Notary public Moretti Moretti & Fritz LLC

Notary public Moretti Moretti & Fritz LLC, 314 E Main St, Carnegie, PA 15106, United States: 37 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Notary public Moretti Moretti & Fritz LLC
Address: 314 E Main St, Carnegie, PA 15106, United States
Phone number: +1 412-276-2211

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 40.4091048
Longitude: -80.0837377

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Юлия Летто
Good place for Notary and they charge less compare to others
6 months ago
Николай Мальков
They don’t take cards and would not accept $4 for a $5 notarization. So I paid $5 in ATM fees to get them their $5. Came back into the store with $20. Two women argued with one man about his car lease knowing that I was standing there just waiting to pay them for services already rendered.
3 months ago
Надежда Монеткина
This is a great place to have notary work done in Carnegie. I prefer it to AAA, and I'm a AAA member. The lines, if any are typically very short. The atmosphere is comfortable. The staff is knowledgeable and has been there for quite a while. So if you have need for a title transfer or other notary services, give them a chance.
11 months ago
Нина Семенова
Lisa is amazing. Very helpful and informative.
6 months ago
Юрий Гавышев
Great service !
3 weeks ago
Борис Батюшкин
Knowledgable and nice Women
3 months ago
Татьяна Стебакова
Extremely rude, was in the middle of asking a simple short question and the woman on the phone hung up on me, called backing thinking a mistake was made and when I said I was just speaking to you she hung up again didn't know asking the cost of a title transfer was so hard or unwanted.....
3 months ago
Сергей Дунаевский
Open late for a much needed notary. Friendly service.
2 months ago
Олег Богданов
We get our taxes done here every year and have always had a great experience for the ten years that I've been going here. It's always quick and the person we work with has no problems chatting and keeping up with us during the process. Once done, they file everything into a folder for you and make sure you're aware of what else needs to be done, it makes getting taxes done a breeze and it's great knowing that it's done correctly.
2 months ago
Елена Булина
Needed notary services, was out with everything done in under 5 minutes.
6 months ago
Анна Фёдорова
I’ve been here a couple times now to get things notarized. It is so much more of a pleasant experience than what I’ve had elsewhere. *cough* UPS store in Bridgeville *cough* ;) seriously! No problems... I bring cash, my ID, paperwork, and I’m usually out within a couple minutes. Thank you!
3 months ago
Евгения Мельничук
Great knowledgeable service. From title transfers to taxes they are the best.
1 month ago
Katerina Arup-Tiutiunikova
Foe a notary you can trust to take care of you, look no further! I have been a custom there, my parents also, my grandparents also! When my 1 year old beautiful toddler needs her first car titled, it will be at Moretti's! They are truly a staple of Historic Carnegie!
11 months ago
Ольга Бердутина
Horrible experience transferring a car title. The woman was very rude, interrupted constantly, and wouldn’t let us finish answering questions before getting critical and asking a new one. Shook her head back and forth and also shook her hands in my face and said, “Who are you?!” in the middle of me explaining what all we needed done. Will never go back. P.S. She understated to me (over the phone beforehand) about the fees that were involved and became irate with us when we were surprised at the additional payout. Get a grip, seriously.
3 months ago
Людмила Родзевич
Have done business with Mr. Moretti's establishment for years. Keep coming back.
1 month ago
Ярость Испытавший
Very helpful staff
11 months ago
Ольга Косова
People help you patiently when don’t know something. Good place to change your registration or license related works.
3 months ago
Франс ван дунне
Notary: Very nice, pleasant woman who does the thing. VERY accommodating hours. Even had a great group chat regarding an other customer's daughter in Brooklyn, NY and compared notes.
5 months ago
Давид Мампория
Notary Services Top Notch Friendly Personal
11 months ago
Alexander Durinov
Friendly staff and very informative
4 weeks ago
Дмитрий Филимоненков
Fast, easy, cheap, friendly and family owned. Been around for many many years. Love it.
3 months ago
Ян Керде
Good people they ask once if you need help then let you come to them, clean place, reasonable price.
11 months ago
Оля Бусинка
Very nice lady, quick, understanding. Five stars
7 months ago
Мария Литвинова
They have a ton of services to provide for you. Te people that work there are really good nice people.
11 months ago
Владимир Сухарев
Very good people
1 month ago
Ольга Текуева
Very easy to work with, the very friendly staff helped my friend and I transfer title without any problems.
8 months ago
Станислав Дэнжев
Lisa is GREAT!! Fast, efficient and knowledgeable!
2 months ago
Татьяна Никитина
Great business
2 months ago
Валентина Луценко
Always helpful.
1 month ago
Алёна Старостина
Was not at this place
1 month ago
Ерлан Боскин
Great service
4 months ago
Елена Белова
Awesome service.
2 months ago
Андрей Bogdanowski
10 months ago
Дарья Якубова
1 month ago
Natalia Ruokonen
Great service
3 months ago
Мария Цольфранк
Don’t like their service
2 months ago
Ирина Митропольская
Great place when in need of a notary.
5 months ago

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