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Medical equipment supplier Lincare Holdings Inc., 7012 S Dupont Hwy, Felton, DE 19943, United States: 18 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 7012 S Dupont Hwy, Felton, DE 19943, United States
Phone number: +1 302-424-8302

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Helen Kedigh
They send me a bill on Monday and Tuesday they debited my debit card. I called them on Tuesday to pick up the equipment. They told me they will pick it up Wednesday. They will call me Wednesday. Called them Wednesday at 2:30 on. They informed me even if the office was closed they will pick it up. Waited the rest of the day. No call no show. Today is Thursday and I'm going to drop off the equipment at their office. Terrible company to do business with. Do not recommend or use.
4 months ago
Shasta Dickey
I wish I could give them zero stars. Terrible, terrible, terrible customer service. Twenty minutes on hold to talk to anyone. The automated system will call you two times a day every day until you call them back. I complained and now they never call instead of calling less frequently. When you call back they say the person you need to speak to not available and I will take a message and they say someone will call you back tomorrow. Wait a few days, no call back. Call them again and repeat same process over and over for weeks, months. When I call back rhey say there is no record of me calling. When I receive my cpap equipment there is usually something wrong with the order. Nothing but trouble.
5 months ago
Walter Bozeman
Terrible customer service. Initially they sent a representative to my home to fit me for my equipment, I was happy, she was very thorough, and everything was fine. A week later I called to obtain different equipment, my rep said I could, and I was told on the phone it wouldn’t be a problem they would send me the new device. The next day I received a call from them saying the person I spoke with was wrong and I had to have the rep come out again. I said that was fine and to please get me scheduled. I was told the rep would contact me. I didn’t hear anything for a week. I called again and again and nothing but the run around. I finally asked for the manager, they assured me it would be handled; it never was. After that I complained via Lincare’s website, I never received a response. I then mailed a letter, still no response. It’s six months later and the only time I hear from them is when the automated service calls which is a recording and they want me or order supplies. Not once has anyone attempted to contact me or leave a message to try to resolve my issue. Therefore, I am done. I will happily go back to my old company. I had to see a new doctor who suggested I switch to Lincare, she said they were good. In my experience I can assure you they are not good, but awful. I will go back to my old supplier, they listened and returned calls and emails. I like to give everyone a chance, I understand things fall through the cracks, it is the world we live in today. However, I feel I did all I could, and I received nothing in return. Not only did the local Lincare provider drop the ball, so did the company as a whole.
5 months ago
Sharon Karst
Due to COVID-19 they personally came out and delivered my breathing machine but before they left they hit my mailbox ran it over and delivered me masks that will not work with my machine I called left a message and they promised to deliver another mask still haven’t heard from them and I’m afraid to call them back I can’t afford another $120 mailbox
9 months ago
Christine H
They don't even receive 1 star! The older lady at the front desk was very rude and acted as if I was an inconvenience to her. She copied my son script and insurance card and was rushing me out saying she will call me with out asking for my phone number. If you are that miserable stay home or find a new job. And compared to the other reviews it's a constant issue. Sad to have people like that in the health care field.
5 months ago
Delivery driver refused to make delivery. We asked for them to come a bit later so we could run to the tores. Driver told us on the phone since we left knowing we had a delivery he wasn't going to come. His exact words were he had other things to do. We waited till 8:30pm for no reason. worst driver ever.
7 months ago
Since they have merged,bought out, whichever with the other oxygen co. They have been very lax on their customer service, girls used to be polite now they are very beligerant, their delivery drivers do the assessments on the equipment..they basically call you a list and oits just a upsetting experience snore
9 months ago
Judy Vest
Just out of the hospital and although Lincare regularly provides me with other medical supplies the Manager made me and my caretaker drive from Lewes to Felton for Nebulizer supplies. They promised that if I made the drive they would have the requested item....they DID NOT. After driving there was told they would have to order. Still waiting. One Star is too much for their Manager to allow this to go on when people are sick is unconscionable. Something very wrong.
5 months ago
Cassandra Nash
My husband has been with this nightmare of a company since April of this year, we got one delivery guy who is awesome, but haven't seen him since May, so the drama begins. I called on 8/31/2018 for 50 foot cords for his oxygen and still waiting for them, called to file a complaint on 9/17/2018 spoke with the supervisor Jeanelle, who basically called me a liar and said we could of been had the cords if we just asked, well if I call in a order and tell you what I need, and tell your driver what I need, why do I not still have what I need. I had to borrow cords from my brother-in-law. By the way we're still waiting for the cords. Way to go LINCARE!!!!! You guys are really horrible.
7 months ago
Josh Dejarnett
Every delivery is a nightmare. All I ever ask is for a 2 hour window so I can come and go during the day. Rarely get a call. Last time the driver refused to estimate delivery. It was already 7. He showed up at 9:00. Otherwise the people are very nice. This isn't rocket science.
3 months ago
Danielle Clough
My wife uses Lincare with no issues. Me on the other hand can't get anything except apologies for them screwing up.
5 months ago
Reja rasheed
Poor response time, poor customer service and not reliable at all. Really don't care about the customer, just the money
3 months ago
Crystal Bowen
Incredibly bad. Have gone for nearly two months without CPAP supplies because they messed up my address change. Just made the fifth phone call to resolve the issue and Taylor said she could not help me. Buh-bye.
11 months ago
spundylox holmes
Was told I would have my wheelchair within 5 working days. On 5th day was was told(a lie) that my doctor had not sent the correct paperwork. Called another medical supply co. and had a wheelchair, delivered, the same day. STILL have not heard back from Lincare!!!
6 months ago
Jerry Fenski
My mother called for oxygen tanks first thing on Friday after Drs appts Wed and Thursday. No return call- called again and kept getting answering service. Called again 4-5 times Monday before a 1:00 Drs appt. no delivery- no return call. Had to take emergency tank to Dr appt. the Drs office called takin care who said they would deliver at 4. Never called never delivered. Appalling. This is oxygen - how are they in business if this is how they operate?
6 months ago
Holly Madden
They are so helpful in getting your supplies to you . Polite and professional
8 months ago
Giorgos Tsiaousis
They are so helpful and make sure your needs are taken care of
8 months ago
Evangelist Opoku
No one ever gets back to me.
7 months ago

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