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Logistics service R+L Carriers, 202 Vincent Dr, Syracuse, NY 13211, United States: 7 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
R+L Carriers
Rate: 3.1
Address: 202 Vincent Dr, Syracuse, NY 13211, United States
Website: rlcarriers.com
Phone number: +1 315-455-6500

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 43.0966407
Longitude: -76.1147109

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john anderson
The shipper demanded that the package be opened and inspected prior to signing. R&L refused to comply and only allowed me to do a visual inspection of the pallet. Surprise, my hood was damaged in transit and they accept no responsibility! Think twice about using them so you don't wind up like me! I paid a lot of money for the hood and shipping and have gotten no where yet. Pro# 41038269-3 and you will have all my info from there or this is my real name. I have called corporate and they said that's the policy and by my signing for it I was accepting it in good condition. But the dock manager refused to give me of your policy stating that this is the way it goes and I could find it on your website and it is not there! He also said if I didn't sign for it that it would be returned to the shipper most likely at my expense, I have never been treated so badly by any company. That dock manager should be fired!
2 months ago
Tony McManus
The best LTL delivery service out there
6 months ago
Matthew M
The worst of this experience was everyone burying their head in the sand and saying either, "I don't know", "it wasn't me", or refusing to talk; from the driver, to the Regional Manager, to the Corporate President. My Company, Lakeland Winery from Syracuse received a shipment that had been re-wrapped in black plastic to cover up damage, & without the shipping manifest attached. When the driver was asked where's the manifest, he said "I don't know". When we took off the plastic and noticed the damage a minute later, the driver had already left with our signed delivery sheet. I called the local carrier and the manager said, "that's the way it was delivered to him". When I called the corporate president twice, he never got back to me with an explanation; neither did their Claims Department. Several heavy boxes of grape juice were crushed and torn open, apparently from a fall... I don't know, because no one will admit to anything. I will NEVER use this company again, not because of the accident but because of the coverup and their rude, unprofessional behavior. God forbid you should ever have an incident, you can expect the same undignified behavior.
10 months ago
Marcus Brown
Ship everything fast and on time. Class acts.
7 months ago
Lisa Grabowski
Missing part of a shipment that was urgent. Customer service is horrendous. No return phone calls.
4 months ago
Daniel Young
The employees make this place, great.
11 months ago
Peter Booth
Google's directions are terrible, they take you to a locked gate on the opposite side of the property from the office you need
6 months ago

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