Car battery store East Coast Battery & Electric, Inc.

Car battery store East Coast Battery & Electric, Inc., 100 SW 17th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315, United States: 76 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 100 SW 17th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315, United States
Phone number: +1 954-522-2403

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Roberto Guzman
Very good store! Honest, very good prices and many explanations. I needed a battery for my boat and no regret. I recommend.
2 months ago
Monte Mahler
Great local shop. Very knowledgeable and helped me with all my questions. Great product recommendations. Excellent customer service.
3 months ago
David Everson
Absolutely wonderful experience. The guys there are so kind and communicative, super helpful space! We won’t be going anywhere else
4 months ago
Keturah Price
These guys know their stuff! I brought in my old Balmar Marine alternator in rough condition and they restored it and made it look brand new saving me hundreds of dollars. Anyone looking for experts in batteries & alternators check them out.
11 months ago
Chris Roberts
These guys are the best in the business. I needed a new starter for my boat a couple weeks ago. I must’ve called at least 4 different places that all told me they had one in stock. After visiting a few other shops no one seemed to know what they were doing. So I called the guys at East Coast and they hooked me up. About a week later I needed a new alternator so I called up East Coast as they were closing up shop, they told me they would wait for me to come pick up the new alternator. These guys are solid. They know what they’re talking about. Best in the business.
2 months ago
Marilyn Rotondella
Place is great. No and out in 10 minutes.
6 months ago
Jay Lyon
We walked in with 2 alternators with numerous wires hanging loose from them. Dave took one back to the bench reported it was fine and rewired it. He then tested the second one with fewer wires. He let us know their size and showed us how to attach them to the engine in both normal and emergency mode, what size fuses to use, etc. If their printer had worked he would have given us instructions. Great work--all while we waited for a very reasonable price. Thank you!
3 months ago
WeNeed MooreVLOGS
Great alternative source for alternator, marine starters and batteries at affordable prices
10 months ago
Jeff Anderson
Best Place to go for battery and electrical needs for your car. If you're looking for a battery for your car or want to troubleshoot issues go to East Coast Battery. I have to say this is the best service every time and they go above and beyond to try to help the customer. My 2007 Santa Fe was having issues starting the guys at East Coast diagnosed it found the problem and got me back on the road in under 15 minutes.
3 months ago
Fouad Fouad
The guys at East Coast Battery & Electric are wonderful! I'd mentioned my nervousness of being without a functioning engine during peak hurricane season so they must have moved me to the front of the line because Friday afternoon the rebuilt starter with solenoid was ready. I am totally plugging for these guys! I support small businesses as much as I can because they tend to care, both about their work product and customers. For me, paying a few extra dollars (if necessary) is worth it. In this case, I paid far less than the quoted price! As I said, they are really good guys.
4 months ago
Karen Jensen
I've been going there for a while now and the guys are great. They've got the best prices around and you can actually trust them. I recommend them to everyone.
4 months ago
Ginger Lau
Excellent service. Purchased a voltage regulator there. Received helpful advice and the price was $100 less than at West Marine. Years ago had starter repaired there too, also great experience. And, dog friendly!
4 months ago
Amy Miller
For 14 years I have suffered through alternators not providing the proper charge in my Hunter Marine Passage 450 sailboat. I finally brought a chart API 120 amp alternator to Dave and Dave who carefully explain to me the proper method of wiring the alternator from the Belmar controller. This explanation was in direct conflict to the paperwork provided by API. Thank you to both Dave and Dave for their unbelievable knowledge and expert advice!
3 months ago
duane eash
They helped me out of a jam yesterday, brought a motor in, even though they were busy, the technician diagnosed it and said it was a capacitor, replaced it and I was out the door in 20 minutes, I highly recommend East Coast Battery and Electric.
3 months ago
Antonio Diaz
Best place for getting a starter rebuilt & batteries. They definitely go the extra mile to help you out. Highly recommended.
8 months ago
Elizabeth Quan
Great service at fair prices Why go anywhere else for your car battery needs Joe Cat
8 months ago
Adrian Moeller
Great service, knowledgeable, helpful and extremely accommodating. I would highly recommend them! David Beyer was extremely understanding of our circumstances and went above and beyond to assist us. Thank you!
5 months ago
Em B
They are real mechanics. They sell batteries as a service at a good price and install them In your car for no charge! Very friendly atmosphere yet they are true professionals.
2 months ago
Pamela Rasmussen
Dave Beyer stopped what he was doing to help us buy and install badly needed batteries, that were causing real problem in our motor home. The service he gave us was professional and so very helpful! Go there if you have any battery needs! Thanks Dave.
6 months ago
Chelsea Cooler
Used to buy my batteries at the auto parts stores. They acted like they had no time to wait on you when you were the only one in the store. East Coast's owner and his guys are friendly and changed out my battery in minutes flat! They are my go to guys from now on.
10 months ago
Best place in Fort Lauderdale for getting your car battery! Thanks David! I will definitely be back.
3 months ago
Lochlan Laughter
Super Duper Excellent., Best Alternators, Starter, Battery etc... Super Friendly & Very Low Price.
3 months ago
Ramnawal Prasad
Don't go anywhere else. I took an old heater fan in for some help and advice. These guys were super kind and friendly and really helped me out. Terrific!
10 months ago
tasha lewis
Nice local business with reasonable prices. They have an honest friendly & knowledgeable staff that go out of their way to help you figure out what you need. Which is hard to come by these days! I won't go anywhere else for my batteries but here! Thanks guys! ????
6 months ago
Blanche Neige
Cool family business great place to get parts like starters alternators and batteries
8 months ago
Cristina Puzio
David was very nice to me and my parents, making sure we received the best deal in town for my altenator. East Coast Battery &Electric for life????
3 months ago
Bill Gravatt
Very helpful. I like this stor. Also can repair and restore your stuff.
6 months ago
Nirupama Singh
The Davids (there are 2 of 'em) are the best, always helpful and pricing is great. My friends and I buy over 20 marine batteries a month. Boat Rental Fort Lauderdale, 816 Marine Electric, and Advanced Outboard Marine. They will help with all your electric stuff, very smart.
2 months ago
Fadi Bijjani
Great people there, second to none with batteries. Too good to be true.
5 months ago
Michael Hall
Have been going to East Coast for 25 years for my trade (Land & Yacht Mgmt ) and personal . Long family history of great service and knowhow. Thanks to Tim , David, Steve
4 months ago
Liz Morris
Wow! Spectacular service! Probably THE best customer service I have had anywhere anytime. Perfection!
6 months ago
Jennifer Sawyer
The staff here knows their stuff. Prices are good. Been here many times and they awalys treat with respect and offer solutions in the customers best interest. If they can't help a customer they will steer them to a company that will. This type of great service is rare to find.
9 months ago
Noah Gossett
I would never go anywhere else. These guys are awesome, super nice and honest. Always willing to go over the top to help out. I would suggest anyone to come here.
5 months ago
Khadijah Beyah
Honest owners and good prices.
2 months ago
Foster E
These guys are the best battery people in Fort Lauderdale.. whenever i have had any battery or electrical problem they always go above and beyond to help.. David is a gentleman and has a excellent team assisting there shop and easily found by broward hospital.
8 months ago
Great place for special battery needs, including car batteries! They even install the car battery right there. Super easy, super fast. Friendly staff.
7 months ago
Shay Palmer
Awesome customer service! Staff very knowledgeable. Even delivered/swapped out our old batteries!
6 months ago
Trevor Dinsmore
Great prices and helfull staff.
2 months ago
major deegan
Very friendly, professional, and honest. They can tell you everything you need to know and can answer all of your battery related questions. I'll always come back for my future battery purchases.
8 months ago
Eva Hanson
Excellent !!! Needed a battery for my Honda Fit , I called and they were quick and profesional on the phone , got the battery that no one had and install it for me and I was on my way , quick and convinient ! Clean place convinient located, best of all !! The best price of all places and saved money , thank you guys
2 months ago
fawzi hamdallah
It Was a pleasure doing business with Dave! V professional!!
6 months ago
Ixora T
Excellent customer service the guys really know there stuff
2 months ago
Kurtis Johnson
If you are looking for a place to get batteries, repair an aleternator or starter. They can assust you in all your needs.
6 months ago
Ben Shihadeh
Excellent service and excellent staff. Go here, not there...
4 months ago
Jade Osbon
Team were super helpful and quick.... Had batteries ready for us ready for pick up....
6 months ago
Etukudo Joseph
Great work reconditioning alternators and starters. They get really backed up.
8 months ago
Edenilson Sorto
courteous helpful easy to do business with.
4 months ago
Marjeen Collins
Read customer service
8 months ago
Pavielle Wuerfele
4 months ago
Deirdre Preston
Best Alternator guys in town!
10 months ago

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