Orthopedic Center of Palm Beach County

Orthopedic surgeon Orthopedic Center of Palm Beach County, 180 John F Kennedy Dr, Atlantis, FL 33462, United States: 220 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Orthopedic Center of Palm Beach County
Rate: 4.7
Address: 180 John F Kennedy Dr, Atlantis, FL 33462, United States
Website: ocpbc.com
Phone number: +1 561-967-6500

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 26.6012420
Longitude: -80.0920328

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Dj Corson
The office and staff were more than helpful. They were completely compassionate to my pain and discomfort and took every available measure to make me comfortable,to a sure me that I will get better and they will do everything they can to help me.They took their time. There was no rushing and put me at ease. I am looking forward to working with Dr. D’Ariano And I have all the confidence in him as well as his staff.
9 months ago
Jonathan Dingus
Dr. B was welcoming and energetic to myself and my son. He was calm and patient. He answers questions I had regarding a cast being placed on my son.
9 months ago
Audrey Gay
The service was impeccable. After Dr. D'Ariano thoroughly examining the information provided and conducted an in office assessment, the issue was immediately identified. Arriving at a diagnosis and formulating a treatment plan was done in a quick and easy manner. Explanation of the issue was made simple enough to understand. Kat and all staff encountered were professional and courteous from beginning to end. Above and Beyond, quality servive was received from this team at OCPBC Lake Worth location. Thank you for treating your patients with care and respect. Satisfied Customer.
9 months ago
Naomi Levy
Our son broke his first bone. Anyone I asked recommended dr Berkowitz!! Well now we understand why! Not the news we wanted to hear but we know he’s in good hands! Thank you!!!
9 months ago
Carol Nolan
Orthopedic Center of Palm Beach has an amazing crew of professional and experienced doctors and staff. I was really pleased with the level of communication and attention to detail I received while visiting as a patient. I was assured that no question was too small and they followed up by giving me the answers I was looking for. Also, the treatments advised were right on time, including the diagnostic tests that were recommended. I feel certain that my doctors afforded me all of their expertise to put me on a course of wellness. My heartfelt thanks go out to the Orthopedic Center for taking care of my needs.
1 month ago
Wayne Ferguson
I was very satisfied with the excellent service from Sahil and the new trainee PT at my post surgery therapy evaluation. He was patient professional courteous and friendly . He seemed very knowledgeable and provided me with tips to aid in my recovery process. Thank you guys.
10 months ago
Yvette D
Amazing office. Everyone is extremely caring and they make you feel comfortable! Dr Abase has a wonderful bedside manner and was very thorough. He explained everything in great detail.
10 months ago
James Neubauer
Dr Richmond shows that he actually cares about his patients. He listens to them and asked for their feedback on their treatment. It's the first time that a doctor has ever cared or asked for my opinion on treatment for myself. Dr abbasi also did my shoulder surgery and he is the same when it comes to caring for and asking a patient what they think about their treatment. I am grateful for both doctors and the staff is wonderful at the two locations that I have been to which is Wellington and Atlantis. Thank you guys for everything.
1 month ago
White Tea
I have been treated by several doctors in this practice and they have all been excellent. This was my first experience with Dr Shallop and am as pleased with him as with his colleagues. He is kind, a good listener, took excellent care to limit my pain and treated my problem. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a hand specialist.
10 months ago
sam ducrane
11 months ago
Alex Baker
I love the staff and the doctor was very kind and explained everything to me and also to my 7 years old
9 months ago
Kate Hoffmann
Very professional and knowledgeable. From the very start I felt comfortable and informed with the treatment schedule that was customized for me. Highly recommended.
11 months ago
Edward Tripp
Dr Berkowitz was great, and really professional. He was also courteous and made my anxiety level at ease in regards to my son injury . He explained things thoroughly in regards to my son care . I would definitely recommend him and his staff for service .
9 months ago
Shelley Rom
Amazing staff and very positive experience. I was so impressed with their efficiency while providing very high level of care.
10 months ago
Verlander Thomas
I went to see Dr D'Ariano after going to a chiropractor and also a pain management doctor. I had surgery 30 years ago and my lower back was an issue once again. Neither were effective especially the pain management doctor, of which he gave me a cortisone shot. Actually multiple ones across my back, twice! They did nothing. Dr D'Ariano authorized an MRI and then he targeted a single cortisone shot in a precise spot. This single shot worked miracles. He is an amazing Dr and I would recommend him if you are experiencing chronic pain. He takes the time to find the root of the problem. Thank you Dr D'Ariano!
10 months ago
Orlenni Jimenez
Dr.D'Ariano and his staff have always been prompt, efficient and professional. Lisa at the front desk is also doing twelve things at once, and yet always the consummate professional. Top notch practice!
11 months ago
hannah callaghan
Very helpful. Very knowledgeable. Very kind. Doctor and staff were all of the above. To be completely honest, I was surprised with how great they were.
11 months ago
Thomas Shoemaker
Sahil is very kind and an excellent physical therapist. His evaluation of my issue was thorough and professional. I highly recommend him.
11 months ago
Bailey Kissel
I highly recommend Dr. David Abbasi from OCPBC. I arrived at the center with great difficulty walking. He treated me and 24 hours later I am 100% better. Dr. Abbasi is professional competent and kind.
10 months ago
Meg Dobbs
Best physical therapy place and the best therapists ever. I will highly recommend the doctors and the therapists.
10 months ago
Zain Pervaiz
This doctor went above and beyond for me. I had a average to low chance of recovering fully because I waited so long to seek help. I was fortunate enough to find Juan F Agudelo as he made sure I recovered and a few months later I’m doing just amazing. I practically have full range of motion even though my chances were drastically reduced. He took his time with me as his patient and gave me the confidence that I needed. And now because of his awesome work my future looks very promising. Once again I say thanks.
5 months ago
Gary Rogers
I have been a patient at the center on three different occasions. The nursing staff has always been kind and efficient. The facilities are lovely.
11 months ago
Isleen Halvorsen
First visit. Nice front staff. Appt was at 10:30am. Didn't get in to see Dr Shallop until around 11. Took x-rays of my knees (bone to bone interior left knee). I'm overweight and pretty much all he told me to do is lose weight. Obviously I already knew that going in. I was in pain and needed some relief. Can't lose 100lbs in a day! Prescribed an NSAID Milloxicam and said it may or not help then sent me packing. Didn't do any type of mobility exam. Wish he would have examined my knee more then just going from x-ray and hurrying me out. Guess I'll just go back to Palm Beach Orthopedic Institute. My overall experience was average when compared to other ortho clinics I've been too. Nothing really stood out that would make me come back over any other clinic.
9 months ago
Jackie Sherwood
Dr. Clancy is THE BEST! He did bunion surgeries which have never caused me any more pain. After a sports injury in 2007, he rebuilt my foot and ankle in 1 surgery. Rehab went well, I am back to my sport. This week he saw me in his office for a new ankle problem. He sent me for a MRI the same day and called me with the results, aleving my fears.
10 months ago
Nick Fernandiz
Dr. Shallop was fantastic- personable and knowledgeable and prompt. His assistant Heather was also terrific. I highly recommend them!
11 months ago
Vaishali Patil
Very helpful when checking in, Covid safety protocols in place and I was seen exactly at my appointment time-!! Sahil was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable being there. He also answered all of my 50 million questions about my upcoming therapy sessions. I could sense a caring atmosphere in the room as others were there being treated as well. Awesomeness all around-!!
2 weeks ago
Dean Eilers
Dr Richman is so pleasant and an extremely professional, knowledgeable physician and surgeon. Dr Richman is one of many specialty Doctors with The Orthopedic Center of Palm Beach. The entire team is friendly and they follow a flawless routine which makes the wait very minimal and the time with the Doctor is never rushed allowing for a thorough and comfortable appointment with a top specialist in Orthopedic Medicine.
6 days ago
Nicole Anguiano
Dr. Richman was very professional and sympathetic in his approach to to my medical conditions, I have a few. I am grateful for his help and would recommend him to any body that asked
10 months ago
carl Engle
There is a camaraderie in the facility. Everyone is pulling for each other. The therapists are very motivational.
9 months ago
Barbara Dodd
From the front desk , to the X-Ray tech, Dr. visit, nurses, MRI tech... I can’t say enough great things about this practice! Such wonderful , authentic people who are efficient and made me feel like they truly care about their patients... I had no wait time and today will be my third visit in 3 days! They are accommodating and have a complete sense of urgency. I would highly recommend Dr. Rosenfield ! He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and has a wonderful personality/ bedside manner... I’m so happy to have been referred to this practice.
5 months ago
Justin M
So glad to be able to do virtual PT appointments in order to reduce potential of exposure to Covid19. Amy was great. Onsite PT with Mathew Steiner is going really well. He is knowledgeable and likable. Being able to do one weekly appointment in person and one virtually is ideal for me.
11 months ago
Rodney Spurlock
My visit to OCPD , had me scared , concerned and didn’t know what to expect from my visit .It took me a while to get comfortable and acceptable to the test the Dr Graubert , was going to put me threw not that it was intense but just different . My doctor help me relax and it made the treatment more bearable and smooth. Thank you Doctor .
9 months ago
Halfpint H
From the front desk to the Dr., everyone was super caring. I would definitely recommend to family and friends.
11 months ago
Paul Gross
Having to rely on someone other than myself, for medical care, I could not have found a better place or people to help me. I find a comfort factor in their way of presenting solutions to my issues. Making me feel that I am an important concern of theirs.
3 months ago
Obaida Shammama
My office visit was pleasant and all staff including the Doctor made me feel comfortable and at ease.
10 months ago
Jean Woods
My 1st appointment couldn't have gone better. When I walked in the building they took my temperature and ask me questions to make sure I had an experience symptoms of covrd. Everyone was wearing a mask and was sanitizer everywhere . The staff couldn't have been more professional or any nicer. Dr. Abbasi is the best!!
11 months ago
Qwest Andrews
My first visit was great. My physical therapist, Julie is awesome. She was very thorough and made me feel confident that I was in good hands.
1 month ago
Jackie Misa
Very professional and friendly on the same time ,everyone on the same page making me progress very rapidly.Thank you
10 months ago
Abigail Alvarado
First time patient of Dr. Abassi, the consultation was great. No delay in getting in , Dr. Abassi was friendly, professional, knowledgeable and understandable. I felt at ease speaking with him. Overall, I was satisfied with Dr. Abassi, his nurse and staff. I would recommend Dr. Abassi to my family, friends and everyone .
11 months ago
Liz Thomas
Dr. Abbasi performed a Rotator Cuff Surgery on my right shoulder on January 5th. I didn't have an Ounce Of pain. My recovery has gone as smoothly as it can be. Eight weeks out and i am able to do the things needed to with my Right arm Thank you Dr. Abbasi !!
1 month ago
Lavanya Gowda
Dr Clancy, you said it would take approximately 2-3 days and the pain would disapate. It did. Thank you so much. You are wonderful.
11 months ago
ryan Knippelmeir
My experience was very awesome. The entire staff was welcoming, friendly, professional and patient. The assigned physician took the time to ensure I had a very good understanding of what was going on with me even showing me with a model. Thank you
4 months ago
Kaiden Vlogs
Dr. Richman’s office goes above and beyond. He is personable and very “human” ... you can actually talk to him and he takes the time to hear you. His staff is great and are so patient with me. They have had to work out scheduling and prescription issues for me a few times and were amazing- always able to figure it out, where other offices might’ve just said “nope, sorry!”.
6 months ago
Sandor Felho
I think it's s good Center and the Dr too Thank you Daniel Diano
10 months ago
Jim Boulier
Very nice facility. I was nervous at first because I've never been there before. The staff are extremely professional and put me at ease early on. Dr. Richmond was very helpful explaining what I can expect and the direction of the treatment to come. I'm looking forward to my next visit.
4 months ago
Richard McDermith
I am SO impressed by attention and Dris Kane staff have shown towards me Dr. Cohen said to me before my surgery that Shoulder surgery is his specialty. It certainly is. The PT Dr. that I am working with said “in the time he has been a Physician Therapist PhD he has not seen such incredible surgery. Doris Kane
3 months ago
John Carey
It was good meeting Tom. He treated me for trigger finger. Easy to talk to and knows hand anatomy and massage techniques well. He listens well to zero in on my trigger finger progress & problems. I was afraid I was pulling a tendon too hard in exercise routine and he reassured me I wasn't. Showed me the right technique. Thanks Tom.
2 months ago
Brandie Reynolds
Met with Dr. Levin today very patient, thorough, and pleasant.
10 months ago
Jeramie Sutherland
Came in with severe back pain, almost unable to walk. Wait for an hour, the nurse was rude to me because I said I didn't know if a still had an open case from my accident. Then DR. D'ARIANO says "I don't know what's wrong". Then rushed me out and said that I need to come back for more tests. You could definitely tell i was the last patient of the day.. They don't care about the patient at all, just the money. Worst doctor experience ever. Update: they immediately responded to this negative review but will not answer me.
9 months ago
Sanyam Chauhan
Dr Clamsy They are all wonderful saved my leg Very nice staff clean and very busy but well organized Thank You
1 month ago

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