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Ice cream shop Baskin-Robbins, 203 W Imperial Hwy Suite G, Brea, CA 92821, United States: 85 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 203 W Imperial Hwy Suite G, Brea, CA 92821, United States
Phone number: +1 714-529-3199

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Richard Alexander
Wow, they really raised the price: $4 for one scoop?! And they eliminated the 31st special for March because of the pandemic but why does having a pandemic mean a good deal must be sacrificed? The store was still crowded: there was no social distancing and a man not wearing a mask and the people behind the counter didn’t care. And worst of all, there’s no way to file a real complaint to baskin’s because they don’t care and just leave all responsibility to the store’s individual owners. You shouldn’t allow greed to get in the way of having a reliable clientele.
3 months ago
Irene Ho
This Baskin robbins is my local! I grew up around Birch. And they've always been delicious, but the service my last time was so exceptional. There's a sweet lady, I believe her name is Patty(?) And her service is A+. She's amazing and I really appreciated her making a cake for me same day, even though it was a weekend. It was sooo delicious!! Also got a sundae and that was soooooo yummmmyy!!!
4 months ago
Richie Murphy
NO social distancing in the store. A guy without mask zoom around in the store. People behind the cashier do not say anything. $3.99 per scoop, I thought $2.49 per scoop. jack up the price. Cancel 31th of the month special offer. Visit this store is Health risk. Mgmt is too greedy. Zero star.
2 months ago
Soumya Badam
Woah! You cant find ice cream like this anywhere else! They make my absolute favorite Ice cream (the only ice cream I ever eat). I always get the saffron rose water and it is just so light and delicate. They have original choices and then some more specialized ones. I do have to say the inside is very out-dated. The first time I walked in there I was so confused because it looked old and gross and I thought how could anything this good come from this dump.
9 months ago
Tahjane McLeod
Very friendly atmosphere. Clean store. Delicious ice cream. Cute cakes and pies. Will definitely keep coming back!
5 months ago
Jason Fritz
Great service! I was so glad they happily accommodated me when I asked them to personalize an ice cream cake for my son's birthday on the spot. Delicious cake, ice cream, and smoothies, too! Thank you!
11 months ago
Jaclyn Yared
Great customer service. Great ice cream
8 months ago
Daniela Bartels
Still the place I love and the ice cream I love, and there's a few chairs and tables outside in the mall, so you can still sit and enjoy your ice cream
3 weeks ago
Kade McClelland
Staff has attitude. I understand that today is very busy day. But she over charged me. When I correct with my recipe, she didn't even say"sorry" Anyway ice cream tastes good like all the time.
5 months ago
Devin Hahn
I come here from another country but good ice cream. Vanilla my favorite. girls here who are very active , very strange too, they very jitter with very tight pans . Wow.
7 months ago
J Bivins
Oh how I love their Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream. The cherry flavor is to die for. Hot or cold weather doesn't keep me away from BR
4 months ago
Deborah Earle
Great Ice cream, but NOT at a good price! Thrifty/Rite Aid still has the best cones at a reasonable price! The best feature of this place is the location, Downtown Huntington Beach on Main Street!
6 months ago
Manuela Garcia
I got a ice cream cake that said it fed 2 to 4. It fed 3. So that was good. But it was pretty expensive. I didnt think the cake was worth the price i paid. The girls in the shop were very nice.
1 month ago
This place has a great atmosphere, they always play nice music and it's nice and cool inside. They also have lots of space to sit inside and outside, despite this being a small little ice cream place. Overall, having some ice cream from here is always a great experience.
9 months ago
Sueanne Martin
I like that this location is a little larger and has room for a few booths. It was scorching hot outside when we visited, so it was nice to relax in a cool, air conditioned ice cream shop. The staff member that helped us was very friendly, and especially patient with my indecisive 3-year-old. I like there's the option of a kids cone because I find it's just the right size for a treat, and it's a little cheaper. I like their location in the shopping center so I can swing past World Market afterwards.
5 months ago
Cheryl Krangle
Good deal on the ice cream always taste good
3 months ago
Ian Roberts
Who doesn't love Baskin Robbins! Clean and organized. New flavors to try. Staff is nice and efficient. Great menu selection. Sometimes it's hard to decide
1 month ago
Steven Hebert
too high priced but have the best Ice Cream.
1 month ago
Kelly Bocek
Gotta have a banana split sometimes
3 weeks ago
Andrea GZ
Great tasty ice xream. Good service.
5 months ago
Devon h
I love ice cream double scoop please
4 months ago
Assad Aljabali
Can't go wrong with the icecream....
3 months ago
Ron Carrigan
Staff was great. Saw o e of the clerks get put in a tough situation by an unreasonable customer and never lost her helpfulness or her cool.
7 months ago
L Mabu
I have loved Baskin-Robbins since I was a kid. World Class Chocolate is my favorite flavor.
6 months ago
Vaidehi Desai
Awesome price on the 31st of the Month. Gotta love that peanut butter chocolate.
1 month ago
Marc L
I love the banana splits.
3 months ago
CTP Travels
Everyone who works here is nice and friendly. And the ice cream always looks and tastes great!
6 months ago
Benjamin Cole
Went in to purchase a birthday cake, one other customer at counter. Walked over to the freezer, and started looking at the different options. The clerk walked over from behind the counter walked in front of me and opened the door to show the cakes to the other customer. I was close enough to the freezer that I had to jump back not to get hit by the door. Not a word of apology or even a excuse from the clerk. I turned around and left.
7 months ago
maniel cash
My daughter went in to purchase an ice cream cake. The store had a variety of cakes to choose from; however, when asked to add and write on the cake the decorator stated, "I can put minimal additions on the cake because I cannot waste my time." One would think that customer service would be excellent, considering the price and availability of ice cream cakes in grocery stores and Walmart. That is not the case from my experience at this location.
5 months ago
Sonya Trust
Great ice cream and great service!!!
3 months ago
Patrice Fisher
Best service tonight! It was busy and the girls that worked on July 27, 2018 got it done without a complaint!
5 months ago
Georgie Georgiev
Very delicious great variety
3 months ago
Emanuel Vigil
The owner and the cake decorator are literally the nicest and most helpful people you can ask for. They treat you with respect and don't give you that fake customer service feeling. Definitely one of my favorite places to go.
7 months ago
Justin Rice
The amount of options you have here is the best part! Service was decent and the staff was nice
8 months ago
Yun Huang
Store was basically clean and service inoffensive, but not especially friendly. The ice cream seems dated if that's possible. Not old, just old in style.
5 months ago
Andrew Redden
Clean place ..great ice cream..staff was super friendly (michael) ithink
5 months ago
Amy Correll
Nice y good attendance
3 months ago
Wang Jamie
Very busy location. I've always had good service even if the wait can be a little long.
1 month ago
Baylen Springer
Good ice cream got 9n come is was stale
1 month ago
Kristen Lombardi
Love the ice cream cakes for birthdays!
1 month ago
Jesse Housley
Pistachio ice cream... drool.
1 month ago
Raul Campos
Friendly staff, little high price on ice cream cakes.
5 months ago
Moneyy MakknReyy
They have what my girl needs.
1 month ago
sean com
That ice cream was deeellllliiissshhhh!
5 months ago
Arnobio Frota
Great selection!
5 months ago
Brianna Dance
The sundae was delicious
10 months ago
Pete Sal
BR is always good
5 months ago
Zephyr Liu
ICE CREAM, enough said!
8 months ago
Ji K
Por los helados
4 months ago
Gail Blanco
Fue muy atenta amable la mucha .. y fácil de comprar
5 months ago

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