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Used car dealer I-95 Muscle, 4115 Legion Rd, Hope Mills, NC 28348, United States: 181 review of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 4115 Legion Rd, Hope Mills, NC 28348, United States
Phone number: +1 910-429-0195

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Desiree Graf
Great looking cars. Prices are too bad either
4 months ago
Thomas Marstein
Mitch and his team were very professional, knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions I had about several cars. His showroom is awesome and you can tell they take pride in the cars they have for sale. They were not pushy and were very honest! This was by far my best car buying experience. I highly recommend I95 they rock!!
5 months ago
Jill Halkin
Well, I loved them at first and I was sold on the 2013 Santa Fe I was working on getting a loan. I drove out of my way twice to look at this vehicle (during the gas shortage) and I even remember leaving them telling them not to sell it because I want it. I was going to trade in my vehicle and yes it has some body damage and another very nice Cadillac CTS. They gave me my quotes for the car and we were in correspondence all morning about me getting the loan and coming in with my vehicles to get the car. I was even putting money down for it to cover everything. Well, I'm half way to hope mills and they tell me they sold it. I was upset and told them and they called to explain it was just business and we had no agreement, but sorry we did.I wish I would have reminded them on the phone that I verbally said do not sell it. I said don't sell it and I was getting my loan together all I needed was for them to tell me how much it was. I had my heart set on that car and because they have no holding policy they screwed me out of a deal. Unless you plan on paying that moment and with cash for the car you want, don't bother because to me this story tells you they don't care about the customer they care about the deal and the money they are making. I am so bummed out. Hope you have a better time with them than I did. Thanks for reading. I hope they see this. In response to your post: I get you are trying to run your business, but you guys screwed me. No one told me someone was looking at it, otherwise I would have hurried my husband up. you guys gave me every impression you were losing money on it and made deals with me over my cars for it and told me to come the next day to drive it and with my husband. I was working all morning with you and I told you not to sell it. I was on my way to you and you sold it with out even telling me someone was looking at it. You can try to tell yourselves you did the right thing, but you didn't. You left me broken hearted and at a loss because now I am having to find another car that fits my needs. Why would I look at other cars at your place when you were never honest with me and I was up front with you about everything. You can try to explain you did the right thing and that this happens, whatever helps you sleep at night. I am still stressed about this and you aren't. So, I greatly appreciate the stress you caused on my family. We had everything prepared to get the car, and was just waiting to hear from you about the final price. I texted before you even before you opened because I wanted to get the ball rolling. Find me the car I want and we will talk don't try to talk me into something else when you screwed me over the first time out of what I actually needed. I read all your reviews and you have good reviews. It sucks you have this one and picked the wrong person to mess with because I will show people both sides of the story. I look forward to reading your next response. PS I just looked at the Yukon. How can you offer such a downgrade? It has 175 thousand miles on it and no back up camera. I need that back up camera and the bluetooth so I aint having to worry about looking at my phone when I need it. I don't text and drive that is not something I do, but I do need my phone when I don't know where I am going. This would be a downgrade from my 2015 Jeep Cherokee and the vehicle I was looking at. No thank you.
2 months ago
Dan Nordmann
Purchased a 1995 Ford F-150 2 weeks ago from I95. The costumer service was amazing, literally in and out in an hour. Had my tags in a week pulled back in and they even put them on the truck for me. Then as an extra bonus they found the original owners manual and instead of throwing it on eBay and making a little extra cash they called me to see if I wanted it and held on to it until I could get there. Now keep in mind this was a high mileage budget truck and they still went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of and got everything I needed and could want. On top of all that it’s a small family ran and veteran owned business. What more could you want, plus they always have some amazing cars, and host great events to benefit the community. I could not recommend them higher whether you are looking for an awesome toy or a great daily driver
9 months ago
Cameron Conway
Loved working with Kelly & Mitch! Found a great vehicle and super easy purchase process. Crush has now traveled all over the country ❤️
9 months ago
Kip Vehorn
Hands down the friendliest, most knowledgeable, & helpful dealership I have ever been to. They definitely take the stress out of buying a car. The owners are amazing & do & give back so much to the community. If you want a great car buying can never go wrong with I-95 Muscle!!!
1 month ago
Shelly Butler
This dealership has the Best Service, Friendliest Employees, and the Best Customer Experience around. Where else can you go to shop beautiful cars indoors with no pressure. Would gladly do business here again and will come here first when shopping for a change in my ride.
9 months ago
Anthony Greenblatt
The guys at I95 are amazing. I went in to just look around at a few vehicles. They have some really cool inventory and are super knowledgeable. True car guys and gals!!! Not your typical dealership vibe, I highly recommend.
8 months ago
Alan Robertson
Incredible Customer Service! Beautiful inventory. Amazed by the classic vehicles. I felt so welcomed by the I-95 Muscle family. Amazing people! Even if you’re visiting Fayetteville, definitely worth it to stop by!
8 months ago
Nathalie Henkens
10/10 the best dealership in North Carolina! Their customer service is outstanding- family/veteran staff, honest and hardworking people. Whether you’re buying classic or new gen PLEASE go here, it will not be a waste of time.
8 months ago
Brian Sherwood
Great no hassle staff with great product.
3 months ago
Sophia Sousa
Kalvin is super nice kind and refreshing with his knowledge. He is definitely in the best job for his personality.
6 months ago
Ralph Tripp
Best dealership in town. The staff is very helpful, honest, and not pushy. They help you on your car buying journey. We purchased a bronco from them and it was the best car buying experiences we've had.
8 months ago
A lot of nice rides, very pretty, very pricey LoL but if you want it you have to pay for it overall a nice place no pressure just nice cars
6 months ago
Bonnie Criner
Wonderful experience!!! I'm 50and been around the block...this place was honest and easy!!! Would HIGHLY.. recommend these guys
7 months ago
Kenya Smartt
Mitch made the process of buying a (new to me) 1969 C10 a breeze. The staff there is profession and super friendly. If you are in the market for a vehicle, be it late model or classic, go to these guys. You'll be glad you did.
1 month ago
Dan Nicholson
Mitch and his team are awesome! Such a great experience. Prices are great and they are really knowledgeable about the whole process!
9 months ago
Julius Night
I love this place. I have been there many times just to look around. Everyone is super friendly. I am looking forward to a future purchase from i95 muscle.
9 months ago
Kevin Foster
Some of the best people in the business! Great indoor lot with some jaw dropping inventory - stop in and take a look!
9 months ago
Amazing crew! Best people I know. Very helpful
1 month ago
Jon Probst
Knowledgeable, honest. Prices are fair and they just flat out have the coolest cars.
8 months ago
Big Bro
It's hard to imagine a better car buying experience than I had at I-95 Muscle. These guys are not just car salesmen; they're car aficionados who happen to sell cars. They did everything possible to ensure the car I wanted would exceed my expectations, going far above and beyond before the sale to correct minor cosmetic issues 99% of dealers would overlook or ignore. Kalvin managed every step of the transaction at maximum convenience to me and made quick work of some difficulties with the financing. Don't waste time reading more reviews - head over to I-95 Muscle.
1 month ago
alana cole
Awesome place to get a car from!!! I live 4 hours away and found that they had my dream car in stock. Within just a couple days we agreed on a price, got all paperwork done, and was able to schedule a transport for a weekend delivery!! I can not even say how amazing this was. Plus the transport could not pick up until Saturday after 5 (that is their closing time) however, Kalvin stayed late for the transport so that I could get my new baby as soon as possible!! They fully understand the excitement of buying a classic car and jump through every hoop possible to accommodate you. Will be working with them again to help grow my car collection!
3 months ago
Pat Betik
I purchased a very rare only 2493 ever made 280 in silver 2005 Dodge Viper SRT10 Truck from I-95 Muscle.They made 37,000 Corvette's in 2005! They met me at the airport with the truck a hour and half from the dealership. I felt comfortable and confident that the truck was in good shape clean and everything disclosed about the truck.It has few minor cosmetic stuff that I was glad to bring down the price . Bam 15 k out the door. Excellent price.
9 months ago
Duo Maxwell
They had a car show there today was very nice had a lot of great quality cars.
9 months ago
Emily Millirons
Really nice cars, sweet ppl, a great day????❤????????
9 months ago
Danielle Smith
An incredible collection, reasonable pricing, and the most helpful and friendly staff. Cannot wait to go back and find my next dream!
8 months ago
Alex A
I live in New York and bought my hot rod from them online. The entire process was a breeze. Kalvin and Mitch are the best and called or text me every day until the car was delivered. Kelly and amber handled all the dmv and finance paperwork with precision. I highly recommend I 95 muscle. I still keep in touch with the gang and even took a 12 hour drive down to visit them
3 months ago
Divers Divers
Amazing shop!! Gorgeous cars inside. Y’all gotta slide by this place! Staff is A1 as well.
4 months ago
Kimberly Cannon
I recently purchased the 64 Ford Econoline SE (Surfer Edition) for my Beach Shop down in St Pete Beach, FL. After talking with Mitch on the phone several times I decided to make the purchase. The van was exactly as described and the transaction went flawlessly. Many thanks to Mitch and the rest of the team at I-95 Muscle for making this a exceptional experience!
5 months ago
Kyle Guzman
I called and to see if a car was still available and they said it was, it turns the owners wife was driving the car for who know why. I had to drive 2 hours to get there and wasn’t even able to see the car. This place needs to take stuff like this into consideration!
8 months ago
Jakub Schwangmeier
Incredible selection and courteous service. This facility goes the extra mile!
10 months ago
Kaye Robinson
Put a high end classic muscle car on consignment and they handled everything and sold it very quickly! Highly recommend these guys.
4 months ago
yousuf siddiqui
They have some cool cars reasonably priced
9 months ago
Sarah Reiss
Great selection of cars and great people to work with!
8 months ago
Greer Marns
There is way too much to say good about the family at I-95 Muscle. I was shopping for a late model Ford Bronco, over the internet. Kalvin at I-95 Muscle went out of his way to communicate with me and make me feel like a friend instead of a client. Many other dealers replied, just come by, look at what we have and talk then. I was deployed overseas and this was not an option, nor did I want to waste my time shopping for a vehicle when I am only home for 30 days, twice a year. While deployed overseas, Kalvin and the family at I-95 Muscle allowed me to send them parts to install to have my Bronco ready the day I returned home. I needed a Towing Package as well as some suspension parts. Kalvin took my truck to Pep Boys and had these parts installed so I had nation wide coverage. I regularly received pictures of my Bronco through the preparation steps while deployed. When I returned home, I picked up my Bronco, and went on vacation. Not having to take the time to do all of the little extras myself is beyond valuable to me. Not only did I buy a used Bronco, (which are known for their quirks and issues) I bought it with confidence and straight forward answers of what has been fixed or will need to be fixed. The family atmosphere and straight forward honesty is why I will buy my next vehicle from I-95 Muscle. I cannot thank you guys enough!
5 months ago
Sergio Sanchez
This is a great place to fulfill all of your automotive desires. No matter what you’re looking for, they’ve got it, or they’ll have it.
4 months ago
Clay Baker
Been driving past this place forever and finally stopped in. What an awesome place. Reminded me of days past when men were men and you could look under the hood of a car and feel the power instead of seeing a computer with wheels. I look forward to swinging back in there one day and finding something I can't live without.
7 months ago
Courtney Allen
I-95 has been awesome to work with. They have used there location to host multiple car events. Events that has supported the community and other agencies/organizations within the community. Thank you I-95.
3 months ago
Walter Bobadilla
Brilliant atmosphere, great selection of American muscle and EU and Japanese cars. The prices will definitely grant the thrill to open your wallet and drive away with a new ride. I highly recommend this indoor car dealership to any persons looking or just wish to see some great automobiles. Cheers!
7 months ago
Hideyuki Sera
Good guys to work with. We Give 2 thumbs up!!!!
6 months ago
Omari Johnson
AMAZING selection of cars and outstanding employees. My husband and I had a blast viewing their indoor selection and talking with mitch and kelly. This is the only place I recommend to family and friends.
3 months ago
Lindsey Cambre
Awesome place to buy your next vehicle especially if you are looking for something unique! They have a great no pressure crew waiting to help you.
4 months ago
Beau McMullen
Purchased my c4 Corvette from i95. Stand up establishment.. These guys really love what they do, and everything is super clean . Go check em out !!!????
3 months ago
Dave Revelle
Good place to look at old cars and trucks.
11 months ago
Aiham Anter
I didn't buy anything just transported a vehicle but definitely nice selection of vehicles at very good prices.well worth the opportunity too look if you a person that likes vintage cars
3 months ago
Kelsey Spearman
Mitch and Kelley made my first solo buying experience the best!!!! I fully recommend them as they helped me find my dream car with exactly what I wanted and for a reasonable amount!
4 months ago
Ja Go
Great staff and great cars!
8 months ago
Clint Reid
Knowledgeable and straight forward. Had an awesome experience with this dealership.
4 months ago
Ken Yoder
I've stopped by a few times and spoken with the owners, they have incredible knowledge about the classic cars they have at the shop, prices are clearly marked, most cars are kept inside and they keep their website accurate with great detailed pictures and information. ..I haven't bought my dream car yet, but I know where I will get it from when I do.
3 months ago

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