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Music school Classical Piano Lessons, 3000 Riomar St #310, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, United States: 73 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 3000 Riomar St #310, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, United States
Phone number: +1 954-630-9519

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Jay Baskar
Finally! I found a piano teacher that is great at teaching piano! Erol is very kind, knowledgeable and patient. I have been taking lessons for a few months and finally feel like I will be able to play with confidence. I would recommend him for any level or age of student.
4 months ago
Damian Bracks
I started taking my 6 year old daughter two months ago, and she has made tremendous progress during this time. She has been playing for the last 10 months by memorizing mainly. Mr Erol is very patient and really helping her strengthen the foundations and teaching her the right way to read and progress. I highly recommend Classic Piano Lessons for piano learning.
9 months ago
Estelle BETHON
Absolutely amazing teacher! Very patient and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him to anyone who is passionate about learning to play piano.
6 months ago
Eric Yang
Erol is an amazing and patient teacher! I came to him a beginner with no formal training, and in just a short time, my technique, comfort on the keys, and playing ability have improved significantly. You’ll love lessons with Erol! They’re fun and you get to learn the pieces you want. 10/10 recommend.
1 week ago
Lynn Mullet
I highly recommend you chose Erol as your teacher. He is incredibly experienced as a pianist and a teacher.
6 months ago
Amanda W
Excellent instructor, very knowledgeable. Highly recommend.
4 months ago
Michelle Costantino
Excellent piano teacher, very professional. My girls absolutely love their piano classes every week. Highly recommend!!!
8 months ago
Dylan Cameron
Erol is a fantastic teacher! He’s been working with my eight-year-old daughter for just two months and she has already improved exponentially. Not only does she enjoys practicing now as opposed to before, she looks forward to her two lessons every week! Erol is very patient and great with kids and my daughter has focus to sit for an hour lesson with him like I’ve never seen her have before. He has made her love Piano even more and her hand technique and her playing overall his improved so much since he started Working with her! It’s wonderful to see and I highly recommend him for any age. His schedule is very flexible and his prices are affordable, too. You will not be disappointed!
11 months ago
Ilian Topalov
Very patient, great instructor and can read music.
4 months ago
Ahmed Gunu
Erol is a stupendous piano teacher! He teaches piano with a great deal of patience, attention, and care. Erol has taught me piano from the bottom up and in just a short amount of time, my technique and playing ability has improved significantly. He reviews pieces with me as many times as I feel necessary, which I greatly appreciate. I have come to learn more than I ever thought I would about piano from Erol. It is truly a treat to be able to learn from him. If it were possible, I would give Erol 10 stars! I highly recommend those who want to learn piano to seek lessons from him.
1 month ago
Brooks Manry
I consider myself very fortunate to have found Erol to teach me to play the piano. When I started with him in January of 2020 I had no experience at playing. I’m 58 and retired and decided I would pursue my lifelong dream to play the piano. Erol is an amazing player with so much experience. He is incredibly patient and offers so much great advice. Erol is also so responsive. I sometimes have questions during the week in between our lessons and he answers my calls or texts immediately. I have learned more than I ever thought possible from him over the last 11 months. Erol is currently teaching me some classical pieces that I would have never imagined I could play but am now able to. If you are looking for a caring, patient and experienced piano teacher look no further. I could not be happier.
7 months ago
Mark Zerr
Erol is very patient with my daughter. He works at a great pace, making sure that she understands the work before moving on to more difficult pieces of music. I also enjoy that he is very easy to schedule with and is affordable. Great find!
3 weeks ago
Carleton Young
Erol is a very professional piano instructor. Very knowledgeable and patient, and he provides flexibility for the student to make suggestions. I highly recommend him. And his rates are also great and affordable!
1 month ago
Erol is a great teacher. He showed me good techniques that I cannot learn online, and he was extremely patient. Very easy and flexible to make appointments too.
2 months ago
Dusan Mikula
Very professional, excellent teacher, and safe environment during the challenging times. Would recommend highly!
9 months ago
Max Grigorev
Erol gives lessons to my 12 year old son. He teaches in a way that is easy for my son to learn and understand. Thank you Erol.
1 month ago
Linda Kaufmann
I cannot read music, I play by ear and memory... I looked for a piano teacher LITERALLY for over a YEAR and met a few teachers, however they claimed they taught "classical" music and after paying these teachers, they could barely read classical music. And since I play by ear and memory, I WASTED my money on those teachers. Errol is the BEST, most patient and most talented piano teacher I have ever met. I am half way through my song and can't wait until I finish. I promise, you will be EXTREMELY HAPPY with Errol!!!
4 months ago
Leagh Janell
Erol is not only a great teacher but is very accommodating. Good price for lessons. Definitely recommend him.
4 months ago
Jeremy Williams
Simply a magnificent teacher. Conversant with a wide repertoire, a talented player himself, and able to teach at all ability levels. Very patient & constructive with his pupils. Also, a kind and thoughtful person. Highly recommended.
4 months ago
Chad MacArthur
I finished my first level in 2 months. Erol is a very good teacher with a great knowledge of music and patience. I got my hands-on music experience on a Steinway grand piano at Erol’s place which I feel was important to learn the true sounds of notes. I greatly recommend him for anyone who is serious about learning piano.
3 months ago
Bradley Kenealy
Erol is extremely patient teaching my young daughter piano. I am surprised and pleased by how quickly and how much she is learning. I am grateful to Erol for guiding her musicality!
1 month ago
Christopher Morrissette
I came to Errol with very little knowledge of the piano. Over time, Errol has really challenged my abilities and greatly improved my playing and control of the piano. He has helped me significantly improve my sight-reading skills and work my way up to repertoire that I once thought was beyond my skill level. I am quite grateful for Errol's lessons and wish I had come to him sooner!
8 months ago
Stabua Adam
Erol, is very patient good for first time students and I learned very quickly how to read the music and play more comfortably. I strongly recommend Erol for your piano studies.
3 months ago
Thanks Erol for being patient with my son. When I brought him to his first class, I thought he was not going to make it. Now with the time I feel so happy of his improvement. He is learnig and most important he loves going to his piano class.
4 months ago
jene powell
Excellent teacher. Very satisfied with piano classes. I have been bringing my daughter through out this summer. She is beginner and she loves learning piano with Erol. He is very patient, knowledgeable and teaches her very well. I am happy with the progress they are making. He is also easy to reach and communication with him regarding class schedules go without hiccups.
1 month ago
Miles Henry
Erol is an incredible teacher. My 8 year old started taking classes with Erol only a couple of months ago and she has made an amazing progress. She is also showing a deep interest in piano as she sees how she has progressed. She easily distracted but Erol keeps her full attention and classes are productive and enjoyable for the full lesson. She is developing love for music and she is practicing in her own time with a great attitude which was really different before Erol. Thanks so much for all the great progress as a mom I am really thrilled seeing my daughters progress in such a beautiful instrument. I saw incredible reviews and they are all true, so glad we found him.
4 months ago
Suhas Joshi
Erol is a phenomenal instructor! My husband and I were looking for a classical pianist in the area to help our 7 year old daughter refine her motor skills... Erol responds quickly, is very friendly and easy to communicate it. He is experienced, VERY patient, and has a lovely gentle demeanor which helps our daughter (or any kid who is really shy!). Thanks to Erol and his beautiful Steinway, our daughter has developed a real love for piano and reading music. She came to him with no experience and within 3 months has progressed tremendously. Her hands and fingers have gained strength, improving her handwriting and motor skills while having fun at the same time. Whether experienced or beginner, if you are seeking piano lessons from a master pianist, Erol is the way to go!
7 months ago
Align Vortex
Mr. Erol is such a great teacher. I am not good with authority or with learning but I really enjoy learning from him He takes his time and makes sure that you get to know the techniques well.
1 month ago
Kevin Quek
Erol is a great teacher. He makes piano playing very easy. He breaks everything down to beginners ,where it is simplified and easy to learn. He is very patient .Would definitely recommend him to all.
5 months ago
Pat Sawtelle
Erol has been a very exceptional teacher. He has great patience and marvelous technique. Most important he demonstrates very detailed instruction that encourages learning. I value his guidance and look forward to his lessons.
7 months ago
Jessica Goldsmith
My kids are taking piano lessons from Erol since last year June. He is an excellent teacher. His knowledge of music is very outstanding. We had other teachers in past but didn't had great experience with them. Since we started taking piano lessons from Erol, my kids have started playing songs from the album, which is incredible to see within short period of time. He is very dedicated to his students and have amazing skills to teach piano to young kids.
1 month ago
Daniel Strong
Hello Erol! I just wanted to thank you so much for your tips on leggiero playing. It really made previously inaccessible repertoire like Clair De Lune and Arabesque possible for me to play-easily and naturally! Thank you very much for all your help. :)
9 months ago
Rod Major
Erol is the best teacher. He explains everything very clearly and is very patient. I fully recommend him.
3 months ago
Sara Nygaard
Mr. Errol has been teaching my kids piano lessons for over a year now. He started from scratch with them, now they're able to play numerous songs on their own. He's very patient, calm and flexible. I would recommend him highly to anyone interested in learning how to play classical Piano.
4 months ago
Jeff Wells
Mr. Erol is an excellent teacher. He never rushes you, and it makes learning so much easier. My level improved dramatically while working with him. I recommend anybody at any level to take a piano lesson with him. You will not be disappointed!
11 months ago
Chris Lee
I have been taking lessons from Erol since November 2016 and he has been excellent. I am a beginner at 60 and he is just who I need to help me understand music. I highly recommend him for any level of play. Thanks
10 months ago
Arsh Balqees
Highly recommend for any type of student. I am a busy doctor and the lessons are fun with good results.
5 months ago
Elizabeth Huether
Erol is the best teacher! His knowledge of playing piano and being able to effectively communicate his teaching in an easy to understand way is incredible! If you're lucky enough to have him for a piano teacher, you will be amazed!
10 months ago
Justin VanNoy
I like Mr. Erol, I've been learning from him for about 3 years now and I've enjoyed every moment of it. He is very well experienced and is an excellent teacher. He has taught a lot of different piano styles and techniques and now I am able to play many of the songs I enjoy as well as classical piano songs.
11 months ago
Megan skaggs
Erol is such a patient teacher! My daughter enjoys taking lessons from him and looks forward to it once a week. I highly recommend him!
4 months ago
David Harshbarger
He is a very good piano teacher. (excellent teacher!!!!) and he taught my son with great care and patience. My son has became more confident!!!
5 months ago
Paul Jun
Excellent and talented teacher. Known him for over 10 years, patient and progress. I would recommend for young kids and teenagers.
7 months ago
Rob O
Erol is an excellent teacher he taught our son for many years now I am taking lessons as well. I recommend his service to everyone.
1 month ago
Mr. Erol is a wonderful teacher. He has given lessons to many of my family and friends and I couldn't recommend him more. He is patient, kind, and knows what he is doing. If you are looking for a piano teacher to take you to the next level, he is the one. Thanks for teaching the classics to my family!!! :)
9 months ago
Wemerson Silva
He is a great piano teacher and my daugther likes how he teaches her.
5 months ago
I have been working under Erol for 3 months. I decided to take up piano as a hobby and Erol is a great and patient educator. Classes are in his condo and he always comes to greet you in the lobby. Super friendly, glad I an learning with him.
5 months ago
Margareta Dipiazza
Erol Yalim has been a classical piano instructor of mine since I was very young. I am blessed to have met not only am extremely talented instructor, but also a good friend. He has mastered the art of piano playing and his goal is to share that with each one of his students, with hopes that they too can reach their piano playing goals. He teaches from beginners, to intermediate, to experienced and knows how to work perfectly with each level of experience, even if you don’t have any experience. There is no other pianist and instructor like him, and if your goal is to learn to play the piano, you will most certainly reach your goal with Erol as your instructor.
1 month ago
Jason Kindig
Erol is always patient and clear about explaining how to play the Chopin Valse I am learning. He helps me learn technical exercises and my fingers are beginning to remeber how I used to play as a child. I highly recommend Erol to people of all ages.
7 months ago
B Hudson
I have been taking lessons from Erol for about 4 months now. I can honestly say this is THE piano teacher if you want to learn proper technique and how to read sheet music fluently. I told him that I wanted to learn Chopin's music and he was able to find a song that fit my skill level. I would highly recommend Erol to any of my friends or family as I know they would be just as delighted as I am with his work.
7 months ago
victor rangel
Wonderful. Erol Yalim is a patient, caring piano teacher. All three of my children take lessons with him and enjoy it thoroughly. His prices are reasonable and his experience is tremendous. I would advise anyone who is interested in learning piano to give him a call. You won't be disappointed.
8 months ago

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