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Address: 1 Zoo Dr, Little Rock, AR 72205, United States
Website: littlerockzoo.com
Phone number: +1 501-661-7200

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Jeffrey Schneider
First time visiting the zoo and extremely disappointed. Literally 85% of the exhibits are closed down or have no animals in them. Halfway through walking we completely stopped getting excited because we knew that whatever was about to come up wasn't going to actually be in the cage or it would be shut down completely. I'm not a local so I'm unsure on if this zoo is struggling to stay in business or not. But even the gift shop was super bare. It was also insanely crowded. So if you have Covid concerns, I would skip this altogether because the majority of people wore no mask and weren't shy at all coming right up on you to look at the animals. Now here's the positives: The animals we did see were very enjoyable to watch. We were huge fans of the monkey section because the monkeys were engaging and putting on a show for the crowd of people. I was also a huge fan of how large the areas for most animals were. By far the biggest I've possibly ever seen in a zoo. It was refreshing to see massive exhibits that offered so many of them so much space. I believe that once this zoo is completely built and have all the animals out for the public to see, it's going to phenomenal. But right now, it's not something I could see myself going back to for an extremely long time.
2 months ago
megan hendry
This was my first visit to the Little Rock Zoo. Some exhibits were closed due to Covid, but overall I feel like this zoo brings guests closer to the animals than most others. I very much enjoyed my experience!!
2 months ago
Foster E
The place was lovely! I loved all the animals and the fun setups they had in the area. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has a couple areas off limits, but otherwise everything was great.
2 months ago
Julie Kramer
Loved the zoo! $12-$13 for adults. Reserve a spot before you go. We reserved ours just as we got to the gate on a quiet Friday afternoon but wod definitely plan ahead on weekends. Also not much food available inside so eat before or bring snacks. We were happy to see large enclosures for many animals and promises for expansions to other ones as they raise funds.
4 months ago
sheena basin
All the buildings are closed due to COVID but we still saw most of the animals. It was smaller than I expected which meant less walking. Good food choices and beautiful walking areas. We really enjoyed it.
3 months ago
Joanne Pierro
I wanted to get away for awhile to get my mind back clear and get my energy back up, so drove from Texas to Little Rock for Christmas and visited the zoo the day after Christmas and was among the 1st in the gate. So peaceful and crisp as it was early and it seemed like all of the animals were on their best behavior lol. Wish there was more variety, but it was cold and early so I could have missed some, but enjoyed myself. Zoo was clean and animals appeared well taken care of.
6 months ago
Bern Bee
Wonderful place for the family. The zoo has three playgrounds, two different places to eat, but also have two rides. The train and carousel were a great surprise! I loved seeing all the animals and they were so close.
2 months ago
Loli Pop
33 well-utilized acres with a good variety of animals. The layout is east to navigate and there are plenty of nicely designed areas to get good views of everything. Nice park areas for the kids, plenty of bathroom stops. Would definitely recommend!
3 months ago
Margaret Williams
We had a great time but the reptile and snake enclosures aren't available!????????
2 months ago
Lisa Wheeler
Such a fun day with the family! Visited from Colorado. Animals were feisty on the day we visited and had all of the kids cracking up. Definitely a day to remember! Train was a bit squeaky but fun. Nachos from the food truck were decent.
3 months ago
Alen Huang
It was a lovely walk on a brisk day. A lot of construction and modernizing going on. We sat in the sun on a bench and relaxed. Restrooms were nice. Walkways were large and accessible. A nice spot was made for the kids to play.
9 months ago
Nevaeh Hunter
Most exhibits were closed. I wish there was something that could be done to keep the animals in plain site. Mostly all the animals were inside. What I did enjoy was seeing the elephants up close.
2 months ago
Crazy campaign
We had to make a reservation and pay at the gate. Check in was easy. There was still a lot of people. Everyone kept their distance and didn't bunch up. The reptile exhibit was closed but everything else was running: the cafe, the train, the petting zoo and various food trucks. The animals were being fed when we came by so they were all active and playful. Most of the water stations were closed or removed. All of the play areas were opened.
3 months ago
Janell Parsons
Neat zoo with a variety of animals. Been here countless times and I enjoy it each time. The animals seem to be happy and the staff is always willing to assist. Great for the family. Check it out
3 months ago
Sally Woollet
Very clean some indoors closed to covid-19 but understandable can't wait to see indoors when they open
2 months ago
Saburo Ogasawara
It is a lot of fun. It's got multiple playgrouds for the kids to enjoy, the staff is friendly and answers any questions you have. The large indoor areas are closed right now due to COVID-19 restrictions, but it was still a blast, and there is always stuff to learn and fun to be had. My wife and I love going and taking our godsons with us.
4 months ago
Aaron Elliot
They have a good variety of animals. It was a little complicated to keep track of where to go next, bc everything seemed to intersect with each other. We went in the winter, so many animals weren't out, but as the day progressed and it got up to 40 degrees, more animals came out. We spent about 2 hours there and enjoyed it.
9 months ago
The Little Rock Zoo may not be the biggest Zoo around, I can see it all in an afternoon, it's quite enjoyable. I got to oggle at otters, look at lions, and peer at penguins. That's one of the LR Zoo's best attractions. There were cute signs through out (Give the graphic designer a raise), and the Zoo staff was extremely helpful. The zoo also has many social distancing measures in place, allowing all to enjoy the Zoo, while staying safe. Overall, a great experience, and a good use of an afternoon.
11 months ago
tauqeer mirza
It was fun but a lot of the exhibits were closed due to the Corona virus
2 months ago
Angela DeLeonibus
This is a cute zoo. Sadly we have lost several of our beloved creatures. I hope we can be safe haven for other great animals. I noticed the spotted jaguar was missing the tail I hope its ok
3 months ago
Tim Garrett
Lots closed due to covid but was beautiful and decently priced.
2 months ago
Cynthea Carrington
All the buildings: aviary, snake house, etc. Were closed. No discounts, but it all goes back for the animals. Beautiful additions have been made! Very enjoyable!
2 months ago
Jacob Bilodeau
None of the inside exhibits are open which really puts a damper on the experience. Half the exhibits we could see had no animals in it. It was really a waste of money. The only funny part was when the monkeys started to have relations lol. In front of the kids.
3 months ago
Rachel Ortiz
I thought the zoo was fun for kids. The playgrounds were all fun and the animal enclosures were okay.
2 months ago
Lilisbeth Castillo
Many of the exhibits were closed. Otherwise it was very nice and family friendly. Rest rooms were clean and stocked. Gift shop was skin picking.
3 months ago
Eric Yang
The indoor exhibits are closed but still a nice zoo! Very busy & mask requirement not enforced, most of the people did not wear one!
2 months ago
Absolute worst experience for me.. first at the gate the woman MADE me put on a masks (while others inside the zoo didn’t have to wear one) then I got there when they opened to get a cart so I could enjoy the zoo with my kids. Well they didn’t have one available cause two of them were broke, also a lot of the exhibits were closed because of “covid” if it had a rating of no stars I’d do that absolutely terrible experience
3 months ago
Patricia Brassel
Most of the animals were not out or there where no animals in the areas. It was really just not what we expected. I mean I guess if you want to pay 12.95 a person to go on a good walk then its great but if you are looking to entertain kids, I would highly suggest the drive to Memphis Zoo.
3 months ago
Andre A
I was at the zoo today the Museum of Discovery had a flood over the snow ... and I was doing a paint spring break event for the Museum of Discovery and I was able to enjoy the zoo this is their temporary home until they get the Museum of discovery renovated from the repairs
3 months ago
Tony Lee
Mediocre! Thankful for our membership. We understand that the zoo's were hit hard due to Covid last year - so here is a picture of something that we did enjoy! Lemur just hanging out. ????
3 months ago
Nicole Krol
Very nice! I like how they brought food stands outside even though it was a long line it still was convenient. COVID didn't stop the show from going on! Great job! ???????????? Staff was awesome as well!!
3 months ago
Baltazar Sauceda
You can see many different animals here. My daughter and i loved.
3 months ago
Asia W
Great place for kiddos. The lion was against the viewing glass, the baby orangutan was hanging at the viewing station, the corn dog was was the bomb, and people were polite. The animals are easy to see, animals are active, crowds are small and the staff was super polite. Especially the two women checking reservations at the gate this morning (3-27-21 @ 9:45 am-ish) on the iPads. They were amazing. Kudos for making it a five star rating with such amazing customer service. Will definitely be returning again.
3 months ago
Razvan Burghiu
The weather was perfect there were a lot of people here but when walking around it didn’t feel like it. And of course the animals were adorable.
3 months ago
Lauren Lance
Nice visit with low attendance partly because of covid and partly incoming rain. No vending, reptiles or train but the animals were presenting. So it was a fun visit. Remodel additions make viewing some animals much better than ever.
3 months ago
Candis Sistrunk
A small zoo, but still has a lot of cute animals. I would definitely recommend stopping by if you are in the Arkansas area.
2 months ago
Alexis Miettinen
Very nice and the people help a ton. The zookeepers are awesome
2 months ago
Grace Williams
My daughter loves going so much fun to play on all the play grounds!! Just really wish we could eat at the cafe
5 months ago
Sarah Tilton
Great place my kids had fun
2 months ago
Miles Mulcare
A lot of exhibits still closed due to covid. There is a food truck there but the inside restaurant is closed. Staff in the gift shop are AMAZING. Very friendly and helpful!
3 months ago
David Oluoch
The actual zoo itself deserves 5 stars, but because of one of the staff I can't bring myself to give it 5 stars. The zoo did say that masks were required, however, there were many people all over the zoo without them on. One of the staff singled my family out because we didn't have a mask and made a scene in front of many of the other zoo guests. To make it worse he walked past 4 other people without masks on to do so.
5 months ago
Eligio Avila
We went on a Friday not knowing you had to have reservations because of Covid and had to sadly leave. We did however make reservations for the next day and came back first thing the next morning and was not disappointed. All the animals were in rare form...very active and interactive, it was fun for the entire family. They have done lots of renovations putting in new walk ways and updating several exhibits. We were sad there were no giraffes, the bears were asleep, and several exhibits the animals were still inside. It still needs a lot of work and funding.
3 months ago
Joshua Ross
The zoo was packed Monday with lots of families with children. The animals were enjoying the great weather. It was a worthwhile visit.
3 months ago
Andrew Wherley
It doesnt even get a star way over priced really would like a refund there is hardly any animals no indoor exibits an half or more outdoor exibits where empty tiger was puny an swear that a turtle was dead
2 months ago
Wahid Ijtemaye
Not worth full price since many exhibits are closed. I wouldn't reccomend at this time. I took my daughter, husband and Mom who is handicapped. The electric scooter rental was $25 a little pricey but would not have thought so much about that if the zoo experience had been better.
3 months ago
Oleg Motorin
Amazing places for toddlers! We loved it and hope to come back again... we saw the bold eagles getting fed... that was so cool (and little nasty but cool) Also they have a giraffe ... we didn't get that tour but got to see it from far... also a zebra! Really cool place!
7 months ago
kiman aminu
The Zoo had many closed exhibits, I can understand a few but so many closed but same price? I have been seeing a lot where people have to pay full price for less of a product. I wish I had called ahead and seen what I was going to pay for
4 months ago
Kenneth Mayes
We went early April 2021 and man was it depressing. I appreciated and enjoyed the social distancing and hardly anybody was even there for the first several hours we were there! The depressing parts was the animals and exhibits. The animals were fairly small, hairless and even tails missing! Hopefully they were rescued. The enclosures are so small and many of the animals are singletons. My four year old kept asking why they looked so sad.
3 months ago
Alex Wiese
Had an awesome visit with my son, up until the very end. We went to ride the carousel, as the sign said $3, but got turned away with cash. The attendant told us card or token and turned away. He didnt bother to explain where we could get a token, or explain why he couldn't accept cash.. So we went to the gift shop to try to purchase a token.. got in line for the register as another group finished paying, then the cashier walked away and to the back. We waited patiently until the next girl came out, looked at us, and completely ignored us. She opened her register and started ringing up the people that came up behind us. So rather than causing a scene, we just left. Maybe train your employees how to handle customers before you send them out to work.
3 months ago
Kaitlyn Raterman
Great animals, very affordable!!
3 months ago

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