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Currency exchange service Currency Exchange International, 1 Garden State Plaza Boulevard Westfield Plaza, Paramus, NJ 07652, United States: 48 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 1 Garden State Plaza Boulevard Westfield Plaza, Paramus, NJ 07652, United States
Phone number: +1 201-712-7955

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Ronnie Turner
Best rate, prompt response. The most inexpensive exchange fee. Have used them for the last 2 years and always pleased.
5 months ago
Jessie Jiang
Reasonable fees almost the same that you’d be charge at your bank, helpful & convenient. Yes I recommend.
8 months ago
Esther Perez
The exchange rate is around 2% lower than most NYC dealers. On top of that, they have a service fee depending in amount converted (not charged in the city). The guy did not even let me pick currency denominations for notes. I did not want coins but was given some anyway. Would not recommend.
8 months ago
Iwhale Travel
Great staff, ahmad was very patient and helpful!
11 months ago
Janice Vassar
Good rates. I recommend this place, and it is close to my house. Good place.
5 months ago
Truc Tran
Great Place to exchange currency. Highly recommend
11 months ago
Culvers Belleville
They won't exchange coins which is really annoying when you euro and pounds have the two pounds and two euros coins....
7 months ago
Deepa Thomas
The girl who helped me was so helpful and positive. She made the process so much easier and smooth.
5 months ago
Kevin Meade
This is the best money exchange I have ever been to! Seriously staff is FRIENDLY AND ACTUALLY HELPS! Not rude like other places so I recommend this place and already told all my friends about it!
11 months ago
RJBaNKS Instrumentals
I called asking for a rate. Was told a number I liked, asked for his name, and told him I would be coming in the afternoon to make the exchange. I arrive, and tell him I called earlier for the reservation. He just looks at me. No hello, no smile, nothing. I repeat myself, and then he finally acknowledges that there is a human talking to him. Looks up the exchange rate, and tells me a number completely different from before. Numbers that in no way sound alike. Again I have to repeat myself twice telling him how before I had called him and was told differently before he tells me that is not what he said. Looked at me the whole time like he had no idea what I was talking about. It is pretty obvious that once he saw how I looked in person he thought he could take a little off the top for himself because of the specific currency I had asked for, but you ain't fooling me moron. I won't name him out of the little respect that I have for him, but if you go there, and see a man with a beard who never smiles BEWARE!
11 months ago
I really enjoy coming here because the staff is always helpful and they have a best rate guarantee. The service is outstanding and as someone who travels frequently that's very important to me. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone else in the New Jersey area looking to exchange their money.
11 months ago
Pete Nelson
I needed Euros for an upcoming trip, the bank told me that I would have to come in, sign a form, order the currency, then come back to pick it up. I found Currency Exchange International and they made it much easier. One trip, friendly service, very easy.
5 months ago
James Coderre
Amazing staff! Fast and convenient location! So helpful he even gave me tips on exchanging money upon my destination! Definitely coming back!
10 months ago
Eddie Douglass
Very helpful staff! Great rate!
7 months ago
Jason Smith
They are The Go-To people for your travel needs.. Excellent service, prompt response, as well as reasonable exchange rates. They definitely work with you in short notices, I highly recommend them 100%
9 months ago
Matt Sweeney
Great place. Easy to get a hold of on the phone and great rates. Plus has 50% off fees coupon online.
10 months ago
Tyler Diehl
Good Rate.
11 months ago
Laura Buchko
Great services and amazinf rates. Thank you!
9 months ago
Diana Vazquez
This place has the best rates in the area! The many times that I have exchange money the service has been incredible and fast.
9 months ago
zina jordan
I drove a very long way to use this place because of the great reviews, but when I got there the employee working there wouldn't speak or even make eye contact with me, even when I asked him about their services. Crazy awkward. So I walked away only to find him watching some videos on his computer. Maybe if I had called ahead I would have had a better result, but I wasted over an hour of driving for nothing. From what I understood from the website they take walk-ups, but perhaps I was mistaken.
1 month ago
Ethan Crocker
I found out about this currency exchange through my bank. I needed some Canadian Dollars in a hurry and Rezi helped walk me through the transaction. Really great service and the rates were really good, better than what my bank was offering and they wont charge you to change your currency back to dollars when returning so I'll definitely be coming back again. Thank you Rezi!!! ^_^
5 months ago
Austin Sullivan
I am so glad this place opened at Garden State Plaza. Their rates are better than the banks' and they have currencies available on hand. I definitely recommend it.
3 months ago
Sanjay Senthilnathan
Rezi is the man to go to for currency!!! Fast and professional service! He had no problem matching a slightly better rate! He also had the inventory on hand to make the exchange immediately.
5 months ago
Keith Haymond
Outstanding service with fees that are reasonable. I highly recommend Cxi to be your currency exchange. Save yourself the hassle of calling all over. Just call Cxi, tell the agent what you need and rest assured your needs will be met.
10 months ago
Barb Irwin
Excellent service, Daniela was very helpful And friendly !
5 months ago
Ronald Break
Fast. Professional. Easy. Did my transaction before stores even open. Highly recommanded.
10 months ago
Hannah Hawk
Very helpful and friendly! Great exchange rate !
1 month ago
Trevelle Thomas
Rude hispanic lady hung up on me twice. Called the 3rd time and she said I was put on hold yet the line was cut off.
9 months ago
Autumn Waldron
Called for service, prompt response, exchange rate at waived rate was reasonable. Was offered better exchange rate for reviewing this location.
1 month ago
John Malchovia
Excellent professional service; flexible terms; willing to work around customer needs; highly recommended.
3 weeks ago
Dan H
I found this location on Google last minute and I was leaving for Europe the next day and decided I better exchange more $$ than I already did at my local bank but since it was after hours I went to cxi and i went to the counter and it was a quick and easy transaction rates were not bad and Rezi was the man that assisted me he was very nice and pleasant so disregard any bad reviews I would recommend this place to anyone!
11 months ago
Fast, efficient, and professional! Great rates! Definitely recommend
5 months ago
Matthew Lawrence
The place offered the best rate for Indian Rupee. Definitely recommend!
5 months ago
Allison Johnson
Excellent service by Rezi. Would recommend to anyone ????
2 months ago
Veit Wulms
Sorry, this is the third time I attempt to purchase Colombian Pesos unsuccessfully. Went to a different place in Hackensack and got much better rate.
10 months ago
Jack Oxenrider
Very easy process and Mike was very helpful!!! I Will use them again!
11 months ago
Very nice staff, great costumer service. ????????
9 months ago
Bharat Radhakrishnan
Great rates, good customer service, close to house. enough said!
2 weeks ago
Hamish Barrett
Not far rate . The market price for EURO was 1.05 . They offered 1.16 Plus $7 fees were added to the total .
9 months ago
derp derpstein
Good service
11 months ago
Jesse Weiss
they are nice.
11 months ago
Ronald Mims
Great experience, Alexandra was great!
11 months ago
Chris Petri
5 months ago
Brandon House
I needed Euros for my trip and my bank suggested to come here CXI and I called the number and I spoke to Mike and he quoted selling and buying rates, he was very professional and I'll come back here to do business again
5 months ago
Jennifer Guthrie
Fair conversion. Nice service.
5 months ago
Denise Hubbard
Best rates around!
10 months ago
alisha khanal
This place is awesome...
10 months ago
Cathy Raymond
They were so rude...n hanged the phone
11 months ago

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