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Day spa Lavish Manors Nail Spa, 2717 N Dixie Hwy, Wilton Manors, FL 33334, United States: 162 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 2717 N Dixie Hwy, Wilton Manors, FL 33334, United States
Phone number: +1 954-396-6245

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curtis smith
This has been my salon since I moved from west palm 4 years ago. Nancy is the best. I don’t have to say a word she gets it!! And does the best brows in Broward!!
3 months ago
Ken Lambert
My 2nd time going and I loved it. It's always a pleasure going. Everyone treats you nice and sweet. They PAMPER you for real. I have found my nail shop!
5 months ago
Ronald Viers
I have been to this salon 3 times now. Each time the service was amazing. Quality work and great conversation from the people taking care of me. I would like to praise Calvin and also Jay as they are amazing and I look forward to coming back to see them soon.
5 months ago
Leia Lee
Amazing mani/pedi with Jay today... first parabean (sp) treatment I've had, it was great. Didn't get my glass of wine though, wasn't a deal breaker, but would've added to the overall experience
3 months ago
Excellent wilton manors
7 months ago
Mykal Mason
Tung did my nails and he did an Amazing job! They're perfect! I will be back.
5 months ago
David Toothaker
My nails look like they were done by a five year old. I asked for square but got round and there is still nail polish under and around my nails. She didn't go to the edge of my nails with the polish and there are bumps in the coat. I also didn't enjoy sitting next to scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner while getting my nails done. This experience turned me away from this place forever, never coming back. My manicure was not worth forty dollars. I wanted to get my nails done for christmas and these are completely embassing, not to mention they are gel and won't come off for 2 weeks. To top it off the employees weren't wearing face masks when they came in. If I wanted to go to a salon where employees didn't wear face coverings and kids were running around, I would've gone to my sister's and let her daughter do my nails.
7 months ago
Chris Thigpen
The guys are great at doing the Pedicures everytime I get a woman the service is poor.
6 months ago
Jared Bandy
This is a wonderful nail salon! I always go here to get my mani and pedi and they never let me down. They offer a variety of services for your nails and skin. Everyone is always so nice and friendly. The salon is always clean and stocked with fresh packaged materials.
9 months ago
Jose Fuentes
I go to Lavish Nails exclusively for my stylist, Colton! If you're looking to change or try someone new go see him at Lavish Nails in Wilton Manors.
8 months ago
Krzysztof Rul
I was very clean and set up very nice, better than I expected. The service was excellent and I can't wait to go back for more services. I might add it was my first visit to the salon.
10 months ago
Angelia Twitty
This good nail psa
3 months ago
Henger Ydrogo
The only place I trust for my mani/pedi.
6 months ago
Edouard Humphrey
Great service from Henry.
3 months ago
Rhonda Hancock
Victor does the best eyebrows thank you so much I will definitely be returning. He spent time making them perfect it was not a rushed job at all like the other places in the area. So happy I found him
3 months ago
shama brown
Have been going to Lavish Nails for the past three years. Everyone treats me like family when I come in. Jay and May have both done my gel manicure and regular pedicure and they are fantastic. The owners Jay & Tommy are great to!! Not only do you get a glass of wine, but they also have amazing massaging chairs now during your pedicure. By far my favorite nail salon.
3 months ago
Roger Kay
I was not satisfied with my experience today. I got a full set with gel polish. They are so thick and bulky, completely unnatural. They are also uneven. The nail tech was nice. I think her name was Sophie? But I’ve never had such ugly thick nails before. Payed an extra $15 and there not even shiny. She also cut me multiple times while using the electric tools. My fingers hurt.
7 months ago
John Cressler
The salon is immaculate and the services, phenomenal. My preferred nail tech is May. She is always professional, courteous and detail oriented. 5 star treatment from the moment you enter.
3 months ago
William Foster
Kenny did a beautiful job
9 months ago
Ron Ron
I Love This Place. I Go There For Gel Manicures, Pedicures, And Full Sets. Although Not Everyone There Is Good, I Recommend Kevin And MoMo For Everything. They Do Such An Amazing Job Doing Your Nails. It’s Expensive Yes But The Overall Experience With These Two Is Definitely Worth It.
1 month ago
toni multer
I have been going to Lavish Nails for about 7 years and have on the most part been very happy with their service. Today, was by far the worst experience ever. I arrived at my SCHEDULED appointment at 4:45 pm and waited about 5 minutes for my turn to check-in with the receptionist ( who today was the owner himself ) not a staff member. It is now 4:50 pm and the owner tells me, sorry, you are late and there are others ahead of me and I will be unable to get my manicure with Henry as scheduled. I asked was he serious about being late as I waited in line for 5 minutes to check-in. Many times in the past I have waited sometimes in excess of 30 minutes past my scheduled appointment time to meet the manicurist that I had scheduled with. I then tried to call back to the salon and express my disappointment in the way this situation was handled and yep, you guessed right, the owner would not answer the call. Very disappointed and now it is time to find a new salon which appreciates a long time local customer.
3 months ago
Joseph Chavez
First pedicure ever so can't compare but it was a beautiful place and very clean and professional
1 month ago
Cashton James
I felt rushed and the finished nails were not great.Nails are all uneven let you go on many meals they were even buffed to a nice shine. Probably would not go back!
2 months ago
Alejandra Espinosa
Giving one start because the lady was very polite while attending me. On the other hand I’m really disappointed that I paid $24 dollars to have to go back in there and finish the job myself. I got there I was told that it was 17 dollars to do upper lip and eyebrows, while I was there I asked the lady to do my chin in which she didn’t tell me that I was going to be charged $7 extra dollars for that. Once I paid and check the job I still had a lot hair on my upper lips and hair on my chin. My eyebrow was not done well so I asked them to use the tolls to do it myself. Very disappointed.
3 months ago
Henrik Mccowan
Fantastic service! The atmosphere is relaxing and very professional. My haircut and beard trip were perfect! I couldn't be happier!
3 months ago
christine lukasik
I absolutely love this place I have been coming here for years. The staff is professional and very friendly. The Establishment is extremely clean my nails always look amazing. I can't say enough wonderful things about lavish matter :-) you all are amazing! I stops coming for a little while because I was traveling and when I walked in the door they all greeted me like family :-) if you have not been here yet you should definitely go.
5 months ago
Henna True
Updated March 30, 2021. So apparently the place had to trim down and rented part of the space to a hair stylist... It would be nice if this hair stylist actually wore a mask. While my pedicure was good I unfortunately will notreturn....
3 months ago
Aljona B
First time at this nail salon for fills. Have been twice before but only for pedicures. Tiffany was amazing! A little more expensive I think than other places but my nails look amazing! Jason at front desk was very nice and accommodating. I will go back.
9 months ago
Kim Brown
Going to a new place can be stressful and unsatisfying. I have been going to the same place for 10 years and my location at the time was 5 points. I decided to pull in and try this place. Life has been so crazy and timing has been thin. I needed quick service and I can be intimidating during my entrance. I was in and out which is what I needed. Extremely clean! Mani, pedi, and eyebrows. This place rocks! Henry and Karla made it quick and professional! I will be going back.
3 months ago
Steven Lopez
Love the place! The staff is so nice, treatments are amazing!
5 months ago
Ninoska Sosa
For the first time I go to a nail salon and not complain about my nails. The staff are very nice, the place is beautiful and they always get the job done! Definitely my go to place. <3
4 months ago
Chris Flaherty
Beautiful salon, nice employees and Tiffany always does a great job on my nails
7 months ago
sofia aguilar
Nice clean place...Dustin was very manicurist..would go back
5 months ago
Robert Winslow
My little pinky almost got chopped, the girl I got was inexperience. My pedi was a disaster Maybe next time I will get lucky.????????‍♀️
3 months ago
felipe betancourt
I'm honestly in awe of what I experienced while getting my nails done this weekend. Sat down to get a pedicure, and I told my tech that I wanted the standard pedicure. She attempted to upsell me the deluxe treatment, to which I politely declined. She continued to rave about how amazing it would be for my feet- declined that again. She then went ahead and gave me a regular pedicure which was nothing special at all. While getting my manicure, I asked her to file down my acrylics so they wouldn't be bumpy and uneven with dip on them. She literally told me that that's the way my "natural" nail was. What?!!?! No, lol, it's not!! Thankfully the nail tech in the neighboring station noticed something was definitely wrong and was kind enough to bring her a tool that would file them down. They're still not great, and I'm somewhat disappointed at how uneven they still are. When my nails were finished, I was told that my total was more than I thought it was. With my nail tech standing there, the cashier ran me through what services she told him I had received- "manicure with tip, dip powder, and a pedicure with DELUXE treatment. I explained to him that I declined a deluxe treatment multiple times. My nail tech looked extremely embarrassed that she had been caught in a lie. She began to mumble under her breath, and didn't even thank us when we left the salon. I don't care if it's a $5 difference, you don't lie and attempt to steal from customers like that.
1 month ago
Joe Graviss
I went here for years best ever. Tiffany is awesome All the staff are friendly and the clean. I moved away and I miss this place.
3 months ago
Dmitry Bokhan
Phong is The best! Always on time with a big smiling!
3 months ago
Andrew McDade
Always a good time ???? I’ve been goin for 2 years Now and I always receive The Lavish Treatment... At Lavish Manors ???? Ray the manager is very polite And friendly ....
3 months ago
Trish Giaimo
Great place, clean always a relaxing experience. A little run down but looks like they are working to make it look really nice again.
4 months ago
Casey Hoffman
Amazing, those chairs (omg!!!) the messages during the pedicure are to die for.
4 months ago
Austin smith
I have been here several times since it is close to my home and never a wait. Today they did not even sterilize the tools or lay down a towel to do my manicure. She was too busy talking on the phone while she was cutting my nails. Didn't even bother to soak my hands and after she cut my nails wiped her workstation down with a paper towel then laid it down for me to put my hands on in order to finish my manicure. After i got home i even noticed she didnt cut all of my toenails during the pedicure. The only thing positive that I can say is that I didn't leave bleeding this time VERY DISAPPOINTING
3 months ago
Philip Conn
I highly recommend this nail salon to everyone in the south fl area. I have been searching for years for a nice, clean, and friendly nail salon for years and i finally found it. Nail techs are very friendly and very skilled. My manicure & pedicure french gels always comes out nice and neat. Very nice and respectful. My nail tech actually took her time and massage my legs and wrap the hot towel around them. Really a great nail salon.
11 months ago
Samiullah Qalandari
Went there today for the first time . Place appeared to look nice. Had a pedicure and manicure and eyebrows done . Everything came out terrible. Nail polish is a rough surface on my nails not smooth. So bad I came home and took off all the polish .the manicure was so bad I thought she was gonna make me bleed cutting around the cuticles. Once again bad nail polish job. Rough not smooth polish. My eyebrows look like 2 different people. It's always bad when u hear the wax girl say ohoh in the middle of waxing your eyebrows . Sad to say the girl jenna was terrible . Do not use them or her !!!.
7 months ago
Julia Eilers
Actually I used to go to that nail salon. But today one of the lady that work over there that hadn’t seen before treated me like a sh... I realized since the biginin she didn’t want to do my pedicure. When she was ready to start asked me who did my pedicure before and I told her Dustin. So she suggested me wait on him if I wanted. That surprised me and I told her ok because I was wondering what’s going on. I don’t know what she told to his manager, refusing to do my pedi but just I took my sandals and walk away. What a disrespect as a customer she did to me. Maybe she doesn’t like black ppl or I don’t know what kind of problems she has.
3 months ago
Maydelin Brito
Personally I was not impressed at all. The manager was giving out too much diva attitude and quite frankly a bit over controlling of the staff. I wouldn't go out of my way to get a manicure done here, buy a home kit to achieve better results.
4 months ago
Maurice Young
Phong is a great guy. I've been going to him for over a year. Super kind, funny and a great personality. He keeps me coming back.
4 months ago
Brad Mulkey
I've enjoyed myself everytime. J (the cute receptionist) always professional. My top two nail techs are Viva and May. These ladies do quality work everytime. The cleanliness and amenities of this nail spa are well worth the price.
4 months ago
Layla Holloway
I love this place, relaxing, very friendly professional treatment. Tiffany is fabulous, best gel manicure ever had, sweet kind disposition. Also Jay too is great; he does my pedicure, best ever had, very soothing and he is so kind.
7 months ago
kim hendrix
Love this place! Open everyday and high quality polish! No judgements and the staff is very friendly and kind. Will be back! Carla was Awesome, best manicure ever!
1 month ago
Ankita Dobariya
Momo was awesome. Loved my Mani and Pedi.
3 months ago

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