Ophthalmologist Marc H. Shomer, MD, PhD

Ophthalmologist Marc H. Shomer, MD, PhD, 820 N Mountain Ave #102, Upland, CA 91786, United States: 15 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Ophthalmologist Marc H. Shomer, MD, PhD
Address: 820 N Mountain Ave #102, Upland, CA 91786, United States
Phone number: +1 909-981-9800

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Bonnie Taylor
Dr. Shomer is very professional and explained my case clearly for me. Few months ago, I moved to my country. My problem is that they receptionist told me that all the information about my case would be sent to me via email which never happened. I am pretty sure that there’s a spelling mistake in my email that made them sent it to somebody else. So, please if any one from this clinic is reading this comment contact me ASAP because my doctor in my country need my examination results.
6 months ago
Phunk Phinkleton
I had to visit Dr. Shomer because of a stye which has become an abcess which was not receptive to hot compresses and required lancing and draining. I am wildly fearful and have a borderline irrational phobia to all things eye related and was very stressed having to go in and deal with an unavoidable procedure. Everyone from the first person who I encountered to the Dr. himself had great "bedside" manner and willingness to make me as comfortable as possible. The staff that interacted with me prior to the consultation were all first rate. Between checking in on me and assuaging my fears beforehand they all did exactly what you'd expect. I ended up having to undergo a procedure that involved flipping my eyelid and lancing my abscess. I was not stoked on having to deal with that but Dr. Shomer was world class. My mother is a successful internist with her own private practice and a stellar career in corporate America including but not limited to being the medical director for the NFL, Ford Motor Company, IBM and more in no particular order so I'm familiar with not only what a good doctor should be but the limitations that a single human dealing with unique situations in a dynamic environment can encounter. He was great, and a day later my eyelid is healing beautifully. The procedure itself is not what one would call comfortable but Dr. Shomer was incredible in completing the stressful (for me) procedure in a fast and efficient time frame with stellar results so far. The office staff in the front also had to juggle a payment issue which had to be resolved via phone and email and I appreciate the receptive nature of the staff, specifically Irma who coordinated payment being applied to the correct card after I made a mistake by not showing up with the appropriate payment method. (Again this was my mistake which they tackled and handled)Literally can't find 6 stars so 5 will have to do. Thank you all. You made dealing with a personally stressful situation for me with class and aplomb. Bravo. Great doctor, great support team! Thanks again for the last time!⁸
9 months ago
Trey Wilkerson
Dr. Shomer performed cataract surgery on my eyes in Nov/Dec 2020. He recommended the PanOptix Trifocal lens replacement, and I am extremely pleased with my new vision (20/20!). Dr. Shomer is a smart, professional opthalmologist and talented eye surgeon. Everything went just as he said it would, and I am so very glad I chose Dr. Shomer and his friendly staff for this procedure.
8 months ago
If you are searching for a qualified Ophthalmologist to perform surgery to remove cataracts with intraocular (IOL) lens placement, STOP right here, look no further and book your appointment now with Dr. Marc Shomer. I have just completed two surgeries (right and left eye) to have cataracts removed and IOLs placed by Dr. Shomer. I would not even consider recommending anyone else other than Dr. Shomer for this surgery. Before going any further, I am compelled to mention that I am a Registered Nurse practicing for years in a hospital environment. My only point here is that I have had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of doctors in a variety of specialties. In the end, I feel confident to tell you that Dr. Shomer is clearly among the best physicians I have seen concerning both technical competence and bedside manner. If you are not aware, cataract surgery is performed on only one eye - with a two-week minimum recovery period before surgery on the other eye is considered. In my case, I was fortunate to arrange the surgery on each eye within this two-week lag between each eye. Dr. Shomer's staff was extremely helpful to arrange scheduling in advance for the numerous preop and postop appointments with his office as well as the surgery center. There was a lot of information to absorb and comprehend in order to reach decisions of the type of IOL lenses to be placed and optional technical equipment to be used during the surgery. Dr. Shomer provided very clear documentation to explain these options. But perhaps most important is his superior bedside manner with a calm and humble ability to clearly answer any questions we had. For a relatively quick surgery, there is a LOT involved to reach the decisions and make arrangements. These surgeries are performed with sedation which left me barely conscious and aware of what is happening during the procedure - this is intentional by the way, as the physician needs to have the patient able to respond to commands during the surgery. The point here, is that I was aware of Dr. Shomer's caring bedside manner during the surgery. He was calm and confident - as a result I was the same. At the preop appointments, he took time to answer all questions. At the postop appointments he was VERY thorough to examine my eyes and ask questions to determine if everything was 'ok'. So if you are considering cataract surgery - go to Dr. Shomer, nobody else. And do it as soon as you can. The results are staggering, nothing short of miraculous. I simply can't explain to you the before/after difference in crisp clarity of vision, brilliance of the light, and amazing variety of colors that I did not realize before the surgeries. My only regret is having waited so long before getting it done.
7 months ago
Tanya Stewart
Outstanding! Dr. Shomer is a very nice caring doctor. He removed cysts from my eyelids, they were causing discomfort like something was in my eye. After removal, I'm back to normal thanks to him.
4 months ago
Shashank Tomar
I picked Dr. Shomer after visiting one other Dr. Dr. Shomer is very professional. He is thorough and spends time explaining your medical needs. Explains the procedure. Ensures you will have excellent care. The staff is caring and professional. Always available to answer questions and make you comfortable. My sight has been returned and give all credit to Dr. Shomer.
5 months ago
Rachel Bedrock
I started bringing my mom here after a bad experience at Pacific Eye Center. I don't normally write reviews but I just have to. This office starting at the front desk, all the staff and I mean everyone here is very nice and accommodating. They make you feel safe and well taken care of. Dr Shomer is just wonderfull I cant say enough. He is polite, caring and so understanding. Not to mention there is almost never any wait time coming here. Both my mom and I are extremely pleased with care she has received.
8 months ago
Natalia Kulikova
Can't say enough good things about Dr. Shomer and his team. Great doc, great technicians, and great front office staff. You won't be disappointed. Very customer service oriented, and exceptional credentials.
7 months ago
Nileme Floriemy
Great Doctor. I had spent 3 weeks trying to find someone who would see my 17 yr old son. Everyone I contacted said my son needed to be seen by a pediatric ophthalmologist because he wasn't 18 yet (less than 2 months before his bday) and ALL of them said they weren't taking new patients with my insurance. MEAN WHILE, my son was suffering.. Dr. Shomer squeezed in my son within 45 minutes after hearing all my son and I had been through. He is a great doctor, listened to everything my son had to say and took his time explaining to both of us his options to treat his eye. I cannot say enough about this great person.
3 months ago
I recently brought my girlfriend to Dr Shomer's office to have her eyes examined before starting a medication which could affect them. When we couldn't find the location ("North" Mountain Ave and Mountain Ave are not the same) the receptionist was very helpful even after I called several times for directions and to tell them we would arrive a little late. The office is very clean, has a peaceful atmosphere and the staff is polite. While there, we also asked if they could perform a routine eye exam for correction/prescription and they were happy to do it during our appointment for a very reasonable fee. We've been there twice and each time was great. Dr. Shomer is very polite and good with his patients. We are very happy with their service. Thank you.
3 months ago
Maggie Miller
He's the best. I saw hime before getting new glasses because I'd been told by my optomestrist that I had cataracts. Dr. Shomer diagnosed them, then performed the surgery to remove them. IT WAS TRANSFORMATIVE! Now I can see again. He did a great job. He's very thorough, he follows up, he cares -- what more could you want? His staff is terrific, too.
11 months ago
Brenda Carlton
Excellent MD care & service thank you to Dr. & staff ,I highly recommend to all.
3 months ago
emmanuel howard
Dr. Marc Shomer and his staff are diligent professionals who have provided me with outstanding care and I can recommend them to anyone needing ophthalmologic treatment. Dr. Shomer has been my ophthalmologist for approximately three years. His treatment of me during that time has included regular check-ups to monitor my eye health, in-office laser treatment in both eyes for one of my conditions, and out-patient surgery at a local surgical center for a different issue. The results of all such surgeries have been excellent and the in-office follow-ups have been timely. Furthermore, Dr. Shomer always makes sure to take time to provide good information about my eyes, their issues, and the treatment options available and to answer all of my questions. Dr. Shomer and his staff are always friendly and accommodating and the office space is clean and spacious. Overall, the diligent care and monitoring provided has kept my vision strong.
9 months ago
Timothy Totten
Very kind doctor and staff.
6 months ago
Chrissy Leavey
4 months ago

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