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Property management company Diversified Real Property Management, 180 E Main St Unit 102, Tustin, CA 92780, United States: 8 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 180 E Main St Unit 102, Tustin, CA 92780, United States
Phone number: +1 714-544-7755

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Ian Rousseau
I’ve lived in 5 communities in my lifetime and in that time have had over a dozen management companies that were not anywhere near as professional as Diversified. The time they’ve spent with me and two of my neighbors explaining our rights as homeowners is something I’ve not witnessed. Andre goes out of his way. This is the only company that I can contact any of their departments by texts with immediate response. That’s unheard of. There were times when getting through to the right person with their main company line was frustrating so when Andre sent us a letter with cell numbers for himself, accounting, maintenance and even the directors I have had nothing but immediate professional responses! Keep up the great work and we are grateful we are finally being managed properly - it shows throughout our community.
5 months ago
Dustin Chase
If I could give less than one star I would. This is the worst management company I have ever tried to work with. Note, the community has signs all over stating that the management company's contact is Adrian Ahmad Assizi. I sent an email to Adrian and I called as well. No response to the email. When I called, the phone just rang with no answer which is odd since this is a place of business. I proceeded to call for around 15 mins and finally someone answered. The receptionist was beyond unprofessional and full of excuses but did say that they would pass my information on to Adrian Ahmad Assizi. Adrian did call back and to say that he was rude, dismissive and unhelpful is a gross understatement. He just spoke fast, rudely, spoke at me (not to me or with me) in a superior and condescending tone, and then hung up on me. He literally hung up on me after he finished his monologue. It was like speaking to a child caught in a lie. Do not use this management company ever.
1 month ago
carolyn dickerson
I mistakenly posted by previous review under a different Google account -for which I got an immediate threat of legal action from the owner. This is the abbreviated version of my Yelp review. I was treasurer and then president of my HOA from May 2016- Nov 2017. DM was retained in July 2016. My resignation was based primarily on the fact that I felt they were in breach of contract and not acting in our best interest. My reasons: I) Vendors were not paid on time. I had to personally, repeatedly, advocate and intervene for payment to get payment for: 1) Our long term plumber didn't get paid for 6 months. He ultimately refused to work on our association anymore. (Kevin) 2) The vendor for our surveillance system- 3 months. He would not work for us again. (Sam) 3) I requested payment for Handymen June 2017. They weren't paid until October 2017. (Tran) Also refused to return. II) On site management was infrequent. Our contract specified "monthly landscaping walk." After the previous 3 managers disappeared (without notice) the owner took over our association. He attended our annual meeting in May 2017. To my knowledge, no manager from DM ever set foot in our community during the next 6 months prior to my resignation in Nov 2017, despite several crisis' and requests for on site support. III) Issues with repairs. Exhibit C: I personally took Roger, Andre and Jeff (the 3 prior managers) up to the Roof in late July 2016 and physically showed them the area of concern regarding a roof repair. I followed up with email and documentation on 4 separate occasions asking about the repair and winterizing. Dec 24 2017 I got a phone call (while out of state) from the occupant that there was a serious leak- the repair had not been done. nor had winterizing. Emergency response on X-mas eve= aprox $1,200. Exhibit D: We were charged aprox $2,000 for a sump pump replacement in the garage. Actually there was no replacement- same original sump pump still there. I complained and asked for investigation. About 10 times. No response. (Double O plumbing in Orange County) Exhibit E: NO answer from their "after hours emergency line" for my own sink episode and two other after hours plumbing emergencies that I know of. 3) High document fees and Unauthorized ACH charges 1) Luckily, we relocated out of state and sold our unit- We were charged aprox $800 for less than 100 pages of Condo Docs. ( I believe this exceeds the allowable charges but we just wanted out) 2) In addition to the above charges, we were charged a $300 "turn over fee." Nonetheless, our ACH account was not deactivated. Unauthorized ACH HOA payments have been withdrawn for the last 2 months totaling $550.00. We sold June 29- . I called and informed them they were mistaken in taking July HOA from our account. I was told I'd be reimbursed. I called back in August to report no reimbursement AND that Aug had also been charged. Amanda was actually very helpful and responsive. I look forward to a check. Incidentally, banks charge a fee to stop these payments- vendors are the ones who control this action. We already paid $300 for this service. I swear to the above under the pains and penalties of perjury. On a personal note, in addition to the above, I was repeatedly told, quite directly, I had an "unreasonable" attitude and expectations and that I am overly critical. Including in a letter to the entire HOA community. Also- See Heather L's review for an accurate description of treatment. IMHO, this is particularly directed at women. I saw only respectful responses when men in my HOA complained. On the upside, the monthly financial statements & Board packets are pretty good. You will be charged for printing and postage for them. NB- they do deserve a star for their construction manager, Don Brown. He is professional, polite and competent. He and his crew did major balcony reconstruction that looked quite decent from my uninformed perspective.
4 months ago
Evgenia Verbitskaya
I had excellent customer service and the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful!
5 months ago
Ted Parsons
Need training on how to work with Homeowners and treat them respectfully. Bad Customer Service Skills!
4 months ago
Dhruv Phatak
7 months ago
Paulo Pereira
4 months ago
Ronald Mason
7 months ago

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