See's Candies

Chocolate shop See's Candies, 3626 Grand Ave, Chino Hills, CA 91709, United States: 40 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
See's Candies
Rate: 4.6
Address: 3626 Grand Ave, Chino Hills, CA 91709, United States
Phone number: +1 909-628-5390

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 34.0029014
Longitude: -117.7276764

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sandra aguayo
Clean store with amazing candy friendly staff and individually wrapped samples!
7 months ago
B Ca
Yummy yummy. Love their chocolates
9 months ago
David Munoz
Every time I see See's (????) I make it a point to go in and get a lb. of chocolate covered nuts. They got the best candy around!
9 months ago
Yadira Maldonado
See's Candies! My favorite Indian spot on the west side. There is construction in their complex but they are still open for business! Very nice owners and some of the most delicious food. Can't recommend enough!
1 month ago
Kalpana Rajesh
COVID capacity only allows for 5 shoppers inside at a time, but the workers were happy and efficient, kept the line outside moving.
4 weeks ago
Meadow Crate
They follow covid-19 protocol very nicely and very courteous.
3 days ago
Sarah Lynch
Awesome employees!! Not just one but all of them were very nice.????
5 months ago
COVID capacity is only allow 5, and it takes forever to wait.
1 month ago
Our favorite chocolate shop. Of course, always delicious. Always nice workers. Helped me pick things to send oversea, and patient with my sons picking out their mixed box.
11 months ago
Krishna Ruparelia
Love this Sees shop. Always great and friendly service.
8 months ago
c Doming
Did not offer candy, and customers that came after were offer.
11 months ago
Darlene Legette
I love coming to this location. Very friendly staff. Samples and plenty of gift ideas.
11 months ago
Matthew Stork
Always a tasty treat when you walk in and very clean
9 months ago
Adam LeSarge
How sweet it is. An assortment of candy that will satisfy the sweet tooth.
9 months ago
Victor Perez
See's Candies are wonderful. This location is a little hard to find parking.
8 months ago
shatika dean
Great spot for a Sees Candy. Typical Sees candy store decore. A bit smaller than a mall store but equally efficient, courteous, and was well stocked for Valentines day. Speaking of, it was jam packed on V day. I was in and out in 10m or less at 530pm. Thats nice. They handed out a couple of treats too. So ya, these guys rock. I wanted to knock off a star because its a tad on the pricey side. But they rock.
10 months ago
Camden Amoroso
Pit stop on the way to visit my grandma for her birthday, and Kathryn showed us so much sincerity and kindness, and an overall pleasant experience. SWEET SERVICE KATHRYN ????
3 months ago
Brenden Thomas
Excellent, Katheryn (not sure of the spelling) was fabulous super sweet.
11 months ago
Kayla Perez
Still the best! A family tradition for 60 years!
11 months ago
Pamela Jones
Everyone loves Sees
8 months ago
Miosoty Carril
Best chocolate!! It's sooo addicting. Good thing there is not one near me.
11 months ago
Anna Gilbert
Best chocolate in the world, and the Chino Hills store staff are great.
3 months ago
Patricia Burbach
I love how See's always gives you samples when you walk in. As someone with no food allergies I have zero problems with this (aside from my lack of will power!) but if you have any allergies, beware.
11 months ago
meghan burke
The staff was very cheery and festive
9 months ago
Jerry Collier
Chino hills employee rolls her eyes at me because I didn't know what I wanted
10 months ago
Aron Whiteside
How could go wrong,it's see's candy?
1 month ago
Dennis Hamilton
8 months ago
Adam Nickerson
Delicious Yum
9 months ago
david kadouch
It's chocolate, no further explanation needed.
11 months ago
Jamie Rovithis
I love it !!
7 months ago
tracy buchanan
Love the Bordeaux
9 months ago
Lori Roome
Tasty. Kind employees.
1 month ago
nilson londono
Who doesn't love Sees?
10 months ago
Jon Ehred
A little over priced, but makes great gifts!
1 month ago
Dennis Dalton
Hell yeah
7 months ago
David King
10 months ago
Esjbv K
Love this place
11 months ago
Rafael Martinez
friendly service great candy
2 months ago
Michelle Charette
Nice and clean.
11 months ago
Kristen E
Los Mejores Chocolates!!!
7 months ago

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