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Address: 5550 Genesee St, Lancaster, NY 14086, United States
Phone number: +1 800-267-2266

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David Green
Wreck Master is truly life changing. I had the best instructors that any one could have. Will Cain, Scott Aey, Casey Burrows and Ron Pollen. I recommend that everyone in the wrecker business take these classes! I only knew half of what I was doing til I decided to educate myself! To the owner’s and tow ops these classes are less expensive than an insurance claim and your reputation! WreckMaster should be mandatory if you’re going to be operating a wrecker! I’m so grateful to be a part of an elite group! Knowing the numbers should come first it will make you a better operator!
2 months ago
RA HellsBells
I took a class from Wreckmaster at Null's towing. Good class it has helped me a lot.
3 months ago
James J
What an amazing experience to go through. 2 weeks at Wreckmaster to take my education and abilities to the max. I went to the top. Even got air cushion certification. Just a count of little over 200 people have accomplished 8/9R classes since 1999 when wreckmaster started. This was no easy task. My math I learned and forgot 25+ years ago was tested. I have learned ALOT over these past weeks. I learned that in this business, there is more than meets the eye. When you see a truck in the ditch, It's a truck in the ditch right? Well, after these past weeks, I see that same truck but I see angles, weight, damage resistance, gradient resistance, what's the rigging equipment needed to do the job and where I need to position my truck. Scott Aey, David Bouvia , Ron Pullen, Randy, Casey Burrows are ALL just some of the finest men you will meet in this industry. Absolutely the finest men to have me go on to the next level. It is my honor to be apart of the class and to absorb the information they taught me. I thank you ALL very much. It has been an honor ????.
2 months ago
CL Thornwall
Having learned how to tow with J-hooks, I was amazed to learn there was a better way. Using Wreckmaster’s training videos I’ve learned so much in so little time. The videos are very informative, and the host, David, has a certain charisma about him that really helps to convey the importance of the information being shared. Having been able to speak with him directly (had an issue logging in, easily resolved) I can tell you he is just as charismatic and passionate about towing and transport as he seems in his videos. Thank you David, and thank you to the Wreckmaster team for doing everything you can to help all of us learn that there is a better way to tow.
4 months ago
Mina Kostopoulou
If you are in the towing business rather you have done it for 20 years or 20 minutes you need to take these classes. You can never have enough information. The best teachers and classes hands down. Keep filling your toolbox and Keep It Tight
7 months ago
Raphael Hidou
I received training from Wreckmaster back in 2018 at the start of my towing career, two years later hints of the training are still helping me these days! Can't wait to do the 4/5 when in person courses come back !
3 months ago
Team Mula
I’ve enjoyed becoming part of the WreckMaster learning crew! I hope to continue growth in the industry to better the business! P.S. Howard, Brittney & Scott Aey have all been great to work with!
3 months ago
Lakiesta Evans
Knowledge is power and they are willing to share it with us. Awesome training for all of our operators.
9 months ago
Been to the training courses twice once in 96 and most recent in October 19 same BS they build it up to more than it is nothing has changed from the 90s way overpriced
3 months ago
Junior Dunning
very rude on the phone. also cost is a lot of money
3 months ago
Faigy Engel
I took the 2/3 class over the weekend. I feared I would not pass as I have never towed before since I am the accountant but Kurt the instructor did an awesome job teaching and training us! CYA in the ditch.
5 months ago
Kevin Trimm
Totally unprofessional over priced
1 month ago
Mike JH
9 months ago
Jessica Helmers
1 month ago
Jacob Frerichs
8 months ago
thomas schuller
3 months ago
Dan Moores
5 months ago
Gregory Andrews
3 months ago

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