Children's clothing store Once Upon A Child

Children's clothing store Once Upon A Child, 1000 Henderson Dr, Jacksonville, NC 28540, United States: 220 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 1000 Henderson Dr, Jacksonville, NC 28540, United States
Phone number: +1 910-238-2510

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Michael Brown
Great customer service and efficient check out process! They buy GENTLY used children’s clothing, so dont go there with ratchety clothing and expect credit! Great place to buy clothing for the constantly growing child!
2 months ago
Amer Safi
Love shopping here for all my friends kids clothes!
11 months ago
Hasan Kurde
Great selection although the 4T/5T Pajama section is lacking but that’s not their fault! Great place to buy gently used clothing but selling is a different issue. I have brought in barely worn clothes, in great condition for them only to get turned down meanwhile while I’m shopping I picked up 2 books for $2.50 a piece but both were missing a piece... Just seems odd.
9 months ago
Surendra Vishnoi
FABULOUS! Everything here is fabulous! The quality, the value, the customer service, EVERYTHING IS FABULOUS!
4 months ago
Bill Rubeck
So close to Christmas I expected chaos but the store was super clean and organized. The staff was cheerful and helpful. Best experience here at this location yet!
7 months ago
Bryyyan Boy
Best deals in town!!! Employees are always helpful and friendly. Like new items for used prices!!...LOVIT!!
3 months ago
forex forex
Love this place. So many good finds and always getting new stuff. Prices are fair. Save so much money on clothes that may only be worn a few times. Harder to find 12m + in certain things, just check back every now and then.
11 months ago
Mauricio Morales
I love shopping here. We've gotten clothes, a bouncer, large toys, shoes, sleepers (honestly you name it, if its baby they probably have it) and some awesome large toys. We also ended up getting some gently used carriers for about half the price of a new one! You really cant beat their prices or sales/coupons. The staff has been friendly and nice to us. Will definitely continue to get things here.
4 weeks ago
Edwin Castellanos
A great place to shop when looking for good prices! The staff there are very friendly and always looking to help if needed.
2 months ago
Alex Barnwell
Bought around 400 dollars worth of toys for 60 bucks for the kiddo. Staff friendly respectful and courteous.
4 months ago
Juliana Fonnegra
Always a pleasant experience to shop in a clean and organized store with friendly staff!!!
3 months ago
jude p
Bad business practices... simple! Furthermore, they rip you off on the items you do have to give them even if you bring them in with tags.
6 months ago
vyom javiya
I love this place! Friendly staff and we always find what we need.
9 months ago
May Valdes
Greatest place for gently used children's clothes.
4 months ago
My wife and attempted to shop here today but were asked to leave if we didn't have masks on (we forgot ours at home). Normally this wouldn't bother me, but in this case we had been in the store for a little while and no one said anything. They waited until we were already heading toward the check out to tell us that we had to have masks. Again, I don't mind being asked to wear a mask during this time, but multiple employees walked past us several times without saying anything, some of whom where not wearing masks either. You cannot make your customers follow a policy if the employees do not extend the same courtesy.
3 weeks ago
Surya Bhardwaj
Amazingly full of very good like new clothes. I love getting a deal!
8 months ago
Daniel Na
Great place to go especially when you have more than one baby. The items are nice reasonable and the staff is very helpful
9 months ago
Benjamin afful
I love this store I always find great shoes from newborn to size 6c . The shoes when they get older aren't as great and limited on choices . But my only problem is when Ill buy something from the store and after a month or two I'll return with a couple other items and they say they can't take it because it's faded when in fact they weren't faded and I bought them from the store exactly the way it was . But ehhh
1 week ago
Brian Schultz
Took some clothes here to sell and they told me someone would be right with me to check me in. Stood there for fifteen minutes waiting to be checked in while they continuously let people that got there AFTER me check in with their clothes. Very poor customer service
8 months ago
Kawani Hudson
Great place to bring in your children's gently used clothing, shoes, and more! It is a perfect way to make some quick extra cash. It is always clean and well organized, and the staff is always so kind and helpful. I highly recommend if bringing items in to sell that you drop off earlier in the morning; as they seem to be busier in the afternoon.
3 months ago
Marcus S
Really clean, nice selection. Friendly staff
6 months ago
Vonn Jackson
Kind staff, very organized and clean. Always something new to look forward to!
8 months ago
Really wanted to give it a 2. But I don't wanna be mean. I HAVE found some good stuff here. And I have bought and sold things so I know about profit margins. When I have brought things in and others I know have brought things in, we hear the same speech about how they have to be picky about the clothing..... Being the only children's consignment in the area, I think they take advantage. I know they can't take everything. They have limited space like all stores. But the speech they give you makes you feel dirty. Like you're sub par. Thanks but no thanks. I'll sell my stuff online.
5 months ago
richard french
They were quick and polite,
3 months ago
Jennifer White
Pretty decent trade-in credit and quality second hand clothing.
11 months ago
Doren Walker
Pretty upset. For a store that is mainly to help out people that don't have alot with "quality" clothes, this is exactly what they lack. Along with proper customer service skills. When it was brought to the clerk's attention that the dress my daughter brought to the counter had a belt missing from it because it had loops sticking out of the front with nothing in them. I questioned her as to why it would be the price they where asking. Her reply was that they do not make the prices, that the computer automatically generates the prices and that there was nothing she could do about it. I have brought beautiful clothes here and have refused there prices. I am now becoming aware this is not a great place to shop but a monopoly on used clothes. Beyond disappointed with Ounce Upon A Child in quality and service!
4 months ago
I have bought and sold items at this location. You can find decent deals for gently used clothing and toys. Occasionally you will see a price that is still on the high end. In regards to selling, never expect the clothes to be given back folded. They will also ignore some items that are in great shape. For my sanity, here is what I usually do to feel better about the exchange: any clothes I take I already plan to donate for free at one of the local donation centers. I just swing by this store first. So, any money they offer is a plus since I already mentally prepared to donate them for nothing. Bottom line for me is that I don't want to take any clothes back to my house so either the store takes them or I donate.
3 months ago
Caitlin Muncy
I was real happy to find exactly what i needed and more. Best part about the entire experience was the price of the items i bought. Very good quality.
3 months ago
Tina Sellers
I brought in a whole bag of clothes and shoes all lightly used, nothing discolored and nothing stained or I wouldn't have brought them in at all. Clothes and shoes were for 2t and under, mind you this was a whole 10 gallonbag. Out of the entire thing they only took 3 pairs of shoes all 3 pairs were brand new Nike shoes which were about 50$ a piece worn 1 time literally and they gave me $10.36 for all 3 of them. I will NEVER go back here again the customer service is a complete joke, they are all very rude and act like you are nothing and you definitely are not a priority.... I will NOT recommend anyone to the place ever....
3 months ago
Mac attack
They have awesome prices but they do not have a lot of 18-20 size. Wish they had more I would rather go here then to Walmart as the prices are alot better.
4 months ago
Cindy Bivins
This place sucks!Will never go here again
9 months ago
Jen Toewe
Amazing deals on baby’s/ kids clothes, toys, shoes strollers and more. Plus you can trade/sale your good baby items. The staff is super friendly and helpful.
3 months ago
Blake Pfenninger
Love this store. I would go more often I lived closer. Great deals and very well organized.
1 month ago
Justin Thuma
Everything is well organized. They even have a holiday section picked out. I'll be back time and time again
7 months ago
Jeffery Ward
Wonderful store! Fantastic customer service and super organized. Best place to find your children clothing, toys, equipment, shoes and much more! So thankful for this place. I will never pay retail price again. :)
1 month ago
Candi Walker
Great place, came all the way from Texas to go there!!!
2 months ago
Shannon W
I buy all my kids clothes here, I drive over an hour to get here every season to change out their wardrobes. The store is very organized, sorted by size and color, prices are great and it's very easy to find everything. All the clothes I get here look brand new. Many people are complaining that they don't buy a lot of the clothes you turn in. This is true. But it's probably because they are already packed with tons of great clothes, they can't accept everything. And they don't give a whole lot of money for what they do take. But even if you paid $40 for a shirt, they are going to sell it for $3, so they can't afford to give you $20 for it. I take whatever they'll give me and I donate the rest. Between what I'm saving with their prices and what I get back from the clothes I turn in, I am paying 1/10 of what I would pay for new clothes. Can't say enough good things about this place.
1 month ago
Chan Tinsman
Awesome prices on gently used clothes, toys, furniture and basically everything you could need. It was also the only place in town where I could find options for preemie size. They frequently run deals on the weekends like fill up bags. You also get a card that is stamped everytime you spend $10 and once it's full you get a discount.
3 months ago
Jessica Wade
Love it! I have used once upon a child to buy clothes for my grandchildren since before they were born and my oldest is 14 now. I started shopping with them when they were in the first place I followed them to carry North Carolina when they moved up there and then when they came back to Jacksonville I was one of their first customers. It is a great place and the people are very very friendly and helpful and the staff some of them have gone over to Plato's closet and it is also an awesome place to shop.
4 months ago
Brooklyn Goodall
Monday I spent $50 getting a few items for my 2yr old. Tuesday, I come back with 2 trashbags filled to the top with gently used and not even worn clothes from all 3 of my boys ranging in sizes 18months to 5T. I come back an hr and a half later, and they only offer me $10 and some change for 7 or 8 items they chose out of 2 full trash bags. I wasted time even dropping my stuff off and coming back to pick it all up... I spent more in gas than what they offered. I won't be shopping or selling here anymore. I could make more selling on the local yard sale pages.
3 months ago
Kenny G
Got these jordans for 10$!! Nice find for my two year old.
2 months ago
Jennie S
Nice clothes nice service
8 months ago
Amita Daniel
Good deals on some stuff but high on other things.
3 months ago
Peter Redmond
Great value, selection and nice folks.
5 months ago
Mike Bergeron
Keirra is so friendly and helpful. Love the selection.
3 months ago
Fret Fanatic
I love once upon a child. I have 6 children and it makes buying them quality clothing and toys on a budget. I would definitely recommend this store to all
5 months ago
Sembiyan Thamizh
My go-to store for buying for my grandchildren. The clothes are like new and the prices are a steal! Excellent staff as well.
7 months ago
Xia Reyes
Amazing store. Great customer service.
3 months ago
Michal Starosta
I brought in a box full of brand new clothes.. Literally had tags on every single piece. They told me my clothes we're to loved, and the new shoes that had never been worn. . We're a little to used. BRAND NEW!!! I stood there and watched a lady bring in clothes that had hair caked to the shirts.. And hey TOOK THAT SHIRT!! ! I went and looked through their clothes while I was waiting. And found multiple tops and pants that had stains or were fading. Yet when I went up there they said my clothes we're stained or "well loved" None of my clothes could be stained they were in a box since I bought them. There were also items they were selling new with tags but priced higher than the price on the items original tag?! I will never go back. Not worth my time.
5 months ago
Milly Cheung
I love driving 30 minutes just to get to come here and shop for my child. I come out with a ton of cute and affordable clothing. I can get lost in there. LOVE IT!!!!
4 months ago

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