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Nursing home Palms Care Center, 3370 NW 47th Terrace, Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33319, United States: 25 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 3370 NW 47th Terrace, Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33319, United States
Phone number: +1 954-733-5694

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Laquisha Hall
The facility is the best/professional facility that I’ve been to. They’re super nice & always tends to my grandma needs. My grandma feels at home when staying there. I 100% recommend this facility if you’re looking to leave your loved ones.
2 months ago
Doug Smet
This is the Best facility I have ever work for they take care of the Resident's. to make sure the Resident's needs are met. my uncle was a resident at the Palms care center and the care was amazing.
2 months ago
This facility is such an amazing facility. I highly recommend this place! The staff are awesome and super friendly.
2 months ago
Matt Russell
For the time that I have been working here I have seen the way the staff have been taking care of the patients they are caring loving and always willing to help one another. This is the cleanest facility I have ever been so I recommend Palms Care Center to any family out there that are looking for short term or long term rehabilitation for their love one’s.
2 months ago
Pp Txuy
Best place ever to admit your love ones ! My grandma was at the Palms care center few weeks ago. Great care and the facility is clean, wonderful staff.
2 months ago
Ayush Nair
This place almost cost my partner's life. The staff was totally unresponsive to her medical needs. I had to call for an ambulance to get her to the hospital, she was in sepsis and nearly died. The PT and OT was inadequate and dismissive to the patient's needs. The food was barely tolerable, often less than desirable in warmth and appeal. Medications were not dispensed in a timely manner or explained. Under no circumstances would I recommend this place to anyone!
7 months ago
Lilou D
Its a terrible facility I would not ever recommend this place ever.
3 months ago
Justin M
This place is horrible no one seems to know what’s going on. I’m glad we got my father out of that place. No one seems to ever have ans and They will transfer to every person who works there. It was hard enough having a family member going in. It was not by choice due to things that happen in the hospital. I do not recommend this place at all.
9 months ago
Karan Chaudhary
The customer service is the worst calling the front desk is the worst. If you try to call for answers about a loved one good luck. No one ever has answers. I was transferred to every person probably who works there. I was told to call back cause there response was i dont know. it was by far the worst thank god we got my family member out when we did. this does not even deserve a star.
2 months ago
Andrew Vracin
Staff is friendly and always smiling. I enjoyed the food. The nurses and aides were good to me. Therapy was good, 10 stars. I like Troy, the therapist.
7 months ago
Bryan Schuessler
No oneshates 9nformation or seems to o ow when things are supposed to happen Not 8nvolved in determination of care Some caregivers seem rude
3 months ago
Sylvia Whitford
This little nursing home is one of the best-kept secrets in the Ft. Lauderdale area. A family member has been a patient there off and on for about a year. The rooms are homey and the whole place has a fresh, clean smell - no antiseptic or urine odors. The staff is devoted to each and every patient. Hard-working and friendly and ready to offer their assistance for every need. The patients are clean and neat and seem to be happy. Our family member made several friends there. Our personal thanks to everyone associated with The Palms for their constant and caring attitude throughout our family member's stay. We know he likes it there and our anxiety is relieved knowing he's there and being cared for.
10 months ago
Coni Gomez
This is Yasmin Adam and I been here at the Palms Care Center for 3 weeks now with a Tracheostomy and recovering blatter condition. The women & men here from the administration to the supervisors, nurses, cna’s, house keeping, & the therapy team have not only made my recovery a speedy & successful process, they ALL have made sure I felt comfortable, welcomed & truly loved. Which has helped me mentally & physically & I can’t thank them enough. I am so grateful to God that this is where I was sent even though upon my arrival I wanted to go home. The best thing I did was stay & in doing so I have recievied the BEST care from a very knowledgeable and courteous staff out of any other medical facility I have been to in the last 2 years. I can’t praise the PALMS CARE CENTER enough & I would definitely recommend it to any one in need of rehabilitation or looking for a nursing home.if I could give them a 10 star rating I would. That’s how GREAT the PALMS CARE CENTER is.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
9 months ago
arthur RUDY
Dont bring your loves one here please u be so sorry with the outcome this the worst nursing home in lauderdale lakes food nasty and nurses rude and nurse aid rude this place should be close down like forreal.
4 months ago
Julius Rutherford
I agree with all the above reviews. The food is restaurant quality and sometimes even better.
5 months ago
Kirsten Schaffer
The managennt team are all liars lead by a "do nothing" administrator who sole solution to a problem is to cover it up and by doing so everone will ignore it. Greed, corrruption, incompitancy best describe the staff.The demographic is 98% Hatian, most are not able to care for people properly. It is highly suggested that you take your loved ones elseware should the need arises.
7 months ago
martin eder
A very nasty place.
3 months ago
Tom Jedli
Clean, friendly staff and good food.
1 month ago
Joel Gauthier
2 months ago
Brandon Dixon
2 months ago
David Anderson
2 months ago
Victoria Rieth
6 months ago
Michael Guetzko
8 months ago
Mother Shabazz
2 months ago
Jeremiah Beene
11 months ago

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