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Azusas Finest
Rate: 4.0
Address: 16731 E Arrow Hwy, Azusa, CA 91702, United States
Phone number: +1 951-858-1460

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Latitude: 34.1072582
Longitude: -117.9192874

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Joe Maxwell
Love that store have so many things you could ever find is a Christmas tree and others like candle
7 months ago
Anita Canerdy
The police were here the other day in the lobby. I overheard them asking to review security footage of an assault that took place INSIDE the dispensary...I don’t know about you, but I don’t go to the shop expecting to be in danger at any point...I couldn’t help myself and told the police in the lobby that this place does feel unsafe and I have seen the staff there put their hands on customers to remove them when they’re being “rude”. I hope this place does get shut-down. I’ve seen a petition circulating online. I mean I will be sad it closes because it’s so close to my house lol but enough is enough. There are much better places out there for herb.
8 months ago
Yiddish Review
To the pretty girl waiting in the lobby at 315am on Christmas eve with me. That fart could have killed an entire Ethiopian village. You should hit me up.
10 months ago
Jason Will
They sell FAKE stiiizy carts!! Do not buy from here
6 months ago
Aaradhya Arkatkar
DO NO SHOP HERE THEY SELL UNSAFE CARTRIDGES!! Horrible customer service 0/10. Refused to help me at all with damaged products they sold me. As a business owner myself, their customer service and damage goods policy is an absolute joke. Don’t waste your time.
3 months ago
Brittany Schoolcraft
Best prices! CHERRY helped me out! Great service and awesome atmosphere! ????????
4 months ago
Ethan Bright
Awesome selection of flower and edibles, friendly and helpful budtenders, amazing deals! I would call this a diamond in the rough part of town, but def worth the stop. Very little signage - it's the door under the BBS sign.
9 months ago
Ben Powell
I've been going here for a while and it's usually a hit or miss. This time around I was given a batch with a stem that looks almost as if it could've weighed a whole gram. I don't mind changing my review if they promise to give me better service next time. I'm also probably one of the only ones that actually leave them a tip every visit.
6 months ago
Venkat M
Don't think for one second that this shop is about quality. It is a hit-or-miss like so many have stated in their reviews. You must be very careful now that the covid thing started, you're not allowed to get up close to smell or get a good look, and I've been getting some low low-quality buds on my last couple of visits. If you want something that you know for sure isn't moldy or poorly grown, go elsewhere. There are dispensaries that take pride in their shop and in their product, unfortunately this isn't one of them. UPDATE: 7/19/20 My neighbor picked up some gorilla glue flower today and he showed me and I tried it to see, and I swear it was the worst yet. It tasted like sh*t and was so bunk, no high at all. It's all about delivery for us now. Don't waste your money They lable junk as private reserve, it's a joke..
2 months ago
Kimberly Murray
I love this place because they're still around. Consistent and there is always something new. HIGH quality, Great Deals w/reasonable prices, wide variety PLUS 24/7!! They have it all here, except prerolls for some reason.
5 months ago
Halis Duran
Great place to get your meds. Great customer service. I highly recommend
11 months ago
Tyra Ware
Best place to get fit. They have all the stuff you need. Hope every one stays healthy. Come to this place if you do!!
7 months ago
Favorite place been going there every since they opened which has been at least 2 years. Like your new place from the bag lady who always brings treats lol cinda
6 months ago
Norbert Mildner
Alexiz and Xavier helped me. They were awesome. Awesome place to come shio
6 months ago
Caroline Chen
Nothing really in stock and I purchased a pen that stopped working and they wouldn't return it idk about u but I hate spending money on things that don't work waste of time and money I won't be returning
8 months ago
Jill Time
unfortunately I wear hearing aids and each time I try talking to the person behind the counter it is very difficult for me to hear them because the music is too loud
2 days ago
Ron Bragg
THEY SELLIN U FAKE CARTS!! I have a real raw garden cart (confirmed) and the box and the font differs from the box i got from buying one here. AND siiizys are fake! no doubt about it. i’ve heard and also pretty sure that they use the same few strains in all their jars.. the private reserve same quality as exclusive. don’t go here. save your money
11 months ago
Emily Steinkraus
I love azusa finest Great customer service @selena @moezy @lolis
8 months ago
Jesse Phillips
Great deals good dank Xander and Alexiz got me right
11 months ago
Thomas Bifano
420 is Alive N Well Great Shop.. The Only Shop
11 months ago
Kathy Ricker
Very friendly budtenders, great deals
5 months ago
Katherine White
I have had no issue with the budtenders, very nice and simple experience.
7 months ago
Ning Jiang
All the carts are fake
9 months ago
Alma Torres
Bella great budtender
3 days ago
Houston Hartley
Great product great service. In and out.
6 months ago
Aaron Tanner
They are my 2nd choice. I love how they're 24hours now
7 months ago
greg bowden
Since I live in Glendora this place has saved my Mom & I long trip to DTLA, Hollywood, Glendale, Silver Lake or other cities that I used to have to go to get quality medicine. Azusa's Finest has a decent selection of bud, edibles, vaporizer cartridges & other products. The prices are reasonable but the top shelf private reserve bud are a bit pricey for the quality. This still is the areas best dispensary. Hope everyone gets the medicine they need. Keep up the good work Azusa's Finest.
7 months ago
Houston Hartley
Good quality tree, swift service
7 months ago
Karla Ames
Very friendly good deals !! I love it
5 months ago
Timothy Moseley
Great selection and great prices beautiful aroma
11 months ago
Eileen Deremiah
Great quality, price and customer service!! Coming from Atlanta, GA!!!
7 months ago
Adam Baskin
Are they still in business?
7 months ago
Keyuri Galchar
Friendly helpful staff. But often low on inventory.
8 months ago
I have been smoking along time. I bought $100 worth of top shelf and it was moldy tasting.
7 months ago
Nicholas Wong
Chill spot good service
6 months ago
Amanda Burns
6 months ago
Nithu Mohan
Dry weed and have no good options
7 months ago
Pat Wilson
Deluxe place to go people..Annis
7 months ago
Ordinary Muggle
I left their Lit!
5 months ago
Keith Cadieux
It closed back to delivery service
11 months ago
Prakruti Patel
Dankiest herb ever
7 months ago
John Cito
Best Buds
6 months ago
Mary James
): low q
7 months ago
Denise Willis
Great great great
7 months ago
Marlon Duncan
The finest in Azusa
9 months ago
Merilyn Ojanen
Medicinal needs
7 months ago
Ranp IL
No good
7 months ago
Charles Freeman
Hugo Fernández Antonio 705 e arrow hwy apt 1acapulco Guerrero mi raza humilde por siempre de corazón éso nos ase megor que mucho poreso respetó sienpre humilde mi guente pobres orricos son iguales para mi humilde por siempre de corazón
8 months ago
David Hanks
Literally ghetto af
9 months ago

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