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Driving school California Driving School, 111 W Pomona Blvd, Monterey Park, CA 91754, United States: 14 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 111 W Pomona Blvd, Monterey Park, CA 91754, United States
Website: california-driving-school.com
Phone number: +1 323-728-2108

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Cheryl Boehme
Just watched 2 security guards in a California Driving School Chevy Lumina jump over some water barricades, tear through a fence, and then run straight through some portable toilets.
4 hours ago
Chris Hickman
Online says they are open but when I went to the office no one was around , when I tried calling no one answers.
9 months ago
Nilima Bhavsar
Had a wonderful experience with this school, Instructor Tippings was super patient and thorough . The personnel at the office were very courteous and explained everything thoroughly. I would like to thank California driving school for their time and helping me gain my confidence, since I was previously in an accident & they helped me get back to driving again . Being Independent again is awesome!!
6 months ago
Jackie Sivert
They got my wife to pass the driving test, which is an accomplishment, really. They instructed her while she is handicap and requires special driving aids. But best of all they were affordable and didn't try take us to the bank.
9 months ago
junjie liu
Before this driving school I attended another one and I did not pass but I had a great experience at the California Driving School! I had a great Instructor who was patient and attentive and I passed! Definetly worth the money!
9 months ago
Shelida Walcott
Horrible instructors! They need to teach their students that not all 4 corner intesections are 4 way stops. Student was northbound with a stop sign, I was eastbound with no stop. She did a California roll and took off. If I wouldn't of slammed on my breaks we would have hit. Idiots, you should go over the rules of the road before you let people drive.
9 months ago
Brandy Espeland
I was greeted with old fashion tradition of courtesy ,modern safety,regulations and new laws of the roads.
1 month ago
Gustavo Figueiredo
Helped me get my license in 12 hours. They are amazing
10 months ago
Emily Dubs
Im very satisfied with the services and the trainning if someone is not satisfied go to the office and tell what is wrong or if you think the instructor is not doing what he/she is suppose to do years ago i used their School driving to my self, then to my son, and now im going to use the school services for my grandson .Just because it is a Thrusty School their instructors are profesionals, very kind and helpful. Thank you California Driving School.
9 months ago
Oksana Paslavska
I had a terrific experience from begining with speaking to a representive in the office. I actually asked if she was an instructor since she was so knowledgeable. When i was with the instructor i was overwhelmed with his patience and knowledge, so unlike the previous school. Which was the oppsite and CDS even called me after my appointment to see how my lesson had gone. Also asked if instructor was on time and if i had learned anything. Can you believe that? For those with negative comments is likely the didnt do well at the test and had to blame someone else lol. Kuddos to their instructors an staff
6 months ago
Allegra Beletskiy
4 months ago
Jojo Hendricksen
Great School. Long history of excellence in the community.
9 months ago
ken hunter
Took lessons twice from them and failed both times. Try a different school.
1 month ago
Maddy Forster
4 months ago

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