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Photographer Photos Unlimited Portrait Studios, 680 Laval Dr, Oshawa, ON L1J 0B5, Canada: 18 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 680 Laval Dr, Oshawa, ON L1J 0B5, Canada
Phone number: +1 905-725-5189

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Mikhail Sukharev
Made an appointment and no one showed up. Apparently they've been doing this all day as I heard I wasn't the only one. Better go somewhere else.
6 months ago
Terrence Franklin
Photo's didn't look professional. Isabella in customer service was absolutely awful, extremely arrogant, and sarcastic. Never again will I go there. I advise you save your money and take your own pictures.
5 months ago
Pamela Jackson
Great place! Went in and out super fast for my passport. I don’t mind paying for quality. Staff was helpful and friendly, they smiled with their eyes and my baby’s photo turned out beautiful. We also got some portraits done and now I have wonder memories!
10 months ago
keith snyder
Went in for photos with Santa back in December. They informed us that they had run out of paper and it would be in later in the week and to stop in go pick them up. My husband went in the following Thursday and was informed they still didn’t have paper. They said they had all the phone number and would call when it came back in. Well another week or so went by with no call, so I called them. They said they ran out of paper again and that there was no way they would have ever of said that they would call when the photos were ready because of the number of customers waiting for those photos. This was strange because why would they ask for our phone numbers then? Anyway, I asked for a call back from the manager as it was only a few days before Christmas at this point and what’s the point of getting photos taken if I can’t display or give them out. Well I never received a call back but am now continuously getting spam texts from them despite trying to unsubscribe numerous times. I have called again asking to be removed and explaining the situation and again there is nothing they can do about it (Christmas situation) as head office is closed and I’m informed to text “STOP” and it ‘should’ remove me. We will see... Steer clear of this place if you want to get the product you pay for (these photos were paid for in advance).
10 months ago
Peg Nelson
So I don’t know if this a new thing with this place, but, I also went in for an appointment and the studio was empty. Walmart customer service said no one had been at the studio the whole day. Tried calling the 1-800 and it said they’re “servicing other customers” and to leave a message. Really, can’t even be put on hold to speak to a customer service representative?Don’t waste your time here.
6 months ago
HY Yang
I made an appointment for my daughter to have her passport photo taken. I received an email confirmation and a text message confirmation. I attended the appointment and the store was open, but unstaffed. We waited for some time, and nobody showed. We asked at Walmart customer service and were told we were not the only people today who this happened to.
6 months ago
Robert Coleman
I love this Studio! The lady, (she is the manager), made our photos extraordinary! We got some family shots and grad shots done there! Beautiful job! Friendly and so so wonderful! Looking forward to our on-site photo shoot!!
3 months ago
Priscilla Mizell
We got the Christmas photos we wanted. ♥
6 months ago
RL Mize
I had the greatest experience with a beautiful and talented young lady at this location today. Her name is Veronica Dawidowski she was so super sweet, gentle and playful with my son. We didn't do an expensive package but the care we got made it seem as if we were spending hundreds. She is A1 in our books and we would love to work with her again.
7 months ago
Emayra Sanchez
They offer a free program for babies to take monthly photos for a year. I booked an apt each time and they were never ready. At one point I waited over 30 minutes. Anyone with babies knows it’s hard enough to keep a baby awake and happy for so long. The customer service is also terrible. The girl didn’t even acknowledge me after standing there for a half hour. What’s the point of making an appointment if you can’t stick to it and you need people with better customer service skills!! Would recommend trying a different Walmart. Hopefully you’ll have a better experience
3 weeks ago
Sonny Jefts
Not too bad
11 months ago
anthony picone
I booked 3 appointments back to back starting at 6pm and was asked to be here early and we were. At 10 to 6 was told they were just starting the 5:30 time slot and would be about a half hour. I stated that that was going to be hard with 3 little children At that time the people that were in the studio asked if it would be better if they came back and it was agreed that they would come back at 7. I waited a bit and saw another group of people in the studio taking selfies then asked if we would be going in soon then they said they were down a person and it would still be a half hour or more.
6 months ago
Rich Rich
Dont waste your money , just to have your passport photos denied for quality.
6 months ago
Dan True
I took my kids for a quick photo session. I didn't expect it to be high-end, i mean, I get that it's a studio inside of a walmart. I did expect the photographer to have manners but I was wrong. She was horrible with children. She kept sticking mickey mouse in their faces and when they didn't smile, she became red-faced with her embarrassment and anger. What kid is going to smile for a gigantic grouch? The pictures were less than impressive because the photographer had zero skills. I do not recommend this portrait studio to anybody.
8 months ago
Christine Whitmore
Its good
10 months ago
Jenny Piedra
10 months ago
khalil kikos
3 months ago
Buffie Jordan
5 months ago

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