Dr. Evermor's Sculpture Park

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Dr. Evermor's Sculpture Park
Rate: 4.7
Address: S7703 US-12, North Freedom, WI 53951, United States
Phone number: +1 608-219-7830

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 43.3637374
Longitude: -89.7710735

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Diana Dean
The talent and creativity is awesome! This is definitley worth the time to see. To me it feels like something right out of a Dr. Suess book, such imagination!!
9 months ago
Dennis Walk
Dr.Evermore was one the most outstanding folk artists I've ever met. If your interested in American art , then you should be familiar with his work. If his sculpture were sitting in downtown NY. city , he'd be nationally known. His largest …
10 months ago
Anushka Srivastava
Free, easy off the main road, quirky, artful set of scrap metal sculptures, great for a 40 minute walk through if you are near or in combination with visit to or from Madison.
9 months ago
Naser Homos
One of the few American outsider/folk art masterpieces that is currently open to the public. Well worth a visit.
10 months ago
Tricia Maslowski
A truly strange experience. I highly recommend visiting Dr Evermore's sculpture park. It has all the charm of a roadside attraction combined with the creativity and artistry of an avant-garde art exhibit. You won't be disappointed by your visit.
3 months ago
Rochelle Brodeur
Lovely family! We got to meet the Mrs and their daughter. RIP to the Dr. Took my husband there for the first time as a surprise. I've been going for over twenty years.
3 months ago
Ernestine Buster
Hidden gem that is a must!! The history in this place is amazing. It is also tied to the house on the rock. I highly recommend you grab the book if you can.
3 months ago
Matthew Richardson
One of the most amazing lil known gems that deserves extraordinary attention! We were there for quite a while in complete awe and stunned at times to a paralyzing extreme as the art installations were far more intricate and fantastical than …
1 month ago
William Patterson
Met his wife she was nice we bought a few gift items too
10 months ago
super tuang
Dr. Evermore may have gone to his evermore, but the sculpture park remains. It does seem as if the weeds have started reclaiming the edges, but it is definitely worth a visit. Home to some of the world's largest and weirdest scrap sculptures, including an orchestra of birds made from musical instruments.
10 months ago
Jenni Mykkanen
This place is amazing. Junkyard sculpture at it's finest. There is a whole section of birds made of various musical instruments, including a 50+ft guitar bird. Sadly Dr Evermore passed away earlier this year. Absolutely worth a visit, and check out the gift shop in the bus next to the Forevertron.
7 months ago
William Waller
This is a rare and magical place for the right kind of person. It's weird, huge, intricate, and serves no practical purpose other than making you feel a surreal sense of wonder. I am so grateful that places like this exist in the world.
2 weeks ago
Jeff Knight
Displays of insanely creative sculptures created with the most random scrap imaginable. I can't possibly imagine how many hours were spent crafting these things.
11 months ago
Christopher Pritchett
Lots and lots a sculptures to see. Some kids might find it interesting while other not so much. It is free so a quick walk thru would be fine. They sell very limited merchandise but it is pretty pricey.
3 months ago
Josie Chung
Amazing! Definitely worth a stop! A few tiny sculptures for sale next to the bus n sign in book. There isn’t signs but if you talk w the people they will give you the info on what’s for sale. Tip though being bug spray and water. You’ll be there at least an hour looking at everything.
11 months ago
Joe Labriola
This has the feeling of a park that costs money to enter, but is actually free. Walking in is honestly overwhelming. There's so many sculptures to see, it almost seems like you won't be able to appreciate them all. Things to know: it's …
8 months ago
Rob Stebbins
Such an amazing hidden gem. I was so impressed buy the imagination and skill it to to create this awesome place. Lady Elanor was there And she was the sweetest woman ever!
6 months ago
Definitely worth the trip. One of the best roadside attractions I've ever been to.
4 months ago
Christopher Botta
Wow, just wow... Little crazy but the kids loved it.
7 months ago
Zack Hofbauer
Well worth diverging from I-90/I-94 on your travels to visit this one of a kind place.
1 month ago
Karan Barnes
We try and go here once every year...Itvreally it an amazing sight ...I recommend this place to friends and family often..Staff are wonderful to be around also. Also, it has a surplus, with tons of amazing finds..Delaneys is great! Highly recommend!
5 months ago
Kevin Spurlock
Weird and perfect. I miss the days when you could visit with Dr. ever more. But it’s still a one-of-a-kind attraction
1 month ago
Frank Harwell
Super cool and creative scrap metal sculptures. Free to get in. You'll spend between a half hour and an hour looking at stuff. Whoever built these things clearly had a passion for their craft. Check it out!
9 months ago
Dorian Williams
Great time with the kids. It's steampunk meets Dr. Suess and classic Buck Rogers. It's also free so be sure to donate so they can keep it alive.
3 months ago
Ryan Ranocchini
I was super excited to make a pit stop along my way to see the Worlds Largest Scrap Metal Sculpture...pulled up to a gate and quickly saw it was a life that once was...for curiosity sake I took a peek through the fence and was able to …
5 months ago
g davis
Absolutely spectacular place! This man was a genius!
1 month ago
Jeremy Beckman
Amazing metal sculptures. Highly recommend visit this place.
2 months ago
Jason Korth
Definitely worth a visit! We always see something new and different. It is free but a donation is much appreciated to keep it going. There is a movie in the works that will be filmed here. Watch for it in theatres around 2021.
10 months ago
Helen Maxman
If your tastes run somewhat quirky or whimsical, this place is for you! It's also free to stop and look around. They are open to contributions of course, but they don't pressure you at all. The story behind Dr. Evermore's art is fascinating.
17 hours ago
Yamana Uno
Very interesting and unique place to visit. Recommend taking an hour and doing a walk-through
5 months ago
Madison Bullard
Sculpture garden full of strangely fascinating mechanical contraptions, some designed with hopes of time travel, others possibly more whimsical. There are entire orchestras and audiences of metallic bird like creatures.
1 month ago
Lynn Heaney
A great place for Wisconsin art culture, a must stop. Lady Elanor is very sweet. As seen on American Pickers. Very impressive sculptures around the property. And idems for sale also.
3 months ago
Phylicia Yard
A hidden gem. Fascinating sculptures made of discarded steel
8 months ago
Sina Safayi
Absolutely amazing!! Such a pretty place!!
10 months ago
Perfect Mixtue
This place is a hidden treasure. It's eerie in an awesome way.
9 months ago
Kelli LaPoint
If you like some of the coolest metal sculptures ever constructed GO Here
3 months ago
Noah Wilcox
One of the best road trip stops in the state. A very strange place that needs to be Experienced.
3 months ago
Agnes Lee
If you want to see some really cool recycling made into incredible art...this is the place to go. There is Sooo much to see!.
6 months ago
Jerry Cline
What a unique place. Amazing what some people can create.
1 month ago
Peppe Ragusa
Very cool place, some really neat sculptures.
11 months ago
Jared Navarro
That was a really neat and interesting art collection. Fun to see!
8 months ago
Darrick Lee
Quite an imagination! One man's junk is another man's treasure.
1 month ago
Jeff Carey
Fantastic Site to see. A little hard to find, but well worth the effort.
10 months ago
Jimmy Chrisman
Very glad we went out of the way to see the sculptures, well worth it. The man's vision was phenomenal
10 months ago
Andrea Dreismeier
Words can't describe the wonders of art here. You must visit it.
1 month ago
Rut Albornoz
Loved this park! Wish I could have met him!Amazing ♡
7 months ago
Kyle Ferguson
Really great place. All the work is really wondrous.
3 months ago
Frank Schaffner
Very interesting place to visit, well worth the trip if you like a different place to visit.
6 months ago
Rodney Spurlock
Made by just a couple of people, this sculpture park is a special place. Such a creative use if surplus material and waste.
1 month ago
Rod Pitsonbarger
Beautiful artwork!
9 months ago

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