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Cell phone store Verizon, 3825 Grand Ave, Chino, CA 91710, United States: 173 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 3825 Grand Ave, Chino, CA 91710, United States
Website: verizon.com
Phone number: +1 909-591-9740

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Chris Taylor
The staff was knowledgeable & resolved my issue very quickly
3 months ago
Despite Covid restrictions, was able to get in and get help with my issue
4 months ago
Josef Hajioannou
Verizon was awesome and very friendly and Covid safe. Sai helped us out and is completely professional and friendly. He explained everything to us and hooked up everything we needed . Very awesome employee and everyone else in store including Manager was great and friendly
9 months ago
Hannah D
Verizon was slowwwww. The staff brow beat my 72 year old Vietnam veteran friend into buying one of Verizons tablets, when he only needed a sim card for the tablet he currently owned. Which was brand new, purchased from Amazon. It took two hours which is ridiculous. I would skip this Verizon store.
4 months ago
Great experience every time. Johnathon helped me with a tablet. He was very helpful , gave me a lot of choices. Super fast too . Awesome place to buy for phone of tablet. This Verizon store is one of the best .
5 months ago
Ulyana Kislova
Verizon has the best in-store customer service
3 months ago
Marion Dunne
i made an appointment via the Verizon app and had no trouble doing that or finding this location. i arrived and was immediately met with a team member who asked how they could help. i told them about the appointment i made via the app. they checked my name off the list and helped me out very quickly and efficiently. i'll be coming back to this location next time i need in person assistance.
11 months ago
Raghav Marda
Nice store with very organized displays. Friendly services.
3 months ago
Ryan McConnell
Mediocre experience. Not very helpful overall.
2 months ago
Exceptional customer service. Oh and try to make an appointment before you go in.
9 months ago
Boris Makarov
WORSE customer service here and I have been with verizon for over 5 years!! DONT COME TO THIS LOCATION.
6 months ago
Gareth Davies
Verizon just wants to charge more. All I needed was to get my jetpack fixed. According to them I didn't have insurance on box( I have it on all other items). The solution was upgrade( more money) or go buy another battery. I plan on saying goodbye to them real soon!
8 months ago
Xin Weng
Daniel was really helpful ask for him if you stop by,
5 days ago
Debra Burk
I usually don't go to the Verizon store. This one was oddly efficient. Issue solved
1 month ago
Spoon Killer
Fast expert help from Denny.
1 month ago
Sumanth Dupuguntla
Nice place
3 months ago
Ray Rzeplinski
They were a little busy, but I was approached quickly about my reason for being there and helped rather quickly as well. Very informative, polite and helpful. Would go again just to go.
3 months ago
ANDY Francis
Not even 1 star. Just field of country town....they think top of new trand skill relation with customer. Maybe old mans not welcome just young boys and girls who don't care about long term phone. No good. No friendly. Thanks for not myhome area.
7 months ago
Jesse Fisher
The worse Verizon I went to. I waited more than 15 minutes and the guy said I have to wait more 30 minutes and said it’s ridiculous and the guy was rude and asked me to go in another company. I have a business account with 7 lines, I’m really looking for another company.
1 month ago
Horrible. Been a customer for 13 years and got lied to when I switch more of friend over. This is not the Verizon as before. Don't switch over or stay with with Verizon wireless. Even the Verizon manager just say whatever to get you off. After paying moe than 250 per months, they still treat you like dirt. Look at the auto response below from I dont know who. They are better off reaching out to the customer than to make a post like the one below. In my book action speak louder than words.
3 months ago
cliff hughes
I took my 83 year old mother to buy a new phone on 12/26. Process took about an hour between wait time and activation. Not bad. Took phone home found out it wouldn't make calls. Took back to store. They were having activation issues with some customers. They took the phone in the back and worked with their technical support for almost an hour. She wanted a 6ft USB-USB-c cable . After waiting almost an hour for them to fix their problem, I asked if they were going to throw the cable in for free or at least a discount. They said no....REALLY? She was forced to sit there for an hour because they had a problem and they couldn't toss in the cable as an "I'm sorry for the inconvenience". T-Mobile wouldn't have treated a customer like that.
3 months ago
Tina Gui
Good customer service.
5 months ago
Rachel Allen
There is no service where I live or on the streets I have to drive daily! If I get to have a phone conversation at all it’s interrupted several times. Can’t reach customer service in less than 2 hour hold and when I do they can’t help! False advertising about coverage, I want to cancel service, port back over to T-mobile, and get full refund on all services and merchandise but can’t reach anyone! Oh, and when I schedule a call back with notes that I have no service and to try me multiple times, they call, can’t hear me because THERE’S NO SIGNAL, they hang up, don’t try me again but text that they couldn’t reach me an will try again later!!! Haven’t heard back from them...???? if I could select -5 stars out of 5 I would but I had to give the minimum rating of 1 star in order to post my review.
4 months ago
Michelle Ingram
I have being long time Verizon wireless customer and was looking to upgrade my phone and plan. I reviewed the options prior to visit the Verizon Wireless store in Chino Spectrum on 11/29 afternoon. I understand it is busy black Friday afternoon. My wife and I waited patiently for about one hour and the sale representative, Johnathon E. Whittington, shows no patient beside print out the plan comparison and un-willing to go over the details with us. It seems he wants to get to next person with quick sale instead of spending time to assist us with details for our best device/plan option. He stated we should call Verizon Wireless Customer Service on the phone if we want to go over the details. I would give zero star if there is an option for our experience at Verizon Wireless store.
3 months ago
Jen Walker
Not the best store, I didn't get the answer I needed. Going there at 20 miles away was faster than calling Verizon Customer Care tho.
3 months ago
Davie Miz
Marcos Is your guy for help, very patient and willing to help on a busy day.
3 months ago
Andrea Schiefer
They solved my phone's problem but it took the third associate to figure it out !
5 months ago
patricia marsille
Came and with online purchase to pick up. Employee asked if I wanted to include case and screen protector. I said no thank you. Then the employee said it will be free. I said oh really free. F.R.E.E. I spelled it out to him. He said yes. I gave the okay. Once he applied the screen protector and case. He billed me 100 plus dollars. I told him I thought it was free. And shrugs and tells me I already open the package and applied the case and screen protector. Do not trust this Verizon store. And someone has to speak to management here. They been doing this for years.
5 months ago
Bryne Broderick
sitting here for 20 minutes already with store full of customers and only 2 employees with tablets checking people in.. Traffic moves faster in Los Angeles....ushhhh. so far no one has been helped with phones issues... Recommend going elsewhere.... service is beyond sub standard... leaving in 5... had this issue here many times here but unfortunately this is the closed store to me.. update: 38 minutes later, they gave me a phone number to call and remove an item from my account....REALLYYYY...
5 months ago
Diyaa Nawaiseh
No help what so ever.
4 months ago
Tin Ho
Got checked in, had to wait at least an hour just to be told they were out of stock on Screen protectors to fit my phone. The Check in person should have the capabilities to check stock if all the Customer needs is Accessories like Screen protectors, charging cords etc.
3 months ago
Jason Bradley
Kyle is great and very knowledgeable. He is 5 stars. Most everyone else I've dealt with is severely lacking in the customer service aspect. I bought a new phone a little over a week ago. I got the accessory bundle that included a power bank type charger. It has the wrong connector for the phone. The Solutions Manager told me that they could just switch out the cable. A few minutes later one of the employees came over and told me that the power banks only coming with a cord to charge the power bank itself, not the phones. This is not true, but he insisted and told me that I need to buy a stand alone cord for the unit. Arguing with a customer that has 5 lines and averages 2 new phones a year about a cord that can be easily switched out doesn't sound like great business tactics.
1 month ago
This is a good store, been coming here for years for help bigger than most!
4 months ago
Jan Schmitz
dont fall for the bait and switch. make sure you understand what you are actually getting. make sure you know if its an instant discount or a rebate. expect accessories like cases and screen protectors to NEVER be free. they will charge you full retail price on EVERYTHING. if you are eligible for a rebate, expect them to try and sell you other things to make up for it. best piece of advice is to research exactly what you want, know the price/s before walking in, and leave with ONLY what you wanted. DO NOT let them upsell you.
1 month ago
Ben Buller
The verizon Rep that helped me was great. In and out in just a little bit of time. No line or waiting was my 1st good experience at a Verizon store.
5 months ago
I needed a simple replacement phone for my mom and Gary did a great job on helping us.
5 months ago
Horacio Thomas
Had a great customer service rep named Christian. He tried everything he knew to try and fix my problem. Unfortunately we weren't able to solve it.
1 month ago
Matthew Siart
Great wireless company! Love their customer service!
4 months ago
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We anticipated a long wait. We were surprised with the quick courteous assistance. Johnathon was excellent at his job. ????????
1 month ago
Surendra Vishnoi
The best experience ever!!! Raul really went out of his way to get me squared away and did not let me leave until I was 100% satisfied. Just an A+ experience. Thank you!!!’
10 months ago
Hubert Santos
Worst customer service ever ????
2 months ago
Debra Titus
Yesterday I got my credit approved for 4,000 after I was told that there was no more XS I could get for my family I would have to get them delivered . After I got approved some magically appeared . While scanning a messaged appeared and they told me that I can get me and my family any phones a refused my service because of “discrepancies“. After calling and talking to supervisors and being on the phone for hours no one helped. Thanks for the inquiry and racially profiling me through out my whole visit . Reminder My credit was approved so what’s the real issue?
9 months ago
Quick and good service. This location is worth checking out. Verizon isn't the best but the workers are great!
4 months ago
Verizon trains their representatives to scam you out of your money. You will pay for what you believe is free, you will be put on 2 year contract without notice for purchasing any gadget or tablet or after being rewarded one, and the hidden fees will not stay hidden Once it's time to pay.
1 month ago
andrew solheim
I had a very positive experience in this Verizon store.
1 month ago
Preethi Sahayaraj
The service rep. helped me with my cellphone very quickly. Thanks Verizon
6 months ago
Not so friendly staff. They are more focused on getting your money. Increased my data service fee for $20 more without notification.
7 months ago
Nate White
This is THE WORST experience I have EVER had with a phone service. I purchased 2 phones and a tablet back in March. 2 days later I turned everything in due to having lost my job. I recieved a bill 5 weeks later (early May) for 243.00 because the girl at the store did not disconnect the service properly. (She was really nice when we signed up, but quite the opposite when I turned it in). After countless calls and at least 8 to 10 hours of my time, I was told to make another trip to the store to get the charges reversed. I asked for the manager to assure that they were reversed properly, but was told she was too busy and would issue a credit. In leaving, I was also told that they would kindly reverse the early termination fees!! I guess I was supposed to thank them for that, but since i didn't owe them, i did not. I called again last week and was told that I still owed 184.00, for what I do not know. I spent 30 minutes on the phone Friday afternoon, and another 25 minutes this evening and was told that the lines were finally disconnected and a credit was issued. I certainly hope so, because i am running out of patience.....you think??? Bottom line is.....if you are willing to take a chance on Verizon(which I will NEVER do again)....make sure you will never have to disconnect......it just won't happen !!!! It has been 3 months and I am still wondering if this has been taken care of. This issue is completely the fault of the incompetent employees at the store! Good Luck
11 months ago
Marcel Almagro
Very good customer service by Jesus explaining every detail of my Verizon plan Thank You Jesus Chino Hills store
9 months ago
Emilia Ksenia
I went there with one little question that would have taken 1 min for them to answer but 20 mins later I was still waiting. They need more help there.
5 months ago

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