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Marguerite Tilton
Great design, build and maintenance. We had Rick and his crew completely design and build our landscaping. Now 5 years later, it is mature and looking great. Stone work is beautiful. He did such a great job, we also had his crew mow our lawn and plow our driveway. Always on time and do a great job.
4 months ago
Neeraj Sahae
Giving this company 1 star since it employs people that don’t wear masks in a store when legally required because of a pandemic. Multiple signs outside indicating that masks are required and apparently these people feel like they don’t have to follow the law or respect the health and well-being of others.
3 months ago
Steven Aponte
Rick, Kali, Eric, and Cory and the rest of the Green Scene crew did an excellent job from design to completion. From the landscaping to the hardscaping to the lighting, we couldn't be more than pleased with the final result. Not only did they deliver on design and installation, they were able to complete the project on time despite a very rainy spring, and address concerns immediately and professionally. I would highly recommend Green Scene and would most definitely use them again in the future. Thanks again guys!
3 months ago
Jarret Imes
Last year we had some raised beds put together by Greenscene, deer fence built around them and some dirt added to the raised beds. The raised beds are falling apart this spring. Fine. Maybe the product itself is bad. The soil put in the beds seems to be a strange mixture of cement powder, soil and lots of stones. Killed all our seedlings. Tried to have them to come and have a look but never heard back. The project cost us a lot too. They made a mistake during the construction and asked us to pay for it...
5 months ago
Ed Wiz
The crew did an amazing job. Installed a 450ft fence, porch steps, two gates and some leveling of land. Took about a week to complete. Could work on responding a little quicker, but in the end the yard looks amazing. Would 100% recommend to anyone.
6 months ago
Ivan Gamero
Hired to replace entire lawn. The crew scraped 2+ inches of dirt off my lawn and put < 1 inch of dirt and gravel back on - barely enough to cover the irrigation tubing. Sprinkler heads were sitting 1-2 inches above the ground. GreenScene came back to re-seed and fertilize, but you can't grow a lawn in gravel and they were unwilling to fix the problem they created. One year later, I'm still paying professionals to fix the damage done. Lars normally does great work, but his crew skimped on replacing the dirt creating a no-win situation.
9 months ago
Maxim Shomov
Rick and his crew do great work. We've had them do several projects over the past 8 years and would highly recommend them for landscaping and/or hardscaping work.
10 months ago
Tylinda Lawrence
Had contract, failed to show up after first snow storm, did not stake property, showed up late after second snow accumulation only after we called to complain. Said "Our commercial clients are taken care of first." Canceled service.
6 months ago
Wade Summers
Too busy to help us but gave advice on DIY!
5 months ago
Christopher HarrKuhn
no good!!! this company just plain greedy. had surgery, couldn't get lawn done and they won't do a job just once... you have to sign a contract with them, or they will have nothing to do with you! !! stay away, find a real company with real people!
6 months ago
Sheena Noel
11 months ago
James Pratts
8 months ago
Gonzalo Miranda
2 months ago
Donnie Fite
2 months ago

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