Jaarsma Bakery

Bakery Jaarsma Bakery, 727 Franklin St, Pella, IA 50219, United States: 220 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Jaarsma Bakery
Address: 727 Franklin St, Pella, IA 50219, United States
Website: jaarsmabakery.com
Phone number: +1 641-628-2940

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 41.4064722
Longitude: -92.9176540

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Dan Greengler
We ordered a big box with quite a few items to try and had it shipped to our home. The shipping was fast and everything came well packed. Therefore, I have to give one star for effort. Unfortunately, the rest was a huge disappointment. If you never been to Europe, you probably don't know otherwise, but everything we ordered tasted extremely sweet, and I mean, SUPER SWEET!!! For all those who are hooked on sugar, I'm not surprised they keep coming back, but that's not what authentic quality European pastries are about.
6 months ago
Let's face it. You don't need to eat everything in this place. You just want to, and they have a lot. Besides their Dutch letters that everyone knows about they have all sorts of cookies and pastries. Unless you live near there, they will probably have something you haven't tried before. If you are near Pella make the stop.
9 months ago
Teresa Rambo
A very dangerous place. Bring your will power! Lots of very delicious pastries and sweets to choose from. Definitely worth the wait to get in, and you probably will have to stand in line a while. That said, you might leave simultaneously wishing you had got more while realizing that you probably got more than you should eat. I know I did.
7 months ago
Kyle Svoboda
Everything is delicious and authentic. The cream filled donuts were our favorite. We were also excited to buy bread made with flour ground by the local windmill, and many cute gift items.
6 months ago
August Grant
Every trip to Pella is frosted with a visit here, so many tasty things to enjoy and share with friends and family. The staff is always friendly.
8 months ago
Maria H
Excellent pastries, prices were fair. In addition to the baked goods, lots of nice Scandinavian items for sale. Highly recommended.
6 months ago
Carlos Dominguez
Appears to be the premier bakery on the square. Large selection of Dutch pastries. Loved the pillows, goats feet (with very good chocolate), and the crispies. Don't be in a hurry as the line can stretch out the door and around the corner.
6 months ago
Claude Bolduc
Very well organized and enforcwd social distancing. Awesome selection of so many different baked goods. Worth the almost hour wait to get in. I have vivid childhood memories of coming here during tulip festival and havent been back in many years.
6 months ago
This is possibly the best bakery I've ever been to! They have soooo much stuff and everything looks incredible! Even on a Saturday afternoon they were still very stocked up. My favorite was the almond tart. They also have lots of bread, pasta, and unique Dutch gifts. Staff was fast and friendly.
2 months ago
Frances Thompson
Great and superb selection of pastries! The prices were not as bad as I feared, although the final tally might be ugly, due to the sheer number of things you end up getting. The actual quality of the pastries is beyond reproach. Definitely a "must visit" place.
8 months ago
John Truly
They are doing a great job with social distancing and limiting the number of patrons in the building at a time. As always the staff was warm and inviting and the pastries were amazing
7 months ago
Mahad Abedin
Fun, bustling bakery. So much variety it can make for tough decisions but prices are reasonable so you can pick a few extras to sample...and I highly recommend doing so cause after you taste one you will want to go back. Dutch letters were good but I would suggest trying the goats legs or puff pillow pastries as well. Lines can be long but moves along well as they have plenty of clerks ready to help. As soon as you can peek through to the glass cases start planning your selections.
5 months ago
Ben Dronfield
Extremely busy on the Saturday after Tulip Fest, but they were well-organized and the line moved fairly quickly. As usual, everything was delicious!
6 months ago
Johnny Stanford
Amazingly set up for COVID. The employees were extremely helpful and masked. The set up was well thought out and quick. Amazing experience
7 months ago
Donnie Fite
Fantastic!Stand in line if you have too and over order .You will not regret it.
6 months ago
Flami Valente
Top notch sweets. If you have never been this becomes a bucket list item. Start with a pillow puff. If you spend less than $30 here you have wasted your time stopping. Splurge, you won't regret it!!
9 months ago
Amber Wilson
Went there during the Tulip Festival. The bakery was very organized to accommodate the long lines of customers. The pastries are delicious ????
6 months ago
Elaine Whitehouse
Since moving to Pella this place has become the place my family goes for the highest quality donuts and always fresh baked breads ❤️
6 months ago
Derek Smith
If you have never had the opportunity to visit this place is you are missing a bucket list of culinary delight. Everything and I mean everything is fantastic. The regular Dutch letters are simple perfection only to be outdone by the traditional Dutch letter log. Almond paste overload, but there is no body who wouldn't enjoy this. Finally as Christmas season is approaching you have to make a trip to purchase some of their incredible decorative sugar cookies. They taste great but they are almost too beautiful to eat. Those of you who want to add some festive flavor to your home, simply get a platter full of these and put them out. You have to experience this place for yourself.
7 months ago
Chris W
Wonderful place! Must try one of Everything! Very polite staff.
7 months ago
Jay S
I'm Dutch and where I live now I can't find my favorites. So I stock up when visiting Jaarsma's Bakery.
6 months ago
Cory Sheen
Love, love, love their Dutch Letters and just about every other thing they have as well.
6 months ago
Mark Lindsey
I got some Dutch letters. They are really good, flaky and almondy. The "S" shape makes me think of Sinterklaas.
6 months ago
Andrew Diederich
First time shopper, and I hope to be back. The pastry with the buttercream filling is amazing!
6 months ago
Jake Ludemann
I love it here. The baked goods are phenomenal, and the staff is amazing at their jobs. I would COMPLETELY recommend Jaarsma to absolutely anyone. I can't wait to go back :)
9 months ago
Aniket Jadhao
Loved it! Too many sweets to choose from and lots of other fun things as well.
7 months ago
Sandhya Uttreja
Stopped in when taking my grandson to college. Oh my goodness. We got several bags of goodies to bring home. A few bags made it home. We ate several bags on our thirteen hour drive home. Everything was delicious. So fresh! Can't wait to go back! Oh, and the service was great!
2 months ago
Stacey Marie
Like I said I'm Ditch. Can't go wrong here
6 months ago
Roman Herman
Best dutch letters in town! I recently went off my diet due to some crankiness and I thought these would best thing for me to eat!
7 months ago
Celina Aranda
I don't think there is a bad bite in the place! The letters melt in your mouth, as do the Russian teacakes. The maple cover apple fritter was for my Mister. He said it was the best he as ever had, and he's had his share in his 54 years as it's his favorite pastry. This is not just a bakery. Lots of cute gifts and chocolate. You gotta stop. At the very least, get the letter ( it's an "S").
4 months ago
cihan cimen
A great variety of fresh, baked goods. Have liked everything I've tried. Would visit here every day if I could!
10 months ago
Cole Rairick
So many pastries. Yummy creme horns. Nice and clean. Nice Employees.
8 months ago
jennifer lynn
There’s moments in life that cause all others to pale in comparison. I was married on the beaches of Maui, I witnessed my wife bring three lives into this world, I’ve seen The Last Dance — nothing compares to the Jaarsma Bakery.
2 weeks ago
Mahmoud Elabed
If your travels find you in Pella, IA Jaarsma Bakery is a must visit! Cookies & cakes & pastries oh my!! We LOVE their dutch letters so much!
8 months ago
Eron Brunnert
So amazing! Staff are friendly and pastries are so tasty.
7 months ago
Great selection of goodies. Staff very friendly.
6 months ago
Dave Walsh
OMG Everything taste and smells delicious. Blueberry creme cakes are killer!
9 months ago
Brandon Crow
Lovely people and a great traditional Dutch bakery. Honestly one of the cutest shops to visit in Pella. Not to mention how delicious their Dutch letters are.
9 months ago
Brady W
Nothing bad to say here - fantastic bakery. Yet to figure nd something I didn't love.
8 months ago
neuriane mendes
Almond cookies are my favorite but also really liked the gnome icing cookies
6 months ago
panna yasmin
Oh my goodness. There was so much for variety I couldn’t make up my mind. Prices were reasonable and the staff was very helpful. Everything looked delicious. I will definitely be back.
1 month ago
Kip Kotler
Amazing. A must stop if your within 100 miles
6 months ago
judy brewer
A must stop!! Treat yourself to one delicious item or fill up a box!!!
7 months ago
Moonshine Witten
We were returning to MN from a vacation in FL. We went out of our way to get some letters from Jaarsma Bakery. The trip was well worth it.
6 months ago
Charles Boerngen
Quick service, clean environment delicious pastries. A must stop if going through Pella.
6 months ago
Nicole Coleman
Hands down our favorite place to stop for tasty treats! The Dutch letters are amazing!!
10 months ago
Aubrey Webb
Always delicious! Usually visit every time we go to Pella!
7 months ago
Chiara Scalco
The Dutch atmosphere is in full force here and it's wonderful! Fabulous place with so many treats available it will make your head spin. Easy to locate on the square and staff are knowledgeable of their items. There is something here to please everyone.
9 months ago
Erika White
Of course this is the best bakery for 100's of miles. And is is Dutch and there letters are yummy!!
10 months ago
Josh Dennis
So jaarsma is wonderful eats!! Go there often and get 40 to 50 orders. Giving them a 3 as on Feb 3 I phoned in order going on a plane with me. I got there they read me off my order and I took them to florida. I did not get the goats legs (napleons) she loved. So flew home on 11 th self quarantined and went to jaarsmas today and had a 40 order. I told them date of my to go order and that I didn't get those for items. They wouldn't credit my current order cause I hadn't called in?? Of I was gonna lie out would have been for a dozen letters
9 months ago

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