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Address: 125 S Church St, Hendersonville, NC 28792, United States
Phone number: +1 828-693-3435

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Наташа Сучкова
If I could choose zero stars I would. Father in law passed away on 10/30/20, called Shepards to pick him up. When we met with them on 11/2/20 to discuss cremation we were told it could take up to 5 weeks by one employee and another said 5 days . At this meeting we paid the bill in full. A death certificate has to be issued within 5 days in this state. The one that said 5 weeks said they had to go in order of the bodies received. So we waited, then on 11/9/20 we received a phone call saying the state had shut them down and we had to find another funeral home. We immediately contacted Jackson's and met with them on 11/10. We received his remains and death certificate from Jackson's on 11/13. Shepards continued to receive bodies knowing they were not equipped to handle them. What a disgrace this place is to not honor the dead and treat grieving families this way.
7 months ago
Николай Анисимов
My Mother passed away on 4/24/20. I called the Shepherds Funeral Home and notified them, they were kind and comforting. They came and picked my Mother up from the hospital. We met with Mrs. Shepherd 2 days after she passed and went through all the arrangements. She took her time with us and my comforted my poor sweet elderly Daddy, who was so upset. She walked us through each step, she did not rush us. My Mother was very well taken care of, her casket was beautiful and they had done a beautiful job on her hair and make-up. We had a family viewing and a grave side service due to the COVID restrictions, not once did we feel that we didn't get to celebrate Mama's life. We were never rushed and the gentleman that helped us the day of the service was so helpful in making sure Mama's flowers were at the family viewing and that they made it to the graveyard. He even loaded the plants that were sent into our cars for us. Every single one of them were helpful, caring, kind and I will always recommend them. Thank you all for everything you did to take care of my Mama.
3 weeks ago
Юлия Кузнецова
They did horrible with my mother in law last year. SO HAPPY TO HEAR YOU GUYS ARE SUSPENDED!!
7 months ago
Леонид Иванов
My Grandparents passed away February/April 2019 just a few weeks apart. As longtime residents of Hendersonville, NC my Grandfather had asked that we use this funeral home. They were both cremated, and at a ceremony graveside, were placed together in a single plot. As of July 3rd, 2020 despite NUMEROUS calls/complaints/visits to this facility there remains NO headstone. Amongst the many excuses there was the original “It’s routine for it to take many months for a headstone to be placed” to eventual “The headstone is here but we don’t have the marble to place it on”. In addition to this insult despite all monetary compensation paid for services, we’ve also experienced the following: -Before graveside service we were ASSURED that if we had flower arrangements delivered to the funeral home they would be brought to the graveside service. An expensive and thoughtfully ordered arrangement (with my Grandmother’s favorite flowers in my Grandfather’s ‘favorite team colors’) were ordered and delivered to the funeral home and that is where they remained. The graveside ‘attendant’ shrugged his shoulders, knew nothing about it, and had no intention of trying to problem solve for us. We made calls to the home that were unanswered. Eventually, we were notified that they would put them in the “basement” where it was cool in case we wanted to pick them up later. WHAT?!? -Two visits in the pre-planning phase we met with someone who openly admitted OVER AND OVER again “I don’t usually do this part” and said “I don’t know” to more questions than he had answers. -Their Memorial Park staff had either been fired or left on poor terms as they told us on multiple occasions as an excuse for why we couldn’t: pick a plot, order the headstone with someone who knew what they were talking about, get an answer to ANY question with confidence. -Requests to speak to Ms. Shepherd to express our multiple concerns went unanswered. If you, the grieving family of a loved one, are in search of a funeral home to handle the arrangements in a timely, considerate and professional manner THIS IS NOT THE CHOICE!!! DO NOT USE THIS FUNERAL HOME OR ITS ASSOCIATED MEMORIAL PARK!
11 months ago
Юлия Стрельник
The staff were professional, courteous, polite, competent, and efficient. My wishes were honored and my family was treated with respect. There were no hidden costs or surprises. Phone calls are answered by a live person. I recommend this facility.
3 months ago
Олег Свинцов
I have to say Melody Shepard is an angel! This funeral home has been nothing but amazing to my family and I. They supported us in an emotional time and I would highly recommend them to handle your loved ones arrangements. We will only do business with this funeral home going forward when taking care of my families burial arrangements. Best funeral home in the area, hands down. Thank you melody for going above and beyond, to help me and my sister get closure in our unfortunate situation, there needs to be more people like you in this world.
5 months ago
Геннадий Драницын
Had a very poor experience. Very unprofessional, very slow to do anything, very poor communication. After over two weeks without being cremated we got another funeral home to take over. Things went smoothly and professionally with Shuler Funeral Home.
4 months ago
Микки Рурк
I recently lost my nephew. He was only 21 and Shepherd and Sons handled everything. We had a memorial that packed the entire room and overflow. From beginning to end we received nothing but 5 star treatment. Mike walked us through every step. We are so appreciative.
5 months ago
Игорь Луканин
Thos. Shepherd & Son provided first-rate service for our family this past week. Melody Shepherd and her directors were kind, sympathetic to our loss, and as determined as we were to give my father the honorable and respectful ceremony he deserved. Because of the pandemic and restrictions, Ms. Shepherd and staff became quite creative in Daddy's accomodations. They problem-solved by having a private family visitation indoors, and his funeral on the back lawn of Thos. Shepherd & Son, allowing family and friends to attend. The whole process was so smooth from beginning to end. I highly recommend using Thos.Shepherd & Son if you want high quality customer service and a top notch service for your loved ones.
1 week ago
Александр Great
My 85 year old mother passed away on March 10th , Mother's Day . Was taken to Shepherds on the 11th , they were paid for creamation on the 12th. As of the 22nd ( 10 days later ) creamation was not completed. The next day,the 23rd would have been her 86th birthday and the family so much wanted to have her remains for that day.a very sad day ..Now we have been told we are looking at the 25th.Brought mother home today, the 28th. A long goodbye ????.
2 weeks ago
Вероника Русинова
When my mother passed away at Elizabeth House (hospice), we again called Shepherd and Son (as we did for my father almost 10 years earlier). We worked with Amber and it went very smoothly. We were from out of state and had a timeline we wanted to achieve prior to our departure. I asked a lot of questions to set my expectations for the timelines needed for all the processes and Amber was terrific about providing answers (signatures, death certificates, cremation scheduling, bringing the remains on a plane, etc.). I highly recommend working with Amber and our family has had a great experience with Shepherd and Son. Not only this time, but also with my father's passing. Back then, they asked us what we desired, and from there, they provided us with numerous options when I asked how to lower the total cost. The transport of my father's casket to out of state also went very smoothly. While there is some competition in the area, I'd recommend asking a lot of questions before and during the need for funeral services to set your expectations and understanding that these services are "a process," much of which is required by law. You might be able to nudge the timelines in your favor, but it's still a process. Our experience with Amber and Shepherd and Son went really well.
2 months ago
Никита Жарков
Go elsewhere for funeral services. My grandparents were cremated and interred together on May 18, 2018. On that day, the flowers I had ordered were not at the cemetery. The Shepherd representative on hand did not look at or speak to any of us, and when asked about the flowers, he said he knew nothing about them. He did not bother to call the office to inquire. The men who could complete the burial after our graveside service stood by their van in full view of the family, seemingly impatient to finish their job. My aunt was handed the wrong funeral certificate for my grandmother on one of her trips to their offices. Phone calls were either not answered at all or answered rudely. It is now over seven months since their service and there is no marker on their grave. The one star on this review is for the woman at the cemetery who promised me a call back when she learns more. My initial call to the Shepherd main office got a curt "you'll have to call the cemetery for that" response.
6 months ago
Лена Ветошкина
I was so impressed with the care and dignity provided by the staff, and especially by Melody. She went out of her way to ensure that my husband’s remains were handled with dignity. I used Shepherd’s for my mother’s cremation and church service 10 years ago and knew that I would use them again. Both of these services were basic and I felt that we were treated just as respectfully as if they had been a major service. When we are handling the grieving of losing a loved one, it is nice to know all the details are being handled professionally and compassionately. I also value working with a locally owned business and not one that is part of a larger national corporation.
7 months ago
Katrin Bachurina
Horrible experience: Mrs. Shepherd does not have the experience to run the business. She made it about the business, nothing else. Freezing in the bldg., broken chairs in waiting room. She had NO sympathy for our loss, no one did. The day of our private viewing they said there was a problem contacting one of the life insurance policy providers and they would need payment from us immediately.They would not let us see our loved one until they were paid. Unacceptable! Don't entrust your loved one hear, they will not be honored nor will your family.
2 months ago
Игорь Успенский
We can’t get anyone to return calls about the death certificates we paid for and it’s been a month.Tried to buy the grave marker through them and no one will return our calls to helps us with that either .The online obituary took forever and then was posted wrong.The Customer service stinks after they get your money . I would never use them again!!!
3 weeks ago
Юлия Зиновьева
I keep hearing horror stories about this business. You seem to have an unfortunate way of dealing with grieving families. Shame on you.
5 months ago
Кеша Лебедев
My sisters and I recently had Shepherd Funeral Home handle the arrangements for our mom. We dealt primarily with Ryan Shipley and he is a large part of the reason for this positive review. Ryan was professional, compassionate, genuine and considerate from start to finish. We cannot say enough about him and the way he made this difficult time as easy as possible for us. This all took place during the holiday season and Ryan never missed a beat in dealing with all necessary details. Additionally, the facilities, chapel, etc. are beautiful and the parking is great.
8 months ago
Юлия Кознякова
I suggest you use another funeral home save yourself the extra heartache. I had to get Shulers funeral home to pick up my sons remains to do things the right way. My family use to only use Thomas Shepherd & Sons for all our loved ones who passed they are nothing like what they use to be. We will never use Thomas Shepherd and Sons again.
7 months ago
Maxik Gureev
Very disappointed in the way they handled my grandson funeral. I have lived here my entire life and have never been so let down in a business. We had to get shulers to get my grandson. Thank goodness for the kind people at shulers. I suggest you not use Thomas Shepherd and Sons and go with Shulers instead.
8 months ago
Elena Sverdlova
We are from out of town and had Shepherd's do the funeral for my mother. They were very compassionate and understanding of the emotions that we had during this difficult time. They were also very accommodating in allowing us to use the chapel in the funeral home for the memorial service. Also, when we had a problem with the burial site, they helped resolve the problem. During this emotional time, Shepherd's was very understanding. We never felt rushed to get things done. At the burial site, we spent a long time after the burial service talking to relatives. Never once felt like we had to leave. We really appreciated the "not feeling rushed" attitude. Their communication was excellent. If we had a question, we never felt like the question was too stupid to ask. Also, any question that needed some time to resolve was promptly resolved with a very quick call-back. My family and I really appreciate everything that they did to make this time less stressful so we could concentrate on my mother's passing into heaven.
10 months ago
Александр Косьянов
I just buried my mom on 05/20/2019. Thos Shepherd was the most disruptive place I have ever seen. Melody Shepherd will not call anyone back to see if family needs anything. It took over 24 hours to get obituary online and the man that was our Director Ryan Shipley he is not a human being. For me to call and have complaints and him call me a CRAZY very uncalled for. Please do not let Thos Shepherd Funeral do anything for your loved ones.. They put my mom in a dark room where the hair dresser couldn't even do her hair without a flashlight.. THEY ARE VERY SORRY..
8 months ago
Иван Манаев
We just used Thomas Shepherd and Son to handle funeral arrangements for my mother in law.They did a great job!Melanie Shepherd and her staff were just great with much attention to detail.The chapel has one of the most attractive interiors that I have ever seen at a funeral home.Very tasteful decor and very classy!The location downtown is superb!They are locally owned and were very dignified and professional in their dealings with our family.We would not have considered using Shuler or Forest Lawn as they are both owned by the same corporate owner and not local.This review is real and the one star reviews before this one are just not.Thomas Shepherd is the best funeral home in Hendersonville second to none.We highly recommend their services to everyone.They are the funeral home of choice!!
8 months ago
Елена Фазылзянова
Very unprofessional, no compassion. Asked a bunch of questions about my loved one that was part of a survey from the state. Woman was very insensitive and said its to see who dies first type a or type b personalities. Then it took them 10 days to cremate because according to them the DR didnt check the right box about autopsy or not on the death certificate. I called the DR office personally and got it done in 24 seemed they just werent communicating and didnt care about my loved one. They assumed i didnt care about her because she was being cremated. But that was her wishes. I asked for a viewing and they said okay. They asked no questions. I was expected to come see my mom in a standard casket in a room with privacy. Thats what a viewing is considered. When i arrive they tell me shes upstairs on a table. I was distraught. Thats not what i asked for. Then i had to go pick a casket because they dont have a standard one. When we go in they ask if i want to get the 175 dollar cardboard box since its just going to get burned with her. They said it just like that. I said no. My mom deserves a casket. So they prepare her and we come back a couple hours later and that part was fine. They asked us to pay everything out of pocket and to handle the .Insurance company ourselves because they always have a hard time with that company. We are grieving and shouldnt have been ever asked that. But we paid and left mostly out of shock. I had 3 panick attacks in this one day because of these people. I got more sypmathy from the vet when my cat died. Dont go here they are not worth it. Suer expensive too.
8 months ago
Вика Абрисова
Our family lost an angel to cancer at the age of 22. Eight days after his death his body was still being stored uncleaned, uncovered and UNTAGGED. Had his body moved. Sad how they treat families.
6 months ago
Анна Петропавловская
During a time in your life where you look for compassion and a business to help with your families wishes, this is not a business to look towards . My family bought plots in 1954 when they opened their memorial garden, and when we needed to use the plots, this company could not provide us with what they required to get the grave open. After 5 hours of arguing, they changed their requirements 4 different times and forced us to go elsewhere even though we owned the plots. For a business that was so good in the past, they have no compassion for anyone's loss and only want to make their "policy" where no one can win. I recommend to find another location to lay your loved one to rest. I want to thank Thomas shepherd memorial garden for making exceptions when they want to and destroying wishes only because we chose Shuler to handle the arrangements . Take your loved one to someone that cares about more than your money .
11 months ago
Каролина Федорова
The Shepherds helped with my grandmothers funeral and I couldn't be more pleased. It was an unattended death and I discovered her. The staff came and handled everything. I am so grateful to Mrs. Shepherd and her team. Their compassion for the family was great and they helped us as an extremely difficult time.
2 months ago
Иришка Гасанова
Our family has worked with Shepherd’s Funeral Directors in the past, but after our last experience I would never recommend or use their services again. My grandfather recently passed away and was cremated there. From beginning to end their staff was cold and unfeeling. They didn’t even let us finish the service in their chapel – the director in charge walked in when our time was apparently up, interrupted and said that the family would be exiting to the left. There was no condolence from the staff at the funeral home. They rushed us through everything telling us we had to respect other’s time because they wouldn’t want to spend too much of their day at a funeral. Seriously? As we left to go to the grave where the ashes were to be interred, no one even gave out directions on how to get there, much less set up a car line. The Shepherd's representative at the grave site was actually very kind. The obituary distribution was a mess. I’m not sure what happened, but nobody could find the information. Overall they made an already sad event even worse, and all of the mourners were upset with the way we were treated at Shepherd's.
6 months ago
Мария Королёва
Our experience mirrors that of other reviewers. Lack of communication, obituary not placed in newspapers resulting in minimal attendance at our memorial service. The senior group at the church had organized the reception and the lack of attendees was humiliating to the family. Two requests were required to eventually place the obituary in the local paper. After several requests we personally placed the obituary in the hometown paper. Thirty one days after the death our loved one's cremated remains have yet to be placed in an urn. The family had to make multiple requests with no returned phone calls. Most contacts via email were in response to family requests with no follow up from Shepherd's. These and other inadequacies have necessitated our utilizing another funeral home to step in and complete this process. Totally unprofessional.
8 months ago

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