to use Agee’s during such a heartbreaking time
6 months ago
Jeff Renfrow
Ashes were supposed to have been returned but for whatever reason they were discarded. I even had an envelope with instructions taped to the bag. Will never use this place again. Sign me HEARTBROKEN.
2 months ago
Matthew Collier
I've had to use Agee's several times. It's always heartbreaking to lose a pet, but they are compassionate and quick and I appreciate them very much.
3 weeks ago
Letitia Lee
I’ve had several dogs cremated here and I’m very satisfied with these people, they do an awesome job and have beautiful urns for your animals.
9 months ago
Jennifer Churchill
My vet in Baton Rouge uses Agee's crematorium services. They have attended to 3 of my elderly dogs who had to be euthanized over a span of a couple of years. I was very pleased with the services rendered and would recommend.
7 months ago
Bordan Avalanche
My cat,Mary Hazel Sparkles Cure passed away from cancer and was euthanized at Chalmette Pet Wellness.They recommended Aggee's to me.This is the first time I've had a pet cremated,but I will have all my pets cremated from now on.Everything was perfect and professional.Agee's did not know,but my Mary Hazel was cremated on my deceased mother's birthday!I'm so at peace with my decision.It is so much better than burying your pet.They even clipped some of my baby's fur and sent it to me as a keepsake.Thank you so much for all that you do at Agee's.
1 week ago
James Harrington
Amazing staff. Very good at answering my questions, being very prompt, and taking care of my cat riri. I work for a funeral home myself so they helped me understand the process and would recommend them to anyone. Very loving and caring. Thank you
6 months ago
savvy D
They were so compassionate and caring during the hardest thing I have ever had to do.
11 months ago
Kai Wang
Wonderful Company. Very Personable and most important Caring.
6 months ago
Claudia Kemper
So considerate in our bereavement
1 week ago
Reklamix Matbaa
Respectfully attends to your loved one.
6 months ago

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