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Phone number: +1 515-822-1526

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Ashlyn Fiegener
DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY. They left me high and dry with an incredibly rough concrete patio. He kept stringing us along all summer telling us that it was brush finished but when my fiancé finally got him back here to see he admitted that his guys put a rough finish on it. He said that he could fix it, but asked that we wait until his busy season was over. We’ve patiently waited an entire year. I understand being self employed and trying to focus on the jobs that make you money but the least he could do is stay in contact. It has been absolute radio silence. So disappointed because he was a nice guy. I left cold beverages out in a cooler for them and tried to just be a good person, and what I got in return was a SUPER ROUGH patio that you can’t walk on barefoot if you wanted to let alone if one of the kids fell it would certainly scrape them up pretty bad.
2 months ago
Samantha Smith
9 months ago

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