Plastic fabrication company Berry Plastics Corporation

Plastic fabrication company Berry Plastics Corporation, 200 Main St, Macedon, NY 14502, United States: 17 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Plastic fabrication company Berry Plastics Corporation
Address: 200 Main St, Macedon, NY 14502, United States
Phone number: +1 315-986-6270

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Al Redenbaugh
Nice people quick unload
10 months ago
KungHao Wang
Super nice people I came here to load my truck .. easy people and lovely.. come from o nail road for shipping
4 months ago
Sean Gaines
Pull into O’Neil road for shipping, very east of complex. Showed up before appointment and loaded in less than 30 minutes. Super friendly staff.
6 months ago
Manny Mamakas
Nice place to pick up load from cane 4hrs late they still load me 30 mints loading time super friendly workers they also have over night parking across the entrance gate
3 months ago
Clara Almonte
Awesome place to pick up from. Very friendly staff and 30 minutes load time. Even told me how to leave out to save time and that the Walmart down the road to the west was trucker-friendly. Must have a clean trailer though. Not ConAgra clean, but clean enough. They also informed that the 12' 9" low clearance half a mile from the receiving end isn't really 12' and that trucks can in fact fit under it IF for some reason a driver somehow misses the turn into the west side gate (recieving side). How can you miss it though??
5 months ago
Kim Shire
Great poeple fast loaded ✊
4 months ago
Drew Dienno
7 am open recieving entrance Ontario center rd quick unloading great place
9 months ago
Jeia Chiong
can park overnight but tight before gate. Check in starts at 7am and loading take anywhere from 90-120min... overall great and friendly people. Must have a dry clean Van to load.
6 months ago
Tanisha Otten
1-2hrs loading time opens at 7am , no appt , good friendly people. Can sleep overnight of needed. Must have clean and dry van
6 months ago
Stavroula Stavroudh
Very unsanitary. Rodents running around. Love the new renovations they did on the plant managers office, however.
8 months ago
Anne Herrmann
Realy nice employees helpful people
6 months ago
Sifa Omona
Great guys,super fast!
8 months ago
Marjorie Sturgeon
Nice place
10 months ago
Gang Tang
Очень отзывчивый персонал????!!! И погрузка полный трейлер, общее время минут 30... супер!!!!
7 months ago
Adais ViruetTorres
3 months ago
christine chase
4 months ago
Yasir Arafat
5 months ago

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