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Fast food restaurant McDonald's, 3183 Cloverdale Rd, Florence, AL 35630, United States: 220 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 3183 Cloverdale Rd, Florence, AL 35630, United States
Phone number: +1 256-740-6797

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Frances Leeth
Fast friendly service. We close at 11 pm until further notice thanks. Management
6 months ago
Thomas Erichsen
New spicey chicken sandwich is really a good one. It is pretty warm with spices, I wouldn't give it to a child.
4 months ago
Lei Xie
Same as before, McDonald's is always ok, just not taking covid serious enough.
2 months ago
John Luther
They we're very friendly and fast at the drive thru.
3 months ago
bryan mclaughlin
Great food
6 months ago
David Lang
Worst employees ever! It says the Cloverdale Road location in Florence, Al is suppose to be open until 12, so I went to get a quick snack and got there around 11:35. I sat in the drive through for fifteen minutes with no one taking my order, so I proceed to the drive-thru window. When I got to the window everything still looked as if it were open and operationally, and I can only assume all the employees were held up in the back waiting out the last 25 minutes of their shift simply because they didn’t want to serve another customer. Worst experience with McDonald’s ever! I won’t be back to this location.
6 months ago
Scott Clark
One or 2 words great and exactly perfect service with there Down south southern time that was again easy and fast to get what I needed and moved right along
6 months ago
Hannah Garfield
Saturday the family & I stopped by on our wY out of state. Ordered 2 - 4 piece mcnugget happy meals with apple wedges & sprites. 1- cheeseburger happy meal with apple wedges & a sprite. A spicy chicken meal with a coke & a large mocha frappe, 2 fish filet sandwiches with cheese only & a dr pepper Requested BBQ sauce for the nuggets & extra BBQ sauce for my fries which i paid for & ketchup for my husband's food. Verified the entire order on screen being correct. Received...No apple wedges, no BBQ sauce for the nuggets or my fries even after I paid for them & doubled checked with the drive thru employee as she was rolling the bag down to hand me, that the BBQ sauce was there in the bag which she lied to me,, received only a hamburger w/o cheese, fish had everything on it BUT cheese, sprites were nothing but carbonation & the frappe had no whipped cream or chocolate on it. Damn near $40 meal. Tried calling to file complaint but evidently nobody wants to answer the phone. ???????????????? Yesterday stopped to get husband lunch. Chicken 6 piece mcnuggets/BBQ sauce & large mocha frappe. Got mcnuggets with only 1 BBQ sauce & mocha frappe that had very little whipped cream which didn't even cover the top of the drink & no chocolate. Turned around & went in & complained to the mgr for both days pathetic orders. She said she'd mention it to the mgr on duty & gave me 1 more BBQ sauce & put a squirt of chocolate on top of the frappe. ???????????????? Today husband ordered a 4 piece chicken mcnugget happy meal with apple wedges & sprite & a 6 piece mcnugget meal with BBQ sauce, & a large mocha frappe. Received No apple wedges, & took pic of the frappe to post with this review but it don't give me the option to. Evidently McDonald's advertises food/drinks that look so delicious yet, serve pathetic portions. My drink was only 3/4 full. You order chicken mcnuggets & when you request a dipping sauce they want you to pay for it & then not even give it to you or they give you 1 sauce & expect it to be enough for 6 mcnuggets. McDonald's has Definately went downhill & Definately does not want my or my families business.
6 months ago
Aleena Elasmar
My food was hot n fresh today. I just people could go in as well to pick up food. The drive thru takes a while.
6 months ago
It's a good mcdonald's. Same as anywhere. Just a little faster service
6 months ago
Katelynn Stiebel
I recommend checking your bag. They are guaranteed to mess up somethings.
4 months ago
James Riha
Friendly fast service. Our order was correct(even got the sauce) and food was hot. Very happy with my visit today.
10 months ago
Mariam Ahmadian
The location on Cloverdale road, Florence Al is always ready to serve your order like you want. I always ask for well done. Need Dr Pepper back and outside in drive thru needs pressure washing and windows washed good. Employees always thank you, and say , have a nice day.
3 months ago
Diane Harris
Customer service is at a all-time low they couldn't get our very simple order correct they couldn't ring it up correctly they didn't make it correctly they couldn't even take the money correctly this place has a lot of work to do.
4 months ago
okke Meinema
Handed me a can coke inplace of a large fountain coke that was ordered. And closed all the time at nightg too early
4 months ago
Kari Schumacher
The kids love the Happy meals
4 months ago
Hlobisile Mkhondwane
Ordered online and picked up in drive thru. All went very well, as it does most if the time.
4 months ago
Alba Figueroa
Due to Covid we have been closing at 11 p.m. we have been closing at 11 for the past 5 months. We have tried to change the time on google but it won’t change. Sorry for the inconvenience.
5 months ago
Antonio Crespo
We waited in line for 25 minutes, just to get 2 sodas. (I know, should have left - people in front of us did). Hubby ordered a coke, no ice, and I wanted root beer, just a small bit of ice No root beer. Ok, I'll take a coke, very little ice. They LOADED my cup with ice, and gave me a DIET coke . By this time, it wasn't worth the effort to get back in line for them to correct the mistake. I probably won't be back to this one, though.
1 week ago
Kevin Walsh
We ordered kids chicken nugget meal with no chicken nuggets. Not the first time they messed up orders
7 months ago
Brock Schroeder
They have great food but my favorite is the bacon+ egg biscuits plus the hash browns.
9 months ago
Not much to was Mcdonald's. Of course, it was drive through, and bought breakfast, on my way to work. The server, at the window, taking my money, was very friendly. Also, the person handing my food, she was very friendly as well. The food and drink I had (sausage McMuffin and a Coke), was very good as well. I went to the McDonald's at Hwy 43 in Tuscumbia.
8 months ago
Margaret Nicholas
Good service. Hot food.
7 months ago
Harold Besser
Why does it have a sign that says drive thru open? They have all of it blocked off can't even get in. Bad time for them to be closed with jacks torn down, smh
8 months ago
Larry T
Really like the sausage mcgriddle
5 months ago
James Stribling
Same great tastes.
5 months ago
Rich Poinvil
Great customer service! The lady was such a sweetheart! Food was better than any of the McDonald's I've ever been to! Got the order right with no problems and got it to us quick! A+ in my opinion! Keep up the good work guys and gals! I will be returning!
4 months ago
Daniel Bradford
Drive thru is great!
6 months ago
Will Myers
I'm going to be one forever
2 months ago
Ellie Besst
Order was right and fast
4 months ago
Amm M
They always,get order wrong
3 months ago
Robert Risner
Fast service. Just same old same old, but it is McDonald's
10 months ago
Lasha Maisuradze
Clean, fast and friendly.
7 months ago
Shiloh Wagner
It wasn't the best the burger was burnt
6 months ago
Kevin Lynch
FYI: please change the ribbon in the register at the drive-thru window. I have visited several times within the past few weeks and have not been able to read my receipt. I'm old school so I still have a check registry that I use to balance my checking account. I prefer not to log online everyday to look at my account. Thanks in advance!
6 months ago
Beth Seiler
Decent speed but the workers can seem like they really don't want to be there and it is obvious that the quicker they get you out of the way the better.
5 months ago
Carol Korycinski
The flow of traffic was impeded
7 months ago
Zachary Reed
Used drive thur quick
11 months ago
Dawn Rebecca
One of the better mcdonlds I've been to. They are not 24/7 but have a play area for the kids. Usually quick and clean.
3 months ago
Jill Cyriacks
Love love love they're ice cream cones ????♥️
2 months ago
Derek Price
Absolutely horrible
2 months ago
Md Rajakhan
Food was great but the floors and tables were not clean.
3 months ago
John Morgan
Love it
2 months ago
Lollie Dv
It's McDonald's. Nothing else needs to be said.
10 months ago
Tyla Eastwood
It's McDonald's. I'm sure everyone and their mother has had Mickie Dee's at least once in their life. This one is no different. There is a Play Place in this one, there's generally only two or three kids in there, if that. Adults are frowned upon for climbing into the spaceship. I know from experience. The food is edible. It's not the greatest thing or the healthiest thing in the world. But if you're broke and hungry, the dollar menu is there. The don't stay open 24 hours anymore, so if you're drunk and hungry, you're stuck with Waffle House or Krystal's.
6 months ago
scott grimm
This McDonald’s hasn’t had Dr Pepper in over a month and instead of telling me so I can pick a new drink, they give me Coke. (Coke makes my throat swell)
10 months ago
Cynthia Zuccalo
They had to cook fish for sandwiches, but it didn't take long. I like food Hot and Fresh. Employees were courteous and friendly.
4 months ago
Tonya Munro
Something quick but good
1 month ago
Daniel Arthur
Whomever was making my Mocha frappe evidently does not believe in whip cream or chocolate. Shouldn't have to ask for it & tgen have eyes rolled at me
2 months ago
Corey Allert
Took over 10 minutes to get our food
1 week ago

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