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Address: 2978 Centreville Rd, Herndon, VA 20171, United States
Phone number: +1 703-934-5000

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Яна Sawatzki
I am disappointed with the night staff at the Dulles Health and Rehab Center. Fir one thing, I found the lack of professionalism. One would think the staff other than the doctor would try to be helpful and knowledgeable about what's happening at this facility. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. I can't begin to share my disappointment at what I found to be a disorganized night staff (with the exception of the doctor on call) at the Dulles Health and Rehab Center. The staff really needs to work on communications with people other than themselves.
6 months ago
Ольга Толбасова
The entire team at Dulles Health and Rehab has been outstanding! The PT/OT team keeps me updated about my mother and her progress. The first couple of days I was greeted by multiple phone calls from people introducing themselves to me and what their role is at DHR. Thank you so much for all that you do and for taking care of my mom❤
8 months ago
Александр Кругликов
Cannot imagine how the State allows this place to stay open. They must have great lawyers or people are just so relieved to have gotten out alive they don't bother to sue. Unconscionable neglect for safety and zero communication with hospitals or families of patients. STAY AWAY!
7 months ago
Maxim Dubenko
My father was discharged from Dulles Health and Rehab Center yesterday after 4 weeks for recovery from a hip fracture. The amazing staff at the Center took every opportunity to make his stay extremely comfortable (as could be given his condition). What I found impressive is that there is a team approach to recovery and care. They not only provided an intensive rehabilitation program but also monitored his medications, his diet and his social activities. The administrator of the facility has a hands-on approach and all the staff were responsive to our concerns. I cannot thank them enough for all they did for my father.
7 months ago
Рамшит Баранович
Great place to work! The most remarkable thing about that experience is the amazing team I've been working with every day. Everyone is focused on providing exceptional patient care and they work together as a team to accomplish this. Our administrator is mentoring all staff to provide best care.
10 months ago
Константин Хакимуллин
With everything going on currently, Leslie and her staff have been amazing. We pray for their health and safety during this time!
10 months ago
Николай Дементьев
My mother has been a resident of Dulles Health for over six months. Prior to selecting this facility I visited and researched many in the area. I found that this facility was cleaner, staff very professional and attentive. Each time I visit I find my mother is always is good spirits and that speaks volumes. I am not saying they are perfect. It takes time to establish the balance and get use to the policies and procedures but, when I have a concern I am able to speak with an administrator to quickly resolve my concern. The nursing staff is very attentive and always update me on issues that come up. I am very grateful to Dulles Health for taking great care of my mother. Janet Varre
7 months ago
Svetlana Bondar
They don’t care!!!! My mom was neglected by these people
7 months ago
Светлана Ковалёва
I went to visit my aunt from 3pm to 6pm. This facility is very clean. Although, the only staff that checked on her was the lovely physical therapist, Kendall. Most kind-hearted and friendliest person there. She went to get my aunt her dinner which was 30 minutes late before it got cold like the other day. Overall, while leaving my aunt, I counted 8 staff members sitting around an open area chilling and on computers and on their cell phone. I suggest that they check in on the patients more often. My aunt waited for her daughter to take her to the restroom before her therapy session.
10 months ago
Наталья Глебова
The facility could be bigger for all of us residents and family. The staff is pleasant while others very pleasant. Like other facilities some staff are knowledgeable and others aren’t afraid to ask for help when not knowing the answer. I would recommend this facility to other people because i have pleasant experience here at Dulles. It’s a great place to be in! More employees and residents should be here enjoying themselves.
7 months ago
Жанночка Иванова
Dulles Health and Rehab makes me feel comfortable. I really enjoy the Activities Dept. with all the outings, fundraisers, and other activities, they don't make us feel left out. The administrator, Leslie, does a great job showing how much she cares about us, the residents and patients.
8 months ago
Ольга Силич
I love living here in the long term place! The residents and staff are my favorite because they give sense that i belong here and that I’m welcome here. I would highly recommend this place to family and friends and even strangers. The best thing i like best of this place is the people. There many people i can talk to and get to spend time with.
4 months ago
Борис Желонкин
This place is hell sprinkled with a few good humans. The neglect is hard to prove, they verbally abuse patients. They place blame on patients who become injured by CNAs. Constantly violate licensing procedures. There is no communication between staff to insure consistent care. I will be contacting the state.
7 months ago
Александра Апсеитова
Best place ever
8 months ago
Алексей Кузнецов
Dulles Health and Rehab has been very good to me. I was one of the first admitted and i'm quite satisfied with the care, general environment, and staff. I highly endorse Dulles Health and Rehab
6 months ago
Ольга Саитгалина
Stay away! Stay far away from this Rehab Center. It's scary, my husband was brought here because of a broken right ankle and needed to build up strength to use a walker. From the first night of arrival there were several mishaps. Nursing staff, for the most part don't care. Lack of attention to all the patients, I watched them. They never respond to that call buzzer. I witnessed for a week, it would take at least a minimum 45 minutes to the usual 1.5 hours to get to the patient. Unacceptable care. Most importantly there was mixup of medications, in particular his blood pressure medicine. He was supposed to take one early morning and the other two at bedtime. Well, there was a several occasions he didn't get them, neither other necessary medications on his chart. He called me in the middle of the night at 3:00am telling me that he didn't get the nighttime medicine and he felt like his heart was coming through his chest. He was ringing the call buzzer over an hour and a half! He managed to get himself in a wheelchair, and roll himself down the hall to the nurses station and beg for blood pressure medication! THAT Should NEVER be. They also never placed a bathroom commode in his bathroom for his use or ease to use the restroom. The Only time he had a sponge bath was after 3 days, and 6 days later a shower. Even after repeated conversations with his case manager, and nurses, these things continued to go on . There is no management, organization or concern for your loved ones well being. STAY AWAY, STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS PLACE !! ANYONE WHO WROTE anything good must work here. This place should not have a license to operate as a rehabilitation center. All hospitals should be aware and never refer anyone to this horrific place.
10 months ago
Алексей Шаповалов
Our daughter had very good experience with PT and OT staff. Very responsive to her unique needs. Nursing staff was attentive and skilled.
6 months ago
Аннушка Шубина
Dulles is a very nice place to live. Any problems us residents have we will solve it out in resident council or inbetween us. The nurse and doctors are excellent! The staff cares about the residents. The nurses try their best to educate and treat the residents as they need it! Nurses are excellent! Recreation therapy/activities is excellent. We have a new director of recreation and she cares about the resident along with her employees! We go on cool and fun outings like the ballets, casinos, lunch outings! Staff thinks of new things that keep us engage and not bored! Leslie the administratior is fantastic and listens to residents concerns. She participates in functions and engages daily! Unlike other facilities where administrators are stuck in the office 24/7. We have physical and occupational that will help you to a degree. Overall perspective is excellent!
7 months ago
Наталья Гасникова
Dulles Health and Rehab was a disaster from the beginning. My wife transferred from another hospital in the evening and the staff was unprepared for her arrival. Then they put her in the wrong room from which she had to be moved later. I told the people in charge that the name on the room tag did not match her name, and they thought it was funny and remarked that "she must have an alias." Further, my wife required wound care. Their idea of wound care is changing her bandages "upon request", as well as her bloody sheets. Absolutely disgusting! Then they gave us a menu that was expired, and we had to rely on the posted menus for her restricted diet. Their dietitian asked her for special requests, and she asked for tea and that no sugary drinks or deserts be provided. She was delivered the same meals as everyone else, so why did the dietitian even bother? Evening shift must love working here because all they do is sit at their monitors rather than taking care of the patients - maybe they play video games on them? Further, as mentioned in previous posts, they don't want you to leave so they can collect as much $ as possible from the insurance company. We has to fight with the director to get her released from this "prison". The one star I gave is for their PT, which is OK. Please be advised that you may have to wait 15-20 minutes to depart or enter the building before or after hours. Also, they leave a loud beeping sound alarm in the hallway on all night long. I asked a nurse about it at the nursing station, and she simply pressed a button to turn it off. But a few minutes later the beeping began again. Further, on my wife's second night there, she never received her dinner! It was 7:45 PM and we pushed the button to tell them and they made her a sandwich. This place has terrible management and no substantial wound care to speak of. They told us that a doctor would look at her wound, but that never happened. The wound care nurse was rude and made inappropriate comments about the healing of the wound
8 months ago
Инна Давыдова
My wife has been admitted here since Jan 4th and she's getting ready to be discharged hopefully in about three weeks from today. Her stay has been wonderful. I visit her almost 3-4 times a week. The whole staff, from the front desk associates, aids, nurses, PT, OT, too many names to mention, have been great from the very first day. Special kudos to Robert(LPN), who has become my instant friend during this stay, with his very accommodating personality and to Leslie(case manager) who has been there for us, giving prompt updates regarding my wife's progress and making sure all the necessary documents, correspondences, and paperworks between the doctors, insurance, and work-related communications and follow ups are taken cared of. She is an amazing asset to this company. Amazing people. Amazing place. I would definitely recommend this place.
7 months ago
Ольга Медведева
Highly recommend. My father (Adly Boulus) has been a resident on a short term stay in this rehab facility following a hospital episode dealing with a large wound on his back and having several other complications mainly due to his age. This facility in my opinion has been nothing but AMAZING! The staff is just simply very well trained and shows a huge amount of compassion towards my father and towards the family. Leslie in the case working group has been so helpful and pleasant trying to help us with a long term stay at any near by locations. The nursing staff is seriously the best we have dealt with (we dealt with so many - my father is 89!) - thanks to Agnus and the rest of the nursing staff. The therapy team is also the BEST I've seen. Barathy and all the therapy staff have been seriously making our family visits to the facility more peaceful and we can sense the real desire to heal and not just to work. We are simply thankful for their GREAT, PROFESSIONAL, and KIND HEARTED service.
6 months ago
Денис Векленко
If you value your life, stay away from this place. Three medication errors in four days. Unresponsive staff especially at night. My sister was left to soil herself because nobody would respond and she was unable to get to either the toilet or the bedside comode without help. There were some very good staff but all in all this is not a safe place
7 months ago
Брунгильда Распрекрасная
My aunt was here during rehab. She went in and could barely walk. She left walking on her own accord. Great staff!
6 months ago
Михаил Чистов
I rarely ever write reviews, but my experience with Dulles Rehab and Health was so bad that I felt I had to warn others. My mother, completely incapacitated, was treated terribly. She would be forced to sit in a dirty diaper for hours after telling aides she needed help; meals were often cold or never brought at all; nurses and staff were rarely responsive, and when they were, were usually uncaring or borderline incompetent. Just getting basic care/needs - bathing, changing, getting WATER - was challenging at best. It took weeks just get her bathed. No one really took responsibility and we were always getting the runaround. We had to be constantly involved in order for my mother just to be given a basic level of care. My mother has been at other centers like this one, and has never, ever had an experience like this. This is a total exception. We have never seen such maltreatment and lack of care anywhere else but here.
8 months ago
Иван Клейков
THIS H/Rehab is ????AWESOME-EST!!!! Dulles has great socailable staff. I would recommend this facility to people!
6 months ago
Анастасия Жербаханова
I wish I could post zero or negative stars of this establishment. It's pretty obvious the positive reviews are written by those who work here. My mother-in-law was admitted to Dulles Health and Rehab Center upon being released from a brief stay in a local hospital. My mother-in-law is nearly 80 years old and is a diabetic with a heart condition. Her first meal was a chili-cheese dog, fries and fruit juice ladened with sugar. Unacceptable. The individuals working here have no regard for the elderly in their care based on observation. The facility smells awful and maintaining cleanliness is obviously not a priority. My wife attempted to leave with my mother-in-law and was met with resistance. She was finally able to leave with her mother. AVOID and do not leave your precious family members in this dump.
4 months ago
Мария Лауфер
The administration and management go out of their way to make your stay with them the best possible. The facility is cleaned constantly and they serve meals 'restaurant style' in the dining areas. Food is served hot, and they will change your diet due to your food preferences. Facility has a great home like environment and the rehabilitation team is amazing! The nursing staff is very caring and check in often with their residents/patients. I would trust my family and loved ones with Dulles 100%.
9 months ago
Александр Савичев
Our mother is currently admitted in this facility and the transition from hospital to rehab center has been flawless! Clean facilities throughout, a highly competent and professional staff, and spacious rooms make this the ideal place for her to recover and thrive!!!
6 months ago
Андрей Енин
Definitely recommend sending your loved one to Dulles Health and Rehab Center. The therapy team is incredible and works wonders. They offer physical, occupational, and speech therapy. It is also a relatively new building with wonderful decor and spacious rooms!!
4 weeks ago
Роман Преображенский
The reahb team is great! If you are considering short team rehabilitation for yourself or a family member, this is the place. The team is very dedicated to patient care along with assisting each individual patient with activities of daily living to regain their independence.
7 months ago
Дмитрий Авербух
I tried to give 4.5 stars, but it seems only to allow 4 or 5. The staff seem happy, the facility is clean and new. The therapists are competent. The program of rehab is sensible. My mother recovered well there. The administration team was friendly, but they were a bit disorganized. E.g., we didn’t have a clear statement of the rehab goals to be reached before discharge. When we got a discharge date from occupational therapy, we were waiting for physical therapy and speech therapy to give their estimated dates; then all of the sudden, the case manager told us that the real discharge date would be three days before the occupational therapist’s date, because that’s when my mother’s insurance wanted us out. My mother was there for about a month, so the discharge date could have been better anticipated and communicated. Parking isn’t the easiest, i.e., finding a space and finding anywhere near the door. Overall, Dulles did well by my mother, and I would choose them again should she need rehab.
7 months ago
Анна Цейтлин
New facility (opened July 2016) for rehabilitation, long-term and respite care. According to short-term resident, dinner menu could be more varied, but courteous staff try to accommodate special diet needs. Parking appears to be too small for the size of facility - you may have to wait for a parking space to open, or park across the street.
10 months ago
Елена Козьмина
TEN DAYS OF NEGLECT AND TORTURE If I could give a negative score, I would. These people left me in dirty diapers for hours while ignoring my calls and screams. I begged for a nurse or doctor but they refused. I was in ORGAN FAILURE AND THEY MISSED IT. I called 911 and had the paramedics take me back to the hospital. They seemed great at first glance. As soon as my family left, the nightmare began. DO NOT TRUST YOUR LOVED ONE TO THIS PLACE!!!
7 months ago
Наталья Лексина
Dulles Health & Rehab is a wonderful place to work at! I enjoy seeing patients successfully rehab and return to their homes, but I also enjoy the relationships I have created with the wonderful residents who live there!!
10 months ago
Диана Бикмухаметова
Update: the health department received our long list of violations complaint and has since cited this center many times! This place deserves 0 stars. They are responsible for the declining health and ultimate passing of my father. I wish we never took him here in the first place, but I want to save people from this place! My sister has since filed a complaint with the health department. He had hip surgery in December and was doing well in the hospital, they recommended that we transfer him to a rehab facility to get BETTER. These people put him in a diaper, never had appropriate food to eat, was left alone for hours at a time, and was NOT CARED for at all. Every time I went, he was sitting by himself with cold and hard food that he was unable to eat. At the time he was only supposed to eat soft foods and every time we went he had something he couldn't even eat. The "nurses" never pushed him to eat or do his rehab exercises. They neglected him and left him to feen for himself. He lost over 20 lbs in the care of these people. This place is also terrifying at night, many elderly people left alone and often times when we went there were people calling for help. Once, there was a person cutting their toe nails in the cafeteria. Everything about this place is terrible and it is not an exaggeration. My dad gave up hope in this place. The worst experience ever was when my sister and I went, he hadn't had a bath in a week. We asked the "nurses" to give him a shower, he had been in bed for 7 days at this point. When they got him up, he had a seizure. My sister and I obviously had no idea what to do, but the "nurses" DID NOTHING. Literally, we asked for an ambulance or something. They did not even know what to do! I had to call a friend who was a nurse, no one followed up with us either. It was the most terrifying thing I have experienced, after many failed follow ups on our end to get a conversation with the imaginary doctor, days had passed. We never once met a doctor in charge of his care. The only meeting that ever took place was about money even though my family pushed and pushed to meet his care team. I am fully convinced this awful place was responsible for his decline and ultimate passing. Care takers were rude when we asked questions and had concerns about his food and daily routine. They are unprepared for actual medical needs and hate their jobs, literally I heard them talking about it. I hope this place closes. There are so many more complaints and stories, but please stay away. NO ONE should have to suffer death of a loved one due to neglect. My family visited every day and multiple times a day and still it wasn’t enough to protect him. For more info see my sister Rania's review below. Any positive review has to be fake.
4 months ago
Дмитрий Гусев
This site makes you at least have 1 star to post...otherwise I would have zero stars and negative if that were even possible. Dulles Rehab is a terrible place. You MUST visit before someone you love goes there for rehab or other services. We tried to rescue (and I mean rescue) our mom out of that place, but was told by staff that they could not release without authorization from the Physical therapist. Physical therapist said they could not release her without the approval of the case worker/social worker. It went back and forth. We were told if we tried to take her out without an official release by them due to her being on medicaid, if she were to go into the hospital within 60 days of our family removing her, medicaid would not cover the hospital stay or her re-admittance to a rehab center should it be required!!! We have since found out that this was a lie and my Mom continued to deteriorate. We hired a private care giver to watch her during the day but had we known what occurs at night, we would have hired one for the the night! My Mom would call in the middle of the night whispering that we needed to get her out of there and that people were being neglected but we thought that because she has dementia, that she was just imagining the situation. People are ignored and not treated with respect or like adults....very sad, it isn't right! DO NOT SEND ANYONE THERE!!!!!!! We believed them when we were told she had to stay there until THEY felt she could leave. We are so sorry for all the pain and misery it has caused our Mom. She went into Dulles rehab using a walker and steadily declined and was wheeled out in a wheel chair after all of the medicaid coverage allowed had been paid to them (in other words she was literally kicked out). How glad we are that she finally ESCAPED! While at Dulles rehab, she was transported to the emergency room with a UTI infection!! Once that was treated, even though we tried to get her to another facility, none of them said they had a bed available and we were told by Fairfax Hospital case manager that she would be transported back to Dulles Rehab. Here the nightmare continued. She would be screaming in pain at that top of her lungs everyday and every night uncontrollably and even with all of this going on, she would lay for hours in a soiled bed with urine and poop because she developed diarrhea. They would just let her and many of the patients just lay in the poop!! Once we got my Mom home, she was still screaming with pain and would not get up out of the bed to even try to use the bathroom. She had been mentally programmed to go in her diaper!!!!!! Mind you, she had never worn a diaper prior to her admission too Dulles Rehab. They fixed it in her mind that she could not/ should not try to get up even when she wanted to use the bathroom in her room. My Mom is 89 years old with dementia and diabetes and even though she was to be on a special diet, the food they would bring out would be things like cold hard french fries, chili dogs, boiled eggs that had been sitting out and the yellow yoke turning dark and that coupled with the bugs flying around the dishes when you lifted the top,icky!!!!! We started bringing in food for her but after awhile, she didn't even have an appetite. So she loss a lot of weight. Oh, while there another patient in the room next door to my Mom passed away. We don't know how ill she may have been but PLEASE, Google and read the reviews as there have been other deaths at this facility. It is so sad given the fact that there have been so many complaints brought against this facility and it has not been shut down! Well, back to once we got her home and she still had diarrhea and was becoming seriously dehydrated along with the need to have her diaper changed almost every hour by the care giver, we realized something was very wrong. We called the paramedics the next day and she was admitted to the emergency room and diagnosed with E.coli!!!!!! BTW...Many of the 5 star ratings you may find, are posted by employees.
4 months ago
Юлия Семенова
The rehab team is awesome ! The team is very uplifting and dedicated to help improve functional status and quality of life of their patients.
3 weeks ago
Виталя Фетисов
DO NOT SEND YOUR LOVED ONES THERE!!! On Dec 21st my dad complained that the nurses were hitting him in the groin and catheter several times. He complained and wanted to call 911 as to which she said no I watched a nurse aggressively speak to my father when he asked for help I explained he's 85 and needs patience She said, that's the way she talks to people. He called me the past several days claiming he didn't want to be there with how the treatment or lack there of for him was getting worse and they were getting worse and very aggressive in tone. I called an home aid assistant to watch him that evening from Comfort Homecare Services So he could have some peace and continue to get better and survive rather than be uncomfortable and feeling very vulnerable. We will be filing a complaint on this facility and each and every nurse that was involved in the horrible treatment.
4 months ago
Лилия Иванова
Do NOT take your loved ones to this facility. My 82 year old father was transferred there after hip surgery and things went down hill quickly. First they put him in a diaper upon arrival. In Fairfax Hospital he was using a urinal and pan. This is a rehab facility. They were supposed to help him get on his feet again, not take a step back. After being in bed for days on end his health deteriorated quickly. He was no longer able to swallow food well and was told by "doctors" - whom we never saw once!- to be put on a soft diet like soups, mashed potatoes etc. The next day I went to visit my day and he had a chili dog on his tray!! Not ONCE did they give him a soft diet meal or the Ensure drinks he was "prescribed". He lost an incredible amount of weight in the ten days he spent there. The nurses do NOT care about the patients. If you press the call button it would take over 20 mins before someone would show up. We visited on a daily basis and not once was he being taken care of properly. In one instance my dad had a dirty diaper. I told the nurses and they fought IN FRONT OF ME about who had to change him since it was a shift change time. Took 20 mins for one nurse to finally come and help my dad. If you visit after 5 or 6pm - very few people do - you will be hit by the overwhelming stench of dirty diapers. They just leave their disabled elderly patients in their own waste. It's incredibly heartbreaking. The list goes on and on. I could write 10 pages of negative events we witnessed firsthand. We pulled my dad out as soon as we could but sadly for us, my dad didn't recover from his surgery. I have no doubt that Dulles Rehab was responsible for his quickly deteriorating health. We plan to file a formal complaint with the local health department.
1 month ago
Татьяна Гаврилова
My dad spent one month in rehabilitation and the only good thing about this place was the physical / rehabilitation staff, some of the daytime staff, and nurse practitioner. A doctor never met with my Dad the entire time! They are understaffed and the weekend and night staff are not trained well. Very often Dad did not receive assistance when he needed it and bodily functions ran their course which is not acceptable, especially multiple times. My dad was unable to stand on his own or walk to restroom. Due to lack of courteous and incompetent staff assistance, he fell several times and laid on the floor for a time before staff attended to his needs. Administrative staff was poor and did not offer adequate patient support. NO WAY would our family advise any family members or friends to use this facility.
7 months ago
Павел Фролов
This place smells wonderful! The rehab group is a great team. They help people go from bed ridden to walking around the entire building. Highly recommended!!!!!!!
8 months ago
Игорь Урецкий
They do not know what they are doing here. My mom has three broken vertebrae and has a neck and back collar. The first night she got there the CNAs said, "we've never seen this type of collar before. Do you know how to take it off?" I replied that I didn't. They called the RN who told me that he didn't know how to take the collar off and that this was normally the purview of PT, who had already gone home for the night. They ended up calling the hospital to get instructions on how to take the collar off. The next day, I go to visit her at 11:30 AM. She had not been given breakfast until 11:00 AM. They didn't give her lunch until 3:30. The next day, I go to visit her and she tells me that her diaper hasn't been changed. Now she is burned. They also are not helping her eat nor brushing her teeth. Saturday, I spend all day with her. A CNA comes in and says "we have to weigh her." The contraption they have to weigh her looks like a fishing net with no back support. I tell them "you know she has a broken vertebrae in her back, right?" "Oh no, I didn't know that." I asked, "how will you support her back?" "Oh well, this can wait until PT sees her tomorrow." Meanwhile, they have caused my mom unnecessary pain and suffering. I am glad I stopped her from being weighed in that contraption because the next day PT was *horrified* that they would have tried that. It could have had dire consequences for mom. This place is full of excuses and apologies but it does not have my trust. I regret having my mom there and I will be getting her out as soon as possible.
10 months ago
Мария Прасолова
Best place ever!! Staff are friendly and very helpful,especially Brenda and Dora always there when you need them, night or day, spending time talking with you, making sure you havve everthing you need, and more eg: banana for breakfast, extra cup of tea and icecream for dinner, and two showers a week, Food is good, but not great like at inova - a great variety of balanced meals, but no choice, no smoothies or parmagiano. Small servings too - I lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks,. Rehab are great, Stef and Lindsay always doing that extra bit to make sure things happen: more than just a pretty smile she's got real concern and compassion, and lots of fun when she lets her hair down, Rooms and equipment are all new, neat and clean, a very fresh, comfortable home to relax abd recuperate, enjoy and even watch footballwith your kids or play chess in the courtyard on a sunny Sunday afternoon. In fact when the time came to leave I was in two minds - should I stay or should I go?The insurance company made the decision for me - so sad :(
10 months ago
Игнат Кабанов
This was a very bad experience for my mother. She was left to sit in her own urine and poop for hours. After 3 days she had a terrible wound on her bottom. They did not help her brush her teeth every nite. I had to hunt down help to get her soiled linens changed and help for her to get changed for bedtime each time I was there. They took her hearing and and did not give them back to her. I would arrive some days at noon and she still didn't have her hearing aids in. I had tonask and no one knew where they were. There had been no communication and plan between staff for this. They appeared understaffed. Many times I would overhear derogatory comments made to patients who had had some kind of accident. I also witnessed other patients waiting up to 30 minutes to get simple things like a drink with their meal. Management has no control over staff. The nursing station is in the dining room . I overheard a nurse manager discussing with a Assistant nurse not to forget somthing and not to leave someone for somthing else. This staff member made all kinds of excuses ranging from denial to blaming others. Do not leave your loved ones here. Fortunately for us we could pull her out and get care for her in our home. We filed a state complaint. This facility reopened July 2016 after being shut down under another name.
4 months ago
Ирина Галамай
This place is new, nice, and I've found the staff, and especially the social services department, very easy to work with. I'm a fan!
8 months ago
Серега Опаопаопапа
For starters, they don’t answer the phone...
7 months ago
Marina Egorova
November 2017 “At Dulles Health & Rehab Center, our goal is simple: to provide the most effective treatment for you in a compassionate, comfortable environment.“ Compassionate and Comfortable? Do you call sitting a patient in a wheelchair who can’t move any part of her body independently with her head HANGING OVER THE BACK, in front of your desk ALL morning “COMPASSIONATE and COMFORTABLE?!?! You did not move her and probably had NO INTENTIONS TO move her unTIL you saw her family member approaching down the hall. At that point, you RUSHED to get her back in her bed in her room which was across from your desk. “...your care will be our primary concern. We’re doing more than just challenging the status quo. We’re changing lives.” Oh, you’re CHANGING LIVES ALRIGHT. The next day, around 5am, you called her children who were DRIVING and told them their mother had passed. You are the sorriest example of a REHAB I have ever known! I am beyond appalled at your inexcusable behavior. Your doors should have never opened because OBVIOUSLY you have NO IDEA what the heck you are doing, and you have NO BUSINESS being licensed to operate. Caring, compassionate, comfortable, considerate, and competent are words that SHOULD NOT, and I repeat, SHOULD NOT be used to describe Dulles Health and Rehab Center in Herndon Va!!!!!!! #DullesHealthandRehabCenter #HerndonVa #Inconsiderate #Uncaring #Unprofessional #Incompetent #Pathetic #Dispicable
10 months ago
Наталья Арлашина
I've had nothing but a positive experience at this facility.
10 months ago
Елена Улыбина
The staff has no clue what they are doing.
7 months ago
Пересмешник Белый-Свет
Will update soon
4 months ago

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