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Макс Ткачев
I took my wife's car there to have it detailed and some paint chips repaired. The interior came out spotless. No more stains. The paint is flawless also you can not even see the spots that were touched up. This is the best auto body shop ever. I would trust them to work on anything I have. I will continue to have ATP work on all of my vehicles.
6 months ago
Олеся Никитина
I took my Toyota Highlander to them to repair the rusted places on my hood. My color is a tough color to match with the vehicle being 11 years old. They did an excellent job on matching the hood color to the rest of the vehicle. The body work is amazing. In addition they took the film that built up on my lights off. I am very impressed with ATP Customs work. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you Ray!
9 months ago
Вадим Волков
ATP customs exceeded my expectations, I brought a car in that was pretty beaten up inside from little kids over the years. When I got my car back today it looked like the day I bought it 6 years ago! I was impressed with not only his skills but his professionalism and passion for the job! I would recommend him to anyone. I will bring all my families cars there from now on! Thank you ATP Customs
7 months ago
Андрей Журавлев
I had an interior detail and a coating put on my truck, including my windshield. I'm thrilled with the results!! The water just beads off!! No more waxing is the best part! I just wipe it off if it gets dirty. And the metalics in my paint just pop now!! I love it!!!
6 months ago
Наталья Семичева
After getting my car coated it looks better then when I bought brand new. My car has a pearl white and it does wonders for making the pearl and metallics pop. Great customer service and quick turn around for quality work. Thanks agaon!
3 months ago
Евгения Лаврушина
i had my windshield coated it does excellent in the rain and it reduces sun glare excellent customer service and excellet work i will be getting the interior done soon along with a paint coating
3 months ago
Дима Турецкий
9 months ago

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