Medical laboratory Quest Diagnostics Tamarac - Employer Drug Testing Not Offered

Medical laboratory Quest Diagnostics Tamarac - Employer Drug Testing Not Offered, 6848 N University Dr Suite 20, Tamarac, FL 33321, United States: 148 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Medical laboratory Quest Diagnostics Tamarac - Employer Drug Testing Not Offered
Address: 6848 N University Dr Suite 20, Tamarac, FL 33321, United States
Phone number: +1 954-722-5550

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Andrew Redden
I went to this facility last year around the same time and spent an hour, with an appointment just waiting to be called inside. The line was long and people were frustrated. We were in the midst of COVID and they had no process. NONE. I've been back twice since then and am happy to say the process has gotten smoother everytime and the facility is very clean. Much better than the competition.
4 months ago
Ken Ip
Don’t go here! Please please please don’t go here! Not worth it. The customer service is trash and the staff do not care. I accidentally made an appointment earlier and wanted to reschedule for the afternoon and was told by the app that there was a 6 min wait for walk ins so I decided to walk in instead. Upon arriving, there were only 2 people in the lobby and I was told they offer walk ins in the mornings and sometimes in the afternoons. I showed them what the app said and asked if I could speak to a manager, but was told that I could not. Then a few other reps came out to assist me and said the manager could not speak to me and that there was a supervisor who generally handled similar concerns but I could not speak to her either. 2 out of the 3 reps gave me an attitude even though I was talking calmly and with respect. The people who work at this location do not care about the representation of the company. The worst was the lead who said she did not care what the application read and encouraged me to complain indicating that I had a “first amendment right to complain”... this location is managed and operated by a majority of African Americans women who are by far some of the worst representations of the black community. They don’t care about how blacks look let alone how Quest looks. Unless something changes, this site should be shut down.
5 months ago
eli Copeland
I have had many blood draws in my lifetime, but I've never had one where I didn't feel anything. Tanisha is simply the best! She has been doing this for 20 years, and it shows. Ask for her and you will NOT regret it. Thank you Tanisha!
5 months ago
Sandeep Reddy
Customer service here is horrible. Nedege at the front was unhelpful and rude to not only me, but countless people as I sat there. There happened to be a mother and son that came in and were both hard of hearing and she was speaking to them like they didn't understand and needed further explanation instead of clearly restating her initial question, making both of them more confused. I waited for about an hour for my appointment. I asked her for a manager once to which she replied "There aren't any managers and everyone is busy" and then asking a second like about 20 minutes later, after she rudely ignored me for about 5 minutes, got up and went to the back returning with a nurse. Britt came and assisted me and was helpful, quick, and kind. She told care of me with hast and I was out the door in 5 minutes.
4 months ago
Erika Kling
After unsuccessfully trying to set an appointment online as no appointments were available for the next 3 months at any location near me, I called the 1-800 number and spoke to a representative who told me that I could walk in and they would see me. Upon arriving, I was told by the greeter that I needed an appointment. I explained my situation to her and told her that it was a shame that the corporate office gave incorrect directions to the clients and that I had come from miles away to get my bloodwork done before the deadline. The greeter understood my frustration and asked me to hold on while she checked inside and spoke to someone which i presume to be the manager. After a moment, she took my temperature and let me in, telling me that I would have to make an appointment next time. Valerie was empathetic as she checked me in, and made sure to explain what was happening and what was about to take place. She proceeded through her activities with focus and was resourceful to get the job done when the test equipment failed. I was also helped by Tasha, who gave excellent service and made sure to perform her tasks correctly. My 5 star rating is for the location and not for the corporation. I hope that Quest can ensure that they have consistent messaging from now on and that they promote Valerie for a job well done.
11 months ago
Adam Putt
Friendly phlebotomist even laughed at my jokes. Didnt hurt a bit.
3 months ago
Mitchell Welsh
Scheduled a visit to take a glucose test for my pregnancy and as soon as I arrived the young lady in front checked me in. I waited maybe less than 10 minutes to get attended for my blood work and all the women in the staff were friendly and helpful. Even the one that took my blood was gentle with me and kept making sure I was okay (due to them having to take a lot of blood) to make sure I didn’t pass out or anything. I’ve been to other quest locations and so far this one has been the best experience for me. Thank you ladies for being great ????????. I will be coming back to this location if I ever need to get any work done again.
5 months ago
Ryan Williams
the attention and the waiting is terrible, I come with a pain to do an exam and from 12 pm to 2:00 pm and I still have not been able to receive the exams, they play with the health and the waiting of the patients who logically come sick, I have a terrible pain and now the tv shows that I must wait 45 min more than such
3 months ago
Nick Crome
I went there with my parents yong lady at entrance was very nice and staff where on time and on point The best of all the place have a new and improved look super clean I'm grateful that this branch is back and running
8 months ago
Michelle Williams
I was there about half an hour before it opened and was in and out in within 30 mins without an appointment. When I had my blood drawn, Jessica was fantastic. I have always had issues with my blood being drawn and having the vein missed, not with Jessica. It was a painless experience.
5 months ago
Dennis Cruz
They are fast and always in time, no waiting more then 15 min. Thank you Tenisha (hope I did your name correctly) for taking an extra time to call me for some issues regarding a test.
10 months ago
Monique Fernstrom
I made an appointment for blood work at this location about two weeks in advance. 15 minutes prior to my appointment, I was sent a text and prompted to check in virtually. After checking in, I was able to wait in my car and and received a text message when it was time for me to enter the facility. Once I was temperature screened by the staff, I was allowed into the waiting room where I waited for barely a minute before being brought back by one of the nurses. The nurse who collected my sample did a great job; barely felt the needle. My entire visit took maybe 5 minutes. The staff was very efficient and the measures taken within the facility for the protection of the patients and the staff were great (ie: social distancing signs on the walls and floors, hand sanitizers in a couple of locations throughout the room, etc). If you need to come to this location (or any Quest location) for anything, I'd recommend making an appointment. I've never had labs done so quickly ever, it was great!
2 months ago
Remus Sescioreanu
The ONLY reason I am giving this review 5 stars is because the lady that took my blood was phenomenal! Her name is Jessica and is the best I’ve had. Very gentle when taking my blood work. Answered my questions professionally with no attitude even when she was assisting another client. Took me on time for my appointment and was someone very approachable. I’ve been to quest multiple times and it is very hard to find someone of great customer service but she was simply amazing! Thank you Jessica for being the needle in the hay stack in a world where great customer service is rare to find!
4 months ago
Matt Wiggins
I always go to the Quest at Commercial but I tried this one in Tamarac and I didn't like the experience. The young lady at the door was ok, but the overall service was not good.i love Miss Raquel and most of the team at Commercial,they are five stars.
9 months ago
elections K
I tried calling to make an appointment, the machine gave me an error and said please call back twice, I went on the website and it said the earliest appointment is August 17th.. I couldn't wait that long but it said if you come within the first hour of the day they'll take walk-ins. So I went at 6:30, we as one of the first people there and the nurse/check in lady comes out and says "do you have an appointment" to everyone and me and another lady say no, she said you have to have an appointment. Very rudely. I said but the website.. and she said it's right here and points to the sign, "it's been like this for seven weeks" then I overheard her tell someone else that starting August 12 they will be closed for two months?? Then how was the August 17 appointment available online for that location?? Then I look up another location (Tamarac) I call to make sure they take walk-ins, machine answers and says they do (I tried to connect to a real person, it didn't work) so I take a chance and drive over there- there's a line out the door when I get there, so I think ok good they must do walk-ins then. I go and stand in line and then again a nurse comes out and starts asking people if they have appointments.. an elderly lady in front of me says no and gets upset, then I say no and she tells me sorry appointments only.. I say what? Your phone service says you take walk-ins (it's not even past 7:30 yet, technically first hour of the day) she said I know but there's only so many people we can see because we already have appointments.. then answer your phone and say hey we're full don't bother coming? Honestly. The disorganization of this LARGE company, the misdirects everywhere, the rudeness of the staff is UNBELIEVABLE. if you have the option and not a dumb insurance like mine, GO ELSEWHERE.
9 months ago
Derek Thomas
The ladies that work at this Quest are all part of the front line Heroes during this epidemic. I see them every month with a smile on their faces. They manage the crowd in the morning answering everyone's questions as fast as they come. It's easy to post negative feedbacks when mistreated. This place needs a bit more 5 star because like clockwork every month when I drag myself to this Quest for Lab work. I get a good morning with a smile then the words I hear everywhere I go. How do you pronounce your name?
1 month ago
Gibson Productions
Yes the wait was a bit long .But that is to expected with this Covid-19. Staff is great. Very clean.
10 months ago
Michael Heath
Place very small not enough seats its annoying to stand or wait outside not a comfortable place at all especially when waiting and taking test. . People are nice.
10 months ago
Tewelde Fesshatsion
Absolutely horrific experience dealing with KEISHA.she was so rude and impatient. Not only to me but to everybody who came. Looks like keisha is losing her patience at this job. Maybe its time for her to find something else to do.that has nothing to do with being nice or talking to ppl at all.
1 week ago
Tara Hohimer
Waited 1 hour with 8 other people in the waiting room During covid 19 no chairs were cleaned. No disinfectant spray available. Afraid to use bathroom. I asked twice if they took blood for 2 doctors orders. They did NOT take test for first doctors labs. Surprised? No. The only positive is Chachita who took my blood. Fantastic job.
6 months ago
Nora DeLaCour
I had an appointment and was seen with in minutes. Quick and painless. The waiting room was spaced appropriately considering the pandemic. There was a little wait for the bathroom but overall not bad.
4 months ago
gwynn s
Based on others' reviews and everything going on with Covid, I was prepared for a terrible experience filled with long wait times and rude staff but what I found was the complete opposite. What a wonderful surprise! Although there were a lot of people waiting when I arrived, the staff did an excellent job of registering people outside, where we waited until there was a seat available in the waiting room. The seats inside were properly spaced out for social distancing and staff did a great job ensuring people with appointments were seen before walk-ins. I arrived 5 minutes before my appointment time and was in and out in a total of 24 minutes. My phlebotomist, Sandie, was the best I've ever pain, no bruising!
4 months ago
Linda Owings
the front desk manger, pretty sure her name was kesha, was INCREDIBLY rude and disrespectful. absolute worst service i’ve ever had. she was unbelievably rude, and had a disgusting attitude. i would rather go to a completely different city before i ever even THINK about dealing with someone, who would do a better job cleaning my floor then dealing in an office. absolutely horrible. definitely do not recommend.
9 months ago
Nathaniel Spencer
Terrible, rude, low class staff. Well at least the front desk member named KEESHA. Was extremely unwelcoming and impatient, made my mom feel unwanted there to the last extent. And she’s not just rude and nasty to one person, it’s literally to everybody who walks in. Seems like KEESHA has some things going on that’s making her dread coming to work. If she’s normally a good worker, maybe she should take some time off and come back and figure out her ****. But if shes always been a low class, unskilled, trashy employee then maybe she should leave for good. Would be in the best interest of the business and its customers.
1 month ago
Kryss McCarley
I see why the ratings are so low. Please get people who are organized,and professional to run this poorly ran business. I had a 11am appt. After checking in with code sent to email, sat in car, and told i was going to be texted. I was texted once, the welcome text and nothing further. The check in said about 28min after about 50 min. I went back in and was told, they just came in,and they dont know what happened,to check in again. Bad attitude, no apology, or professionalism. Someone didnt do what they were supposed to, wasting my time. Then when we finally got back the lady who took my baby blood was new or didnt know what she was doing. Poked my baby then kept moving it in, and out before removing it, and poking her again, leaving other poke to just bleed without wiping or covering. Horrible experience!!! If can avoid this location, do!
9 months ago
Nathan Colby
Website says walk-in accepted. Went there at 6am in the rain only to be told at 6:36 that walk-ins are not accepted and it is not her faulf if the Website is not updated because the last time she accepted walk-ins she got chewed out 3RD incident in same month. I guess I am really not supposed to go back to this location at all. Had a 1:45 appointment on 7/29/20 and arrived 1:30pm and checked in on my phone and decided to wait in my car. I kept checking my phone for a text that never came after waiting 1 hour and 15 minutes Didn'tthink anythingof it as Iwaited a littlelonger at anotherlocation the day before. However, I looked up and noticed my car was the only one left in the parking lot so I decided to go check. What woukd you know, the door was locked and the lights were off and they were in the back packing up at 2:30 which would seem they closed the door before 2:30pm and left me waiting in my car. I knocked at the front door for 5 minutes and was totally ignored. I went around back to see if I could find the exit door and couldn't. Went back to the front and knocked again for 2 minutes and finally someone came over and spoke to me through the locked door told me to come back next day as everything wss packed.up. Looked at my phone time was 2:39 which confirms my suspicion that door was locked before 2:30pm. I went back the next morning and the agent that was working got the brunt of my anger says that was het first dsy back in a month and she was not the one working the day before and can take care of my issue. Told her no already got service elsewhere snd just came to let them know I will be filing formal complaint as 3 times in one month of bad service was mote than enough. Guess she want and confirm that I was telling the truth so I got a call that morning from probably a supervisor apologizing finally and wanting me to come back for setvice. Claiming she reprimanded staff as I should have been seen. Told her not ever coming back to that location and that I alteady had service done at another lab same day and that I am still filing my complaint
9 months ago
brina salvado
Horrible place to come!!!! Customer service is off limits here, I guess they don’t get well paid or they have no passion for what they do, just went to school and got a quick diploma on drawing people’s blood! Sad we have to take this ...
2 weeks ago
Vladimir Putin
I had to wait more than 30 minutes after my appointment time. First contact staff members were courteous, but the young miss who took my blood was argumentative with me when all I asked was if I had a urine sample to provide. After that was confirmed, I was told that the restroom was inoperable and I had to take the cup home to use my own restroom and take the sample back to them.
2 months ago
Brenda Lore
some techs in this office are highly unprofessional. Two techs are in my room speaking about another patient..I politely made them aware that they are violating Hippo laws by speaking about another patient in front of me. Their response: you don't know which one. Of course I do cause I seen her pass by. They shout back and forth to each other instead of having a normal conversation. Tech was good when drawing my blood but HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE! !!!
9 months ago
Jacob Parker
No customer service available via telephone, none at location. Website and automated phone message says pregnant and elderly accepted without appointment during VIP hour but when you get there, they are at capacity... for the day. Inconvenient waste of customers valuable time.
1 month ago
Jennifer Upegui
Awful. They’re not there to help you. Absolutely horrible customer service
3 weeks ago
Mahkyla Jewell
All personnel is awesome..
6 months ago
Tricia Moore
Never had a bad experience if you make an appt your in and out.
1 month ago
Eric Kinney
They are all nasty really Unprofessional I don't understand how they let people so rude work in their facility the lady at the front desk that scans ur info is extremely rude and nasty and My arm is swollen and bruised because they don't know how to deal with children they had Me hold down my 80lb son with Autism they didnt help me I will never go back there
4 months ago
Kate Crossgrove
Terrible service, Keisha the manager has a HUGE attitude problem. She would not even let me explain what was going on. I will be submitting a BBB complaint and calling quest directly. This sort of behavior is unacceptable. IF YOU DO NOT LOVE YOUR JOB YOU SHOULD FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO.
3 months ago
Chantal Phillips
I arrived early (1240pm) for my 1pm appointment. The lobby was packed and I could hear people complaining that they had not been seen yet and it was after their appointment time. People in front of me that had 1245pm appointments didn't get called back till 120pm. As people talked to the girl at the desk she would talk down to them and not really treat them very nice. They have signs up that say appointments only but were taking people back that didn't have appointments!!! They were 45min late when they called me back 1:45pm. The only reason I am leaving a two star is because the young lady who drew my blood was very apologetic and very nice. If you read other reviews it doesn't seem like they're very good at keeping appointments or being on time. For such a quick procedure they shouldn't be this far behind.
5 months ago
Shayla Bondarchuk
Worst customer service ever; a woman named Keisha needs to be replaced ASAP! That woman is beyond rude. Just a terrible experience
3 months ago
brandi pasternack
Employees were very courteous. Shot out to Ms Jessica R.! She is very professional and knowledgable with her scope of work. Lab work was done with ease! Thanks!
5 months ago
Rohan Ellis
Very rude staff....Horrible experience!
6 months ago
Sergey Jakovlev
The reviews already here are correct. The woman at the reception desk is not qualified to work with humans! She is rude and completely disinterested in people. Rude, uncaring and lazy. She should be fired immediately. I brought in my parents, 90 and 91. They needed blood drawn. Both had made appointments so they didn't have to wait. My mother's appointment had been lost in the system and she was logged in as a walk-in. She needs a walker and assistance to get up and walk. I asked if they could accommodate both at the same time instead of 35 minutes apart because of this fact. The "woman" at the desk responded that she's take care of it when they called my mother. In other words, "shut up and sit down, I'll get to her when I feel like it." Avoid this location at all cost! I hope other Quest locations are better. This woman is completely cold and uncaring.
4 months ago
kimothy fong
This is by far the most unprofessional place I’ve ever been in my life. There was a phlebotomist who was upset about god knows what and was arguing with the front desk who turns out to be pregnant and was threatening to hurt her and in front of a patient when the front desk kept telling her there were patients in front of her she said she didn’t care that she was going to say what she needed and continued to threaten and curse at the front desk this is ridiculous invest in more qualified employees that want to come to work it’s trash like this that makes a big company like this look bad NEVER coming here again.
7 months ago
Bill Taylor
Not a good 1st experience at ALL! Appointments are made for a reason, some of us have other things to do, being a little behind is understood however, this place is totally unprofessional, unorganized and a little on the dirty side. The staff I dealt with were not only unprofessional but their appearance was not good some had hair all over their heads as if they just woke up. I love to see brown skin people working and doing well for themselves but it's hard to be supportive when we are not representing. I went in 10minutes early and was called back 25min I thought. I was watching the screen with my name on it . It jumped from 8min to 19min, finally to 1 min and then gone, I was never called. Two people later I went to ask why I was being skipped and a girl in the back of the room behind the girl in the window said I was calling for a while. I stated how can you be calling me from way back there! Since when do you call people in from your chair behind a wall! There were quite a few people in the lobby and tv on so what happened to coming to the door, lazy I guess. Finally she says go back to rm 4, I waited way to many more minutes, another girl came in asked me for my info and a script. I let her know a script was faxed, she had to go look for it, while she was doing that I quickly called my doctors office to make sure they sent the fax, which they did. The girl tells me she had nothing and I had to go back to the lobby. I left the room but stayed inside, wanting to see how soon someone goes to the fax machine to check which no one did, I had to ask the girl behind the counter to kindly check and when she ever pulled the papers off the machine they were piled so high you would have thought no one was working. Furthermore when I walked by the lab urine samples were ALLLL over the counters just everywhere, I was like hope they don't get people's samples mixed up and how dirty does it look back there, made me uncomfortable and I was starting to feel like I didn't want them to draw me for sanitary reasons. My fax was there she sent me back to the room again, i waited, then finally the same girl who sent me back came in asked for ins info, I gave it to her, she was unable to move forward in the computer and needed help, I ran out of time and could not wait. What a waist of time. They should be careful because corporate could be coming in undercover to evaluate the office and have them fired for being unprofessional and unorganized . I will never go back it's sad because the location is very convenient i hope this place doesn't hurt anyone and get sued for neglect.
4 months ago
Tahir Gjonbalaj
The service at the Tamarac location was great. The ladies there were awesome. They were friendly and pleasant. I hate the needle and they made me feel comfortable. A big shout out to Keisha the "vampire." This girl can find any vein to draw that blood. Great team...????
3 months ago
Jillian Stone
Terrible I waited in the front for over 5 minutes not one time did anyone come from the back to help me. As I head them loudly talking in the back. Then once I finally got someone’s attention they talked to me from a distance not even coming to the front desk.
5 months ago
James Jung
Sign says appointments only, however they always take walk ins during the week. Turns out this is not true for Saturday, so keep this in mind. Front staff are very rude to individuals when they ask questions. They talk towards their screen and do not make eye contact with the customer. Other front desk staff are not doing anything at their desk, literally just sitting there when people are in the waiting room 45+ minutes waiting. Not sure who hires these employees, but you need to screen them better. They have no customer service skills. Not something I would expect in a laboratory setting. They show no urgency for moving patients in and out of their facility. The negative reviews for this location are very true. I wouldn't recommend this location, just due to the staff that employee it. Go to another location if possible. You will waste your time here and ultimately become frustrated with the process here.
9 months ago
Russell Hamarnah
I was a walk in and I wait for 1 hour, nobody give you any information for how long really is going to be. ( do not believe what the screen said )Never again, I always go to the one in Colonial Drive, is the best.
5 months ago
Timm Huffman
I always have a pleasant experience when I come here. Although, I have little to no interaction with the ppl at the front, since I use the kiosk or my phone to check in and complete my appointment. However I have seen the INTERPERSONAL experiences some some of the patients have expressed. The lack of patience with elderly and for the ppl that are not as tech savvy. I work in the hospice field and prior I have worked in the hospital for years. We in the Healthcare sector HAVE TO PUT OUR SELVES IN THEIR SHOES DAILY!! I would suggest someone at the front desk who is friendlier and more PATIENT with patients. At the end of the day we are all humans and we never know what tomorrow brings. Today is he/she but tomorrow it could be you. Let's be more caring and respectful to others.
6 months ago
Carolyn Bishop
It was fast and easy. Jessica , she drew my blood and she was great ????
5 months ago
Emma Sharp
I had an appointment at 1:15 and another woman before me had an appointment at 1pm. Neither of us were called into the room to have our blood drawn until over an hour later at 2:20. The woman at the front desk has short black hair and is rude. Her attitude leaves a lot to be desired. The only saving grace of this appointment was when I walked to the back and complained, letting a gentleman named Jimmy know the issue and he called everyone into a room to have their bloodwork and tests done. I will not come here again. This is pitiful customer service. These people were twiddling their thumbs and doing nothing while people were waiting outside.
9 months ago
Austin Kurtz
One of the best location ever visited .very professional staff. kisha was very very nice with me and my kids .will always recommend this Location .
6 months ago

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