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Rate: 3.7
Address: 1702 Freedom Blvd, Freedom, CA 95019, United States
Phone number: +1 831-728-9771

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Latitude: 36.9344569
Longitude: -121.7697252

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Tymyah Gant
Everytime I go there I luck out on getting stuff I need at a reasonable price and short notice. I always buy clothes there, Jean's, t-shirts or shoes. For my self and my kids. I've been coming here for years. I don't know what I would do without this KMart. I recommend anyone to come and see great deals on all items.
3 months ago
dennis Bogoslofski
Love this store miss it in san jose ca
3 months ago
Daryl Tracey
If it wasn't for Kmart. Watsonville wouldn't have a place to shop really...a great selection of almost everything...a great place for kids clothing...CKEAN STORE...NO BATHROOMS DUE TO COVID. I WILL RETURN
5 months ago
Abraham Botello
I miss this place but I didn’t go because it’s gonna be the Close and it’s gonna be empty ???? all the Kmart but the place is going to be closing soon???? and text me back good luck ????
4 months ago
Jordan OHearn
It’s very unfortunate to see what the store has become compared to what it once was. I remember it being a huge store with lots of inventory and variety as well as the Sears appliance section that used to be on the right of the store. Now, it looks like it’s closing based on the huge gaps of spaces in between products and departments. The lack of customers further spells out its trajectory. It’d be nice if it was making way for a renovation but I doubt that to be the case. Should this store close down, the only big box retailer left in Watsonville would be Target which is considerably better.
3 months ago
Jason Feldman
They have quality work wear not to mention great brand mens wear route 66 , die hard ,and craftsman
6 months ago
The employees were very nice to me over the phone and In person very polite and very helpful I received a very good costumer service found what I needed I Drove over there from Stockton ca. for over 2 hours because we don’t have a Kmart store in hour town it closed down but it was worth it ❤️????????
10 months ago
Derick Schanck
Awesome I miss this place ????
6 months ago
Madison Sanders
10 customers in line and wouldn't open another register.
4 months ago
Amy Charles
So sad I really feel they're about to close soon I hope they make it for Christmas, I love shopping there during the holidays.
1 month ago
Leticia Andreas
Cheap, closing not sure when.
3 months ago
Michael Taylor
Thanks for many childhood memories my k mart closed down like 8 years ago and 2days ago I went to this one and got the same feeling as a kid
5 months ago
Amir Boyangiu
Glad to know , kmart still exists....
8 months ago
Gala Ger
Worst Kmart ever , very low stock rediculous prices for a very poor selection. It's not even the Kmart I used to know and love.
1 week ago
Emily Gonsenheim
I hope they aren't closing! They have really good prices now. K Mart in Salinas closed last year. People please shop at your local Stores, before every Store is forced to close. And you wonder why Jobs r scarce??
5 months ago
Les Nisker
So depressing, been shopping Kmart for 50yrs, now with retail struggling and the chi-comm19 bio-attack, the chain is barely hanging on, store was nearly empty of customers and with everything spaced out inside half the products were gone, looked like a bad thrift shop on a bad day. I wish Kmart the best, but the store had the stench of death. And the once-full parking lot? Nearly empty..
2 months ago
Robert Garrett
As the last Kmart on the Central Coast, it does have everything. Also, it is managed very well. I've never seen a store so clean and neat. The Staff is very helpful and knowledgeable.
5 months ago
Gerardo Perez
Great prices
4 months ago
Mark Potapov
There's nothing there
4 months ago
Arlene Valentino
One of the only Kmarts still open in the area. The cashier told me today there are no plans to close this location. Always good deals on kids clothes here.
3 months ago
Teashea Lloyd
Need more items
3 months ago
the reeves
Well stocked, clean with lots of sales. Staff were numerous and quite helpful. This is the New face of Kmart. Give them a chance.
4 months ago
Tareq Mo
Best deals in town go and sales alot them. Walk and look around.
4 months ago
Pascal Dubois
Big box store
8 months ago
This is a great store! They used to be everywhere but there are just a few left.
4 months ago
Matt Hart
Very sparse Everything spread.out far apart to try to fill 3/4 of.the store Looked very clean this way although not many products
1 month ago
Ian Rousseau
Nice clothes for the children and great prices for everything from house wear to clothing and snacks.
7 months ago
mike b
I would never buy anything from Kmart before they sold Craftsman products... With Sear's onboard I'm very inclined to shop there because the quality of the product has risen to the level of greatness that Sears always maintained
4 months ago
kenya hoyle
I don't expect this Kmart location to offer any good customer service. I see more young high school students than adults here. Age shouldn't be a notable factor in good customer service. However, in a place like Watsonville, my expectations are always low. I simply come here to get my medicine, some cheap products like soap, and buy some appliances once in a while. This place just serves to provide cheap products with a cheap customer service.
5 months ago
Rick Seo
Unorganized, not all that clean. No one to clean carts and no wipes as you enter. A large portion of the store is closed off. O won't be surprised if this location also closes
1 week ago
ayham nasser
This place is not the same.
9 months ago
Paul Lalicata
4 months ago
timothy gilhooly
Good store for most things to purchase.
7 months ago
Tamara Williams
Good deals
9 months ago
Isabelle Pettinger
Not worth the time
7 months ago
So sad to see it go...
11 months ago
Dionne Williams
Clean, organized, lots of choices, nice plus size garments.
3 months ago
Bruce Thomson
Horrible customer service by the manager on duty Juan, unable to help with a return he said he couldn’t do anything I had no options. My debit card got compromised and therefore I don’t have it for them to locate the purchase. So unhelpful didn’t even try or nothing.
5 months ago
mia Torsch
Pretty sad. Not much merchandise left in there.
4 months ago
tristan lamay
I love their prices
4 months ago
maria salinas
Isabel at Watsonville California USA Kmart rocks.
1 month ago
Alice Torres
Kmart in Watson is going out of business there less and less shelf's of stuff
2 months ago
James Tootell
Miss our sac kmart
2 weeks ago
Nate Carilli
Stock was old Christmas stuff still out
3 months ago
Vincenzo Falzone
Love going there. Restrooms are probably the cleanest there. The worker's there are always nice and they always have multiple lines open. Thought it's always busy, sometimes you find extremely great prices.
7 months ago
Sara Jones
Really no thermometers? Of all the stuff you guy's sell No thermometer?
6 months ago
veronica Arguijo
I'm so happy that a place like this still exists for photographers and consumers alike. The service here is very friendly. The staff are exceptionally knowledgeable too.
3 months ago
Tatiana Velasquez
Tim is awesome! I Found the perfect running shoe at a decent price!
6 months ago
craig glen
They offer Layaway!
3 months ago
Jeffery Costigan
Always the worst most unhelpful disinterested, customer service. Slow and disorganized. They act like you are bothering them. Most recent bad experience at the customer service desk....They refused to give me my order placed online because my husband's name was on it along with mine and they insisted he be there. I was obviously the person who placed the order , I had the email and order number. The order was paid for and I had the receipt. They simply insisted on being unreasonable. This is not my first bad experience at their customer service desk. Every time I come here there is always an issue. They do not value their customers nor do they seek to accommodate. I will no longer be shopping here.
3 months ago

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