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Nursing home Huntington Health And Rehabilitation Center, 1720 17th St, Huntington, WV 25701, United States: 18 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 1720 17th St, Huntington, WV 25701, United States
Phone number: +1 304-529-6031

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Серега Васильев
When my mom came hereshe was able to stand take a few steps and sit in a wheelchair. When she got out she was completely bedfast. She cannot stand up sit up or sit in a wheelchair. She has bed sores all over her back side and she was only in there for 8 months. She called me several nights asking me to call in there and ask them to please change her because her call light had been on for over an hour. This happen on multiple occasions. Not only was she setting and her urine and feces but it took several attemps to get them to answer their phone. The nurse gave my mom an insulin shot without checking her sugar and bottomed her out to where she had to have a sugar iv to raise her blood sugar. Before that her room mate thought it would be a good idea to give her her pain medication so she overdosed my mom and EMT's had to come and narcan her resulting in her having to go to cabell by ambulance which my dad has to pay the bill for. If you are reading this trying to decide if this place is the right place to send your loved one take head when i say they will not help. If they don't kill them.
7 months ago
Денис Бородай
My grandmother had resided at this nursing resident's until her death on Aug. 2nd on Friday. They allowed my rock my dearest grandma sit all weekend until the following Monday. I feel something better could've been done.
5 months ago
Анна Сиренко
My grandmother was in this facility and had the best care provided. Each staff that interacted with my granny and family was compassionate and caring. When she was passing away the staff were professional and helped her remain comfortable. She passed with dignity and respect due to each staff member there. Thank you so much for the level of care that your facility provided.
4 months ago
Елена Подгорных
I have been coming here for 10 years. Nursing staff is dedicated to caring for the patients. Director of Nursing is very hands on and dedicated to making this a good place to be. The administrator is friendly and approachable. They continuously strive to make this a warm environment, always looking for a way to bring joy into the building from national donut day to Nurses week.
9 months ago
Дима Михайлов
My grandmother was recently moved to this facility. The staff seemed great at first, now I see many instances of neglect. At a recent visit I noticed my grandmother appeared dirty and unkept, she had on clothes with food stains on them. The bathroom reeked of urine. Her bed sheet had stains on it. I see many places in her room that need attention. I understand that this facility is old, but you can repair drywall and paint. The “dining room” is very small, and also in need up repairs and updating. While visiting my grandma the staff came in to do something with her roommate. They pulled the curtain but we could still hear everything said regarding this woman’s health issues. How in this day of HIPAA is this still permitted? Cabell huntington Hospital has gone to all private rooms because of this. I believe that senior care homes should as well. Most senior care homes have come very far. I don’t understand why this facility isn’t up to standards.
2 months ago
Настя Бархатная
I am often in the facility to follow up with patients. It is clean and well kept. Patients appear to be happy and well taken care of. The staff have many activities for patients and do an amazing job at keeping them envolved with fabulous events and parties. The clinic staff are responsive and considerate when a need is expressed by a patient.
3 months ago
Александр Леонтьев
Great staff full of caring and knowledgeable people. Convenient location in downtown Huntington 3 minutes off of interstate 64. Facilities are clean, well maintained and modern.
4 months ago
Саша Клинов
Trying to get someone to answer the telephone.
9 months ago
Павел Горенков
Watch the staff. Patients aren’t always bathed and taken care of.
3 months ago
Александр Мощанецкий
If I could give a negative zero star, I would. The sheer amount of gross neglect that is occurring on a daily basis is not only unacceptable, but downright disgusting. My father was placed in the hands of Huntington Health and Rehab in order to build his strength back up, in the summer of 2017. He was 64, had a plethora of issues, including heart disease, failing kidneys and diabetes. He was an athlete his entire life, but when his kidneys failed, the dialysis deteriorated anything left of his strength. He was going to Huntington Health & Rehab to build his strength back up, for a better quality of life. That is exactly the OPPOSITE of what he got here. My mother and I went to see my father We never missed. My father was a great big man, who never complained but would say things like “they don’t care about me” or “they don’t get me anything I ask”. One night around three in the morning, my mother awakened to a call from my father, and asked her to drive down to the rehab center. She of course asked why and he said his blood sugar was dropping off and he was feeling increasingly worse by the minute! My father stated that they wouldn’t answer his call light! He told me that he asked them to hand him a pack of crackers in his bedside table, and one of the nurses laughed and walked out of the room. My father had also been prescribed lactulose, which is to help your bilirubin levels to go down for patients with kidney failure. This medicine gives you constant diarrhea, you could use to restroom up to ten times a day. So when my mother arrived, she gave him what he needed to regulate his blood sugar, and realized that he had gone to the restroom. This man was extremely prideful, but told my mother that he’d gone to the bathroom several times after he’d taken his lactulose. He sat all night in his own feces!!!!!! NOTHING makes me angrier. This is the epitome of GROSS NEGLECT!! Two days after sitting in his own fecal matter, my father was rushed to St. Mary’s ICU, where they determined that he was SEPTIC. He had giant bedsores on his back from where they weren’t turning him, and a fever of 102 that I fought to keep down. It is no wonder the man got an infection! This was July 6th. My father died August 21. I grew up in Huntington, born and raised, I plead and beg everyone not to send their family to this “facility”.
6 months ago
Василий Болбин
I was in HHR in 2016. I had broken my L leg twice, 2nd time right after the first surgery by crawling out of bed under anesthesia. I was there about 6 months and the care there was horrendous. They wouldn't answer my light and I take Ladin, my husband came in to see me and found me naked, sweaty and laying in pre and poop. When he went to complain, he was told " oh she's been like that all day". I wish he would have taken a picture !. I would not send anyone here. My mother was on the Alzhiemers floor and they seemed take ok care of her. Different floor than I was on. Only reason they got 2 stars is because they showered me and gave me food And the food wasn't that good.
3 months ago
Адель Матвеева
I am totally happy with this facility. Great staff and clean well kept premises. Love it here
11 months ago
Ольга Мясоедова
Totally unprepared, neglectful, and definitely not capable of giving the degree of care they claim. The only redeeming quality I've seen is they have some good people working for them, but they're too overloaded and understaffed to do anything very complicated...just my opinion.
8 months ago
Оля Лосева
3 months ago
Елена Капранова
10 months ago
Антон Пономарев
3 months ago
Виктория Владимировна
7 months ago
Валёк Витченко
11 months ago

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